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You Owe Me a Death


Haunted by dreams and visions of the untimely death of her deceased twin, a woman desires to put the voices to rest. In order to do so, she must first unravel the mysteries surrounding her identical twin to find the truth.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 11, 1976
  • Repeat - June 27, 1976





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13 Responses to Episode 0429

When I listened to \"You Owe A Death\", when I was about 10, it scared the living daylights out of me. \"Mother Love\", and \"Ring of Roses\" are 2 other scary ones from the first year.


Pretty original.Bittersweet ending.

Michel David

A couple is distraught over the death of their young daughter. Her twin sister is away at the time and has never met her now-deceased invalid sister because she lived in an institution where she could be cared for. At least that is the story her parents told… The parents' strained relationship is further exasperated when they begin to hear the voice of their dead daughter.

Jasper Jean

Aaron. A&W hotdogs and RMT ! Perfect combination !!

Gina Schackel

Okay . . . fools charge in where angels --- you know the rest. I guess this was the top vote-getter; is that right? But I think I'll have to take a minority position here and say I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd hoped to. First, the audio quality was lacking. But by tweaking the bass way down and the midrange way up, I could squish it around so it became audibly intelligible. Really there are scarier and creepier episodes out there. It's my own fault; I tried to vote about 4 minutes after the polls closed, so I have only myself to blame. Gosh, is my sis dead or not; was she born a strange person or not; is she scaring the bejeezes out of people or not - - - well actually it's a pretty good tale in that regard, so I'll put it in the top half of the canon --- in the top 700 stories. But as I said, there are (in my opinion) better Halloween tales out there. With a bit more physical action, with more interesting voices, a trickier plot, and so on. I'd say more but I have to go now; I hear my dead sister calling me from behind the mirror, beyond the grave. I guess I owe her something.

Jo Anne

to be honest, the blame should likely fall on me, morton. at the end of the poll, there were six shows - each with a single vote. my vote was the deciding one, and since i'd never heard this program before, i chose it. it sounded good and i was sold from Doublex's description in the other thread. i almost chose Diary of a Madman, as that also had a good ring to it. alas, it comes down to a low participation count. i think had more users jumped in, we might have had a different result. who knows. sorry this was not the ideal episode, but, the good news is... there's always next year!! There's a whole band of folks listening, but who prefer not to participate. it's their prerogative, of course, but it would be wonderful to hear from some occasionally.

J. Lanier

Please know that I'm not actually complaining about this show, or any show for that matter. I mean, gosh . . . a free site where shows may be found, listened to, and discussed with other fans of RMT. How "tough" is that on me as a listener? So I look at my duties as a free listener to give an honest, and hopefully slightly amusing, review of the occasional story. I'm not shooting at being provocative simply to be provocative. When you get down to it, the worst story of all the RMT stories ever done . . . is better than no story at all.


Hello- since this is one of my personal favorites- one that I've pushed forward since I've joined this site- I feel obliged to comment and even defend it, or, at least explain why I like it so much. This is definitely one episode though, I'll admit, that none of my many RMT fan friends like as much as I do- a couple of notes first- as far as it being a good or bad choice for Halloween- well, a Halloween story should naturally have monsters in it, and the real monster in it is all too human. Still, it's not often heard- and for that reason alone it deserves some attention yes, it is definitely of lesser audio quality, not a good encode at all- but that's not the episode's fault. Those who collected RMT in the last 10 years or show might remember this one as being one of the few "lost" episodes for a while. I did not get a copy until about 5 years ago, after several years of searching for it. Unfortunately this is the best we've got at this point. OK, why I like it so much- for personal reasons this is the most vivid RMT memory of my youth. I heard the show on its repeat airing, which was in summer of 76 I believe. I can remember exactly where I was when I heard, the time of day (early evening) and who was with me when I heard it. I can remember I was in a cold sweat by the time it was over. Of course, I was only 9 at the time... but in any case, this was the turning point for RMT for me- the one show I can point to which made me a fan for the rest of my life- and as such to me it is tremendously important. OK, to move away from the personal aspect, and to point toward other reasons why this show should be heard: this is a Henry Slesar episode, who IMO, was one of the finest writers RMT employed. Read some of his murder mystery stories in Alfred Hitchcock anthology sometimes. this is a ghost who is actually out there killing people, rather than merely scaring them I find the scene where the sister sees the other's reflection, and the continual cry of "Heather..." to be both visually and mentally disturbing the real horror in this episode, and one of the most dreadful horrors perpetrated in any RMT episode, does not come from the ghost, but rather, from the reason why she became one. I encounter the severely handicapped every day in my job, which is why the treatment of the handicapped sister just grabs me to the core- indeed her revenge is more than just. In essence, this episode is what personally makes me a RMT fan, and brings me to this website, which I've always enjoyed so much. So I apologize if this episode did not strike the same chord with you as with me!

R. Benga

In late on the voting sorry. It is the first show that I have heard since I was as child ... not very fair. At first, my chest tightend up at the sound of the door .. That was last night. Odd, I have some tears in my eyes right now. I gave it a fricken five. I was sooooo happy just to hear it. I do not think it mattered what it was. I have to thank you guys. The audio was ok for me as I have been listening to some stuff from the 30's and 40's and am not sure of what is the "bench mark". Thank you again, I was just so happy to here the show. My wife looked at me and my big smile and my kids were so happy for me.

Patrick Shavers

This is the Sleser story's SECOND adaptation. It was previously adapted for the 1972-73 TV series, GHOST STORIES/CIRCLE OF FEAR, under the episode title, "Half a Death." The writing credit is shared by Henry Sleser and Richard Matheson (the latter is listed as "developer"). I taped the series on Beta back in the 1980s, when it was rerun on CBS late night. The DVD-R version is very nice. Pamela Franklin stars as both the girl and the ghost, though the characters have different names. This TV version is nearly identical to this radio version, with a minor exception -- the spiritualist medium has a sleazy son who ... well, I won't spoil it.

Thomas M. Sipos

I was a kid riding around with his dad back in ..oh..76 or so. I remember listening to AM radio all the time..AM gold style music mostly, which didn't do much for me. Then I remember sitting in the car at the A&W..eating a hotdog..when a story came the ACTUAL story! That was first taste.


A fairly good supernatural story with an ending I wasn't quite expecting. For some reason it reminded me a bit of parts of Richard Matheson's Hell House, but that could just be me. I would recommend this as one to listen to.


personally though "You Owe Me a Death" was the scariest by far


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