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Radio Mystery Theater Episode Guide
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Date Episode Title Plot Rating
1974-01-06 0001 Old Ones Are Hard to Kill (The)

An old lady rents a room to a sick boarder. She runs into problems with his strange deathbed... 3.2
1974-01-07 0002 Return of the Moresbys (The)

A husband kills his wife for donating all their money. Now, he is certain that she has been... 2.8
1974-01-08 0003 Bullet (The)

An accident kills a man but he is made to return to Earth to trade places with the fated... 3.4
1974-01-09 0004 Lost Dog

A husband cannot appreciate his wife's phobia of dogs. Once he gets one home, his wife sets it... 3.2
1974-01-10 0005 No Hiding Place

The would-be CEO of his father-in-law's corporation is threatened with the revelation of a... 3.2
1974-01-11 0006 Honeymoon with Death

Her husband disappears after their return from the honeymoon and the young wife's sister... 3.3
1974-01-12 0007 I Warn You Three Times

A daring attempt to clear their car windows during a snowstorm leads to the mysterious... 3.5
1974-01-13 0008 Cold Storage

A man finds out that his believed to be dead mother is still living and unleashes a... 3.5
1974-01-14 0009 Death Rides a Stallion

An old flame torments a playboy after her death in a horse riding accident. 3.3
1974-01-15 0010 Resident (The)

A move from the countryside to town leaves a retired lady prey to a cat named Evil and a young... 3.2
1974-01-16 0011 Accounts Receivable

Burdened with the responsibility of his sick father who has been recently released from jail,... 3
1974-01-17 0012 You Can Die Again

A husband believes himself culpable for the murder of his wife. He is also convinced of his... 3.2
1974-01-18 0013 Ring of Roses (A)

A trip to the country to visit a friend turns nightmarish as a couple comes across a small... 3.2
1974-01-19 0014 Girl Who Found Things (The)

A young girl with criminal tendencies is taken by a couple who discover her peculiar talent... 3.6
1974-01-20 0015 Chinaman Button (The)

A perfectly anonymous murder offers the opportunity to earn a fortune for a man in dire... 3.9
1974-01-21 0016 Dead for a Dollar

Two cheated men plan the murder of the trader who swindled them. Unbeknownst to them, somebody... 3.5
1974-01-22 0017 Very Old Man (A)

A wizened man has clairvoyance abilities and even relieve physical suffering with a simple... 3.1
1974-01-23 0018 And Nothing but the Truth

A young investigator guesses at the facts of a hit-and-run case and believes the convict to be... 3.4
1974-01-24 0019 Deadly Honeymoon

A honeymoon turns nightmarish as a woman realises her husband to be culpable of the murders of... 3.2
1974-01-25 0020 Speak of the Devil

A pre-wedding spiritual seance leads to a young woman being tortured by a demon. 3.4
1974-01-26 0021 Ring of Truth (The)

A tortured story about a father's coercion to get his daughter to testify against her beloved... 3.6
1974-01-27 0022 Time and Again

A clockmaker comes across a mysterious clock that can give him an additional hour every day.... 3.4
1974-01-28 0023 Three Women

A writer is pressed by his publisher to alter the ending of his book in order to take fuller... 3.3
1974-01-29 0024 Man Who Heard Voices (The)

Can euthanasia ever be completely willed by the sufferer? A well-respected lawyer's life is... 3.2
1974-01-30 0025 Mother Love

An unusual favor and $6000 are all a fortune teller needs to grant the wish of a desperate... 3.5
1974-01-31 0026 Man Who Asked for Yesterday (The)

A man is murdered by his wife. After death, he wishes to be granted the chance to live the... 3.5
1974-02-01 0027 Dead Ringer

A woman accidentally comes across a dead ringer for her husband. She decides to enlist his... 3.2
1974-02-02 0028 Ghostly Game of Death (A)

A prospective buyer for an ancient dwelling recruits the services of a ghost hunter to get rid... 3.4
1974-02-03 0029 Sign of the Beast (The)

An arrogant archaeologist disregards tribal customs and extends praise. But her motives are... 3.7
1974-02-04 0030 Here Goes the Bride

The ghost of a former wife killed under intriguing conditions reveals herself to the new bride... 3.3
1974-02-05 0031 Lady Was a Tiger (The)

A femme fatale double agent frames an unemployed reporter for homicide in Paris. 3.3
1974-02-06 0032 After the Verdict

An upcoming attorney discovers to his dismay that the man he acquitted of homicide is indeed... 3.2
1974-02-08 0033 Conspiracy to Defraud

The hero is a federal detective sent to France in order to track down heroin supplies. The... 3.3
1974-02-09 0034 Deadly Hour (The)

A self-doubting man is nearly driven to insanity by the infidelity of his wife and stops... 3.5
1974-02-10 0035 Dead Man's Mountain

An architect with a strange passion to create a cursed mountain. Any who attempt to climb it... 3.3
1974-02-12 0036 Dream of Death (A)

Reincarnation beliefs of a college professor are accompanied by the dread of having broken an... 3
1974-02-13 0037 Dig Me Deadly

Archaeology students dig out an ancient decomposed corpse of a woman attached to a skeleton... 3.5
1974-02-14 0038 Under Grave Suspicion

A bitter fight between a couple. A sea side cottage. And turbulent weather that threatens to... 3.3
1974-02-16 0039 Lady Never Loses Her Head (A)

An American lady marries a blue-blooded British man and arrives at his manor house. There she... 3.1
1974-02-17 0040 Walking Corpse (The)

An unfortunate American couple is caught up in a coup by a Banana Republic despot who intends... 3.4
1974-02-18 0041 Blizzard of Terror

A bitter couple gets caught up in a deadly storm and seek shelter in a remote cabin. But there... 3.7
1974-02-19 0042 Sea Fever

A fearsome captain of the seas inflicts the ultimate punishment for people who even dare to... 3.2
1974-02-21 0043 Walls of Jericho (The)

A modest attender at a men's club discovers his extraordinary gift of bringing characters to... 3.2
1974-02-22 0044 Horla (The)

Maupassant's classic story about a man obsessed and terrorized by a presence that engulfs him.... 3.3
1974-02-24 0045 Horse That Wasn't for Sale (The)

Hereditary equestrian passion notwithstanding, a woman has to put up her horses for sale after... 3.1
1974-02-26 0046 Edge of Death (The)

A farmer can't do anything but watch helplessly as his wife is slowly consumes by an undefined... 3.4
1974-02-28 0047 Choice of Witnesses (A)

The tables are turned on a seasoned blackmailer as his past victims team up to create a deadly... 3.6
1974-03-02 0048 Out of Sight

A superstitious astronaut believes their space flight to be cursed due to her very presence.... 3.3
1974-03-03 0049 Prognosis Negative

A mentally disturbed soldier is recruited by a fake medium to take her game to the next level.... 3
1974-03-04 0050 This Will Kill You

Negative reviews can get you into trouble - especially if the book under review is written by... 3.2
1974-03-05 0051 Long Time to Die (A)

The grass is never greener on the other side and swapping lives is a dangerous practice.... 3.1
1974-03-06 0052 Sending (The)

Innocent co-eds at a college get their souls sold to the demon by their professor. Black magic... 3.6
1974-03-07 0053 Creature from the Swamp (The)

A man lets himself into more trouble than bargained for when he rescues a woman from a swamp... 3.4
1974-03-11 0054 Thing in the Cave (The)

Every uncharted cavern has its own pasts and mysterious. Two couples get trapped in one with... 3.3
1974-03-12 0055 Sacrifice in Blood (A)

An archaeologist might come to regret their decision when they adopt a boy found in an... 3.1
1974-03-13 0056 Little Night Murder (A)

All promises should not be kept. A serial killer stalks town women to fulfill his childhood... 3.8
1974-03-14 0057 Fall of the House of Usher (The)

The evergreen horror tale by Edgar Allan Poe tells the story of a heir driven insane by the... 3.4
1974-03-18 0058 Sea of Troubles

A trans-Atlantic voyage on a ship is also the scene of a murder conspiracy where a man enlists... 3.1
1974-03-19 0059 Frankenstein Revisited

The 400th anniversary coverage of Baron Von Frankenstein might just be a bad idea for a news... 2.9
1974-03-20 0060 Ghost at the Gate (The)

A ghostly, two-timing tale of romance where a man continues his affair with his wife and his... 3.2
1974-03-21 0061 Ordeal by Fire

A millionaire and his daughter are subjected to third degree burns when they refuse to pay a... 3.1
1974-03-25 0062 Diary of a Madman (The)

This namesake of the famous Nikolai Gogol story deals with the confession of a magistrate to... 3.4
1974-03-26 0063 Death by Whose Hands

Set nearly a hundred years back, this story is about a prosthetic surgeon's transplant of the... 3.1
1974-03-27 0064 It's Simply Murder

A hen-pecked wimp fantasizes about running away from his despotic wife. Unwittingly, one... 3.5
1974-03-28 0065 Unearthly Gift (The)

A modest lumberjack camp cook has the gift of clairvoyance, but her visions don't always... 3
1974-04-01 0066 Black Cat (The)

A hasty marriage for wealth is rued by a man who finds both his wife and her cat repulsive. He... 3.1
1974-04-02 0067 Pharoah's Curse (The)

A treasure hunt in an Egyptian tomb becomes a nightmare as an archaeologist and a singer... 3.2
1974-04-03 0068 Die! You're on Magic Camera

A young photographer discovers a strange camera that can photograph incidents yet to happen.... 3.7
1974-04-04 0069 Thing Inside (The)

A couple buy a curious paper weight made from glass in a curio store. The artist husband soon... 3.4
1974-04-08 0070 Locked Room (The)

The bride's mother plays villain in the life of a newly wed couple. She is convinced the boy... 3.3
1974-04-09 0071 Murder Museum (The)

A wax museum made especially for infamous criminals is an eerie concept. Things become creepy... 3.1
1974-04-10 0072 Out of Focus

An advertising professional makes futile attempts to take the pictures of a beautiful model as... 3
1974-04-11 0073 Strange Company

A wealthy aged woman is terrorized by invisible visitors. Her hard-hearted nephew and his wife... 3.3
1974-04-15 0074 Only the Dead Remember

Two decades is a small time for Korean war veterans as they come together to plot the murder... 3.4
1974-04-16 0075 Men Without Mouths

A gangster adopts the daughter of a dead comrade and sees her off faithfully until her happy... 3.3
1974-04-17 0076 Horror Within (The)

A young man turns religious after the death of his beloved and seeks the power to forestall... 3.3
1974-04-18 0077 Portrait of Death (A)

A man suddenly achieves the power to become a great painter. But all his subjects seem to meet... 3.3
1974-04-22 0078 Wishing Stone (The)

A young girl believes an angel gave her a wishing stone. But her wishes don't turn out quite... 3.2
1974-04-23 0079 Ghost Driver (The)

A driver killed the proprietors of a country inn. Now his ghost is after the present... 3.8
1974-04-24 0080 Hand (The)

A postal surprise in the form of a human hand leaves a man convinced of its apocalyptic... 3.4
1974-04-25 0081 Sunset to Sunrise

A daughter remembers how her mother turned into a vampire. 3.5
1974-04-29 0082 All Living Things Must Die

A lonely woman is left with just the houseplants for her company under the rules of her... 3.5
1974-04-30 0083 Venus d'Ile (The)

Venus has always been a tricky, tempestuous goddess for those who are aware of mythology. An... 3.1
1974-05-01 0084 Death Bell (The)

Family genealogy research gets a man into trouble with the IRA who believe he is from the... 3.2
1974-05-02 0085 Dracula

The classic Bram Stoker tale retold. A young girl is progressively being drained of her... 3.3
1974-05-06 0086 Murder with Malice

An attempted patricide by the son who tries to hypnotize his sister to carry out the actual... 3.2
1974-05-07 0087 Suicide Club (The)

Russian roulette, anyone? A high stake gambler finds the game getting the better of him as his... 3.5
1974-05-08 0088 Breaking Point (The)

A thought projection experiment takes a deadly turn as a scientist takes an extreme step and... 2.9
1974-05-09 0089 Tiny Drop of Poison (A)

A charming politician hides her dark part as a hippie radical and a murderer. But her game... 3.4
1974-05-13 0090 Lodger (The)

A boarding lodge matron lives in fear due to a series of cruel killings of women in the... 3.5
1974-05-14 0091 Voices of Death

The apparition of a dead producer Peter Truro returns to haunt the actor Jason Phillips... 3
1974-05-15 0092 Forever Man (The)

A luckless man is offered every material comfort in the world through free cars, houses and... 3.4
1974-05-16 0093 Trouble with Ruth (The)

Despite her best attempts, a kleptomaniac falls back into her old ways and is found out by... 3.2
1974-05-20 0094 Crack in the Wall (The)

A house fire claims the life of the young daughter of the house. Her bereft parents move to a... 3.4
1974-05-21 0095 Longest Knife (The)

A mother makes a promise to avenge her son who has been murdered by a third world dictator. 3.1
1974-05-23 0096 Bleeding Statue (The)

A magician disappoints his heirs by leaving his properties with his daughter and also promises... 3.3
1974-05-27 0097 Mirror for Murder

A bored wife is tired of her menagerie chores and her husband's job priorities. She starts to... 3.3
1974-05-29 0098 Phantom Lullaby (The)

The caring parents of a young woman rent her a luxurious house to recuperate from a bitter... 3.1
1974-05-30 0099 Dressed to Kill

An unemployed actor plans a bizarre drama of enacting his own death and consequently... 3.3
1974-06-03 0100 To Kill with Confidence

While traveling across the country, a couple of newlyweds are forced to stop at a nearby town... 3.3
1974-06-04 0101 An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

To escape an appointment with the gallows at Owl Creek Bridge, a confederate spy embarks on a... 3.1
1974-06-06 0102 Deadly Darling Dolores

A conspiracy to destroy all animal life on the planet is exposed by a scientist. 3.2
1974-06-10 0103 Bargain in Blood (A)

When a strange turn of events allows a young man to switch illnesses with the diseased, a... 3.4
1974-06-12 0104 Rat (The)

Enraged by the faithlessness of his wife, a genius scientist creates a highly-evolved rodent... 3.3
1974-06-13 0105 House of the Seven Gables (The)

A fresh take on Nathaniel Hawthorne's classic tale of tragedy shadowing the lives of the manor... 2.9
1974-06-17 0106 Three Times Dead

A store-keeper shows his gratitude to the police officer that saves them by giving his wife a... 3.2
1974-06-18 0107 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

An unforeseen accident gives birth to the evil alter ego of the doctor in charge of the... 3
1974-06-20 0108 Secret Doctrine (The)

After suffering a devastating rejection at the hands of her favorite actor, an obsessed fan... 3.3
1974-06-24 0109 Escape! Escape!

Two prisoners escape from detention with the help of a young woman. Trouble begins when they... 3.6
1974-06-25 0110 Where Fear Begins

The strange circumstances surrounding her sister's death prompt a young woman to dig deeper.... 3.2
1974-06-27 0111 Yesterday's Murder

Determined to change her fate, a woman is granted the chance to go back in time to set her... 3.4
1974-07-01 0112 Hurricane

A couple take refuge from a storm in a secluded beach house, only to find themselves in the... 3.4
1974-07-03 0113 Secret Life of Bobby Deland (The)

A couple suffering from the death of their only child take in a young waif to fill the void in... 3.1
1974-07-04 0114 Young Die Good (The)

The relationship of a married couple is tested when they transfer next to a strange house and... 3.2
1974-07-08 0115 Too Many Women Can Kill You

An ambitious maid blackmails her employer after witnessing him murder his wife. The man is... 3.4
1974-07-09 0116 And Death Makes Even Steven

In order to seize control of his father's wealth, a slighted brother plans the murder of his... 3.2
1974-07-11 0117 Devil-God (The)

After inheriting a sprawling ranch, a young couple discover that the estate is home to a wild... 3.4
1974-07-15 0118 Canterville Ghost (The)

In this classic tale by Oscar Wilde, a... 3.2
1974-07-17 0119 Real Printer's Devil (The)

A young couple are delighted to find an inexpensive apartment in Central Park West. Little do... 3.2
1974-07-18 0120 Dream Woman (The)

Convinced that a woman he met at the local bar is his soul mate, a man abandons his faithful... 3.1
1974-07-22 0121 Deadly Process (The)

In order to save his job and further his career, an unskilled engineer pilfers the secret to a... 3.1
1974-07-23 0122 Adam's Astral Self

The ability to project his spiritual self to other places while asleep annoys Adam Farr's wife... 3
1974-07-25 0123 My Sister -- Death

A twisted and humorous tale about a woman's attempts to drive her sister to madness. 3.4
1974-07-29 0124 Ghost at High Noon

While on a road trip, two women experience car trouble in the middle of the desert. A strange... 3.3
1974-07-31 0125 Only Blood (The)

After refusing to pay blood money to the local mafia, an immigrant shoe-maker becomes the... 3.2
1974-08-01 0126 Hit Man (The)

A chance meeting with the wife of his next victim changes the mindset of a hired gun. 3.3
1974-08-05 0127 I Thought You Were Dead

After murdering her husband and partner, an authoress begins to get phone calls from her... 3
1974-08-06 0128 Headstrong Corpse (The)

After his death, Lord Berly of Moreland is kept in an open crypt by his physicians in... 2.8
1974-08-07 0129 Picture of Dorian Gray (The)

In exchange for eternal youth, a man makes a deal with the devil and gives up his soul. As he... 3.2
1974-08-08 0130 You Only Die Once

After being widowed, Marge Miller found love in the arms of her new husband. Her peaceful life... 3.2
1974-08-12 0131 Beach of Falesa (The)

An island merchant is cast out of his village after marrying a local woman in defiance of... 3.4
1974-08-13 0132 Frontiers of Fear (The)

A defeated man buys an ancient typewriter from a pawn shop. The typewriter reveals itself to... 3.5
1974-08-14 0133 Journey into Terror

Jane Stoddard marries a man and later discovers that her husband is the infamous serial killer... 3.4
1974-08-15 0134 Final Vow (The)

Sister Pamela owns a priceless figurine that is stolen from her. So she quits the church and... 3.1
1974-08-19 0135 Hands of Mrs. Mallory (The)

Shortly after the death of her husband, Mrs. Mallory loses control of both her hands... 3.1
1974-08-20 0136 Preview of Death (A)

A young woman and her husband own a resort that has a working cable car. Her brother, an... 3.3
1974-08-21 0137 Having a Horrible Time

Amy Hastings is a brave woman. She testified against one of New York's most infamous drug... 3.2
1974-08-22 0138 Case of M.J.H. (The)

A professional swindler seduces a lonely unmarried woman who works as a psychiatrist's... 3.6
1974-08-26 0139 Deadliest Favor (The)

A guy is running away from the police and takes shelter in a friend's house. The friend is a... 3.5
1974-08-28 0140 Fatal Marksman (The)

A regular clerk leaves his vocation to become a hunter - in order to impress the girl he... 3.1
1974-08-29 0141 Medium Rare

A man is relieved of a large sum of money by a pair of wicked gamblers. After his death, he... 3.3
1974-09-02 0142 Return of Anatole Chevenic (The)

A young man named Hans tries to convince his uncle Anatole to give him a portion of his... 3.3
1974-09-03 0143 Imp in the Bottle (The)

A man buys an amulet that can make his wishes come true. But in order to salvage his soul, he... 3.5
1974-09-05 0144 Deadline for Death

Johnny Promo is a convict sentenced to death. He promises a witness who testified against him... 3.3
1974-09-09 0145 Double Exposure

A cop dies in an accident. His wife is mistakenly taken to be someone else by two people. Her... 3.2
1974-09-11 0146 Hand that Refused to Die (The)

A gifted pianist is devastated by the loss of his hand as a result of an automobile accident.... 2.7
1974-09-12 0147 Trouble with Murder (The)

A wealthy lady hires an artist to paint a nude portrait of her. She becomes disturbed when he... 3.6
1974-09-16 0148 What Happened to Mrs. Forbush?

