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Alias Mr. Aladdin


A scheming woman and her incapable paramour repeatedly attempt to find out her deceased husband's money stash as his best friend tries to impede them.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 12, 1978
  • Repeat - December 5, 1978





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6 Responses to Episode 0849

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. This story was well written. Was not sure who would end up with the money stashed. The scheming women (wife) made a big mistake by not going through the books and fishing tackle with a fine tooth comb before giving it to her deceased husband's best friend. Would have you kept the money? Surprised I am the first to comment on this episode. I gave this episode 5 Stars.

Don Heiland,Jr.

I loved this episode. Personaly, I would have found a way mess with the wife years ago, but thats just me. I was glad to see the lawman and his daughter get the money and even more happy to know the "shrew" and her lover came away with nothing. All is right!


Crystal clear audio, which I appreciate very much.


I certainly like the element of mystery in this radio play. It's so hard 4 me 2 understand how some people can be so insensitive, meaning the wife & the lover. I especially like the way the Robert Dryden does the voice part of Dave(Aladdin) & Walt, or so it sounds like him. Again.....I like the way this radio play was written & I like the way which I can listen 2 the radio play & open up another tab & go open up another tab, google, & read about what some of the listeners wrote in episode commentary what may've been written 2 maybe get a better understanding of the story's plot. A very intriguing tale 2 say the least. A 10 out of 10!


There may have been one or two more performers in this show. The best friend sounded in some ways like Joe Silver, but not as deep.


I was mistaken. After listening to a few more episodes with John Beal, I realize his voice has a similar cadence to Joe Silver,


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