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The People of Sissora


A man spots another at a restaurant dinner and pins him down as the ultimate threat to mankind. It transpires that they are both from a different planet!



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 14, 1977
  • Repeat - March 8, 1978





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8 Responses to Episode 0724

A series of deja vu experiences convince a college professor that he is actually from another planet. It begins after he sees a person he is convinced is also from the same planet and is present to destroy the earth.

Dwayne J.

A man comes to believe that the earth is under the threat of an alien invasion, and somehow he is part of this threat. A chance encounter with a man in a restaurant unleashes "racial memories" in which he begins to recall how a race of aliens seeded themselves on the Earth of the past in order to one day spring forth and destroy all human life on the planet. But will anyone believe his amazing story? Genre: Science-fiction

Ericka E.

I love this episode mostly because of the cast... But as always Sam Dann does a great suspenseful job. I love the EG Marshal dialog and Evie Juster can do no wrong for me. Ralph Bell would have been my choice to take over as host for Marshal when he left the series as host. I listen to this one often. Next to The Bullet - Want of a Nail - this is a favorite of mine. Take a listen!

Paul Liberti

I LOVE the People of Sissora.


I like this episode. You could see this story in the news or something. And we would probably all believe the sanitarium was right where he belonged. But we'd probably owe him quite a debt of gratitude and we wouldn't even know it.


These shows are more entertaining to me than 90 percent of the shows on tv.I love the actors and the writers who created this show.It's great how my mind lets me see the stories in my head.


OTR is called the "theater of the mind" for a good reason. Much better than TV. TV shows and movies don't have the big budget my brain has.

Michael R Sheffield

Good episode. Ralph Bell always gets my attention to any story because of his great voice. I agree with Paul's comment above that he would've been a good choice (and much better in my opinion than Tammy Grimes!) to replace E.G. as host.

Jim K.

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