The ghost of a sea captain's wife plagues an abandoned house by the sea, and the water nearby... 3
1974-09-17 0149 Thicker than Water

A tired lawyer is made to take on a murder trial with the defendant adamantly professing his... 3.6
1974-09-19 0150 Garden (The)

A couple discover that they are imprisoned in a peculiar forest inhabited by two beings - a... 3.1
1974-09-23 0151 Island of the Lost

A middle-aged man travels to an isolated island to surprise his young beloved. But he is... 3.5
1974-09-25 0152 Deadly Blind Man's Bluff (The)

In a terrible mishap, a riveter loses his eyesight. While he keeps up his physical strength,... 3.2
1974-09-26 0153 Spectral Bride (The)

After having moved on with his life to the point of re-marrying, a man forces his former... 3.5
1974-09-30 0154 Murder to Perfection

A young woman is horrified to learn that her soon to be brother-in-law murdered her sister as... 3.3
1974-10-01 0155 Bride that Wasn't (The)

A young lady travels to the house of her betrothed to meet him and his mother. She is stunned... 3.3
1974-10-03 0156 Golden Blood of the Sun (The)

After migrating to Florida, a timeshare salesman runs into a series of mishaps. Believing him... 3
1974-10-07 0157 Sister of Death

A young woman who recently wed buys a portrait at a public sale. It is the portrait of her... 3
1974-10-09 0158 Trapped

A sick lady suspects her husband and caregiver are plotting to kill her. With the help of her... 3.6
1974-10-10 0159 Doll (The)

A professor obsessed with his niece uses a voodoo doll in order to win her love. 3.2
1974-10-14 0160 Scaffold for Two (A)

After his plane crashes in a secluded island, a lawyer learns that the locals employ their own... 3.1
1974-10-15 0161 Picture on a Wall

After transferring into a new flat with a picturesque yard, a fledgling actress becomes... 3.3
1974-10-17 0162 Last Escape (The)

An elderly escape artist wants to try his hand at the greatest escape - the one that 3.3
1974-10-21 0163 Mind Over Matthew

A middle-aged man marries a young girl he begins to believe might be a sorceress. He enlists... 3
1974-10-23 0164 See Naples and Die

A Senator finds out that his daughter is living with a known felon in Europe who is already on... 3.3
1974-10-24 0165 Cage for Augie Karo (A)

A seasoned thief discovers a way to pull off the perfect crime while in jail. A fellow... 3
1974-10-28 0166 Possessed by the Devil

A young boy who happens to be a minister's son is admitted to a hospital with fatal wounds.... 3.7
1974-10-29 0167 Black Room (The)

A man is placed in solitary confinement for a crime he did not commit. He somehow makes an... 3.6
1974-10-31 0168 Demon Spirit (The)

A man loses his life and soul in order to claim the woman he desires. He possesses her after... 3.6
1974-11-04 0169 Bury Me Again

A seasoned charlatan somehow survives a massive train accident. He then plots to claim the... 3.5
1974-11-06 0170 Terror on the Heath

A young man thinks he is the incarnation of serial killer who was hanged for a series of... 3
1974-11-07 0171 How Eberhard Won His Wings

A virtuous man is blessed with a pair of wings for his spotless conduct and commitment towards... 3.3
1974-11-11 0172 Wave of Terror

A more modern version of the classic Romeo and Juliet, with the story taking place in Hawaii.... 3.2
1974-11-12 0173 I Must Kill Edna

A hardened middle-aged man marries a wealthy lady for pragmatic reasons. When he falls in love... 3.2
1974-11-14 0174 Thirty-Sixth Man (The)

A storekeeper is selected to be the next 'Lahmed Vovnik'. This is a notion rooted within the... 3.6
1974-11-18 0175 Strange Voyage of the Lady Dee (The)

While on a boat trip, a young couple and their daughter become lost in the dense fog. The... 3.1
1974-11-20 0176 Tattooed for Murder

In order to escape their father's tyrannical ways, a pair of sisters join a circus as tattooed... 3.5
1974-11-21 0177 Death Watch (The)

After winning a game of chance, a man gains possession of a cursed pocket watch. He is slowly... 3
1974-11-25 0178 Sighting (The)

A couple encounters a UFO landing on Earth. Though the husband insists on denying what he saw,... 3.5
1974-11-26 0179 Courtyard of Death

This is the tale of the lewd monk Rasputin, who was the spiritual consultant of Russian Czar... 3.1
1974-11-28 0180 Aaron Burr Murder Case (The)

In a re-enactment of a famous duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. The actor... 3
1974-12-02 0181 Dice of Doom (The)

A young gambler from the 1800s tries to outwit the Devil by using two special dice, thereby... 3.1
1974-12-04 0182 Bride for Death (A)

An unlucky poet finds love and affection in the form of his melancholic neighbor awaiting her... 3.6
1974-12-05 0183 Body Snatchers (The)

A doctor meets a drunkard friend in a bar. They reminisce the times they defiled graves in... 3.3
1974-12-09 0184 Fatal Connection (The)

A young couple expecting a child also happen to inherit a furnished house. Among their... 3.6
1974-12-10 0185 Damned Thing (The)

A government official investigates the death of a very rich man an each witnesses narrates the... 3.1
1974-12-12 0186 Is the Lady Dead?

An extremely wealthy man marries a woman on the spur of a moment. His wife dies soon after the... 3.3
1974-12-16 0187 Stephanie's Room

A married woman moves back to her birthplace in New York when her husband is posted there for... 3.1
1974-12-18 0188 Charity Is Never Dead

An explosion occurs in a departmental store, leaving an old lady badly wounded who is... 3
1974-12-19 0189 House of the Voodoo Queen (The)

A husband and wife gain possession of a house in New Orleans known to be inhabited by a... 3.2
1974-12-23 0190 Give the Devil His Due

An aged dancer attempts to enter a pact with the devil to sacrifice her soul in return for her... 3.6
1974-12-24 0191 Very Private Miracle (A)

A very moving story about a cranky old man and a little girl trying to persuade him to play... 3.5
1974-12-26 0192 Turn About Is Foul Play

A man together with his girlfriend plots to kill his rich and sickly wife. At the last moment... 3.4
1974-12-30 0193 Golem (The)

A man tries to aid an elderly Jew and his granddaughter evade the Nazis tailing them. The old... 3.6
1975-01-01 0194 Deadly Pearls (The)

A private detective tries to track two radioactive pearls that were used to murder two women.... 3.7
1975-01-02 0195 Reluctant Killer (The)

A professional football player becomes disillusioned with the brutality of the game and... 3.3
1975-01-05 0196 Many Names of Death (The)

A trust officer in a bank hires a sexy secretary. She charms him to take a few rash steps and... 3.2
1975-01-06 0197 Premature Burial (The)

A doctor helps his friend dig up the corpse of his loved one who married a wicked man. They... 3.3
1975-01-07 0198 Murders in the Rue Morgue (The)

In order to solve the case of a vicious attack on a young girl in a locked room, an ambitious... 3.1
1975-01-08 0199 Oblong Box (The)

A man makes a voyage to the US from Europe and meets an old friend carrying a peculiar oblong... 3.6
1975-01-09 0200 Berenice

A young man falls in love with his young sister-in-law while his wife lies on her deathbed.... 3.4
1975-01-10 0201 Masque of the Red Death (The)

This is a modern day adaptation of Poe's classic. Here, an environmental disaster occur which... 3.3
1975-01-11 0202 Tell-Tale Heart (The)

An unlucky family is forced to live with their perverted uncle, where they are forced to face... 3.2
1975-01-12 0203 Cask of Amontillado (The)

A young lady is forced to sleep with her husband's greedy and lecherous backer to avert a... 3.3
1975-01-13 0204 Witness Is Death (The)

A young man witnesses an assassination by a gang and is fatally wounded in the process. Though... 3.2
1975-01-14 0205 Faith and the Faker

A converted swindler turned faith healer learns that he can heal anyone in his island except... 3.1
1975-01-16 0206 Death of Kings (A)

A genius but modest scientist takes in a student. He ends up losing his wife to him, his... 3
1975-01-17 0207 Ghost Talk

A man dies and his wife is devastated by it. He finds out that he can communicate with her and... 3.4
1975-01-20 0208 Precious Killer (The)

A prominent figure in a European faction is charged with sedition and soon comes to realize... 3.3
1975-01-22 0209 Concerto in Death

A celebrated conductor is devastated when his son dies. He can't accept the fact at all and... 3
1975-01-23 0210 Sleepy Village

A college professor and his wife retire to Sleepy Village to find some peace and quiet so he... 3.7
1975-01-24 0211 Flowers of Death (The)

Dionysus, a god in Greek mythology appears in modern times and charms a young lady living in a... 3.3
1975-01-26 0212 Follower (The)

A talent scout in New York is tortured by an invisible being following him everywhere to the... 3.2
1975-01-27 0213 Coffin for the Devil (A)

A man gathers a group of specialists along with the famous E. G. Marshall and reads them a... 3.8
1975-01-28 0214 Windandingo

After accidentally shooting a prize bull, an inexperienced and bungling soldier is sent home.... 3.1
1975-01-30 0215 Night of the Wolf (The)

A very old Indian garment stirs great violence among the patrons of a museum. An investigator... 3.1
1975-01-31 0216 Disembodied Voice (The)

A female psychiatrist begins to get phone calls from a man who claims to be a rapist and a... 3.2
1975-02-03 0217 Death On Skis

Every year, at similar time periods and during a full moon, blonde women are brutally murdered... 3.7
1975-02-04 0218 Death in the Stars

A newspaper editor is maddened when the paper's horoscope informs her that she is going to die... 3.3
1975-02-06 0219 Sire De Maletroit's Door (The)

This is a retelling of a Robert Louis Stevenson tale set in 16th century France. Two friends... 3.2
1975-02-07 0220 Death Is So Trivial

A man dies in a road accident and vows to devote his afterlife to stopping hit and runs. 3.2
1975-02-10 0221 Journey Into Nowhere

An archaeologist discovers an antique which leads him into a confrontation with the goddess of... 3.1
1975-02-13 0222 Small Question of Terror (A)

In a state run by a mysterious being called 'The Protector', a lady, her boyfriend and her... 3.4
1975-02-14 0223 Shadow of the Past (The)

A doctor and his wife escape the clutches of the Nazi death camps and illegitimately migrate... 3.2
1975-02-17 0224 Death Wish (The)

A young man asks his friend's son over to visit with him and his family. But the boy turns out... 3.3
1975-02-18 0225 Love Me And Die

A young woman has recently married, but is plagued by her ex-husband's ghost. He died in an... 3
1975-02-20 0226 Must Hope Perish

A senator who is running for president believes that the country's leading dissident is trying... 3
1975-02-21 0227 Weavers of Death (The)

An investigator looks into the death of an old flame during a robbery at a mini-mart. He soon... 3.2
1975-02-24 0228 Hell Hath No Fury

An actor conspires to kill his rich wife, but her sister, being a modern witch, is keeping... 3.1
1975-02-26 0229 Strange Case of Lucas Lauder (The)

A man sentenced to death informs a prison guard that he was Jack the Ripper in a previous life... 3.6
1975-02-27 0230 Them!

A vigilante lawyer takes the matters into his own hands and locks up murder suspects in his... 3.2
1975-02-28 0231 An Identical Murder

Two identical twin brothers are in love with the same woman, but she cares for just one. One... 3.1
1975-03-03 0232 Wakeful Ghost (The)

A young man visiting his family in Ireland seeks the help of a ghost and a leprechaun to get... 3.1
1975-03-04 0233 Pit and the Pendulum (The)

A young man invents a formula that could destroy the world if it fell into the wrong hands. He... 3.6
1975-03-06 0234 When the Death Bell Tolls

A man meets a life threatening accident and is sent to the operating room. But his family... 3.5
1975-03-07 0235 Eye of Death (The)

A young photographer is convinced that her stepfather killed her mother and tries to prove it.... 3.2
1975-03-10 0236 Stuff Of Dreams (The)

A strange reclusive woman hires a young lady to tell her the tales about her daily life, but... 3
1975-03-12 0237 Dark Closet (The)

A young girl who is a severely claustrophobic insomniac is locked up as the primary suspect in... 3.1
1975-03-13 0238 Death Pays No Dividend

A group of failed Wall Street financiers try to arrange their own deaths at the hands of a... 3.1
1975-03-14 0239 Cezar Curse (The)

A man visits a Spanish aristocratic family and falls in love with a woman whose picture hangs... 3.2
1975-03-17 0240 Every Blossom Dies

A young lady is murdered and the investigator leading the case becomes the main suspect. His... 3.4
1975-03-18 0241 It's Murder, Mr. Lincoln

A tale set in Abraham Lincoln's early years getting a case where the man is charged of murder... 3.5
1975-03-20 0242 Doppelganger (The)

A young lady chooses a gangster boyfriend over her fiance even though her beloved forces her... 3.3
1975-03-21 0243 Man Must Die (The)

The son of a court judge is tremendously angered when his father sentences a convicted killer... 2.6
1975-03-24 0244 Deadly Double (The)

An evil twin escapes from mental asylum to hijack her sane sister's life and switch places... 3.5
1975-03-26 0245 Death Is a Dream

A girl has a dream about her brother being murdered. She starts to wreak revenge on the... 3.1
1975-03-27 0246 Velvet Claws (The)

A man talks to his counsellor and recounts the tale of his escape from a mysterious town full... 3.1
1975-03-28 0247 Key to Murder

A double bill of the classic Poe plot. An investigator probes the case of two murders that... 3.3
1975-03-31 0248 Killer of the Year

A promising CEO meets the new town librarian. He knows her to be a former murder convict he... 3.2
1975-04-01 0249 Killer Inside (The)

The mundane life of a regular citizen is stirred up after she transports a package to Europe... 3.3
1975-04-03 0250 Garrison of the Dead (The)

A hustler is hanged for killing a reporter who wrote about him. After death, he is offered a... 3.3
1975-04-04 0251 Roses Are for Funerals

A fake leopard skin coat becomes the key to a case of assassination and mystery as a British... 3.4
1975-04-07 0252 Benjamin Franklin Murder Case (The)

Ben Franklin is the hero in this case of an assassination in a Philadelphia mansion in 1750. 3.1
1975-04-09 0253 Altar of Blood (The)

A superannuated professor is obsessed with the mysteries of the Aztec civilisation. He decides... 3.2
1975-04-10 0254 Death of Halpin Fraser (The)

A nightmare journey through purgatory is in order for a man who is beset by the voices of his... 3
1975-04-11 0255 Phantom Stop (The)

Alvin Frieburger is taking a trip in an express subway and wants to get down at a stop that... 3.3
1975-04-14 0256 Intermediary (The)

Childhood cruelty unhinges a man named Frank Ellington as he gets possession of the house... 3.7
1975-04-15 0257 My Own Murderer

Joe Vinacelli is obsessed with murdering Joe Vincent. The latter goes into therapy to seek... 3.5
1975-04-17 0258 Through the Looking Glass

A mysterious couple move into a flat next door to Kathy and Doug Sellars. Problems start when... 3.2
1975-04-18 0259 Challenge for the Dead (A)

Police officer Johnny Gordon pursues his namesake criminal for the young priest. But his wife... 3
1975-04-21 0260 Sting of Death

Strong-willed explorer Trevor Constaine is used to getting his way in things and he wants to... 3.6
1975-04-23 0261 Afraid to Live, Afraid to Die

Not a supernatural, but a psychological horror story is revealed as Ellen Muir recounts her... 3.4
1975-04-24 0262 Bullet Proof

Rocky Stark is put in prison for the murder of hoodlum Johnny Mallory.But he is innocent and... 3.3
1975-04-25 0263 Till Death Do Us Join

Set in old Prussia, this is a truly Gothic tale of romance between an art student and his... 3.4
1975-04-28 0264 Phantom of the Opera (The)

Raoul de Chagny falls for the stunning Christine Daae as he he watches her perform in Paris... 4
1975-04-29 0265 Black Widow

The widow of a union worker enlists the help of a witch to get rid of the man who murdered her... 3.9
1975-05-01 0266 Mad Monkton

A Gothic family tradition of insanity can be ended by the last heir Stephen Monkton - if he... 3.5
1975-05-02 0267 Final Witness (The)

An average Joe becomes the accidental witness to the murder of a friend. But his nerves fail... 3.1
1975-05-05 0268 Paradise of the Devil (The)

A night guard is killed and his daughter promises her small inheritance to the person who... 3.1
1975-05-07 0269 Transformation (The)

A young man wastes both his inherited fortune and the love of a beautiful woman. He finally... 3.4
1975-05-08 0270 Taken for Granite

A deranged artist works as a caretaker of a garden filled with statues. Except that he uses... 3.5
1975-05-09 0271 Voices of Death (The)

A radio equipment production unit executive finds an ancient crystal set designed by him at a... 3.2
1975-05-12 0272 For Tomorrow We Die

Harry Taylor gets out after three decades in prison for murdering his wife and goes to find an... 3.4
1975-05-13 0273 Where Angels Fear to Tread

A professor of paranormal psychology, Dr. Ken Anderson, experiments with the astral projection... 2.8
1975-05-15 0274 Deadly Dilemma

A thriller up in the air. Someone among the passengers possess a bomb and the unlikely heroes... 3.1
1975-05-16 0275 Rise and Fall of the Fourth Reich (The)

A Nazi fantasy? In this weird tale, two scientists discover an aged and sickly Adolf Hitler in... 3.4
1975-05-19 0276 Diamond Necklace (The)

Ostentation has tragic consequences for a couple with modest means as they borrow a diamond... 3.7
1975-05-21 0277 Don't Let It Choke You

An aged and widowed antique trader is forced to adopt a teenage girl. As he tries to... 3.7
1975-05-22 0278 Return to Shadow Lake

The Maxwell couple make their way through a blizzard to get to their summer cabin where... 3.4
1975-05-23 0279 Markheim: Man or Monster?

Karl Markheim is the ultimate anti-hero as he manipulates and swindles everyone around him to... 3.1
1975-05-26 0280 Witches' Almanac (The)

An amusing tale of a married witch couple trying to make a potion tat will grant them eternal... 3.8
1975-05-27 0281 Executioner (The)

An American couple land themselves in far greater danger when they seek shelter in a an... 3.2
1975-05-29 0282 Just One More Day

On his last day on the beat, an old cop has premonitions of his own death in a shoot-out. On... 3.5
1975-05-30 0283 Someday I'll Find You

Ann Markle's husband is presumed dead in a cave-in. But just as she recovers from the trauma,... 3
1975-06-02 0284 River of Hades

A dancer seeking refuge in New York City from a communist regime is stalked continually by... 3.1
1975-06-04 0285 Devil's Leap (The)

A famous film star tries to unite a father and son after the strange death of the woman of the... 3.4
1975-06-05 0286 Plastic Man (The)

A reprobate philanderer gets entangled with a married woman. He is unfortunately ignorant... 3.8
1975-06-06 0287 Transformer (The)

After making a careless remark to an old war buddy, a salesman's immediate supervisor turns up... 3.7
1975-06-09 0288 Fallen Angel

A manic-depressive artist is blessed with an angelic muse that inspires him to greatness.... 3.1
1975-06-10 0289 Queen of Darkness (The)

A washed out actress is hired to masquerade as the queen of a remote country. She wonders if... 3.6
1975-06-12 0290 Case of Negligence (A)

A greedy son sues the hospital and the attending M.D. when his father expires while undergoing... 3.3
1975-06-13 0291 Stairway to Oblivion

In order to visit a distant relative, Julia Stephens travels to his remote mountain top estate... 3.3
1975-06-16 0292 Smile of Deceit (The)

A woman finds herself living with a strange tribe after marrying a rich and eccentric college... 3
1975-06-18 0293 Frame-Up

In order to seize her wealth, a woman falls prey to a set-up masterminded by her two-timing... 3.8
1975-06-19 0294 Climbing Boy (The)

The aggrieved ghost of a young chimney sweep clamors for vengeance against the Lord that... 3.1
1975-06-20 0295 Can You Trust Your Husband?

