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Taken for Granite


A deranged artist works as a caretaker of a garden filled with statues. Except that he uses live models for his art and encases them in granite.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 8, 1975
  • Repeat - August 20, 1975





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21 Responses to Episode 0270

I CAN'T STAND the voice of the deranged artist!!! It is like fingernails down a blackboard!! UGGH!! That voice ruined this episode for me.


This is the one episode that remains with me to this day, I was a 10 year old when it first aired!


A mad artist uses live models for his work in a Colorado sculpture exhibit.

Robert Wilson

A famous and accomplished sculpture’s works are on limited display in a garden devoted to his work. Access is only provided by permission of the dean of the local art college, according to the will of the owner of the statues. An eccentric caretaker of the exhibit is himself a budding artist and is haunted by the fabulous success of the sculpture to whom the garden is devoted. Both the sculpture and the owner of the statues disappeared under mysterious circumstances. When more visitors start disappearing, the solution is there, chiseled in stone!


I love Howard Da Silva, but his voice is insanely annoying in this episode. I'm not sure why he used this voice, but I guess he and the director agreed it was the right choice. How wrong they were. Howard was one of the most talented actor that CBSRMT was lucky enough to work with.


One of my faves! I LOVE these CBS Mystery Series!!


This is basically a "Scooby-Doo" episode turned into a CBSRMT, from the crazy premise to the unbelievably stupid cops to the overly "creepy" villain. I like how at one point the sheriff suggests they question the caretaker and then the next day they still haven't done it. No rush, fellas, just a missing person. My favorite part of this one was the commercial for the metric system.


This is one of the creepier episodes - why doesn't anyone spot how unbalanced "the artist" is sooner? I guess there wouldn't be much story then.

Mike in Grand Rapids

This episode gives a new meaning to "life-like statues." Pietro is one of Howard Da Silva's more creepier roles, and does he does it well. Da Silva and Joan Loring's voices seem to sound like they have a slight cold or a stuffy nose.


Another good listen for me. I found it interesting that after the first disappearance we hear the sheriff mention checking Pietro's alibi, but after that he seems to fall off his radar. It seems if he was the last person to see two people gone missing that he would be investigated more thoroughly, but it was still a good listen.


I found cbsrmt on my dads PC when i was 10 i put several episodes on my mp3 player including this one, and it absolutely terrified me the voice of the deranged artist brought me out in cold sweats and it still does.


I agree with Kristin, I cannot stand Howard Da Silva's voice, it drives me crazy!

John in Warren, Mi.

Taken For Granite kept me on the edge of my seat!

Harper Stacey

Personally, this is not one of my favorite episodes. It's just too creepy for my taste. But since CBSRMT had so many episodes, there are plenty of others to like. :) I don't care for the way Howard Da Silva sounds either, but in this case he's got the perfect voice for the part of the insane artist, lol! Actually, his voice creeps me out, even when he's playing supposedly good guys, but he sounds perfect for this part imo.


One of the only CBSRMT episodes I couldn't bring myself to finish. I never thought radio overacting could be so annoying. Howard Silva is so ridiculous and over the top (though the script does him no favors). And is that really Joan Marshall aka Jean Arless from William Castle's "Homicidal" in this? Completely bonkers, absurd episode!


Shame on the haters of this episode! The charm of this episode is due precisely to its obtuse and goofy quality! There's really nothing 'classic' about the narrative and the villain is just *so* over-the-top that it works. There are just so many completely bland and forgettable episodes of this show for this to be counted as a flop. Give it another go! Certainly not the best ever, but most certainly better than most.


CBS’ RMT enhanced their theatrical legacy with the resonating voice of Howard Da Silva ! His characters, both tragic & comedic, are always authentic. The RMT performances alone reflect his versatility shown throughout his lifelong stage & film career.

Professor Richard Pierson

Two comments. (1) that turtle must smell terrible after it dies from suffocation and begins to decompose. (2) Best moment of the episode is Helen Masterson saying ‘What will you *do* with the plaster cast?’ Like he was gonna do something perverted with it lol

Jordan N

This episode sounds like something Arch Oboler would have done on “Lights Out.”



Cindy Caldwell

Great episode. Worth a listen.

Harper Stacey

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