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Escape! Escape!


Two prisoners escape from detention with the help of a young woman. Trouble begins when they take refuge in a seemingly abandoned house in the woods.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 24, 1974
  • Repeat - September 7, 1974





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39 Responses to Episode 0109

This part-prison break, part-witch episode brings the Deep South setting alive with great sound effects: rain storm, sloshing mud, bubbling cauldron, predator wild--ahem--life. What befalls the convicts is so unexpected that when they lose their ability to see in the disorienting dark, it's creepy and claustrophobic, you're stuck right along with them!

James Fenton

That was interesting. I thought I had it figured out when the ant showed up, but got thrown off by the "force field."


I also loved the foley effects on this one. They really outdid themselves. Though I gotta say, every episode that has a yowling cat makes our cats exit the room. I had part of it figured but what was really going on . . . the ending . . . that was a very pleasant surprise indeed.


Great sound artists on this "Twilight Zone" style episode. You really get to stretch your imagination on this one! Thanks Bob Juhren and cast!

Mark Taylor-Canfield

This one was really good. Never guessed the ending.


Loved this story, kept me on the edge of my seat. Clever ending!

Mindy, 2012-6/17

Imagination! Wonder if the writer was a fan of DC Comics "The Atom" (or watched a lot of "Land of the Giants") Clever stuff - expertly presented. The greatest strength of CBSRMT is the variety of stories - not all of them work, but the batting average is very high. Sound effects, acting, story all work in this eerie endeavor.


Actually, I'd be more terrified of an ant than a Venus flytrap. Crime drama, witchcraft.


With the help of a womantwo convicts escape from prison. They flee to a house in the woods and try to hide. They chose the wrong house. Spooky episode. Raeburn stands out

Bifidus Boy

A couple of escaped convicts are met by one’s wife and the three get lost during the get away through the bush. They force their way into an old woman’s house for refuge and a rest, but they’ve picked the wrong house! She turns out to be a witch or sorcerer of some sort and in short order has them fleeing. After the smoke clears, they find themselves in a strange land with bizarre vegetation and landforms. The file I have was full of digital blips and skips and garbles, but despite that I enjoyed this episode, and once you realized what had happened, there was lots for the imagination to grab on to and have fun with.


This entry is one of my all time favorite shows. It is very fun and I was surprised by the fate of the woman who died at the end. She was at best a half hearted collaborator and showed sympathy towards the old witch and I expected her to live but was happy she bought the ant farm. Did I miss it or was the third man still alive at the end? I don't recall hearing his death depicted (unless it was hinted at by the officer's statement about seeing something for a second near the end of the show). Once again an RMT show features a witch. I never think of this show when I consider great RMT witch centered, episodes but it actually is. "Escape, Escape" has one of the best RMT titles ever. I would rank "Hickory, Dickory Doom" number one. I save RMTs I download in iTunes and it allows you to rank titles with up to 5 stars. "Escape, Escape" earns five stars and would crack my top ten. It is very fun and the witch was very....witchy.

Mr. Favenir

I, too, was surprised by the ending. I like endings that suddenly smash your notions about what just happened. Another that comes to mind along these same lines is "Black Widow". Bryna Raeburn just makes this show for me, as she does many others. I would say that she is my favourite female actress on RMT. She never does a poor job and always makes her character believable. I took it that the third man was still alive, probably the movement seen by the Major. Interesting that Granny Good's terrariums were famous around the area. Apparently she had used this method a few times before! Escape, Escape is a great title, although it gives away nothing as to what the show is really about. Many shows cannot be judged by the title. Thank you for your comments.


Excellent! This is one of those stories that you listen to and say "this is pretty good" or "I wonder where this is going" and then you say "huh? what is going on?" (referring to the oversized ants and the plants that eat people), and then bam! it all makes sense and you didn't see it coming... all of a sudden you start thinking back over the details of the story and smiling because the ending is so clever. I sure didn't see it coming and it was a real surprise. Loved it. Great choice.

R. Franco

This show did have one of the best surprise endings in RMT history. I for one, never expected the show to conclude in the way it did, which makes this a show that lends itself to being heard multiple times.


