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The Unthinkable


When his wife lands a job and starts moving up the corporate ladder, an unemployed engineer's ego takes a beating. He takes matters into his own hands and finds gratification in robbing a bank-- and not just any bank but the place where she works.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 14, 1976
  • Repeat - September 29, 1976





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5 Responses to Episode 0491

Just heard an episode called "The Unthinkable" starring Larry Haines. He played a proud husband who ends up staying at home with the kids and doing house work while his wife goes to work at the bank. This eats away at him and his "manhood" until he decides to rob her bank with a friend of his. He was so good in this role, playing the sinister crook, lol. I just loved how he portrayed this character and his voice and acting were superb. In the end, he hides the money in "the perfect place" (the garbage) and of course his wife calls the garbage collectors to have the garbage taken away. The boys run off to look for the money and at the end of the story, they still haven't found it yet, lol. The ending was so funny!


An unemployed engineer's ego is bruised when his wife gets a job and starts climbing the career ladder. He finds fulfillment in robbing a bank -- the bank where she works.

Vangie Phoebe

He is an out of work engineer and his wife is a rising star at the bank in which she works. His friend is an architect and also out of work. Their wives are both professional women and earning a good salary. Sitting in the park one day, the electrician laments his lack of funds, and the architect tells of some of his research on local architecture, particularly an underground out-of-use sewer system that runs directly beside the vault in the bank. Rob a bank? Unthinkable.

Dennis G.

Very good episode about an unlikely bankrobber- and very good commentary on the male psyche in the 1970's, when "women's Lib" was a central theme of the times!


A pretty good story whose psychology wouldn't be the same today as I know a few men who stay at home with the kids while their wives work. My thought is they should've had a third man who was a forest ranger or something to help hide the evidence.


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