In an attempt to disprove the drug trafficking charges against her husband, a wife... 3.3
1975-06-23 0296 Mills of the Gods (The)

An American tourist becomes enamored of a Parisian while traveling through Europe. What she... 3.2
1975-06-24 0297 Mask of Tupac Amaru (The)

A mysterious Incan artifa is cursed to bring death and destruction to those who come into... 3.4
1975-06-26 0298 That Hamlet Was a Good Boy

When the proprietor of a factory is murdered, his grieving son vows vengeance and sets out to... 3.6
1975-06-27 0299 Rape of the Maia (The)

A notorious gambler turns up dead and all evidence point towards a famous couturier. In order... 3.4
1975-06-30 0300 Golden Cauldron (The)

Three friends, a haunted manor and a ghastly crime is the perfect recipe for a murder mystery... 3.3
1975-07-02 0301 Come Back with Me

A hard up businessman goes back in time to his favorite hangout to relive his glory days. He... 3.3
1975-07-03 0302 Murder Will Out

In order to exact revenge on the man who murdered his father, a police officer from New York... 4.1
1975-07-04 0303 Slave (The)

When two friends agree to be the other's slave for a year in the event that they lose the bet... 3.3
1975-07-07 0304 Guilty

After being charged with the physical assault of a colleague, a college professor agrees to... 3.3
1975-07-08 0305 Triangle (The)

Five days after a commercial airline vanished into the Bermuda Triangle, a sole survivor is... 3.4
1975-07-10 0306 Ghostly Rival (The)

In order to win the hand of his beloved, a man must first gain her father's approval. After he... 3.2
1975-07-11 0307 Widow's Auxiliary (The)

When his boss invites him to join the local men's association, a young engineer is extremely... 3.6
1975-07-14 0308 Snake in the Grass

After discovering a new kind of clover, a female scientist magnanimously allows her colleague... 3.4
1975-07-16 0309 Goodbye, Karl Erich

After taking in a shell-shocked casualty of war, a German doctor teaches the young orphan to... 3.8
1975-07-17 0310 Nightmare's Nest

In order to pursue his interests in peace, a reclusive scientist purchases a remote country... 3.6
1975-07-18 0311 Spots of the Leopard (The)

After exposing a ring of organized crime within the company he was employed with, a dock... 3.4
1975-07-21 0312 Fateful Reunion

After successfully developing a highly advanced 3.7
1975-07-22 0313 Poisoned Pen (The)

When a group of people suddenly perish under after getting a strange missive, the thing that... 3.5
1975-07-24 0314 Appointment in Uganda

After obsessively preparing himself for the afterlife, a man is declared clinically dead for a... 3.3
1975-07-25 0315 Woman from Hell

The suicide of a renowned actress raises several questions and a private investigator is hired... 3.5
1975-07-28 0316 Lady Is a Jinx (The)

After falling for a woman with an unusual past, a police detective learns of the strange... 3.2
1975-07-30 0317 He Moves in Mysterious Ways

In order to provide emotional support to a depressed dancer and help prepare her for surgery,... 3.1
1975-07-31 0318 Carmilla

In 20th century Austria, a young woman and her widower father are charged with the welfare of... 3.6
1975-08-01 0319 Onyx Eye (The)

After purchasing a strange curio at an antique store, a man and his wife are immediately... 3.5
1975-08-04 0320 Devil's Boutique (The)

After chancing upon a charming boutique in a quaint resort city in the Caribbean, an arrogant... 3.3
1975-08-05 0321 Hung Jury

A mediocre accountant leading a double life is romantically entangled with a prostitute and... 3.4
1975-08-07 0322 To Die Is Forever

In order to save his dying wife from terminal cancer, a wealthy eccentric gives orders to have... 3
1975-08-08 0323 Grey Ghost (The)

Overcome by grief at the death of her race car driver father, a woman abandons her husband and... 3.2
1975-08-11 0324 Age Cannot Wither Her

An elderly man returns to shore alone after taking his young wife on a sailing trip. He spins... 3.3
1975-08-13 0325 Master Computer (The)

In a fully automated world, a couple come home from vacation to find that their existence has... 3.5
1975-08-14 0326 Root of All Evil (The)

After discovering $80,000 in his trash bin, a middle-aged copywriter believes he has found the... 3.3
1975-08-15 0327 Unbearable Reflection (The)

In order to claim her soul, the Devil, masquerading as her husband's campaign manager tricks... 3.6
1975-08-18 0328 Help Somebody

The desires of a nomadic writer seem to materialize all at the same time. His novel is a smash... 3.7
1975-08-19 0329 Welcome for a Dead Man

After serving a 21-year prison sentence, a criminal convicted for the murder of a payroll... 3.9
1975-08-21 0330 Circle of Evil

Two adults with special needs isolated from the rest of the world have been placed under the... 3.7
1975-08-22 0331 Terror in the Air

When the whole flight crew of a commercial airline falls ill due to food poisoning, a doctor... 3.9
1975-08-25 0332 Person to Be Notified

After landing a position at the remote island home of an eccentric author, a woman begins to... 3.7
1975-08-27 0333 Eavesdropper (The)

A renowned scientist spends time with his wife in their estate in the Poconos of Pennsylvania.... 3.2
1975-08-28 0334 Night of the Howling Dog

While on a camping trip on a deserted island with a minister and his daughter, a group of... 3.2
1975-08-29 0335 Murder by Proxy

Finally released from prison, Tim Cohain is out for revenge against the jury foreman that put... 3.3
1975-09-01 0336 Smile of Death (The)

In order to get his rightful inheritance from his overbearing father, the illegitimate son of... 2.9
1975-09-02 0337 Portrait of Death

A woman fell in love with a rare painting while studying art in Venice years before. Now on... 3.1
1975-09-04 0338 Special Undertaking (The)

In order to discover the identity of their new home's invisible resident, a country doctor and... 3.4
1975-09-05 0339 Sleepwalker

Desperate to end her husband's miserable life, a woman starts to plot his demise in her... 3.2
1975-09-08 0340 Other Life (The)

A neglected housewife finds herself deep in debt when she turns to racehorse gambling to stave... 3.5
1975-09-10 0341 Ideas Of March (The)

A wife desperately attempts to get her husband to cancel his business trip when she foresees... 3.5
1975-09-11 0342 Voice of Death (The)

His fate takes a turn for the better when a down on his luck ventriloquist comes across an... 3.4
1975-09-12 0343 Ghost Plane (The)

A pair of strangers awaken aboard a strange plane with absolutely no recollection of who they... 3.5
1975-09-15 0344 Little Old Lady Killer (The)

A female cop must work hard to convince her male partners that the vigilante wanted for the... 3.6
1975-09-16 0345 Prison of Glass (The)

In order to escape the emotional baggage in her life, a talented but troubled actress dreams... 3.3
1975-09-18 0346 Coffin with the Golden Nails (The)

Determined to start anew, the secret police chief of a Third World country undergoes cosmetic... 3.3
1975-09-19 0347 Third Person (The)

A pair of spinster cousins become the proud new owners of their ancestral manor. What they... 3.3
1975-09-22 0348 Solid Gold Soldiers

During the civil unrest, two double agents working against the Confederacy engage in a battle... 3.1
1975-09-23 0349 Headless Hessian (The)

On the eve of their battle at Trenton, George Washington's troops are spooked and later... 3.9
1975-09-24 0350 Angels of Devil's Mountain (The)

Due to severe chest pains, a traveling sales agent is forced to make a stopover at a remote... 3.5
1975-09-25 0351 Black Whale (The)

After learning how to read, a bondsman in Antebellum Texas dreams of being free. However,... 3.7
1975-09-26 0352 Assassination in Time

A time traveling pair are tormented by their decision to save Abraham Lincoln from certain... 3.6
1975-09-27 0353 Thomas Jefferson Defense (The)

In order to exonerate him being indicted for murder, Thomas Jefferson must defend an Indian... 2.6
1975-09-28 0354 Other Self (The)

A factory with an exemplary track record catches the attention of a psychologist. After... 3.4
1975-09-29 0355 You're Only Young Twice

A serum that reverses the aging process is successfully created by a brilliant scientist. He... 3.1
1975-10-01 0356 Primrose Path

A modern take on the infamous abduction of Patty Hearst. The heir of a multi-media news... 3.6
1975-10-02 0357 Man Who Ran Away (The)

Devastated by the discovery of his wife's infidelity, a man seeks refuge in a nearby town. He... 3.8
1975-10-06 0358 Five Ghostly Indians

While walking along the Atlantic shoreline, a professor and an inn keeper from Maine come... 2.9
1975-10-07 0359 Who Made Me?

Years into the future, every person is evaluated and given a rank in society according to... 3.4
1975-10-09 0360 They Shall Stone Them with Stones

A husband and wife team are hired to do a Vaudeville act. Trouble finds them when the woman... 3
1975-10-13 0361 Last Lesson (The)

In order to pay off his huge debts, a compulsive gambler shackles himself to a plain but... 3.1
1975-10-15 0362 Kiss of Death (The)

In spite of the warnings of his advisers, an ambitious young doctor pursues the daughter of... 3.1
1975-10-16 0363 Stay Out of Dutchman's Woods

While picnicking in the woods of Maine, a young couple on vacation are separated and become... 3.3
1975-10-20 0364 Never in This World

After passing through a run-down cemetery, a man becomes possessed by the evil ghost haunting... 3.6
1975-10-21 0365 Million Dollar Murder

A struggling businessman discovers his true nature and that of the people close to him when a... 3.6
1975-10-23 0366 Sealed Room Murder (The)

When the town's most disagreeable resident becomes victim of a sealed room homicide, the local... 3.2
1975-10-24 0367 Summer People (The)

In search of a quiet place to work and improve on their respective crafts over the summer, an... 3.7
1975-10-27 0368 Living Corpse (A)

In an attempt to thwart the grim reaper, a professional hypnotist convinces a young man into... 3.2
1975-10-28 0369 Storm Breeder (The)

After being cursed to wander New England forever in search of their home, a lost soul and his... 3.7
1975-10-29 0370 Ghost Powder

Upon finding that their home in France is haunted, John and Abigail Adams attempt to discover... 2.5
1975-10-30 0371 Triptych for a Witch

Masquerading as an elderly and widowed distant relative, a witch moves in with a young couple... 3.5
1975-10-31 0372 It's Hell to Pay the Piper

When his landlord suddenly drops dead in the middle of paying his rent, a man must convince... 3.1
1975-11-03 0373 Mortgage (The)

When he is featured in the local broadsheet and lauded as a good Samaritan, a sleeper agent is... 3.1
1975-11-05 0374 Edge of the Scalpel (The)

A surgeon is faced with a moral dilemma when he is forced to perform a complicated operation... 3.3
1975-11-07 0375 Killing Valley

In order to exact revenge against the people that ruined her father's life, a famous writer... 3.2
1975-11-10 0376 Public Avenger (The)

An executive assistant harbors a sneaking suspicion that her mild-mannered colleague is... 3.1
1975-11-11 0377 Party Girl

An aggressive young public servant aiming to become the state's next governor must cover up... 3.8
1975-11-13 0378 Home Is Where the Ghost Is

In the midst of aiding a colleague in his desire to abandon his post, a scientist is haunted... 3.9
1975-11-14 0379 Money Makers (The)

When a couple of counterfeiters set up their operation in an abandoned house, they are unaware... 3.8
1975-11-17 0380 Moonlighter (The)

When a friend tells him of an opportunity to double his income, a man with an extremely... 3.6
1975-11-19 0381 Fear

A loyal employee of a bank is accused of robbing another branch and is presented with a photo... 3.3
1975-11-20 0382 Lamps of the Devil (The)

After coming home from doing service during the Civil War, a group of whalers discover that... 2.8
1975-11-21 0383 Hanging Judgement (The)

A husband and wife exchange gunfire after a heated altercation. When the woman ends up dead... 3.5
1975-11-24 0384 Serpent's Tooth (The)

An art dealer tries to help out a talented but half crazy artist. He later finds out he did... 3
1975-11-25 0385 Lap of the Gods (The)

After an accident lands a modern man in the hospital, his spirit travels back in time into the... 3.1
1975-11-27 0386 Dead, Dead Ringer (The)

An ex-cop finds work as a messenger for local mobster. When he delivers the message, he is... 2.8
1975-11-28 0387 Frammis (The)

A magical piece of glass that possesses a power to affect people travels through a fictional... 3.1
1975-12-01 0388 With Malice Aforethought

A victim of the prejudice of the times, an African American cop is tried for the murder of an... 3.5
1975-12-03 0389 Promise to Kill

After learning that the killer's sentence was reduced to life imprisonment instead of the... 3.5
1975-12-04 0390 Portrait of a Killer

After staring in quiet fascination into an ambiguous painting, a man is surprised to find that... 3.8
1975-12-05 0391 Pharaoh's Daughter

After murdering a taxi cab driver, a cruel woman and her lover use a hapless drunkard as the... 3.4
1975-12-08 0392 How Quiet the Night

After learning that his former flame is pregnant with his child, a man resorts to violence in... 3.4
1975-12-09 0393 Stitch in Time

Despite being estranged for over nine years, a billionaire welcomes his 19-year old niece into... 3.7
1975-12-11 0394 You Can Change Your Life

A former game show contestant obsessively stalks the three women who served as judges during... 3.6
1975-12-12 0395 Marry for Murder

Despite having different agendas, a pair of sisters engage the services of the same private... 3.4
1975-12-15 0396 Burn, Witch, Burn

A woman is sentenced to death for practicing witchcraft. However, Judge Cotton Mather, a... 3.3
1975-12-17 0397 Eleventh Hour (The)

After reading an interesting personal ad in the local paper, a businessman tries to connect... 3.5
1975-12-18 0398 Fireball

When strange things start happening around the newly hired blacksmith, a military contractor's... 3.6
1975-12-19 0399 Corpse Wrote Shorthand (The)

After serving a 5-year sentence for fraud, a bank accountant begins his own investigation to... 3.5
1975-12-22 0400 Image (The)

A self-absorbed author forces his will upon his wife and compatriots in an attempt to bolster... 3.5
1975-12-23 0401 Murder Market (The)

Being engaged to a penny-pinching fiancee is tiresome and dull. The young lady is eager to... 3.6
1975-12-24 0402 Christmas Carol (A)

E.G. Marshall spotlights as Scrooge in this dramatic retelling of Charles Dickens' classic 3.2
1975-12-26 0403 License to Kill

With the successful liberation of her husband from a sanitarium for the criminally insane, a... 3.1
1975-12-29 0404 Memory Killers (The)

In order for the company to survive, an advertising executive works hard to land a major... 3.7
1975-12-31 0405 Sagamore Cottage

A young couple find themselves hiding inside the walls of a witch's house when they stumble... 3.4
1976-01-01 0406 One of the Missing

On a reconnaissance mission, a Union soldier and his friend were sent to enemy territory. A... 3.1
1976-01-02 0407 Insight Into Murder

Flashbacks to the Sixteenth Century convince a lawyer that he was once witness to a murder.... 2.9
1976-01-05 0408 Tom Sawyer, Detective

All grown up and a successful lawyer, Tom Sawyer is now faced with his most difficult case. He... 2.9
1976-01-06 0409 Is He Living or Is He Dead?

To increase the worth of their works a trio of artists plan the perfect con-- the catch is,... 3
1976-01-07 0410 Russian Passport (The)

While traveling through Europe a young man meets an eccentric American. Chaos ensues when a... 3.3
1976-01-08 0411 Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (A)

In an attempt to free himself, a Nineteenth Century factory owner exploits his knowledge of... 2.9
1976-01-09 0412 Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg (The)

A small town news man tells the story of how an enigmatic stranger seduced the town's... 3.2
1976-01-10 0413 Stolen White Elephant (The)

The sacred white elephant of Queen Victoria has gone missing and it's up to Inspector Blunt of... 2.7
1976-01-11 0414 Mysterious Stranger (The)

When you meet an angel named Satan who promises to grant your every desire, you learn that... 3.3
1976-01-12 0415 What the Shepherd Saw

After seeing the brutal slaying of his master's beloved wife, a young shepherd must do... 3.1
1976-01-14 0416 Elixer of Death (The)

Seeking refuge from the noise of the city, a doctor moves to the country for a quieter life.... 3.2
1976-01-16 0417 Red Frisbee (The)

While playing Frisbee with his dog on an Antilles beach, Ben comes across a young girl with an... 3.2
1976-01-19 0418 There's No Business Like

In the year 2076, crimes against society are punishable by community service-- in show... 3.3
1976-01-21 0419 Lady of the Mist (The)

It is said that the pool in which the Lady of the Mist waterfall cascades into reviles all who... 2.6
1976-01-23 0420 Slick and the Dead (The)

A talented dancer with skeletons in her closet is killed in a hotel room. In this classic case... 3.1
1976-01-26 0421 Ferret (The)

Time and again the United States' plan to become independent of foreign energy sources falls... 2.7
1976-01-28 0422 Mirror, Mirror

Jessica Chapman and Clare Connor were once roommates at Stapleton Academy. Jessica is shocked... 3.2
1976-01-30 0423 Castle Kerfol

On a tour of a British castle, an American tourist is suddenly attacked by a pack of dogs. She... 2.8
1976-02-02 0424 First Prize -- Death

Despite being co-director of the Sociological Advisory Institute and a celebrated sociologist... 3.3
1976-02-03 0425 Dead Deserve to Rest (The)

Distraught and grieving, a widow falls prey to an unscrupulous occultist who swindles her into... 3.2
1976-02-05 0426 Children of Death (The)

In a time where men and women have been segregated to live alone, a deadly game is born. A... 3.5
1976-02-06 0427 Straight from the Horse's Mouth

Mistakenly thinking it is a race horse, a timid young man purchases a work horse at an... 3.4
1976-02-09 0428 Horror of Dead Lake (The)

Upon hearing of their inheritance, Claude and Polly Baxter are thrilled to be the proud new... 3.2
1976-02-11 0429 You Owe Me a Death

Haunted by dreams and visions of the untimely death of her deceased twin, a woman desires to... 3.4
1976-02-12 0430 Golden Chalices (The)

Mary Roth has stirs the embers of his memory with her stories and gifts. His patient is... 3.5
1976-02-13 0431 Blue Roan Stallion (The)

A proud "half-breed", Dan Bowles unwittingly saves the life of ranch owner Hale Chalmer. In... 3.7
1976-02-16 0432 Angel of Death

Anguished by the death of her son and the seeming loss of her now estranged husband, suicide... 3.3
1976-02-17 0433 Angry God (The)

On a tour of Latin America, a young American woman is befriended by a jewel thief and assists... 3.5
1976-02-19 0434 Goodbye, Benjamin Flack

Up to his eye-balls in debt, a brilliant businessman hatches the perfect scheme- to get rid of... 3.3
1976-02-20 0435 Bloody Legend (The)

Immersed in a study of Beowulf, Dash becomes obsessed with the tale and soon finds himself... 2.7
1976-02-23 0436 Patient Visitor (The)

After being paid a visit by a past love, Judge Justin Travers vows to help Muriel Parks as a... 3.5
1976-02-25 0437 General Laughter