This episode seemed to lose focus when they found themselves going head to head with giant ants and plants. The actors were terrific at conveying the physical drama and violence; it was like hearing an action movie on television without being able to see it. It seemed a bit TOO action-oriented to work well on radio but the wonderful ending put it in a different perspective. I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Still, I think Sagamore Cottage is still the best people-shrinking episode in the cbsrmt cataloge.


Poor escapees, they should have been nice ro Granny Good....


One of my all time favorite episodes.


Good episode about escaped convicts and one convict's wife. You should learn not to be mean to witches I guess. I figured out what had happened to them after a short period of time, but not where they were. Makes you wonder if anything was in any of the other terrariums that she made.


Another great cast on that one. Episode where these people seek shelter in a witch's house, end up stealing from her and killing her cat. She puts them into a terrarium for revenge. What was the name of that show? The whole thing was horrible and scary from start to finish! Horrible because of what they did to her and her cat, but also horrible because of what she did to them! Bryna Raeburn played the witch. She was always so good. I think she is my favorite actress on the show. She's very versatile.


Bryna Raeburn played the witch. She was always so good. I think she is my favorite actress on the show. She's very versatile.


One of my favorites!


one of my faves! Old woman creeped me out. Great ending too.


Escape Escape! This is episode # 109. Storyline really took me by surprise!


I've heard through the grapevine that some stations play re-runs of CBSRMT but I don't know which ones.


Get on the Internet and check the schedule of the am stations in your area


I listened to this episide last night. I will now put it on my list of faves. The ending was great and it was very 'twilight zone-ish'!


Great episode with great ending. I like these shows with surprise wndings. Well written.

Joe Mama

This was the first one I listened to again when the all-episode MP3 set was purchased it had such a lasting effect originally. Later played it for a 21 yr old daughter was who quite intrigued by the story laying on a couch. She suddenly sat up and yelled out the astonishing twist when she realized it. We had a good chuckle about it. A terrific example of stimulating your imagination to provide the imagery especially the giant ants. And it plays with powerful effect at night in the car during a road trip as does so much of the CBSRMT. They have held up remarkably well after 40 years. An amazing accomplishment. Who would have that there would be so many episodes over so many years?

Robert Elliott

never ever cross a witch!!!!!!! it won't end well!!!!!!!!

terence m. jones

Well done episode, but it's very similar to the Christmas episode, "A Holiday Visit." (Except for the fact that the Christmas episode had a happy ending!) I heard the Christmas episode on the radio when I was young, and I never forgot it.


Normally, I'm not into the 'mystical powers' episodes. But this was a great one. These days they call it 'Instant Karma'.


***** Really oh well done episode. Reminded me of a throwback to the radio show Escape. This was not the usual run-of-the-mill episode. Highly recommended


This episode makes quite an impression! Excellent storyline, sound effects and what an ending! Wham, never expected that! Creepy and a reminder to never mess with the crazy old cat lady! LOL Will done RMT, kudos!


This one is great! *Spoilers* The story has some interesting similarities to the Blair Witch Project: - The inciting incident has an unrelated feel to the rest of the story. - The main cast consists of two men and a woman, one of whom is an outsider to the group (In BWP it’s one of the guys, here it’s the same) - The main cast unknowingly attracts the ire of a witch by one of the male characters antagonizing her while being unaware of her true nature (here its shooting the cat, in the film it’s kicking over the rocks) - The main cast is banished to wander through endlessly repeating woods - The story climaxes when the repeating stops, a male character dies, and the other two attempt to save him - Before the female character dies, she makes a soliloquy to no one in particular and addresses it to her mother - Of the two remaining characters, one has an ambiguous fate and the other does not.

Jordan N

This one takes an unexpected turn.


By far 1 of the best and 1 of my very favorites. I was about 12 when I 1st heard this episode and have been hooked ever since, this site is fantastic! They just dont make this kinda thing as well anymore imo. I have listened to podcasts with scary or different themes but nothing compares to cbsrmt!


This one of the best episodes hands down! I never guessed the ending and wow did it pay off. Acting was fantastic as well as the story.


This is definitely one of my favorite episodes!

Jim K.

Hello Dolly! Or is it Bonnie? Please go back to the witch and have her break the spell the con man Hank has put on you. Quick Dolly before it’s tooooo late! It won’t be long before Hank starts eating them.


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