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Deadly Darling Dolores


A conspiracy to destroy all animal life on the planet is exposed by a scientist.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 6, 1974
  • Repeat - August 25, 1974





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ok, now i got it, whoever rated these seems to like the crime dramas a lot more than the supernatural or sci-fi ones. i'm exactly the opposite


Stacey - go search the link for Author and check Alfred Bester's work if you like sci-fi ones . . . .


"Machines just don't like me." This was an interesting interpretation of this specific kind of tale. Back in the day, a lot of people were computer-phobic largely because it represented another chapter in the mechanization that cost a lot of people their jobs. With computers now so ubiquitous that I can't help but use one to aid my enjoyment of Mystery Theater, it seems a bit paranoid now. However, this interesting twist in this episode is that it's not the computers themselves that are sentient and evil, it's that metal itself is alive and always has been! Science fiction.


A computer leads a revolt of "the metals" against the abuse of their human forgers and hammers. Just pure foolishness of a story and script that's not even campy. A role I bet Ms. Seldes would like to forget.

Julianna Rosales

OK...this episode's not quite the "Metal men" (and they were robots, anyway, and as a kid I always thought the platinum one "Tina" was a dish  ) but it reminds me of a quote from Mr. Spock in the original Star Trek episode of "The Savage Curtain", as he was describing a life form the ship's sensors observed: For a moment it appeared almost mineral. A woman real estate agent in New England has just lost a prospective client. She brought him into a house, but neither the lights nor the furnace works. In fact, NOTHING mechanical works in the house. After he leaves in a huff and she's scratching her head as to what happened, she's startled by a man who's been hiding in the house. He explains (while seeming a bit flustered and maybe just on the verge of incoherence) that he's a scientist on a top secret defense project who's been reported missing in the past few days. He also says something else...that the lights, etc. won't work because he's in the house. As a demonstration, he leaves it and asks the realtor to turn on the lights, which now work. The furnace is humming, too. He tells her that he and a fellow scientist, who died in a recent car crash, were using a very special computer on the project, when the other scientist demanded he shut it off. The scientist said the computer started talking to him, and that it threatened to kill him if it didn't do what the computer wanted...he said the computer promised that all metal would "fail" him. It apparently did...just after walking off the job (followed by the scientist telling the story) the other man got into his car, suddenly started driving at an uncontrollable speed and lost his life in an ensuing crash. The scientist tells the realtor he, too, has heard the computer (nicknamed "Delores") talk to and threaten him. He says Delores and her compatriots (apparently the "other side" (Soviets) have been working on a similar computer) want to end all animal life on the planet, so that they, the metal "life" can control it. The real estate agent thinks he's going bananas, in spite of his demonstration of the "failing" metal objects to her...

Julie Smyth

Scientists working on a super inteligent computer are plagued by voices from the computer itself criticizing the way humanity has used and abused metals. It promises to exact revenge and eliminate all animal life forms from the planet once their programming is complets. The computer demonstrates its' powers over metal by controling objects around them. Reminded me of the brilliant "2001 A Space Odyssey" plot set in a cheesy, but delightfully campy "Star Trek" set.


This episode is rare on Mystery Theater--there are not many sci-fi episodes on Mystery Theater. More episodes upon this genre take place towards the later years of Mystery Theater. This one is rare because it was performed in 1974. It was well done and fun to listen to. 4 stars.


"What a revolting development" of metal. I was thinking about metal in the body, but I guess it's more mineral than metal. If you believe that scene in X-Men 2 where Magneto pulls all the iron out of the guards' body that was injected into him, it still wasn't that much and probably couldn't have harmed him normally (unless it stayed in his system). Interesting thought, though and an interesting story.


Just found this site with all of the episodes! As a teen in the 70's, I used to listen to this program, and wondered what it would have been like to listen to radio like we we watched television then. I can hardly even imagine people listening to these this year. I love all f the old episodes....


Christine comes to mind.


This seems like a pre-cursor for "Westworld" (TV series)

Cindy Caldwell

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