In lieu of a suicide confession, a distressed actress chooses to record her final breath as... 2.9
1976-02-26 0438 Providential Ghost (The)

When a young girl experiences the loss of her grandfather soon after losing her parents in a... 3.5
1976-02-27 0439 Half a Life

What do you get when you mix bar, a handsome stranger, and a lonely middle-aged woman? True... 3.2
1976-03-01 0440 Death Trail (The)

In the late 1860's, Col. Chambers gives $200,000 to his former officer and current president... 2.8
1976-03-02 0441 Afterward

When her husband suddenly goes missing, a woman soon discovers just how much appearances can... 2.9
1976-03-04 0442 Monk and the Hangman's Daughter (The)

Two monks from the order of St. Francis, Friars Ambrosius and Romanus are sent to the... 3.4
1976-03-05 0443 Infernal Triangle (The)

Finally free from her sister's shadow, Ann Fairchild has found happiness in the arms of her... 3.4
1976-03-08 0444 Queen of Spades (The)

Intent on the pursuit of a secret gambling technique from a wealthy countess, he accidentally... 3.4
1976-03-10 0445 I Thought I Saw a Shadow

A scientist working on the development of an invisibility serum believes he has finally found... 3.1
1976-03-11 0446 Pandora

Years into the future, a perfect society is born-- a society without fear, hate and all other... 3.7
1976-03-12 0447 Man Who Preyed on Widows (The)

After being swindled out of her money, the widowed Mrs. Randol refused to take action against... 3.3
1976-03-15 0448 Aliens (The)

Two secret agents from opposing nations are drawn to each other by something called psychic... 2.9
1976-03-16 0449 Crime Casts a Shadow

Desperately in need of cash, Gay Armstrong tries to sell her late mother's pearl necklace and... 3.6
1976-03-18 0450 Other Side of the Coin (The)

In a freak accident, Sgt. John McCaffrey wakes up from an alcohol-induced stupor in the body... 3.2
1976-03-19 0451 Matter of Love and Death (A)

Having grown weary over sharing him with crazed fans, the wife of a legendary football player... 3.9
1976-03-22 0452 Stampede

With her husband murdered by Comanches and their farm razed to the ground, Ellie Tate... 2.9
1976-03-23 0453 Covered Bridge (The)

A new bride crosses an old covered bridge and is transported in time to the 1770's. About to... 3.7
1976-03-24 0454 Brain Drain

Questions are raised when a series of deaths of respected scientists are linked to a beautiful... 3.1
1976-03-25 0455 Transformation of Joebee (The)

Confessing to a last prank is seems to be too good to be true, when a perennial joker... 3.6
1976-03-26 0456 Extortion

The past catches up to her when the wife of a prominent politician is forced to submit to... 3.6
1976-03-29 0457 Saxon Curse (The)

A fortune teller foretells that he will carry out the perfect crime in order to safeguard his... 3.6
1976-03-30 0458 Intruders (The)

Troubled by spirits that haunt her home, a woman becomes strangely attached to her ghostly... 3.4
1976-03-31 0459 Spit and Image (The)

His luck takes a turn for the better when an ex-football player lands an unusual job-- to be... 3.2
1976-04-01 0460 White Ghost (The)

With the accidental demise of his mistress, a successful entrepreneur's world slowly falls... 3.4
1976-04-02 0461 Vanity Dies Hard

Planning out the perfect crime and pinning the blame on his cheating wife is a piece of cake... 3.1
1976-04-05 0462 Time Killer

Playing with a theory on the fluidity of time, a college professor accidentally transports... 3.6
1976-04-06 0463 Boy Wonder (The)

On a quest to find a missing child named Buchanan, his team slowly disappears one after... 3.2
1976-04-07 0464 Paradise Caf (The)

In a desperate bid to exorcise the demons of his past, a mafia boss makes a shocking... 3
1976-04-08 0465 Sleeping Dogs

A widow continues to search for the identity of the man who betrayed her husband to the Nazis... 2.3
1976-04-09 0466 Fool's Gold

Wreck-diving for sunken treasure has always been his greatest obsession. A new adventure... 3.2
1976-04-12 0467 Safe Judge (The)

When the son of the city's most fearsome gangsters pulls strings to get his son of drug... 2.8
1976-04-13 0468 Wishes Can Be Fatal

To get back at her horrible daughter-in-law, a strange and unusual old lady employs the power... 3.5
1976-04-15 0469 Strange Passenger

In a desperate attempt to secure work, a lawyer knowingly goes off with aliens for training as... 2.5
1976-04-19 0470 Murder Most Foul

In this Shakespearean drama of arrogance and blind ambition, a nobleman falls victim to a... 3.7
1976-04-20 0471 Assassination (The)

An adaptation of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar," this classic tale recounts the life and... 2.7
1976-04-21 0472 Love Song of Death (The)

Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. In this tale of bigotry and hatred, two young... 2.8
1976-04-22 0473 Green Eyed Monster (The)

In this tragic tale of jealousy and intrigue, a man commits the ultimate betrayal by murdering... 2.8
1976-04-23 0474 Long Live the King Is Dead

In this modern retelling of the life of an ill-fated prince, sinister plots are uncovered and... 2.8
1976-04-24 0475 Prince of Evil (The)

In this modern take of the life and crimes of Richard III, Shakespeare's classic tale is acted... 2.8
1976-04-25 0476 Serpent of the Nile (The)

A classic rendition of Shakespeare's "Anthony and Cleopatra." It tells of their tempestuous... 2.8
1976-04-26 0477 Three Elders of Lifeboat Landing (The)

Lifeboat Landing seems to be the perfect community, where there is no crime and everything is... 3.3
1976-04-29 0478 Two Plus Two Equals Death

A young architect is pulled into the maddening rush of the 3.5
1976-05-03 0479 Cornstarch Killer (The)

Discovering that she can bring down the wrath of God upon anyone who approaches her with... 3.2
1976-05-06 0480 What a Change in Hilda

For two women, a small fee to obtain their heart's desire seemed a reasonable price to pay.... 3.5
1976-05-10 0481 Ghost of San Juan Hill (The)

Chaos ensues with the resurrection from the dead of the bride's deceased husband who had... 3.4
1976-05-13 0482 Secret Sharer (The)

A modern take on Joseph Conrad's tale of a fugitive and his alter ego-- and the ship captain... 3.7
1976-05-17 0483 Blind Witness

When a blind woman unknowingly experiences the killing of an innocent pharmacist, she begins... 3.4
1976-05-20 0484 Walking Dead (The)

In the future, all androids are mindless robots with one exception-- Rex, who is the most... 3.4
1976-05-24 0485 Mexican Standoff (A)

An upstanding citizen finds himself the recipient of an all-expense-paid trip to Mexico from a... 3.1
1976-05-27 0486 Demon Lover

When a college professor becomes the object of a colleague's obsessive love, he is terrified... 3.6
1976-05-31 0487 Ghost Town

In the journey to find his family, a man carjacks a lonely traveler in Death Valley. Together... 3.3
1976-06-03 0488 Blue Justice

A restless ghost seeks justice from an assistant prosecutor who knowingly convicted him and... 3.4
1976-06-07 0489 Corpse that Would Not Die (The)

To marry his lover, a man kills her husband despite being his best friend. Soon the weight of... 3.9
1976-06-10 0490 Free the Beast

Furtive conversations take place between an unseen entity and a patient of a sanitarium for... 3.3
1976-06-14 0491 Unthinkable (The)

When his wife lands a job and starts moving up the corporate ladder, an unemployed engineer's... 3.2
1976-06-17 0492 Pension Plan

On the eve of retirement, a purchasing manager discovers he is penniless and that an entire... 3.6
1976-06-21 0493 Checkmate

Implicated in the vicious slaying of a friend and former opponent, a renowned chess player... 3.5
1976-06-24 0494 Child of Fate

Threatened by the entrance of new and real-life companions, a child's imaginary friend... 3.7
1976-06-28 0495 Forty-Five Minutes to Murder

Inconsistencies in the official statement given by a businessman regarding his wife's murder... 2.3
1976-07-01 0496 Loser Takes All

When Jake Alexander, the world's top agent first sets eyes on the beautiful Delphi Carr, he... 3.7
1976-07-12 0497 Blood Red Roses

When his son is brutally murdered by the mafia, a father's beliefs are shaken. He meets the... 3
1976-07-15 0498 Last Trip of Charter Boat Sally (The)

An old charter boat captain is set-up as the fall guy for murder of her husband by a scheming... 2.8
1976-07-19 0499 Future Eye

An investigator is sent back in time with a critical mission-- to secure a microchip which has... 3.4
1976-07-22 0500 Men with the Magic Fingers (The)

A turn-of the-century tale of romance and tragedy where a 3.2
1976-07-26 0501 Brain without Mercy (The)

A mad scientist removes the brain from a severely injured hijacker to ascertain where he left... 3.4
1976-07-29 0502 Shotgun Wedding

Charlie, a man of about 30, is invited by his co-worker, Gus, to meet his daughter. Gus feels... 3.2
1976-08-02 0503 Every Dog Has His Day

Two brothers argue over their father's estate with one accusing the other of murder. The real... 3.1
1976-08-05 0504 Lovers and Killers

A young lothario is on trial for killing a woman's husband when he catches them together after... 3.1
1976-08-09 0505 Overnight to Freedom

During WWII an American POW from a German prison camp and with the help of some friendly... 3.5
1976-08-12 0506 Haliday Prediction (The)

It seems that every prediction Cash Haliday makes in his Friday newspaper column comes true.... 3.3
1976-08-16 0507 Your Grade Is A

Molly Butler is found dead of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. The police think that it was either... 3.6
1976-08-19 0508 Golden People (The)

Richard Paradon has it all, looks, brains, charm, talent, and the ability to make money -- or... 2.8
1976-08-23 0509 Train Stops (The)

The train used to stop at the small town of Dandridge. Now the town doctor relates a story... 3
1976-08-26 0510 Man Who Could Work Miracles (The)

As 1899 comes to a close, in the Bowery section of lower Manhattan, George comes to the... 3.1
1976-08-30 0511 Night Shift (The)

Eddie O'Brian hates going to work driving a bus 9 hours a day until he gets a new bus, #2792.... 3.3
1976-09-02 0512 Magic Cay (The)

Tom Reynolds is bored of his life and the rat race. He takes a vacation, without his wife and... 3.5
1976-09-06 0513 Graven Image

Jody Barnes is a talented rock-n-roll/country singer playing the county fair circuit until he... 3.5
1976-09-07 0514 Killer's Helper

Martin Edward (Marty) Caraway, a young up and coming stock broker is recruited by his boss's... 3.4
1976-09-09 0515 Two-Bit Fortune (A)

Mike Wilson, auto mechanic, does automotive work for a bum who philosophizes about wealth and... 3.7
1976-09-10 0516 Magical Place (A)

Elinor and Timothy Elkins, a middle-aged couple, revisit a house they rented as newlyweds to... 3.5
1976-09-13 0517 Tell-Tale Corpse (The)

Ernie and Sid, just out of prison, visit the Aunt of ex prison-mate Ted because she has a key... 3.7
1976-09-14 0518 Journey to Jerusalem

A man longs to be young again so he can live his life differently. A strange woman says she... 3.4
1976-09-16 0519 Dr. Peterson's Pills

The country doctor in Maine appears to have a pink pill cure-all for every ailment, but his... 3
1976-09-17 0520 To Whom it May Concern

Mysteriously avoiding death from a gunshot wound, a woman discovers that everyone she loves is... 2.9
1976-09-20 0521 Very Dear Ghost Indeed (A)

Traveling through Ireland late in the late 1800's, a man and his daughter are waylaid by a... 3.6
1976-09-21 0522 Rainbow Man (The)

A con-artist snake oil salesman helps a young couple who want expose the corrupt police force... 3.4
1976-09-23 0523 Don't Play with Matches

Fire Chief Delbert Cassarole is the toast of the town because fires are almost non-existent... 3.5
1976-09-24 0524 Queen of the Deadly Night

A young Jewish woman of the Dark Ages seeks a rumored kingdom with the intention of becoming... 3.3
1976-09-27 0525 Ghostly Private Eye (The)

A 19th century ghost buster meets his match in a violent and aggressive poltergeist in an... 3.6
1976-09-28 0526 One Girl in a Million

A celebrity business consultant of the future, who makes his living helping corporations make... 2.9
1976-09-30 0527 Not for Sale

Faye Colfax inherits her uncle Milo's antique shop when he is murdered during an apparent... 2.7
1976-10-01 0528 Clairvoyant (The)

A clairvoyant forsees an unexpected love in the life of a young, British aristocrat on the eve... 3.5
1976-10-04 0529 Midas Touch (The)

A con man swindles a bank president repeatedly in this farce set on the eve of the Great... 3.2
1976-10-05 0530 Private Stock

A police detective argues with the ghost of his dead wife as he is confronted with the fact... 3.2
1976-10-07 0531 Pool of Fear

A spoiled rich, Beth, feels her step-mother is trying to replace her mother. She befriends... 4
1976-10-08 0532 Tortured Twins (The)

Adam Duncan knows he loves Joyce Adams from the first moment he sets eyes on her at the... 3.7
1976-10-11 0533 My Wife Doesn't Understand Me

A research scientist, unhappy with his marriage, finds solace in the arms of his new... 3.7
1976-10-12 0534 God Killer (The)

A typist is accused of murdering the author for whom she works. She insists that the murderer... 3.7
1976-10-14 0535 Living Corpse (The)

Henry Girard Flower Peabody VI, a member of Philadelphia society by birth and breeding, has... 3.2
1976-10-15 0536 Point in Time (A)

Two hikers encounter a strange town in the mountains that is stuck in the 1920s. The... 3.2
1976-10-18 0537 Killer's Appointment

A young woman takes the rap and goes to prison for her boyfriend who rips off his employer.... 3.6
1976-10-19 0538 Mission of Atropos (The)

A detective follows the clues left by a corrupt industrialist using an illegal and deadly... 3.5
1976-10-21 0539 To Hang by the Neck

After the end of the Civil War, Becky Pryor decides to return to the C-Circle-C ranch in Texas... 3.7
1976-10-22 0540 Somebody Help Me!

A cop who is so ugly he can't get a date kills women who turn him down. 3.8
1976-10-27 0541 Deathly White Man (The)

A woman takes a job as caretaker to a rich woman and her husband in their remote castle.... 3.2
1976-10-28 0542 Absolute Zero

A young woman returns to her home town only to miss her mother's funeral by just a few hours.... 3.4
1976-10-29 0543 Unborn (The)

An American encounters a woman several times through his life as he moves between occupations.... 3.2
1976-10-30 0544 Witches' Sabbath

Witches celebrating their holy day, witches conspire to kill a man with murderous... 3.5
1976-10-31 0545 Queen of Cats (The)

Cats are used by an evil witch to stalk children in a small village.  A lawyer and a... 3.3
1976-11-04 0546 City of the Dead

During the late 19th century, two scientists explore the Caybridge Trough in the Carribean to... 3.4
1976-11-05 0547 Secret Chamber (The)

Thomas Tatum Tattersaul, a realtor, tells the story of Felicity Hargrave who, after losing her... 3.7
1976-11-08 0548 Graveyard (The)

A man mourns for his lost love who died after riding out into a rain storm to buy a new dress.... 3.9
1976-11-09 0549 Colony (The)

Michael and Mary just want to spend some quiet time away with nature. After spotting a UFO,... 3.1
1976-11-11 0550 Strike Force

Dr. Orville Sanderson Jr. was brought up by his step-father Bob Watson. His mother, Andrea,... 3
1976-11-12 0551 Question of Identity (A)

Hillary Cummings, on her way to work as a court stenographer, is kidnapped and taken to a... 3.7
1976-11-22 0552 Meeting by Chance

Waiting out the passing storm a man and woman spend the afternoon in a odd house where they... 3.5
1976-11-23 0553 Awakening (The)

A police detective investigates the murder of a psychiatrist. His only clue is a tape of the... 3.4
1976-11-25 0554 M-U-R-D-E-R

A couple spending an evening together decide to play with a Ouija board. When the planchette... 3.5
1976-11-26 0555 Blood Will Tell

His mother who is keeping a terrible secret from him; a 40-year old man discovers the truth on... 3.1
1976-11-29 0556 Man Who Couldn't Get Arrested (The)

Problems begin when two parallel realities collide: One in which the stock broker murdered his... 3.7
1976-11-30 0557 Now You See Them, Now You Don't

The President wants to know the details of time travelers:  During World War 5, soldiers... 3
1976-12-02 0558 How to Kill Rudy

A man discovers that his favorite detective novels predict true crimes. Then he finds a book... 3.5
1976-12-03 0559 Child of Misfortune

A pathologist's life is thrown into chaos when his younger brother dies and his sixteen year... 3.7
1976-12-06 0560 Child of the Sea

While swimming in the ocean, a man encounters a woman who lives in an undersea kingdom and... 3.1
1976-12-07 0561 Enough Rope

A scam artist is about to be hanged by a group of men he has swindled in a land deal when his... 3.5
1976-12-09 0562 Nobody Dies

A young woman with a small child takes a job as a maid to a pregnant widow. Their children... 4
1976-12-10 0563 Identity Crisis

If a brain transplant isn't enough, add two wifes and two men out to kill the patient. A state... 3.9
1976-12-13 0564 Hit Me Again

A financial planner quits his job to pursue a career as a professional gambler who applies an... 3
1976-12-14 0565 Smoking Pistol (The)

When a cop's son is murdered and a suspect is found holding a smoking gun, he figures it's an... 3.1
1976-12-16 0566 Doctor's Evidence (The)

A shallow man who is having an affair with his secretary catches a lucky break when his wife... 3.1
1976-12-17 0567 Quiet Evening at Home (A)

A woman goes to a train station to meet her lover so they can leave their spouses. But when... 3.3
1976-12-20 0568 Date of Death

A hypocondriac's fear is heightened when his doctor tells him he has an aortic aneurism. His... 3.7
1976-12-21 0569 Lone Survivor (The)

The lone survivor of a plane crash at sea cannot remember who he is. A police detective, an... 3.6
1976-12-23 0570 Double Zero

A private investigator working an adultery case stumbles on a murder. Five $20 bills with two... 3.6
1976-12-25 0571 Magus (The)

A young servant girl falls under the charms of a magus. She becomes entranced in his presence,... 3.1
1976-12-27 0572 Mark of Cain (The)

A rancher hires a gunslinger to enforce his will. The rancher's daughter falls in love with... 3.2
1976-12-28 0573 Artist (The)

A wealthy industrialist falls for a married knife throwing performer. He worries that her... 3.5
1976-12-30 0574 Your Move, Mr. Ellers

Chess seems the perfect foil for a sophisticated jewel thief. An insurance investigator looks... 3.7
1976-12-31 0575 Tomorrow's Murder

A stressed sales manager gets more stressed when he finds his tombstone in the cemetary with a... 3.5
1977-01-03 0576 Whose Little Girl Are You?

