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The Blood Red Wine


A man wonders out of a storm into a couple's house and dies of a heart attack. He is carrying with him $250,000 stolen money. Do they keep it or give it back despite the fact that nobody knows they have it?



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 6, 1977
  • Repeat - October 18, 1977





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6 Responses to Episode 0660

We done with an interesting twist at the end.


Who played the part of the sheriff?


Robert Dryden was the Sheriff


Re the plot synopsis. A man can wonder 'about' a storm, but how could he wonder 'out' of a storm?


This is an excellent performance from both Ralph Bell and Joan Lovejoy. Generally, Ralph Bell is in his element as the creepy villain type, but in this story he plays the good, conscientious guy, and he really plays it well. His nervous voice, as he tries to persuade his greedy wife to use common sense is perfect. Also, Joan plays her part well too. Her selfish, harsh personality, and sneering tone of voice, is ideal for the part, and she carries off convincingly. I am sorry for her poor husband, who seems to be helplessly pulled along by her dominating, controlling personality. His anguish and guilt is so well acted. He nails it again with another good performance.


Joel, an honest but unsuccessful salesman, tries to help a stranger who comes to his door in the midst of a storm, suffering from a heart attack. Joel calms the man, who identifies himself as J.B. Lucas, by loosening his clothes and giving him his wife Myra’s special boysenberry wine. But when Lucas dies, Myra convinces Joel to put his body back in his car and keep Lucas’ money ($250,000) -- even though Joel knows his guilty conscience will ultimately lead the sheriff to him.


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