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The Thousand and First Door


A man is brought into the hospital suffering from an apparent stroke. But as he retells the final days of his life for us, we find his demise was much more complicated with an uncaring, selfish wife and her paramour.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 29, 1977
  • Repeat - December 18, 1977





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6 Responses to Episode 0691

A couple of things. 1. I remember listening to this and thinking "This is Russel Horton's best performance on the RMT". 2. That being said, Jackson Beck and Horton as son and father sounded rather...well, it sounded like they should have been playing the opposite roles. 3. Is this the only RMT episode that featured a pharmacist?


I haven't heard another pharmacist episode. It is ironic, given all the episodes where people are successfully poisoned or drugged, that the one time that a trained pharmacist gets a chance to practice his craft, he totally blows the dosage needed to finish the job.

Jason Bloom

The ending didn't quite do it for me in that the evil witch of a wife, escapes largely unscathed. Yes she is sort of stuck with the husband in one sense, but she is still wealthy and free to do what she wants. To tell the truth, I wish the pharmacist's scheme had worked. I like to think the son pulled a Hamlet and finished the job down the road.


Im glad the son Tom pursued his dream with the help of a loan & that his father became aware of it. And in the end karma served well


I am glad the way this episode ended. Everyone got what they had coming. The pharmacist's son pursued his dream to become a doctor and borrowed the money he needed. I did agree with the pharmacist's wife that her son should stand on his own two feet and pay for college himself. I gave this episode Five Stars.

Don Heiland,Jr.

A true downer - but Russell Horton is strong. He's been better in other episodes (one example is "Conspiracy") and, I think, doesn't get enough credit for his work. Jackson Beck was way miscast as his son.


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