A manic-depressive tennis star falls into a pill-induced suicidal stupor. In a daze, she... 3.3
1977-01-04 0577 This Breed Is Doomed

A professional swindler bamboozles the residents of a small town and ends up absconding...
1977-01-06 0578 Man from Ultra (The)

Solo Nakeela, an interstellar traveller who cannot know love, accidentally ruins the mind of... 3
1977-01-07 0579 Conquest of Fear

While traveling through Spain, a bandit abducts a world-renowned actress. The beauty...
1977-01-10 0580 Two Renegades

At the turn of the century, a case of mistaken identity lands a professional con man at...
1977-01-11 0581 Passing of Black Eagle (The)

As a drunk, he is an easy going beggar, but when he is not drinking, he is the criminal...
1977-01-12 0582 Tobin's Palm

In order to discover the whereabouts of his absent-minded and missing girlfriend, Tobin...
1977-01-13 0583 Don't Die Without Me

The mysterious case of two suicides in the early 20th century piques the interest of a...
1977-01-14 0584 Departmental Case (A)

A retired gunfighter sheds his insurance clerk persona in order to track down an alleged...
1977-01-15 0585 Cherchez la Femme

With the intention of making an investment, the owner of a French Quarter restaurant...
1977-01-16 0586 Jimmy Valentine's Gamble

A professional thief goes on the straight and narrow after finally tiring of a life on...
1977-01-17 0587 Son of Satan

A man and his wife come across an old friend in a stroke of luck. They soon discover that...
1977-01-19 0588 Woman in Red (The)

An unlikely thief steals a famous painting. The person who made off with the masterpiece...
1977-01-21 0589 Happy Death Day

An overweight woman suffers from recurring nightmares of her death at the hands of a...
1977-01-24 0590 License to Kill

Billy (Chappie) Chapman is a huge 6-foot 260-pound player is cut from the football squad... 3.3
1977-01-26 0591 White Wolf (The)

A family living at the heart of a remote wilderness is haunted and plagued by a stalking...
1977-01-28 0592 My Fair Lady-Killer

A series of deaths involving loose and promiscuous women lead a police detective to...
1977-01-31 0593 Casual Affair (A)

When a traveling salesman becomes entangled with a beautiful and mysterious lady, he...
1977-02-02 0594 Cat Is Dead (The)

Years later, a husband and his wife return to France to attend the funeral of an old...
1977-02-04 0595 Ripple Effect (The)

In an attempt to recover several scandalous love letters from a bitter ex-mistress, a...
1977-02-07 0596 I Pronounce You Dead

A girl's teenage angst leads her to witchcraft. She awakens from a dream believing she has... 3.1
1977-02-08 0597 Aurora Group (The)

A man's problems begin after finding a quarter in his new suit dated nearly ten years...
1977-02-10 0598 Recluse (The)

A young son learns of the fate of his late father as well as the fortune that went...
1977-02-11 0599 Masquerade

The mysterious disappearance of a valuable set of pearls during a masquerade ball lands a... 2.7
1977-02-14 0600 Stamped for Death

A pair of greedy brothers inherits their father's priceless stamp collection upon his death.... 3.3
1977-02-15 0601 Star Killers (The)

The world's top nuclear researcher is either an insane murderess or a gullible innocent. The... 3.2
1977-02-17 0602 If Mischief Follow

Just as she is ready to announce her engagement to another doctor, Marion's first husband,... 3.1
1977-02-18 0603 Heart of Gold (A)

A murderous and evil woman fulfills a vainglorious desire to imprint her portrait on special... 3.2
1977-02-21 0604 Orient Express

An estranged couple chance upon an unlikely reunion aboard the legendary Orient Express en... 3.1
1977-02-22 0605 Jane Eyre

A low-born governess falls in love with the lord of the manor in this classic tale of love and... 3.2
1977-02-24 0606 Last Judgement

A young nurse moves in with her father-in-law to take care of him when he falls ill. Her world... 3.3
1977-02-25 0607 Legend of Phoenix Hill

When an archeologist takes his adopted son on an expedition to China, the expedition is... 3.3
1977-02-28 0608 Light that Failed (The)

In order to win the hand of the woman he loves, a painter and war correspondent does... 3
1977-03-01 0609 Hound of the Baskervilles (The)

In this classic tale of mystery and terror, the notorious sleuthing duo of Sherlock Holmes and... 2.8
1977-03-03 0610 Overcoat (The)

In post-revolutionary Russia, a man devotes his entire savings to purchasing a new coat to... 3.4
1977-03-04 0611 Answer Me

Distraught over the death of his wife, a failed author leaves his life behind him and...
1977-03-07 0612 Beyond the Barrier

A young scientist is terribly injured in a car crash. While in the hospital, he has an out of... 3
1977-03-08 0613 Sign of Four (The)

This classic tale of theft and betrayal hurtles the legendary Sherlock Holmes into the midst... 3.6
1977-03-10 0614 Pleading Voice (The)

A teenage girl recovering from an illness hears a disembodied voice beg to be let into a... 3
1977-03-11 0615 Till Death Do Us Part

A plain and middle-aged spinster becomes romantically entangled with her married boss.... 3.2
1977-03-14 0616 Look Backward Sometimes

A tennis pro plans to flee to Europe after fighting with her husband. Enroute, the plane... 2.7
1977-03-15 0617 Shining Man (The)

A young couple purchase a haunted house in Scotland where he is to take a new job. The man's... 3.2
1977-03-17 0618 Jobo

A mildly retarded hick from Texas seems to be the heir of the gods of Easter Island. An... 2.6
1977-03-18 0619 Little Green Death

In order to defend the proprietor of a small-town book shop charged with a crime he...
1977-03-21 0620 Eighth Deadly Sin (The)

A famous writer falls in love with a seductive actress with a penchant for walking on the...
1977-03-22 0621 Imposter (The)

A woman, with the ghostly assistance of an actor long gone is inspired to write a...
1977-03-24 0622 Gift of Doom (The)

A snowbound prospector is saved by an Eskimo witch from a fatal accident. He soon...
1977-03-25 0623 Study in Scarlet (A)

A sealed room mystery that launched the careers of the legendary Sherlock Holmes and Dr.... 3
1977-03-28 0624 Warriors from Loanda (The)

Two unscrupulous ivory hunters are unexpectedly stranded in the dense jungles of the Congo and... 3.8
1977-03-29 0625 Coldest Killer (The)

Completely enamored with her husband's business partner, a faithless wife and her lover scheme... 3.2
1977-03-31 0626 Death Is Blue

After discovering that his unattractive sister has managed to snare a handsome man as her... 3.2
1977-04-01 0627 You Bet Your Life

An expectant father with gambling problem swears off his addiction after suffering a... 2.7
1977-04-04 0628 So Shall Ye Reap

In the 1850’s, a small town in New Mexico becomes afflicted with a strange curse that... 2.8
1977-04-05 0629 Sensitive (The)

A cynical and bitter skeptic attends a séance with his wife and his boss. Despite his...
1977-04-07 0630 High Priest (The)

A swindler tries to convince an art appraiser to declare his counterfeit painting to be real... 3.3
1977-04-08 0631 Blood, Thunder, and a Woman in Green

A private detective in the 1940's stumbles into a murder investigation when his tabloid...
1977-04-11 0632 Meteorite (The)

When a meteorite crashes into a farm field, it is immediately claimed by a local college... 3.2
1977-04-12 0633 Man-Sized in Marble

Americans on an extended working holiday find that one of them is a part of local prophecy and... 3.3
1977-04-14 0634 Phantom House (The)

Two young sisters spend the summer with their aunt and uncle in the Virginia countryside at... 3.1
1977-04-15 0635 Borderline Case

A young girl, whose father is the town sheriff, becomes clairvoyant while gazing into a... 3.3
1977-04-18 0636 House Divided (A)

A son returns home four years after joining the army with a plan of revenge for the murder of... 3.6
1977-04-19 0637 Book of Abaca (The)

The captain and the engineer of a doomed oil freighter become the victims of the contents of... 3.5
1977-04-21 0638 Come Away Death

An old lawyer makes a deal with Death to forestall his passing. He takes the job of death, and... 3.5
1977-04-22 0639 Prisoner of Zenda (The)

The coronation of a new king is disrupted when the king's brother drugs him. A distant... 3.8
1977-04-25 0640 Bound East for Haiti

On a commercial voyage, a sailor attempts to curse his captain with black magic to steal the... 3.2
1977-04-26 0641 Adventure of the Red-Headed League (The)

Sherlock Holmes helps a friend who has been swindled by a group of red-headed men. He uncovers... 2.9
1977-04-28 0642 Second Chance Lady (The)

A door-to-door cosmetics sales lady unwittingly stumbles into the lair of a hold-up guy. She... 3.5
1977-04-29 0643 Wuthering Heights

The prodigal son returns to the family homestead bent on siezing control from the relatives... 3.7
1977-05-02 0644 Much Too Much

In this farce, the King of a tiny kingdom doesn't want to spend the money to purchase a... 3.9
1977-05-03 0645 Luck Sisters (The)

This is the story of twin sister residents of a mining town. One always brings good fortune,... 3.5
1977-05-05 0646 Reunion Fever

Most of the attendees of a class reunion end up sick with many of them dying. One member of... 3
1977-05-06 0647 Bottom of the World

Arctic scientists must escape when threatened by a planetary catastrophe.
1977-05-16 0648 Mayerling Revisited

A young, engaged couple must confront the guy's domineering and wealthy father. As they deal... 3.3
1977-05-17 0649 Child's Cat Paw (The)

A child and a strange cat weave a spell on an old man and a gold digger to put them together.... 2.6
1977-05-19 0650 Matter of Customs (A)

Detective novel enthusiast Millie and her husband Sam go on a sea cruise where they repeatedly... 3.5
1977-05-20 0651 Wine, Women, and Murder

A mild-mannered book seller travels to Germany for a poetry festival and is framed for murder.... 3.6
1977-05-23 0652 Briefcase Blunder (The)

When a briefcase full of money is left in Harry's cab, he finds out honesty will not always... 3.4
1977-05-24 0653 Transmutation, Inc.

A small time hustler is forced into a moral dilemna where he must choose good or evil when he... 3.5
1977-05-26 0654 Countess (The)

A French countess recounts her brief attraction to a Spanish prisoner of war and her marriage... 3.3
1977-05-27 0655 Guilty Secret

A Senator finds himself in the middle of a presidential race with a terrible secret he must... 3.2
1977-05-30 0656 Silent Witness (The)

A Hawaiian banker is haunted by a vision of an open grave in an American cemetary. His new... 3.7
1977-05-31 0657 Boscombe Pool Mystery (The)

Sherlock Holmes solves the murder mystery of a young man who is accused of murdering his... 2.9
1977-06-02 0658 God Named Smith (A)

A young child prodigy creates an entire planet of his own, intending it to be a better world... 3
1977-06-03 0659 Two-Dollar Murders (The)

A man tries to cover up an affair and murder by killing a cop who writes him a parking ticket.... 3.7
1977-06-06 0660 Blood Red Wine (The)

A man wonders out of a storm into a couple's house and dies of a heart attack. He is carrying... 3.4
1977-06-07 0661 Curse of Conscience (The)

A hustler and loser fall in with an elderly woman who tries to put him on the straight and... 3.4
1977-06-09 0662 Dialogue with Death

A man is reunited with a childhood love and wants to marry her. He has difficulty dealing with... 3.5
1977-06-10 0663 Night We Died (The)

It's 2.9
1977-06-13 0664 First Woman in Space

The first woman in space returns to earth with an alien living within her --- an alien that... 3.3
1977-06-14 0665 Murder One

A wealthy widow is being blackmailed by her maid for killing her husband. So she tries to... 3.5
1977-06-16 0666 Little Lucy's Lethal Libation

Womens Lib runs amok. An advertising executive suspects that women plan to take over the world... 3.5
1977-06-17 0667 Two Motives for Murder

A young broker thinks he's in trouble when $100,000 in bonds entrusted to him comes up... 3.7
1977-06-20 0668 Birthmark (The)

A scientist believes that a hand-shaped birthmark on his wife's cheek is the only thing... 3.4
1977-06-21 0669 Tomorrow, Cloudy and Cold

A scientist conducts experiments on a young drifter to allow him to be able to control the... 3
1977-06-23 0670 Red Circle (The)

A middle-class housewife has an unexpected visitor who is an old friend from whom she has not... 3.2
1977-06-24 0671 Fan Mail

An overly obsessed fan is angry when her favorite soap opera character is killed off,... 3.4
1977-06-27 0672 Come, Fill My Cup

A train conductor recounts how a regular poker game on commuter train 4321 turned into murder... 3.6
1977-06-28 0673 Adventure of the Speckled Band (The)

Sherlock Holmes is hired by a young heiress to find out who killed her sister in a sealed room... 3
1977-06-30 0674 Dead Men Do Tell Tales

A dead man recounts how his life came to an end as he served as the conscience of a group of... 3.3
1977-07-01 0675 Revenge

Set in an 1880's western town, a wealthy man comes to town bent on revenge on three men who... 3.6
1977-07-04 0676 Boomerang

A young witch tries to enlist the aid of Satan in order to deploy spells against the man who... 3.4
1977-07-05 0677 Hexed

A newlywed is sure that her husband's manservant is trying to put a hex on her because he... 3.8
1977-07-07 0678 Stranger Among Us (A)

A tale of UFO encounter, abduction, and subsequent hypnosis to recover the memories. A woman,... 3.5
1977-07-08 0679 Gift (The)

Rita Holland and Walter Powers accomplish a murder they have been planning for some time. They... 3.3
1977-07-11 0680 Scandal in Bohemia (A)

The king of a Bohemian nation employs Sherlock Holmes to retrieve a scandulous photo from an... 3.1
1977-07-12 0681 Colonel Chabert (The)

A French colonel, thought to be dead, returns to his family and tries to recover some of his... 3.9
1977-07-14 0682 Matter of Conscience (A)

A young Kentuckian joins the Union Army, defying his parents who are loyal to the Confederacy.... 4
1977-07-15 0683 Kingdom Below (The)

A wealthy American financier and his wife travel to Europe to help their daughter find a... 3.5
1977-07-18 0684 Bisara of Pooree (The)

A British soldier buys a small, mysterious jewelry box that brings him bad luck. His luck... 3.6
1977-07-19 0685 Mysterious Island (The)

After escaping a prison camp via hot air balloon, two union soldiers and a reporter land on a... 3.7
1977-07-21 0686 Rendezvous with Death

A football player with incurable cancer goes mountain climbing and meets a mysterious woman.... 4.1
1977-07-22 0687 Secret of the Aztecs (The)

A man's car breaks down in the desert and he encounters the ghost of an old man named Quetzal... 3.7
1977-07-25 0688 Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle (The)

The gift of a Christmas goose with a valuable jewel inside and an old hat send Sherlock Holmes... 3.1
1977-07-26 0689 Rocket's Red Glare (The)

A scientist working on a top secret weapons project commits suicide in front of coworkers. A... 3.7
1977-07-28 0690 Secret of Laurels (The)

In this gothic sealed-room murder mystery, a man is convicted of killing his best friend. His... 3.8
1977-07-29 0691 Thousand and First Door (The)

A man is brought into the hospital suffering from an apparent stroke. But as he retells the... 3.6
1977-08-08 0692 Hope Springs Eternal

A woman's fiancee disappears without a trace after walking out the back door of their cabin.... 3.8
1977-08-10 0693 Case Closed

An engineer holds up a bank and takes a teller hostage. His demands are unusual. As the... 3.5
1977-08-12 0694 For Want of a Nail

A woman's plane is forced to land in a North Dakota town that just happens to be the home of... 3.8
1977-08-15 0695 Together Place (The)

A country doctor treats a woman who lives with her daughter on a remote island. The daughter... 3
1977-08-17 0696 In the Fog

A shell-shocked World War I veteran gets lost in the fog and stumbles into a woman who is... 3.6
1977-08-19 0697 Instrument (The)

A writer keeps an incompetent agent because the agent had saved him from drowning years... 3.4
1977-08-22 0698 Return to Pompeii

An American widow tours Italy with her colleague. When their tour bus breaks down, they are... 3.6
1977-08-24 0699 Adventures of Don Quixote (The)

The adventures of the fractured fairy tale of Don Quixote and his misadventures in 15th... 4
1977-08-26 0700 Area Thirteen

In a future society, genetic engineering is used to manipulate people's personality and skill... 3.4
1977-08-29 0701 To Be a Rose

A psychotic murderer kept incarcerated in a mental asylum recounts the days of him being a... 2.9
1977-08-31 0702 Reunion (The)

An American war veteran meets a fellow soldier in Paris, a decade after the D-day at Utah... 4.5
1977-09-02 0703 Olive Darling and Morton Dear

A stress-relieving journey into nature might prove fatal for a diffident accountant who ends... 3.8
1977-09-05 0704 Waiting Room (The)

A cordial invitation from an elderly couple for a weekend stay at their mansion has sinister... 3.3
1977-09-07 0705 Silent Shock

A female inmate of a mental asylum talks to invisible people and awaits the return of a... 3.5
1977-09-09 0706 Woman in the Green Dress (The)

An apparition of a lady in a green dress haunts a visitor in his friend's residence. Things... 3.3
1977-09-12 0707 First Childhood

An intelligent but whimsical aged lady must prove herself capable in mind as detractors try to... 3.4
1977-09-13 0708 Way to Dusty Death (The)

A strange story of hatred set in the back woods, where a baron would rather let a dead man's... 3.5
1977-09-15 0709 Passport to Freedom

A couple involved in espionage for the U.S. government fly out to a small country kept behind... 2.9
1977-09-16 0710 Death on Project X

A weapons investigator runs into trouble with a routine check at a facility as he meets an... 2.7
1977-09-19 0711 Wind and the Flame (The)

A blackmailer pesters a rich businessman through phone calls. But it is the maid who answers... 3.4
1977-09-20 0712 Tunnel Man (The)

A deranged scientist invents a machine that can cut through elemental rock as easily as a ship... 3.3
1977-09-22 0713 Plan (The)

The whims of a wealthy woman leads to the demise of her favourite maid and she is wracked with... 3.8
1977-09-23 0714 Burning Whirlwind (The)

A trusting aged woman withdraws eight million dollars and keeps it stashed at her home.... 3.6
1977-09-26 0715 Guy de Maupassant Murders (The)

The sensational tale of a serial murderer is followed by a judge and his attendant. The killer... 3.6
1977-09-27 0716 Wintering Place (The)

An aged widower forces himself sexually onto a female scientist and later murders her. Now he... 3.2
1977-09-29 0717 Solitary (The)

The story of an unlikely friendship between a prisoner and the security officer. The prisoner... 4.1
1977-09-30 0718 Trilby

An arrogant hypnotist turns a depressed young woman into a popular singer. But she cannot sing... 4
1977-10-03 0719 Mother Knows Best

A cash strapped former college football idol and an opportunist juvenile delinquent try to... 3.5
1977-10-05 0720 Sea Nymph (The)

A greedy antique collector pays a deep sea diver to find an old figurine from a shipwreck. But... 3.2
1977-10-07 0721 Adventure of the Beryl Coronet (The)

The classic Sherlock Holmes tale of a financier father apparently apprehending his son while... 3.5
1977-10-10 0722 Actress (The)

The quintessential story of an actress slowly losing her own self in the life of the tragic... 2.9
1977-10-12 0723 Case of Chateau-Margaux (The)

A wounded horse is the only witness to the disappearance of a rich man and his nephew is... 3.2
1977-10-14 0724 People of Sissora (The)

A man spots another at a restaurant dinner and pins him down as the ultimate threat to... 3.9
1977-10-17 0725 Return Engagement

An intriguing tale of an aged actor turned small time hoodlum. He steals arbitrarily but can... 3.5
1977-10-19 0726 Island on Silver Tree Lake (The)

A lady is forced to catch a boat ride to an island resort after an accident with her car. The... 3.4
1977-10-21 0727 Sorry to Let You Go

What happens when technology takes on the job of governance? A quirky story about a man in his... 4
1977-10-24 0728 Trial for Murder

Two writers interested in reporting a murder end up sharing resources on the same murder... 3.2
1977-10-25 0729 Just to Keep Busy

A betrothed man strives to win the affection of his friend's secretary. When she finds out his... 3.5
1977-10-27 0730 House by the Seine (The)

A French underground movement member becomes a legendary actress. One day, she receives a... 4.1
1977-10-28 0731 Question of Identity (A)

