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The Believers


When a nosy neighbor becomes curious about the strange incidents that go on at the house next door, she sends her son over to investigate. He soon discovers a parallel universe within its walls and solves the mystery.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 4, 1979
  • Repeat - September 13, 1979





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9 Responses to Episode 0968

This episode was my introduction to this radio series. I received it on WTVY-FM 95.5, Dothan, Alabama. I just happen to tune in and it was about half over, but I enjoy it and this program would turn me on to the world of radio drama.

Fred Barry Hetrick Jr.

Great episode! This one is a fun listen in this day because it is reminiscent of various cults and other sects which have formed and fallen over the years. Excellent acting and well written story make for a very fun listening experience.


After listening to it, I immediately googled up "Hollow earth society" for a bit of amusement after this serious RMT. Kristoffer Tabori plays a young man who lives with his mother, who in turn reminds me of the "Mrs. Kravitz" (sic?) character from the old "Bewitched" TV series. (The lady who was always seeing strange things happening at the home of Darren and Samantha Stephens, and whose husband always shrugged off her hysterical reports.) Mom sees people go into the house of a "Mr. Bolivar" (played by John Beal) but never come out. Tabori's character decides to go visit and determine what's going on, and finds himself in Bolivar's den, where, to the former's surprise, there's a secret trapdoor going to a network of caves which lead to the land of..."Hollow earth"? And the woman, who's apparently had a rough life, is tortured and foolish enough to be ready to go down there (just like the others in Bolivar's "Hollow Earth" club have been doing) even though he who goes in never seems to come out again. Bolivar's convinced that it's just because it's such a grand place down there, according to explorers who've supposedly discovered it.


Great show - and also a good one to add to the list of shows that younger listeners can listen to, and not have to sleep with the lights on. You've got to admire the hero's style, though. Bodies stacked like cordwood, and he still manages to ask the girl out on a date . . .


There really is hollow earth people.


One of my favorite CBSRMT eps ever. Joan Shay is hilarious as Allan's nosey mom. This had me checking hollow earth, and it's interesting stuff.

Dennis Sanchez

Cool episode. Great set up. It reminded me of the movie The Burbs. But at the end, E.G. says he will “wrap up a loose end”. But he never does. I thought he was going to say what happened to Bolivar. I’m working my way through all the episodes. I love it!

Bob Legare

I enjoyed this episode, great acting and a good story. Kept you interested through the whole story


Worth the listen. This episode is never boring. I appreciate how it held my attention. Push through the contrived voice of the mother (no offense intended).


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