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The Paradise of the Devil


A night guard is killed and his daughter promises her small inheritance to the person who finds the killer. But the inheritance isn't as meagre an amount as she imagined.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 5, 1975
  • Repeat - August 16, 1975





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When a security guard is murdered in an apparent holdup his daughter, a secretary, is anxious to bring the murderers to justice. When the police seem to have lost interest in the case, she hires a private investigator to examine the circumstances surrounding the killing, her father’s financial records, and real estate dealings. As more and more ‘accidents’ happen surrounding the case, the private investigator realizes there is more to the case than meets the eye.


SPOILER - Why is it in all these episodes where a woman has a detective helping her out that she always falls in love with him and marries at the end? I thought this was a pretty good episode and there were questions of intent throughout that all got answered.


Omg right? I think it's a call-back to shows like "Suspense" & "Boston Blackie"...girls in the 40s fell in love with detectives all the time.


I know! It's dated and tiresome, but I guess it was a standard plot point. This episode even has that "adorable" line at the end--"you can do the thinking for me," she says. Ugh. I liked the detective work, though.


The police assume the motive is robbery when a warehouse night watchman is murdered, but they have no clues to the killer. Not satisfied with their progress, Louise Ladue, daughter of the slain man, hires private detective George Colby, who discovers that Ladue’s partner in a business deal had been murdered three weeks before. Louise attempts to sell a piece of land owned by her father to pay Colby’s fee, but Colby suspects the prospective buyer, Mr. Hawkins, is involved in the murder when he discovers the land holds a sizable vein of uranium ore. Impetuously, Louise confronts Hawkins with the evidence and walks into a trap set by a ruthless killer.


Great Episode, 5 Stars out of 5 ⭐️Larry Haines is Phenomenal in this one. 😊👍 Not to mention a great supporting cast!! $

Cash Harris

Got to love the ending of this one! I lmao just thinking how crazy it makes the radical feminists!!!🤣

Jim K.

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