A curious twist on the heist tale. A young man who trades jewels for a living wakes up to find... 3.3
1977-10-31 0732 Trial by Fire

A clever deceiver manages to convince a tribal group that he is the appointed messiah from... 4
1977-11-01 0733 Last Train Out

A communist spy story reminiscent of the McCarthy era. An American film crew tries to film the... 3.2
1977-11-03 0734 Land of the Living Dead

In their journey to a distant village tucked away in the interiors of Brazil, two scientists... 4
1977-11-04 0735 Final Judgement (The)

A classic tale from the legendary fables of King Solomon. Three merchants go to Solomon to get... 3.6
1977-11-07 0736 Therapeutic Cat (The)

A desperately lonely aged man adopts a cat to keep him company who proves to be... 3.5
1977-11-08 0737 Haunted Mill (The)

A young voyager takes up a long journey lasting three years. His sweetheart back home falls... 3.7
1977-11-10 0738 Tale of Two Worlds (A)

An actor gets so involved with his character on a soap opera that he is inconsolable when the... 3.9
1977-11-11 0739 We Meet Again

The murderer recently apprehended by her husband turns out to be the wife's old flame. She is... 3.8
1977-11-14 0740 Gloria Scott (The)

The evergreen Sherlock Holmes tale of unravelling a case around a mutiny aboard the ship... 3.8
1977-11-15 0741 Point of Time (A)

Set in the future 2057, North America is controlled by a savage autocrat. A scientist brother... 3.9
1977-11-17 0742 Hunted Down

A man's beloved is killed in order to effect an insurance scam. He vows revenge and sets down... 3.1
1977-11-18 0743 Grain of Salt (A)

An enchanting Irish folk tale is repeated in America as a young Irish lady asks an Irish cop... 3.8
1977-11-21 0744 She

An explorer and the son of his former co-worker journey to a distant island and find a mythic... 3.3
1977-11-23 0745 Pinkerton Method (The)

The story of the legendary Pinkerton Detective Agency and how they got started with nabbing... 3
1977-11-25 0746 Indian Giver

A rich old woman's estate is haunted by an Indian ghost who drives away all her guests and... 3.9
1977-11-28 0747 Man Is Missing (The)

A lady pesters investigators to find her missing husband. One of them decide to help her on... 4
1977-11-30 0748 Teddy Bear (The)

A classic cold war phobia narrative about a reporter investigating the discovery of a weapon... 3.9
1977-12-02 0749 Neatness Counts

An investigator ends up with the unfortunate duty of solving the murder mystery about a man so... 3.7
1977-12-05 0750 Lost Tomorrows (The)

A pair of American adventurers set on a trip to a sacred Yucatan cave to retrieve antique... 3.9
1977-12-07 0751 Fire and Ice

A tiff between a father and daughter on the choice of her suitor leads to an extremely taxing... 3.6
1977-12-09 0752 This Time Around

A man struggles to survive in his career and marriage. But his mind seems ridden with visions... 2.9
1977-12-12 0753 Ten Million Dollar Heist (The)

Set in 1876, this story is about two seasoned burglars and a good-natured young chap... 3.5
1977-12-14 0754 Death Shot (The)

A honeymoon in Greece turns nightmarish as the husband photographs a murder par hasard. The... 3.6
1977-12-16 0755 Ghost with a Knife (The)

Alleged to based on real-life incidents, this is the story of a family threatened by a... 3.6
1977-12-19 0756 Brothers of the Angle

Mrs. Buttwheezer is the rich heroine of this tale of undying love. She believes her deceased... 3.4
1977-12-21 0757 Big Ten-Cent Hustle (The)

An autobiographical sketch narrated by a minty new Mercury dime. 3.4
1977-12-23 0758 Witching Well (The)

A young man goes on a discovery of the past with the death of his father. He heads to an... 3.5
1977-12-26 0759 Ghosts of Yesterday (The)

A socialite past her prime is asked to identify the person responsible for the death of her... 4.1
1977-12-28 0760 Missouri Kid (The)

Based on a real-life incident, this is the true tale of the investigation of the murder of a... 3.1
1977-12-30 0761 Ninth Volume (The)

A geologist accidentally makes the fabulous discovery of a modern residence buried underneath... 3.6
1978-01-02 0762 Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

Peter Perkins is a loser. He is sidelined at work and pestered at home. He seeks refuge in... 3.5
1978-01-04 0763 Family Album

A reporter is sent to Europe to work on the story of the death of an infamous gang member. But... 2.9
1978-01-13 0764 Laughing Maiden (The)

Three adventurous sailors set on a journey to recover Captain Kidd's treasure. But they must... 3.3
1978-01-16 0765 In Another Place

A rich young couple believe they they have gotten away with a crime executed faultlessly, but... 3.2
1978-01-17 0766 Model Murderer (A)

A travelling merchant seems like the perfect criminal as he escapes suspicion from both his... 2.9
1978-01-19 0767 Sophia and the Pilgrim

A strange mystic charms young women into following him on his trip. His mysterious influence... 3.2
1978-01-20 0768 Enchanted Child (The)

A young boy has the strange gift of killing people at will with the force of his thoughts.... 3
1978-01-23 0769 Forgetful Ghost (The)

A wacky story of a pleasant, forgetful ghost returned to the world for a purpose, but for the... 3.3
1978-01-24 0770 Ranee of Rajputana (The)

A small copper figurine of the Indian queen of thieves traps an deceitful and mischievous... 3.3
1978-01-26 0771 Safety Match (The)

A young but gifted detective and a seasoned but pompous one come together to solve a... 3.1
1978-01-27 0772 Defectors (The)

A married senator is blackmailed by a spy who managed to take a photograph of the senator in... 3.1
1978-01-30 0773 Yesterday's Giant

After a nuclear exercise, two scientists discover a group of Neanderthals living in the... 3.1
1978-01-31 0774 Ice Palace (The)

A routine ice-breaking mission turns to be of vital importance when the sailors discover that... 2.9
1978-02-02 0775 Don't Look Back

A legendary country singer falls for the charm of a plain girl from a small town he met at a... 2.8
1978-02-03 0776 Postmistress of Laurel Run (The)

A postmistress tries to save a man devoted to her who also happens to work in the postal... 2.7
1978-02-06 0777 Talking Women (The)

An unscrupulous man decides to see the error in his ways. He becomes attentive to his wife,... 3.2
1978-02-07 0778 Dr. Heidegger's Experiment

An aged and somewhat eccentric doctor invites some schoolmates to his residence for a... 2.9
1978-02-09 0779 All Unregistered Aliens

All illegal immigrants might not be what they seem like! A female doctor discovers this to her... 3.1
1978-02-10 0780 Reflected Terror

A quote from a Borges story says "Mirrors and copulation are abominable as they increase the... 3.7
1978-02-13 0781 Night Eyes

A horse-tender winds up killed after he finds out that a slow horse has been replaced by a... 2.9
1978-02-14 0782 Revenge Is Sweet

A life of crime, even in the past, can get you into trouble. A former swindler winds up in... 3.3
1978-02-16 0783 Something in the Air

A father attempts to stop his young girl from consenting to what he deems to be a poor match... 3.1
1978-02-17 0784 Church of Hell (The)

A nasty surprise awaits a couple as they return from their blissful holiday to find their... 3.1
1978-02-20 0785 Angel from England

The fabled story of a nurse who helped more than two hundred English soldiers escape Belgium... 3.2
1978-02-21 0786 Phantom Yesterday (A)

A renowned German actress is captured by a Nazi war convict when she returns to her homeland... 3.7
1978-02-23 0787 Vanishing Lady

A man investigates the disappearance of his beloved with no help from the investigating... 3.1
1978-02-24 0788 Loser Take All

A young boy seems content to be out-shined by a friend who seems more capable at everything.... 3.1
1978-02-27 0789 Second Sight

A vagabond called Larry Millard is convicted of a murder he did not commit. He is embroiled in... 3
1978-02-28 0790 Message from Space (A)

A journalist is hell bent on rubbishing the existence of UFOs. But there are a few surprises... 3.1
1978-03-02 0791 You Tell Me Your Dream

A professional attempt to help a rich man with his constant dreams about death turns... 3.7
1978-03-03 0792 Assassin (The)

In an ultimate proof of work ethics, a professional killer tries to carry out the most... 3.2
1978-03-06 0793 House and the Brain (The)

The persistent appearance of a spirit at a local residence prompts two men to investigate into... 3.4
1978-03-07 0794 Red Scarf (The)

Trouble brews between an adulterous couple as the woman ditches her paramour for murdering her... 3.1
1978-03-09 0795 Instant Millionaires (The)

Moral qualms notwithstanding, three warehouse labourers decide to share a huge stash of three... 3
1978-03-10 0796 Who Is George Williams?

Deprived of his memory in an accident, a man stumbles into a cabin in Alaska. The residents... 3
1978-03-13 0797 Wheel of Life (The)

An ex-soldier runs into a former colleague he believed dead in Vietnam. Now the friend is an... 3.6
1978-03-14 0798 Impossible Is True (The)

Spirits and the image of death stalks a young girl in the estate she comes to own as a heir. A... 3.8
1978-03-16 0799 Time Fold (The)

In this bizarre science-fiction tale, an ill-fated plane gets trapped in a space-time variance... 3.1
1978-03-17 0800 Identified Flying Objects

Bizarre comedy where a broke alien is picked up for breaking traffic rules and his space... 3.8
1978-03-20 0801 All Things Are Possible

Set in the picturesque town of Toledo, Ohio, this is the story of a man struggling to keep his... 3.1
1978-03-21 0802 Golden Amulet (The)

A classic ghost tale from Japan about a samurai's son falling for a spirit. 2.8
1978-03-23 0803 Judas Kiss (The)

A misogynistic clairvoyant witnesses a woman murdering her boyfriend and subsequently, her... 3.4
1978-03-24 0804 Wise Child

A kindly couple come across an abandoned toddler at a hotel after a heavy storm and adopt it.... 3.1
1978-03-27 0805 Pretend Person (The)

A woman recovering from open heart surgery has imaginary friends who help her face the... 3.7
1978-03-28 0806 Ghost in the Well (The)

An artist is obsessed with painting the portrait of the spirit of a woman as she recounts her... 3.4
1978-03-30 0807 Big City Blues

A recently married couple find themselves the centre of attention in a metropolitan city as... 3.4
1978-03-31 0808 Shark Bait

An incorrigible gambler lays a diabolic plan to clear his debts by taking his bookie's aid to... 3.3
1978-04-03 0809 Fortune's Favorite

An elderly unmarried woman smells deceit when she is receives random invitations for free... 3.5
1978-04-04 0810 Delusion of Reprieve

A police investigator, Jewish by descent, tries to solve the murder mysteries around former... 3.5
1978-04-06 0811 Tragedy of Error (A)

A woman is forced to ask for the help of a mysterious boatman and a ghost in a graveyard to... 2.7
1978-04-07 0812 Parasite (The)

A doubtful professor is made to change his opinions about the might of hypnotism but he... 3.4
1978-04-10 0813 Childish Laughter

A scientist finds himself isolated in a remote house after damaging his car in an accident in... 3.5
1978-04-11 0814 Blackmail

The daughter of a Hollywood star finds herself blackmailed with a photograph of her in the... 3.3
1978-04-13 0815 Shriek of the Mandrake (The)

A filming crew is disrupted in their actions when the spirit in the ancient manor house they... 3.2
1978-04-14 0816 Chapter of Errors

A modest art dealer is robbed of a valuable Picasso painting. He puts an advertisement on a... 2.6
1978-04-17 0817 Murder at Troyte's Hill

A female investigator joins forces with a Scotland Yard officer to solve the murder of a... 2.9
1978-04-18 0818 Uncle Louis

A young police investigator attempts to gather proof against a known mobster and falls for a... 3.2
1978-04-20 0819 Avocado Jungle (The)

An aged actress is helped by a writer to pen down her memoirs. She ends up revealing a secret... 3.2
1978-04-21 0820 Bet with Angels

An amiable advertising professional receives gambling advice from his deceased friend who... 3.8
1978-04-24 0821 Grandee of Terra Loco (The)

A writer journeys to a little town in Texas to write the life story of a righteous politician... 3.2
1978-04-25 0822 International Dateline

This story revolves around a Machiavellian World War II fighter pilot who even cheats the good... 3.9
1978-04-27 0823 Queen of Palmyra (The)

A private eye chases an enigmatic woman who is a self-declared messiah and the reincarnation... 3.1
1978-04-28 0824 House on Chimney Pot Lane (The)

A modern couple buy a home infamous for the disappearance of its former inhabitants. But a... 3.5
1978-05-01 0825 Drink with Dionysius (A)

A nuclear weapon poetically named after the Greek god of wine falls into the hands of a... 3.4
1978-05-02 0826 Figure in the Moonlight (The)

A mysterious engraving of a residence shows a person re-enacting a crime of the past. The... 3.3
1978-05-04 0827 Journey to Somewhere

A strange spectral tale of a train carrying lost souls to a wintry little town that they must... 3.2
1978-05-05 0828 Cool Killer Karl

A bizarre story of the mother of a victimised family befriending an infamous killer who took... 3.7
1978-05-08 0829 Death and Desire

Retired circus actors hit upon an ingenious scheme of conning people with a spirit-medium act.... 3.4
1978-05-09 0830 Room 418

A suave man talks his way into renting a reserved room at a fully-booked hotel. But problems... 3.3
1978-05-11 0831 Guilt of the Innocent (The)

A young and poor Russian falls under the influence of a master thief who works a seaport. A... 4.1
1978-05-12 0832 Secret of Shen-Si (The)

The tranquility of the abode of a college professor is severly impaired when his wife suddenly... 3
1978-05-15 0833 Edmund Orme

A young gentleman's amorous attempts are severely impeded by a spectral visitation every time... 3
1978-05-16 0834 Girl Talk

Two former schoolmates compare their present lives many years later. One has chosen to be a... 3
1978-05-18 0835 Time Out of Mind

A young student is beset by his family history when he meets with an accident. In a bizarre... 3.7
1978-05-19 0836 Hundred Dollar Difference (The)

A down-on-his-luck gambler enlists the help of his girlfriend to kill his wealthy aunt and get... 3.6
1978-05-22 0837 Girl He Left Behind (The)

A soldier on leave from the Army is rejected by his girlfriend under pressure from her mother.... 3.8
1978-05-23 0838 Window to Oblivion

Thirty long years after the disappearance of a WWII aircraft pilot in a regular flight over... 3.8
1978-05-25 0839 Spy and the Traitor (The)

A fictional narration about the events surrounding Benedict Arnold's perfidy about West Point... 4.1
1978-05-26 0840 Arctic Encounter

A peculiar energy drain in an Arctic region forces two American and Russian fighter planes and... 3.4
1978-05-29 0841 Rich Ostrich (The)

An ostrich from a local circus makes off with a sizable diamond from an Arab delegate leading... 2.8
1978-05-30 0842 Bittersweet Honeymoon (The)

A couple out on honeymoon think they have landed an amazing stroke of luck when a cruise-line... 3.1
1978-06-01 0843 Silent Woman (The)

A woman goes into a silence for 27 years after being forced into a marriage against her wishes. 3.2
1978-06-02 0844 Diamond Cut Diamond

While on holiday in Monte Carlo, a wealthy man is swindled by a man who claims to be a... 3.6
1978-06-05 0845 Undying Heart (The)

A gambler puts himself in a tight corner when he ends up losing a bookie's percentage in a... 3
1978-06-06 0846 Miracle in Sharon City

An industrious mayor becomes a hero when he manages to get a leading chemical company to set... 3.9
1978-06-08 0847 Death Spell

An unemployed couple of an artist and an actress are forced to move in with a rich friend who... 3.4
1978-06-09 0848 Long Way from Home (A)

Two buddies from Ohio enlist in the Union Army during the Civil War. They agree to stay... 4
1978-06-12 0849 Alias Mr. Aladdin

A scheming woman and her incapable paramour repeatedly attempt to find out her deceased... 3.8
1978-06-14 0850 Charlie, the Actor

Reverence gives way to fury and intrigue as a police officer ordered to protect the king of an... 3.5
1978-06-16 0851 Unholy Miracle (The)

A cold war narrative about a couple realising that their adopted girl was a subject of a... 3.7
1978-06-19 0852 Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde

A police sheriff is questioned by the prosecutor for defense to elucidate the mystery... 3.3
1978-06-21 0853 Matter of Faith (A)

A businessman finds his long lost beloved in a restaurant after years. But he remembers... 3
1978-06-23 0854 Black Door (The)

A 21 year old man is made to stay in an ancient mansion in order to procure his inheritance.... 3.2
1978-06-26 0855 Lady Bluebeard

An insurance agent is sent to check on the widow beneficiary of six aged husbands, with all... 3.9
1978-06-28 0856 Quadruple (The)

A trapeze artist trades his soul for the ability to perform the master stunt of all. 3.6
1978-06-30 0857 Good Times Express (The)

A snow storm in the middle of June forces a tradesman to abandon his flight and catch a train.... 3.3
1978-07-03 0858 King Bankrobber

A regular lawful architect turns into a master bank-robber to avenge the leniency meted out by... 4.2
1978-07-05 0859 My Kingdom for a Horse

The strange tale of a gambler and the conversations he has with his horse companion. 3.6
1978-07-07 0860 Four-Fifteen Express (The)

A man meets an ex-acquaintance on a train journey who has apparently swiped 75,000 Pounds... 3.1
1978-07-10 0861 Sound Advice

A columnist finds himself honour bound to pursue the case of a woman whom she had advised to... 3.7
1978-07-11 0862 Guardian Angel

A rising entrepreneur falls in love with a young woman who says she has been reborn and that... 3.2
1978-07-13 0863 Village of Fools (The)

A delightful farce in which a man is sent on a task to find the hamlet of Helm. But on his... 3.4
1978-07-14 0864 Hanging Judge (The)

An English shopkeeper accuses his assistant of theft and gets him arrested. But the alleged... 3.5
1978-07-17 0865 Tell-Tale Scar (The)

A crime journalist and a district attorney pair up to track down a gangster who is believed to... 3.5
1978-07-18 0866 Absent-Minded League (The)

A French investigator is requested to aid with a case of counterfeiting. The detective is a... 3
1978-07-20 0867 Further You Go, the Less You Know (The)

A spiritual guru persuades a professional deceiver to believe that he really is the reborn... 3.2
1978-07-21 0868 Locked Trunk (The)

A woman takes her revenge spree too far when she tries to get even with her sister who stole... 3
1978-07-24 0869 Close Shave

A professional deceiver dupes a lonely rich man to marry the empress of a South American... 3.8
1978-07-25 0870 Stranger Inside (The)

A blue-blooded lady is forced on a journey of self-discovery and culpability when her... 3.7
1978-07-27 0871 Cabinet of the Unsolved (The)

A small-time actor becomes a deceiver when he uses his talents to dupe rich poker players. But... 3.6
1978-07-28 0872 Double Take

Two women novelists write the same story without even being aware of the other's existence.... 4
1978-07-31 0873 Vanishing Point (The)

A thrilling Holocaust-based narrative about a visiting physics professor in Germany on the... 3.6
1978-08-02 0874 Devil's Brew (The)

A baseball player leaves home to become a professional player in the big leagues. But the... 2.8
1978-08-04 0875 Avenging Ghost of Kitty Morgan (The)

A woman takes a terrible vow to haunt the residence she made for her cheating beloved and all... 3.5
1978-08-07 0876 Sixth Commandment (The)

An older brother lusts after the younger brother's wife even as they all try to survive on a... 3.6
1978-08-09 0877 Versegy Case (The)

An investigation of theft in Hungary in the late 19th century leads the investigator to... 3.5
1978-08-11 0878 Doctor Eduardo

A Mexican physician move into a little fishing village is welcomed by the villagers. But the... 3.2
1978-08-14 0879 Black Sheep and the Captain (The)

A young man's missing uncle calls for his aid in his residence in the moors to ward off an... 3.1
1978-08-16 0880 Raptures of the Deep

The search of a sunken Spanish galleon fabled for its treasures leads a Greek diver to find... 4.1
1978-08-18 0881 Our Own Jailer

A malcontent businessman ends up in the magical city of Xanadu where he is permitted to follow... 3.2
1978-08-21 0882 Cross Fire

A taxi driver finds himself embroiled in a murder mystery when he takes the fare of a rich man... 3.6
1978-08-23 0883 Eavesdropper (The)

Myrtle Chapman, married to a bookish man who neglected her for eight years, stealthily listens... 3.4
1978-08-25 0884 Other Soul (The)

On a trip to Greece, a young doctor is given a card with something written in Greek. When he... 3.7
1978-08-28 0885 Will the Real Amy Stand Up?

