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Guilty as Charged


A hardware salesman must rely on a polygraph test to prove his innocence when he is pegged as the suspect for a series of crimes he did not have any involvement in.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 3, 1982
  • Repeat - August 9, 1982





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5 Responses to Episode 1323

Gene Fowler is a traveling salesman selling hardware to hardware stores. One day he is on his way home and gets a speeding ticket. He goes down to police headquarters to speak with the police about it and is surprisingly arrested for armed robbery. It seems that he perfectly fits the description provided to the police by a victim. Thus begins his nightmare.

Carlitos Delight

An interesting who-done-it that finds Gene guilty of a crime he didn't commit. I enjoyed the banter between he and his wife and how the drama of being falsely accused of a crime hampers their relationship.


A lot of the time you listen to these and think, "I would never have done that if I was in that situation." That is, the actions of the characters are just to move the plot along and aren't realistic. But this one was an exception. I could easily see myself getting discouraged and being ready to give up as Gene in this story was, and I imagine the situation would definitely stress, if not destroy, a marriage as happens here. (OK, maybe it's not all THAT realistic: The lawyer works for free after Gene runs out of money.) I liked the detail of Gene doing something at every stop like ordering scotch and rice pudding to make himself memorable, too. Gene's last action may have been a little iffy, but if you'd been in that situation for that long, you might take things into your own hands too. (Of course, nowadays a simple cell phone call would've ended it.) This was a really strong episode, I thought.


Warning: Reading this, while not specific, may detract from suspense. Waited to give thumbs up till ending. I empathize too much and didn’t want to go through all that with him only to have it end in injustice.


Good episode.


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