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The Romany Revenge


A local detective's suspicions arise when heirs to a $2 million fortune in diamonds disappear one after the other. Only the gypsies residing in the area can provide him with the answers he seeks.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 29, 1978
  • Repeat - June 8, 1979





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4 Responses to Episode 0924

Not a bad mystery. Worth the listening time. Love CBS Mystery theater. Too bad, we have past the era of using our imagination. Now everything must be visual


Once again, the RMT writers prove their ignorance of the law. The Will leaves the estate to Four Heirs, adding that if any of them are dead, then the estate be divided among the surviving Heirs. In the story, AFTER the Testator dies, one Heir starts killing the others so he'll be the sole beneficiary. BUT the law does NOT work that way. Such clauses refer only to how the estate is divided if an Heir dies BEFORE the Testator. AFTER the Testator dies, all Four Heirs get their 25% share. THEN if any of these Four Heirs dies, THEIR heirs receive their 25%, and NOT one of the original Heirs. That's how Wills are interpreted by law. So once the Testator is dead, it makes no sense to kill the other heirs. There is nothing to be gained.


Thomas- If an heir has no heirs to pass his estate to then it is split between siblings (inTexas). But honestly I agree with Dons comments. It’s a story for fun!


@Thomad: As an attorney all I can say is, who cares? It's a story. Relax.


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