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Party Girl


An aggressive young public servant aiming to become the state's next governor must cover up the suicide of a prostitute he was involved with before it ruins his political aspirations.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 11, 1975
  • Repeat - April 10, 1976





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6 Responses to Episode 0377

This is a fairly straightforward plot and it would be easy to give away too many details in a review and ruin the listening experience. Combine the following; An up and coming politician, a police detective, a prostitute, ambitious friends, and a rare 29 caliber pistol and you have an interesting story. This one is worth a listen.

John L.

The suicide of a prostitute could ruin the career of the state's up and coming politician who would like to become the next governor.

Latoya Williams

A political candidate’s advisor tries to cover up the suicide of a prostitute who shot herself with the candidate’s unique gun in his hotel room. We know all the facts; the story is about how the detective figures it out.

D. Mounio

The clue that broke the case was wet socks!


interesting story!

terence jones

I thought this was a good listen and a good morality play. Perhaps it was made more interesting as I just started reading Killing Kennedy (a gift from an in-law), but even if I hadn't started reading it I think I probably would've still liked this one.


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