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Molly Butler is found dead of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. The police think that it was either suicide or accidental. But Molly's best friend, Judith Kent, has other thoughts after she reads in Molly's diary that Silas Butler wrote a mystery story for his Creative Writing class about a murder using CO that was undetectable.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 16, 1976
  • Repeat - November 6, 1976





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The professor of a correspondence course in creative writing learns that the wife of one of his students has died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Due to the similarities between the student's work, and reality, the professor gets involved with the investigation. Amusing look at new inventions that are commonplace today.


This episode is the first one of CBSRMT that I remember listening to. I always remembered it because the victim was found in the locked garage and that there was some kind of gimmick involving the door opener. As I was only in elementary school, I listened to this particular episode while in bed with my transistor radio pressed against my ear with the sound down so my mother wouldn't catch me listening when I should have been asleep as it was a school night. I must have first listened to this episode on the Nov. 6 repeat airing. It was really cold that year and we had a bad winter ahead of us with I think a blizzard later in Jan or Feb. A really, enjoyable listen. Love the commercials too-really takes you back. Unlike when listening to anything on the radio today- I turn the radio off or switch to another station when commercials come on - they are too annoying nowadays and they repeat them over and over till you are ready to scream!!!! 5 Stars


A fairly good story even though most of us today have garage door openers. Back then I do believe you could "jam" the signal much easier than today. Today it's still possible, but takes more knowledge. Of course, there is always a manual release of the doors now that may not have been available then.


A good murder mystery only slightly hindered in the technological solution previously mentioned is so commonplace today it's a big jarring to have it be the big reveal. But good acting and still managed to keep me guessing if it really was murder.


Good sound quality. Very happy that the commercials haven't been edited out.


Silas Butler asks his correspondence school instructor, George Monroe, to listen to his idea for a murder mystery story. Monroe does, and offers a suggestion on how the murder should be committed: with carbon monoxide. After Butler finishes the story, his wife is found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning. The police explanation is suicide or accidental death, but Mrs. Butler’s best friend, Judith Palmer, is not convinced they’re right.


Ralph Bell. Joe Siver. Heavyweights. But. Why wouldn’t she have backed through the door with the car? Panic sucks.


I was rooting for the bad guy to win for a change; I can't stand nosey, busybody & suspicious "Mrs. Kravitz" types. :)

Jim K.

Why are the endings SO bad? In fact oftentimes we don’t really GET the ending, we get some kind of reflection assuming or referencing an ending which we don’t get to experience. SO many have such disappointing ,frustrating, or complete lack of real endings that I’ve given up. Can’t you put in that last bit of effort and finish the story?


"I've never had an experience like this before." "Neither did Molly Butler [the deceased]."

Cindy Caldwell

I’m another ‘70’s kid who used to listen to these under the covers past my bedtime. Thank you for preserving them. SPOILER ALERT! Did anyone notice the husband is named Cyrus Butler? So, the Butler did it, after all. LOL!


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