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Roll Call of the Dead


Despite repeated warnings from their Apache tour guide, East Coast college students explore a dangerous route during their tour of the Wild West. As they press forward, Clark and Jimmy meet members of an old exploration team that mysteriously vanished.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 27, 1982
  • Repeat - December 15, 1982





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4 Responses to Episode 1374

Much to ponder and wonder.Fantastic tale of interest.


Another Wu Banger! Old Joe guiding us West with Jimmy & “We go North, right fork!” “Left fork very dangerous way to go!”

Scooter D & the Greens

Hi produced the show and directed the actors. Bob Juhren selected music from the CBS library, much of which can be heard on TV shows like The Twilight Zone. Gerry McCarty was the sound effects tech. He also worked on The Honeymooners. I'm the board engineer (with the beard) in the video. On my left (in glasses) is Marlin Swing, who, as associate director, kept track of timing, retakes, music and script changes, EG's narration & commercials. He also supervised all the tape editing and any remixes that I did before we sent the finished show over to the CBS Radio Central Control for airing (usually a couple of weeks after taping). We did MT at Columbia Records Studio G, where Arthur Godfrey did his network radio show with live musicians in the 50's & 60's. By the time EG left and Tammy took over, we moved to a new studio next door that was built with my design suggestions, as the records division wanted the huge Godfrey space for new offices. One funny side note: at the last minute, a records exec's wife picked out the new studio's carpet with a pinstripe design. The actors got vertigo. We had to place furniture all over the studio to break up the sightline


There is a video that shows part of episode being recorded. It was featured on Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt.


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