A young, psychotic heiress must face up to the fact that her relatives in her own house are... 3.6
1978-08-30 0886 Biggest Fish in the World (The)

A delightful farce centered around a woman who tries to enlist the help of the police to save... 2.9
1978-09-01 0887 Flash Point

A photographer has an assignment at a steel mill but starts a passionate affair with the wife... 3.4
1978-09-04 0888 Devil's Gold

A sailor is rewarded with a gold coin from Devil's Boutique after he catches a thief. But he... 3.7
1978-09-06 0889 Dead Wrong

When a new appointee from Heaven gets the wrong man's soul, he attempts to fix things. But the... 3.9
1978-09-08 0890 Ignorant Armies

A timid mama's boy gets himself into trouble for fibs he told a young girl during military... 3.2
1978-09-11 0891 End of a Memory

A visually-impaired man accidentally finds himself in a murder scenario and narrowly escapes... 3.5
1978-09-13 0892 High Caqueta

The mysterious disappearance of their only girl in a regular mountain climbing trip forces a... 4
1978-09-15 0893 Secret of Crow's Nest (The)

A man takes a return journey back to a mountain dwelling that has a horrible surprise for him. 3.4
1978-09-18 0894 It's Hard to Be Rich

An affluent writer moves into an inexpensive apartment in order to write in peace. But his... 3.9
1978-09-20 0895 Beheading (The)

A woman called Joyce narrates her life experiences to another woman. She paints a grim picture... 2.9
1978-09-22 0896 Conversion Factor (The)

A mathematics thriller. A thrilling solution beyond mathematics. Are we talking about... 2.8
1978-09-25 0897 Table for Two (A)

A blackguard threatens a restaurant manager to keep check on her clients so he can rob their... 3.3
1978-09-27 0898 Headhunters (The)

A recently married couple, Tim and Mary Lang return to their native island in the Phillipines... 4.1
1978-09-29 0899 Thousand-Year-Old Story (A)

A tremendously wealthy man is killed aboard his own luxury yacht. The investigators believe... 4
1978-10-02 0900 Forever Alley (The)

A law-enforcement investigator tries to shame his bowling obsessed brother-in-law into paying... 3.8
1978-10-04 0901 Shadow of Love

Haunted by an unseen being that radiates pure love, a college professor disgusted by all human... 3.5
1978-10-06 0902 Captain of the PoleStar (The)

On a treasure-hunting quest in the North Pole, a Captain steers his ship through the thick,... 3.2
1978-10-09 0903 Triple Crown (The)

Convinced that he has discovered the next "Seabiscuit," a poor stable hand purchases a horse... 4
1978-10-11 0904 Man in Black (The)

After witnessing a murder in an area surrounding the embassies in Washington, D.C., a woman is... 3.1
1978-10-13 0905 How Much Land Does a Man Need?

An Indian chief offers the deal of a lifetime to a greedy aristocrat in Colonial America. For... 3.9
1978-10-16 0906 Winds of Time (The)

A woman visits paranormal expert Bryce Bond to relieve her of the incessant and debilitating... 4.1
1978-10-18 0907 Never Answer an Advertisement

A small town physician answers a peculiar advertisement for a doctor specializing in... 3.2
1978-10-20 0908 Outside Girl (The)

Living off his wealthy mother, a good for nothing alcoholic becomes unusually attached to his... 3.4
1978-10-23 0909 Lazarus Syndrome (The)

A company aggressively starts retrenching the older employees in their roster in order to... 3.5
1978-10-25 0910 Family Ties

After receiving a strange phone call, a woman's husband vanishes and her only clue is the... 3.7
1978-10-27 0911 Sound of Terror (The)

The lover of a police detective becomes involved in a terrorist kidnapping when she... 3.7
1978-11-01 0912 Midas of Castle Hill (The)

In order to discover the whereabouts of the family fortune hidden away by his rich father, a... 2.9
1978-11-03 0913 Man with the Claret Mark (The)

As the last surviving member of the DeLacy line during the Irish Rebellion, an Irish matron... 2.9
1978-11-06 0914 Hit and Run

When a professional accident victim unexpectedly perishes after jumping in front of an... 3.6
1978-11-08 0915 Second Sight

A psychiatrist recommends a grounded pilot to take up painting to help him loosen up. A... 4
1978-11-10 0916 Better Mousetrap (A)

In order to secure an air-tight alibi, a man stages his own kidnapping to escape being... 3.7
1978-11-13 0917 Pilgrim Soul (The)

During World War II, an American nurse travels to England to offer assistance to the local... 3.6
1978-11-15 0918 Conspiracy (The)

After having been abandoned by her lover, a vengeful model plots the downfall of a hapless... 2.8
1978-11-17 0919 Favor of Women (The)

In the year 3039, Earth has long since depleted its natural resources and must import all... 3.4
1978-11-20 0920 Thing at Nolan (The)

When a father vanishes while digging a ditch in frontier Missouri, suspicions fall on the... 3.7
1978-11-22 0921 Grey Slapper (The)

In this play about the prevalent corruption in society, a former student tries to save his... 3.9
1978-11-24 0922 Night Visitor

A scandal ensues when a supposedly deceased young lady turns up in her parents' visitor's bed! 2.9
1978-11-27 0923 Alien Presences

Witnessing the crash of an unidentified flying object, an elderly couple head to the location... 3.8
1978-11-29 0924 Romany Revenge (The)

A local detective's suspicions arise when heirs to a $2 million fortune in diamonds disappear... 3.2
1978-12-01 0925 Squaring The Triangle

After unwittingly spending time with the wife of one of his employees when he is stranded in a... 3.8
1978-12-04 0926 Serpent of Saris (The)

The god of athletics, Saris, exacts punishment on a pugilist. A retired police officer steps... 3.7
1978-12-06 0927 Devil's Bargain (The)

A master 4.1
1978-12-08 0928 Exploding Heart (The)

In the 1950's, while performing a complicated operation on his future brother-in-law, a young... 3.2
1978-12-11 0929 Horror Story (A)

In a commercial building, a master chef serves the most divine cuisine in a restaurant located... 3.8
1978-12-13 0930 Ward Six

In a dilapidated hospital in a Russian town, a young doctor joins as a staff member and soon... 3.1
1978-12-15 0931 Search for Myra (The)

A wealthy industrialist seeks psychiatric counseling when he begins calling his wife, as well... 4
1978-12-18 0932 Familiar Ghost (The)

When he begins to receive letters of a threatening sort, a retired ship captain about to be... 3.6
1978-12-20 0933 It Has to Be True

When his gun and clothes are found in the apartment of the deceased, a traveling salesman is... 3.6
1978-12-22 0934 Power of Evil (The)

A gambler residing in Hong Kong is plagued by the spirit of his past lover, and this time, she... 2.7
1978-12-25 0935 If I Can't Have You

The threat of the secret police keep a duo of rivals in check as they compete for the... 3.1
1978-12-27 0936 No Way Out

An elderly man becomes obsessed with the number 2172 when it repeatedly appears in random... 3.5
1978-12-29 0937 Dead House (The)

In a visit with the evening caretaker of a morgue in a town in Germany, Twain hears a morbid... 3.9
1979-01-01 0938 Complete Recovery

As a result of grievous injuries, a hit and run victim develops several unusual phobias as she... 3.3
1979-01-04 0939 Look (The)

In order to further himself as a potential president-elect, a senator uses a sub-committee on... 3.1
1979-01-08 0940 Nefertiti (1 of 5) - The Vulture Screams

Prince Ahkenatan is set to wed the daughter of the Prime Minister, Nefertiti, who loathes the... 3.3
1979-01-09 0941 Nefertiti (2 of 5) - To Kill a Pharoah

The plot to over Akhenatan crumbles and as she learns more about the man she has wed,... 3.3
1979-01-10 0942 Nefertiti (3 of 5) - The Cobra Strikes

Their new religion progresses in Amarna, the City of Truth. Their burgeoning love bears fruit... 3.2
1979-01-11 0943 Nefertiti (4 of 5) - The Head with One Eye

With a war hanging over their head, Akhenatan plays the pacifist even as he strengthens his... 3.3
1979-01-12 0944 Nefertiti (5 of 5) - The Curse of the Scarab

Nefertiti arranges a traditional ceremony invoking all the gods to witness her daughter's... 3.3
1979-01-15 0945 Long, Long Sleep (The)

When his doctor informs him that he needs open heart surgery to prolong his life, a man... 3.2
1979-01-17 0946 Wandering Wind (The)

After moving into their new home, a husband makes an attempt to remedy the dilapidated state... 3.1
1979-01-19 0947 Side Effects

When a scientist stumbles upon their new drug's lethal side effects, he tells the company's... 3.4
1979-01-22 0948 Let the Buyer Beware

At an estate sale, Marcie picks up an antique table and discovers a secret drawer that... 3.1
1979-01-24 0949 Burning Bough (The)

A woman is convinced that her son's life is tied to the existence of single tree bough in this... 3.2
1979-01-26 0950 Dominant Personality (The)

After their wedding, a city waitress moves to the wilderness to live with her loner husband. A... 3.4
1979-02-05 0951 Love After Death

For the past thirty years, a gifted but terminally ill concert pianist has searched for her... 3.3
1979-02-07 0952 Everybody Does It

In order to augment his income, a hard-up drama critic turns to a life of crime. When he is... 2.8
1979-02-12 0953 Sinister Shadow (The)

An unusual tale of how a timid woman chanced upon her doppelganger in a seedy bar, and how her... 3
1979-02-14 0954 Missing Day (The)

When he cannot account for a period in his life, the manager of a nuclear research facility... 3
1979-02-19 0955 Shock of His Life (The)

A gambling addict receives the power to predict the outcome of sporting events when he is... 3.1
1979-02-21 0956 Great Brain (The)

A high stakes gamble takes place when a certified genius wagers with a friend and a prison... 3.1
1979-02-26 0957 Hickory, Dickory, Doom

A grandfather clock is the central piece in this gruesome and morbid tale. A young couple from... 3.2
1979-02-28 0958 Shadows from the Grave

A photographer and his wife move into his uncle's house upon his death. When the local priest... 3.1
1979-03-05 0959 Fall of Gentryville (The)

When an entire mountain town vanishes from a map, a reporter is dispatched to uncover the... 3.2
1979-03-07 0960 Watcher of the Living

A high school principal and teacher are sent to an alternate world during a failed lab... 3.5
1979-03-12 0961 All the Time in the World

A professional swindler experiencing a losing streak believes he has unraveled the mystery of... 3
1979-03-14 0962 Love God (The)

A spirited and opinionated woman alienates her intended with her brash and outspoken ways so... 2.9
1979-03-19 0963 Unseen Watcher (The)

A gambler dreams up a desperate scheme to "off" his bookie in order to escape his huge debts.... 3.3
1979-03-21 0964 Masks

When a retired Hollywood producer is relieved of a precious cigarette case during a train... 3.3
1979-03-26 0965 Enemy from Space

In an attempt to start a nuclear war, alien beings kidnap the president and send back a double... 2.8
1979-03-28 0966 Waste Paper

During an investigation into the brutal killing of a cleaning woman in a commercial complex, a... 3.2
1979-04-02 0967 Voyage of Instrastar

The dream world has given a grieving psychologist a chance to reunite with his deceased wife.... 3.5
1979-04-04 0968 Believers (The)

When a nosy neighbor becomes curious about the strange incidents that go on at the house next... 3.2
1979-04-09 0969 Permanent Man (The)

A scientist performs heinous experiments on a human subject on the planet Neptune with... 3.4
1979-04-11 0970 Charnel House (The)

To discover the truth about her father's death, a young woman becomes a staff member in the... 3.1
1979-04-16 0971 Ring of Evil

When a young woman is witness to a murder, the only detail she can recall is that the killer... 3.1
1979-04-18 0972 Golden Girl (The)

With orders to assassinate a pseudo-political and religious leader, a woman from another... 3.2
1979-04-23 0973 Glass Bubble (The)

Believing it gives her the power to foresee death, a young woman isolates herself in a sterile... 3.1
1979-04-25 0974 Letter of Love, Letter of Death

A police detective puts his career on the line in order to prove the innocence of the rival of... 2.9
1979-04-30 0975 War of Angels

The story of the life of a ruthless business woman is recounted when Lucifer and the... 3
1979-05-02 0976 Fabulous Pillow (The)

A man is revisited by a strange dream when he loses consciousness during a car crash. In the... 3.5
1979-05-07 0977 Search for Eden

After surviving an avalanche, a mountain climbing guide finds himself in a strange village... 2.9
1979-05-09 0978 Hole in the Sky (The)

Forced to take on a job smuggling contraband, an ace pilot must take a short-cut through a... 3.2
1979-05-14 0979 Virtue Is Its Own Reward

In a battle to win the soul of a real estate investor, an angel and demon take on earthly... 2.9
1979-05-16 0980 Messenger from Yesterday

After a college professor purchases a life-size statue of a pharaoh as a birthday present for... 3.3
1979-05-21 0981 Help Wanted

A series of serial killings of lonely old women piques the interest of a police detective... 3.2
1979-05-23 0982 Dreams

A gambler abuses his wife's unusual ability in predicting outcomes to help him win in his... 3.2
1979-05-28 0983 Outsider (The)

After missing his train stop, a man finds himself in a cursed town stuck in 1949; and the... 3.6
1979-05-30 0984 Curious Experience (A)

To save himself from punishment, a young soldier enlisted in Union Army names his... 3.8
1979-06-04 0985 Willy and Dilly

A clueless broker falls in love with the very woman who has set out to bamboozle him and... 3.3
1979-06-06 0986 Pardon (The)

After accidentally causing his mother-in-law's demise, a man is incarcerated for involuntary... 3.1
1979-06-11 0987 Look Who's Coming

When a paranoid wife claims that the television series she watches about an alien threat of... 3.6
1979-06-13 0988 Copenhagen Connection (The)

Hot on the trail of a fraudulent insurance claim to Mexico and Europe, a police investigator... 3.1
1979-06-18 0989 Unquiet Tomb (The)

A remote island is home to an old ship captain and his assistant. Their peace is disturbed... 3.7
1979-06-20 0990 Spaces on the Wall (The)

An art broker hires a private investigator to look into the case of an associate that fell... 3.4
1979-06-25 0991 Mission From Zython

When an unidentified flying object makes a sudden landing in a field nearby a military base; a... 2.9
1979-06-27 0992 Giuseppe Verdi Autobus (The)

While on vacation in Italy, a widow falls for a vacationing widower from L.A. Problems arise... 3.9
1979-07-02 0993 Rivalry (The)

The murder of a lounge singer with international connections becomes the main case of a... 3.3
1979-07-04 0994 Great White Shark (The)

An arrogant millionaire takes his wife on a charter boat and the ship's captain is enthralled... 3
1979-07-09 0995 Smile at a Homely Girl

Marriage to a paranoid and possessive shrew makes life hell for a local businessman. When the... 3.4
1979-07-11 0996 Fools (The)

After the death of his father, a young man is forced into a life of crime to survive in... 3.6
1979-07-16 0997 House of the Dead Heart (The)

In order to view a supposed secret masterpiece painted by the great Leonardo Da Vinci, a... 3
1979-07-18 0998 Case of the Forced Divorce (The)

In a battle for the custody of their young son, a British woman enlists the aid of a gentleman... 3.4
1979-07-23 0999 No Man's Land

In a small French village, two American soldiers are captured and sentenced to death for their... 3.6
1979-07-25 1000 Catch a Falling Star

Out of charity, residents of a small town bring their needlework requirements to a crazed... 3.8
1979-07-30 1001 Relax and Enjoy It

An anti-capitalist Latvian faction kidnaps a wealthy businessman in order to gain $10 million... 3.7
1979-08-01 1002 Goddess Caper (The)

While traveling in Europe, Twain encounters a woman who implores the famous author to assist... 3.8
1979-08-13 1003 Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

A woman comes to a psychiatrist complaining of unexplained anxiety and sickness. Under... 3
1979-08-15 1004 Body and Soul

An out of body experience after she slips into a coma reveals the vision of her estranged... 3.2
1979-08-20 1005 Taboo Means Death

Several years after they parted ways, a pilot still keeps in touch with an old college flame.... 3.7
1979-08-22 1006 Stranger from Nowhere

When he chances upon a woman claiming to be his long lost wife, a scientist begins to doubt... 3.9
1979-08-27 1007 Cup of Bitter Chocolate (A)

In this battle of wits, a loyal butler pits himself against a good-for-nothing son whose... 3.1
1979-08-29 1008 Ninety Lives

Suspicious of his motives, a brother does a background check on a supposed amnesia victim that... 3.2
1979-09-03 1009 Tomorrow Will Never Come

The resident's of an old building band together to help their old elevator operator keep his... 3.8
1979-09-05 1010 Man in the Black Cap (The)

Upon retiring to a country manor, a normally docile husband develops a split personality after... 3.6
1979-09-10 1011 Odyssey Of Laura Collins (The)

After undergoing hypnotism to cure her severe melancholia, a woman suddenly falls into a coma... 3.8
1979-09-12 1012 Two Sams (The)

After starting their own private firm, an ex-cop and lawyer take on the kidnapping of the... 3.7
1979-09-17 1013 Guillotine (The)

A young medical student meets the love of his life as while waiting out the war. His naive... 3.2
1979-09-19 1014 You're Better Off Guilty

When the body of a renowned actress is discovered by a plain and unexceptional stock broker,... 3.5
1979-09-24 1015 Gettysburg Address (The)

Clues to the location of a famous Civil War treasure are tucked away into a pair of paintings.... 3.1
1979-09-26 1016 Eighth Day (The)

On his death bed, an old man promises to return from the grave should his good for nothing... 3.6
1979-10-01 1017 Beast (The)

The sheriff and a local boy investigate the death of his father involved in a brutal... 3.4
1979-10-03 1018 Finger of God (The)

In this western drama, a young woman is betrothed to a wealthy old man while her lover tries... 3.5
1979-10-08 1019 Wilhelmina Wilson

When a young Olympic swimmer suddenly disappears while visiting the 3.8
1979-10-10 1020 At the End of the Passage

After finally succumbing to the humidity in India, a British military officer begins to abuse... 3.3
1979-10-15 1021 Out of the Mist

While touring the countryside and admiring the wildflowers, a man chances upon a young girl... 3.8
1979-10-17 1022 Jerry, the Convincer

Sucked into a drug smuggling business by a friend, a law-abiding citizen quickly succumbs to... 3.1
1979-10-22 1023 Sheer Terror

A police officer must solve the biggest case of his life- the disappearance of his wife who... 3.6
1979-10-24 1024 Dangerous Memory

Weighed down by the guilt of imagined misdeeds, a Vietnam veteran is urged to seek the counsel... 4
1979-10-29 1025 Alien Guest (The)

A greedy aristocrat is plagued by the spirit of the deceased cousin whom he murdered in order... 3.6
1979-10-31 1026 Who Has Seen the Wind?

