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Invited Guests


After repeatedly turning down the social gathering invitations of his peers, his former lover attempts to discover his reasons, only to stumble upon the man's disturbing and horrifying secret.



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 22, 1981
  • Repeat - February 23, 1982





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7 Responses to Episode 1269

God, I love this page! When I was a kid, I suffered from insomnia (Back in the 70s) and my parents would put me to bed at 10pm. I had one of those old beige alarm clock/AM radios and I would turn it on with the volume BARELY audible next to me on the night stand and listen to CBSRMT at 11:30pm. I loved it, and I was listening to it at work in the car last night... oh, the memories it brought back!


That squeaky door and the music. It takes me back every time!! I think many from our generation had the same story! We listened to it in bed at night when the folks made us go to bed. It came on here at 10:06, right after the national news. CBSRMT was the one bright spot of bedtime. That and handheld Mattel football and baseball!


I looked so forward to RMT as a kid tho i nearly always would fall asleep during it! Now I can't sleep without something on. Found this a couple of years ago and listen to 2 or 3 every night. Started at the very start again last week. Awesome.


Karen, as a kid back in the mid 70's, I would always be sure to be in bed by 10:05 pm every night Monday-Friday so as not to miss a single episode of Mystery Theater. I needed a minute or two to get the radio tuned to WGPC AM 1450. Regular as clockwork, Mystery Theater would always start at 10:07 pm (after CBS news), unless maybe if the Atlanta Braves were playing a late game. I don't think I ever fell asleep during Mystery Theater back in those days! Fast forward to today, now 55 years old, I enjoy revisit those long-gone days via the internet. But unfortunately, I now fall asleep almost every time before the end of the program. I start out good, but just conk out after listening 15 or 20 minutes, Lol; sad but true!


This is just another NO action Elspeth Eric episode where people *think* and *feel* stuff, but nothing really happens. This could have been a really good ghost story where Oliver's parents are haunting him because he actually murdered them in the past! Instead, she turns this into a lame tale about Oliver imagining his parents are there because he feels so GUILTY over THINKING about murdering them! Why the suspenseful, overblown drama music when we find out about his THOUGHTS?!?!? Only in an Elspeth Eric story would everyone in town be so obsessed with what Oliver thinks/feels, whether he is depressed, or feeling guilty, etc. In real life, he would just live alone and NO one would care! He is such a BORING, unlikable character that it doesn't make any sense that the whole town would be so interested in him, or his psych issues.


Well said. This episode was a big disappointment.


Excellent episode! Russell Horton has that quiet, smooth voice that really adds to the of the eerily disturbed part he plays!

Jim K.

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