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The Brain without Mercy


A mad scientist removes the brain from a severely injured hijacker to ascertain where he left the loot he got away with. Just how far will he go in the name of science?



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 26, 1976
  • Repeat - October 23, 1976





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A daring hispanic hijacker robs passengers on a plane of $2 million, then parachutes out in the skies above south Texas. However, he misjudges the weight of the gun he used in the robbery and lands harder than anticipated, rupturing his kidneys. A german (?) researcher and his assistant come upon the man lying aside a road at the same time a radio report of the hijacking/robbery is being broadcast. Putting 2 and 2 together the researcher believes he can get rich quick by performing the same ghastly experiment on the injured hijacker that he's successfully done with laboratory animals...he removes their brains and keeps them alive (even being able to make auditory contact with them) while disposing of their bodies. The assistant, a mentally handicapped individual, and his wife, who is a domestic there, discuss what's happening. The man says the researcher is "pretty close to being God", while his wife disagrees, saying his research "flies in the face of God". Even the baddies here aren't affected...after the procedure, the first thing the hijacker's brain "says" to the researcher after learning what happened is a prayer to God, in spanish.

Angelo Dacs

A mad scientist discovers a way to keep brains alive outside the body. When he comes across the body of a daring bank robber that has escaped with 2 million dollars, high jacked a plane and parachuted to safety only to have his parachute fail, the scientist uses his skills to communicate with the brain to discover the whereabouts of the money.


FINALLY! A story that actually deals with the macabre. No romance either. Very Tales from the Crypt. Very good story and very good audio.

Mark A

Here's one: "The brain without mercy". Ian Martin plays a hispanic airplane hijacker who bails out (with a bagful of loot) over south Texas, suffers serious bodily injuries, and has his brain removed and kept alive by a scientist who wants that money


A pretty good story of the macabre. I've never seen it but the title makes me think of the movie "They Saved Hitler's Brain". This was a good story, but I don't know about the movie I mention.


When Dr. Werner Diethardt finds skyjacker Miguel Riveras on the hot Texas plain, the thief is near death. Having heard on the radio that Riveras had parachuted with his $2 million ransom, Dr. Diethardt, who needs the money for his advanced animal research project, allows Riveras’ body to die, at the same time determining to keep his brain alive so that it will tell him the location of the cash. The brain, though, demands a new body before it will reveal the secret.


An adaptation of the story, "Donovan's Brain" with a simplified plot. Suspense did Donovan's Brain twice back in the 1940s, and there were at least three different movie versions. Not a bad CBSRMT episode.


Sounding like a 'macabre' version of the late D.B. Cooper's adventure in the early '70's in the Pacific NorthWest.

Bob Hudgins

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