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A Sacrifice in Blood


An archaeologist might come to regret their decision when they adopt a boy found in an ancient, infamous Aztec place of worship.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 12, 1974
  • Repeat - June 5, 1974
  • Repeat - February 15, 1980





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17 Responses to Episode 0055

Well, a couple of things. True devil worship is essentially a myth. Celebrities sometimes say they do in order to get media attention, there is no serious devil worship in the United States. And, in 1974, while "parapsychologists" certainly hoped otherwise, ESP was indeed considered supernatural (and fictional) by pretty much everyone else. Still, this is an Omen-esque plot, two years before "The Omen." But Michael (as opposed to Damien) never ended up being elected President. Supernatural thriller, demon spawn.


This only barely touches on devil worship, but to say it doesn't exist today is like saying prejudice doesn't exist becaue you aren't invited to KKK meetings.


Well-acted and suspenseful with the exception of the character of Michael, who was played so straight that it was hard to believe he was capable of hideous actions. Needed to be more menacing, or at least more unctuous.


An archeologist discovers relics that prove his theories and bring him noteriety. At the site, he and his wife find a baby on a sacrificial altar. They bring the boy home and raise him as their own.


Interesting and as many episodes, fatalistic. One’s assumptions are proven wrong.

Diego Lisbon

Chosen based on recommendation) A cautionary tale about what can happen when you adopt a baby found on a pre-Toltec altar in a sealed temple... Well done and interesting but don't expect it to resolve itself in a way that actually pulls the various threads together.

Vicky Ortega

A pairr of archeologists find a baby boy in an Aztec temple of evil. They decide to raise the boy -- much to their regret. Haunting and riveting. Scardino's teen-age voice creates the illusion of innocence.


A husband and wife archaeologist team carry out one last dig to finish off their illustrious careers; they will excavate a Toltec civilization renound as devil worshipers. At the dig, they discover an abandoned infant in the structure and adopt it as their own. Adoptinga mysteriously appearing baby in a long abandoned temple used for Devil worship is probably a bad idea. Listen and find out.


Of course this was a supernatural tale as predicted by the title. I agree that this seemed similar to The Omen. I thought it strange that he was evil, except to his parents, and that he went back to where he was from to be sacrificed - although EG says that he went back in time to do so. The ending was a little confusing to me after EG spoke about it, but still an okay episode.


It is clear to me that several original episodes of CBS Mystery Theater served as 'inspiration' for other authors of novels, movies and TV scripts, I say inspiration to be fair and not say outright that they copied the ideas, because there is no way to know for sure. But did this episode "A Sacrifice in Blood" surely inspire THE OMEN? Did "No Way Out" inspire certain aspects of the TV Show LOST? Did "Life Blood" inspire the new movie EX MACHINA?? Did "Charnel House" inspire certain settings and mood of SHELTER ISLAND? Did "Age Cannot Wither Her" almost assuredly inspire the idea of new movie THE AGE OF ADELINE? Hmmmm, we can only guess at these coincidences...


I just caught this on Horror Theatre on internet radio out of Atlanta. Classic stuff! I enjoyed it! I guess stories have gotten more complex nowadays as i expected a twist at the end. Not that the end wasn't interesting in it's own right! But the ending, and most of the story, requires a sense of belief and...nievate?, i'm going to say innocence. As i've gotten older going back and re-watching movies from my childhood that scared me (Evil Dead, Phantoms, Nightmare On Elm Street), and even this broadcast, i've realized that they're scary because i believed, or was at least open to the "imaginary" reality contained within. Now i'm older, it doesn't scare me. But this post is about what did scare me. Most people are bored by stories like this. Seems like all of our culture is growing up immune to a world of possibilities. ;)


This was not one of my favorites. Miss the commercials and news as they add to the entertainment. In this story it is a bit to unbelievable, who in doing an ancient excavation and finding a baby inside the sacrificial chamber, would take it home to raise? Especially if the way they dug in was the only way in?


Too dark and grisly for me...and that was only Act One...


The "Devil" and "Satan" are Christian concepts, which didn't exist in ancient pre-Christian religions. How could the Aztecs have "worshiped Satan"? One is left unsure if Michael is supposed to be evil or not, since it wasn't clear if he did anything sinister. They should have made him a lot scarier in order for this story to have more horror impact. He seemed too ordinary to me.


THANKYOU for putting these up! They are great!

Pamela Bell

Slow slow burn with little payout. This plot line was written in someone’s sleep sorry, I give it a 3 out of 10.


Ufff! This was rough. We're always in trouble when they go to "exotic" locations. Good job hiring an Anglo actor to play Latino and having him do an accent that sounds like he's doing a really, really bad Dracula. One of many cringe aspects of this episode. Slanders "Indians" for sure. (Somehow they're savages who do human sacrifice -- of babies, no less -- but also worship the Christian devil/Satan. If they're pre-Christian savages, how... Oh, forget it. This isn't worth it.) Also, the story is very, very dumb. The writer was so stupid he depicted the villagers as ignorant for, get this, being the ones who *don't* believe in ESP. When the writer isn't smart, the story isn't going to be strong enough to generate any tension. This is just a bunch of dumb old tired (even in the 1970s) clichés.

Gil Fitzpartick

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