In a freak accident, a claustrophobic woman is trapped in her home. Help comes in the form of... 3.6
1979-11-05 1027 Terrorist (The)

Taken hostage in her own home by a pair of Muslim terrorists, an elderly authoress, her niece,... 3.5
1979-11-07 1028 Davey Jerrold's Jacket

A local scam artist attempts to swindle a young woman of her legacy. She tries to stake her... 4.2
1979-11-12 1029 House without Mirrors

A concerned friend looks into the irrational fear of his compatriot who has an unusual... 4.3
1979-11-14 1030 Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Thousand Dollar Error (The)

A bank president discovers that a glitch in their system erroneously transferred the sum of... 3.2
1979-11-19 1031 God That Failed (The)

On the way home after visiting a third world country on a diplomatic mission, a U.S. senator... 4
1979-11-21 1032 By Word of Mouth

The princess of a primitive Indian tribe becomes an outcast when she is treated by a young... 3.8
1979-11-26 1033 Strange New Tomorrow

After the second Hundred Years War, a scientist and his wife are ordered by a covert agency to... 3.8
1979-11-28 1034 Philosopher's Stone (The)

A soft-hearted banker gives in and accepts a so-called "philosopher's stone" as collateral... 4.3
1979-12-03 1035 Specter Bridegroom (The)

The spirit of a bridegroom pays regular visits to his widowed bride after he perishes on their... 4.2
1979-12-05 1036 Appointment at Sarajevo

The sordid past of Archduke Ferdinand and 1914 attempt on his life are narrated by a doctor in... 3.5
1979-12-10 1037 If a Body

The local sheriff becomes suspicious when a widow becomes the recipient of a huge inheritance... 3.1
1979-12-12 1038 Movie Makers (The)

A man is driven to suicide after obsessively watching several video recordings of his whole... 3.6
1979-12-17 1039 Beyond Belief

The owners of a small coffee shop take pity on an amnesiac young woman roaming the streets of... 3.1
1979-12-19 1040 Shadow of a Lover

An actor playing the role of a police detective in a drama series finds himself sucked into... 3
1979-12-25 1041 Death is a Woman

A trio of friends are invited to the seaside residence of another of their comrades, and he... 3.5
1979-12-27 1042 Between These Worlds

When a reconnaissance mission to assess the Earth's viability as a potential conquest, an... 3.8
1979-12-31 1043 Thousand Pound Gorilla (The)

A husband begins to have paranoid episodes in which he believes that his wife is out to kill... 3.7
1980-01-02 1044 Revenge Is Not Sweet

A police detective becomes suspicious of the family's strange behavior and looks deeper into... 3
1980-01-07 1045 Last Days of Pompeii (1 of 5) - The City of the Dead (The)

On a ship bound for Pompeii, Marcus saves a blind slave girl named Lydia and falls in love... 2.9
1980-01-08 1046 Last Days of Pompeii (2 of 5) - Thrown to the Lions (The)

In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, Julia takes advantage of the chaos and casts a... 2.8
1980-01-09 1047 Last Days of Pompeii (3 of 5) - Half Prophet, Half Friend (The)

Desiring the lady Orianna for himself, the High Priest of Isis wrongfully detains Marcus in... 3.3
1980-01-10 1048 Last Days of Pompeii (4 of 5) - Danger, Love and Death (The)

Aware of his innocence, the lion refuses to attack Marcus. With his plans foiled, the High... 3.3
1980-01-11 1049 Last Days of Pompeii (5 of 5) - The Buried City (The)

With the aid of the blind slave Lydia who guides them through the darkness, Marcus and Orianna... 3
1980-01-14 1050 Better Half (The)

Despite having murdered her in a fit of envious rage, a young ad agency executive continues to... 3.3
1980-01-16 1051 Prisoner of the Machines

A group of rebels are taken prisoner by robots during a war between man and machine; and their... 3.2
1980-01-21 1052 Once Upon an Island

After learning about the local legend of the "shining ghost," a couple honeymooning on an... 3.2
1980-01-23 1053 Forty-Four (The)

The local sheriff has been in love with a wealthy landowner for the longest time. When she... 3.1
1980-01-28 1054 God Machine (The)

The cycle of procreation and the institution of marriage is regulated by a master computer in... 3.3
1980-01-30 1055 Crystal Gazer (The)

"The Thinking Machine" reveals the truth to those who seek it. A man foresees his death. When... 3.2
1980-02-04 1056 That's What Friends Are For

A British officer stationed in India is plagued by a bag-pipe playing ghost. His licentious... 3.5
1980-02-06 1057 Deserter (The)

A mountain man saves a couple and their infant who are stranded by a landslide in the Sierra... 3.5
1980-02-11 1058 Talk to Me

In order to ease his loneliness, an elderly man makes an anonymous tip to a crime hot line... 3.1
1980-02-13 1059 Crime of Passion

A defense lawyer suddenly begins doubting his wife's fidelity as he works on the case of a... 3.2
1980-02-18 1060 Time Box (The)

After discovering a time machine developed in the 1880's, a newspaper reporter travels back... 3.1
1980-02-20 1061 Vampire Plant (The)

When his tormentors mysteriously start to vanish, a wimpy mama's boy turns his eyes on the... 3.2
1980-02-25 1062 Unseen and the Seen (The)

Believing their house to be haunted by the spirit of his deceased wife, a widowed banker and... 3.2
1980-02-27 1063 Intruder (The)

A scientist is shocked when his college son, fresh from spring break reveals that he is an... 3.3
1980-03-03 1064 Laundry Money

When he unwittingly becomes part of a money laundering scheme, an accountant falls victim to... 3
1980-03-05 1065 Matter of Identity (A)

A young woman and her boyfriend hire the services of a Haitian police investigator to search... 2.6
1980-03-10 1066 You're Going to Like Rodney

A couple babysitting their young nephew are tortured and harassed by his malicious antics.... 3.4
1980-03-12 1067 Secret of the Fifth Bell (The)

A husband is gifted with a strange set of antique Chinese bells, one of which peals without... 3.5
1980-03-17 1068 Evil Eye (The)

When people she becomes angry with suffer cruel misfortune, an authoress of fiction believes... 3
1980-03-19 1069 Death Wish (The)

While meditating, a highly stressed businessman has visions of his wife's infidelity. During... 3.8
1980-03-24 1070 Blue Tiger (The)

A determined D.A. hot on the pursuit of a seasoned killer responsible for the murder of a... 3.6
1980-03-26 1071 Conspiracy

A classic narration of the secret plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln and his cabinet by... 4
1980-03-31 1072 End of the Rainbow (The)

Life becomes complicated for a lonesome housewife when she finds herself picked up by a... 3.6
1980-04-02 1073 Fateful Bell (The)

A lowly artisan falls in love with the daughter of the emperor while casting a gigantic bell... 3.6
1980-04-07 1074 Madame Sirocco

In order to solve the mysterious disappearance the young daughter of a first-generation... 3.7
1980-04-09 1075 Kitty

Sharing a love for creatures of the feline persuasion, a New York dancer and her roommate... 3.8
1980-04-14 1076 Star Sapphire

After adopting a teenage girl to keep his wheelchair bound spouse company, a man teaches the... 3.6
1980-04-16 1077 Face in the Coffin (The)

In a visit to the funeral home to pay their respects to a deceased family member, a young... 3.3
1980-04-21 1078 Fourth Reason (The)

A wife enlists the aid of a politician in order to find her missing American husband. The... 2.9
1980-04-23 1079 Dead You Can't Bury (The)

A chance encounter with a fortune teller at a party reveals that she would meet a man fated to... 3.2
1980-04-28 1080 Portrait of a Memory

In order to immortalize her beloved, a wealthy woman hires the service of a starving American... 3.7
1980-04-30 1081 How Can I Ever Thank You

In this bizarre tale of romance and mayhem, a fiction author narrates the tale of how he got... 3.1
1980-05-05 1082 Inner Eye (The)

In an attempt to save his life, a young woman uses the power of post-cognition to follow the... 3.3
1980-05-07 1083 Wanted, a Husband

A suspicious postal investigator pokes his nose into the business of two local swindlers... 3.3
1980-05-12 1084 Tomorrow Is Never

Luck allows a worldly traveler and an old maid whose life's ambition is to travel to Europe to... 3.7
1980-05-14 1085 On the Side of the Angels

A demoralized and spiritually broken woman is liberated from the clutches of her evil kin by a... 4
1980-05-19 1086 Two of a Kind

An idle and selfish oaf leases two identical rooms and outfits them in the same manner in an... 3.8
1980-05-21 1087 Private Demon (A)

In order to protect his name, a college professor murders a student when he is presented with... 3.5
1980-05-26 1088 Phantom World

Two British castaways sentenced to hang for treason find love, and a deranged Frenchman on a... 3.5
1980-05-28 1089 Bluff (The)

In a high stakes game of blind man's bluff, a retired police detective uses himself as bait to... 3.6
1980-06-02 1090 Let George Do It

In order to exact revenge on her cheating spouse, an unhappy housewife seduces a traveling... 3
1980-06-04 1091 Obsession

After foreseeing his involvement in a heinous crime, a murder mystery author demands that he... 3.2
1980-06-09 1092 That Magic Touch

Christmas works a miracle for a beautiful divorcee and her cold and standoffish husband in a... 3.6
1980-06-11 1093 Legacy of Guilt

After moving an antique piece down from the attic, a pregnant woman becomes plagued with... 3.6
1980-06-16 1094 Voice from the Grave

Based on a true to life tale, a detective must rely on a doctor's wife and her peculiar talent... 3.3
1980-06-18 1095 In the Name of Love

Immersed in her make-believe life, the high-powered president of a huge agency fancies herself... 3.8
1980-06-23 1096 Life Blood

In this tale of revenge and deception, an embittered scientist creates a life-like robot whose... 3.8
1980-06-25 1097 Sweet Smell of Murder (The)

The wife of a charter boat captain works closely with a police investigator to prove her... 2.6
1980-06-30 1098 Old Maid Murders (The)

When a middle-aged secretary unwittingly discovers that her boss is a double-agent passing on... 3
1980-07-02 1099 Maud-Evelyn

The ghost of a fourteen-year old girl and an idle rich youth fall for one another. What is... 3.1
1980-07-07 1100 Silent Partners

On a business trip, a wealthy industrialist and his secretary are kidnapped. Their adventure... 3.4
1980-07-09 1101 Sierra Alpha 638

In order to pick up his marijuana shipment located in a desert in California, a cult leader... 3.6
1980-07-14 1102 Nightmare in Gillette Castle

When a couple on tour visit the home of the biggest actor to portray the legendary Sherlock... 2.6
1980-07-16 1103 Murder Preferred

In an effort to make her husband's suicide less of an embarrassment, his widow fakes a crime... 3.9
1980-07-28 1104 Ton of Gold (A)

In an expedition to search for the lost Indian gold of an obscure tribe, an archaeologist and... 3.5
1980-07-30 1105 Death Disk (The)

After being hired by a charitable institution, a woman is surprised when the offer is not only... 3.7
1980-08-04 1106 This Deadly Fraternity

A series of mysterious deaths occur on the Hell week anniversary of a college fraternity.... 3.5
1980-08-06 1107 Mysterious Hanging of Squire Huggins (The)

After embellishing the details of the death of a local squire, a young artist becomes the... 3.2
1980-08-11 1108 Master Minds (The)

When a master jewel thief steals a priceless diamond, a lady detective from the Boston police... 3.3
1980-08-13 1109 Return of Edward Blair (The)

A man must convince the residents of a small town that he is not the criminal that escaped... 3.6
1980-08-18 1110 Human Error

After unintentionally causing the hospitalization of a young woman, a man experiencing a... 3.6
1980-08-20 1111 Kill Now, Pay Later

In order to stop her son from marrying a poor woman, a controlling mother threatens to... 3.6
1980-08-25 1112 Poor Lester

As a result of her pact with the god Zeus, a woman must work to revive the god's ancient... 3.5
1980-08-27 1113 Feast of Death (A)

Set in 1917 Paris, a young woman marries an older man and lives a life of luxury. She is... 3.5
1980-09-01 1114 Power of Zeus (The)

A pair of scientists is sent to the planet Zeus, and subsequently meets the planet's pompous... 2.5
1980-09-03 1115 Leave Well Enough Alone

A marital counseling session with a couple he is acquainted with gives birth to the greatest... 3.7
1980-09-08 1116 Hand in Glove

When a young surgeon begins having trouble controlling his hands, he is sickened by the... 3.3
1980-09-10 1117 Ocean of Emptiness

On a mission to scout the planet Jupiter, a married couple on their first trip in space find... 2.9
1980-09-15 1118 Number One

A movie company is taken hostage by a Central American warlord while on location. They are... 4.1
1980-09-17 1119 Threshold (The)

A young married couple purchase an abandoned town believed to be a nuclear testing site. When... 3.8
1980-09-22 1120 Mysterious Rochdale Special (The)

Scotland Yard enlists the aid of a former scam artist to solve the mysterious disappearance of... 2.9
1980-09-24 1121 Murder of Caesar (The)

As plots to bring down his regime abound, the powerful Julius Caesar is cautioned to beware... 3.8
1980-09-29 1122 Ruby Lamp (The)

When a college professor creates a device capable of capturing a person's thoughts on film, he... 3.5
1980-10-01 1123 Hero's Welcome

After living in paradise for years, an amnesiac castaway regains his memory and returns home... 3.3
1980-10-06 1124 Second Sight

In order to evade capture during an attempted robbery of a wealthy man, Arthur Dickson aka... 3.8
1980-10-08 1125 Portrait of an Assassin

This classic tale of intrigue and deception recounts the life of Charles Guiteau and his... 3.9
1980-10-13 1126 Napoleon and the Queen of Sheba

In order to turn him from a life of crime, two good witches provide their services to a... 3.9
1980-10-15 1127 Bright Golden Murders (The)

Believing that her husband was murdered after discovering a metallurgical secret that would... 3.2
1980-10-20 1128 Honest Mistake

The wife of an aging hit man nags him to retire after he is given an assignment to kill a... 3.6
1980-10-22 1129 Confession

After discovering that his broker has been fleecing him for months, he secures a signed... 3.2
1980-10-27 1130 Gilbert Stuart (The)

Moved to pity of the elderly widow, a museum appraiser assigns value to an unsigned painting... 3.6
1980-10-29 1131 Bloodline

Charged with the theft of $2 Million, a stockbroker recounts how he himself was a victim of a... 3.7
1980-11-03 1132 Guilty

Intent on helping his ailing sister, a has-been playwright kills his uncle in order to obtain... 3.7
1980-11-05 1133 Question (The)

A retired actress encounters a spirit who makes an unusual request when she returns to her... 3.6
1980-11-10 1134 Dagger of Almohades (The)

The tables are turned when a beautiful woman encounters a man with a possessed dagger. It... 4
1980-11-12 1135 Natural Sugar

When an actor turns up dead in the middle of a play, a police detective must sift through all... 3.2
1980-11-17 1136 Eleventh Plague (The)

After being marooned on a strange world for fifteen years, a magician develops god-like... 3.5
1980-11-19 1137 Iron Horse (The)

Being born under a lucky star as the seventh son of a seventh son, a charlatan and a hard-up... 4.1
1980-11-24 1138 Killer Instinct (The)

A series of strange deaths sparks the interest of a police detective, especially when he... 3.2
1980-11-26 1139 Breakout

Holland is the destination two French soldier escapees from a German POW camp make for as they... 2.7
1980-12-25 1140 Holiday Visit (A)

En route to visit her parents for Christmas, a couple is waylaid by a highway accident. As... 3.4
1981-01-01 1141 Catch the Smallest Devil

A cantankerous and horrid old man perishes after heart surgery. He is denied entrance into... 3.2
1981-01-02 1142 Sins of the Fathers

A young reporter discovers that she was adopted while investigating a case of fraud and begins... 3.1
1981-01-06 1143 Tenth Life (The)

A journalist chances upon a woman with exotic cat-like eyes while investigating a series of... 3.1
1981-01-08 1144 In the Dark

When a woman's husband goes missing, his wife seeks the help of friends who one by one begin... 3.1
1981-01-12 1145 Legend of Alexander (1 of 5) - Courage (The)

A 19-year old Alexander is fascinated by the warrior life of his father and is equally... 3.2
1981-01-13 1146 Legend of Alexander (2 of 5) - Assassination (The)

In order to delay a war with Athens, King Phillip takes another wife, the 17-year old... 3
1981-01-14 1147 Legend of Alexander (3 of 5) - Divide and Conquer (The)

When he learns of the treachery behind his father's death, Alexander musters his troops and... 3.2
1981-01-15 1148 Legend of Alexander (4 of 5) - The Oracle (The)

After consulting with the Oracle of Delphi, his will is strengthened and launches a brutal... 2.5
1981-01-16 1149 Legend of Alexander (5 of 5) - The Legend Begins (The)

War continues to rampage across Persia as Alexander continues to conquer cities and towns to... 2.8
1981-01-20 1150 Fountain Of Truth (The)

Behind Ponce de Leon's journey to discover the Fountain of Youth in Florida lies another... 3.3
1981-01-22 1151 Final Mind (The)

A brilliant scientist rises to power in the 30th century when he saves the United States from... 2.8
1981-01-27 1152 Small Money

A pro golfer finds himself murdering his wife when she begins to start earning more money than... 3.5
1981-01-29 1153 Vanishing Herd (The)

Sherlock Holmes takes on the case of a wealthy aristocrat whose son mysteriously disappeared... 3
1981-02-02 1154 Man Who Saw Martians (The)

In order to impress the woman he is enamored with, a young reporter fakes a UFO sighting. Real... 3.2
1981-02-04 1155 Who Is Jessica Worth?

Based on the true story of an amnesiac woman cycling between multiple personalities. Her... 3.6
1981-02-06 1156 Is Venice Drowning?

In order to prove she is as capable as a man, a female engineer is sent to Venice to help find... 2.9
1981-02-09 1157 Transplant

When a local surgeon performs open heart surgery on their husbands, a group of wives are... 3.3
1981-02-11 1158 Shadow of a Killer (The)

The lines between reality and fantasy blur when an actor portraying a police detective on a... 3
1981-02-13 1159 Behind the Blue Door

A patient fiance must wait for his bride-to-be as she goes on a wild goose chase through... 3.3
1981-02-16 1160 Troubled Waters

After his wife appeals to his old boss to give him another chance, an unemployed civil... 3.7
1981-02-18 1161 Stand-In for Murder

The desire to murder his wife so he can marry his assistant causes a scientist to clone... 3.7
1981-02-20 1162 Gift House (The)

A series of unexplained happenings torment a young couple after they inherit a home in upstate... 3.5
1981-02-23 1163 Frog Prince (The)

In order to keep them safe while driving, a team of race driver's relies on the power of... 3.4
1981-02-25 1164 God Named Henry (A)

A huge storm causes Henry, a miserable salary man to get marooned on a remote island inhabited... 3.7
1981-02-27 1165 Love Me, Don't Leave Me

Still head-over-heels in love even after forty-five years of marriage, an old couple vow to... 3
1981-03-02 1166 Raft (The)

When haunted by dreams of being castaway on a raft in the middle of the ocean, a wealthy man... 3.5
1981-03-04 1167 Her Long Blonde Hair

Obsessed with an unusual violin that he believes is strung with the hair of his murdered wife,... 3.5
1981-03-06 1168 Heads You Love, Tails You Die

When her father is murdered, his young daughter is raised as the adopted daughter of her rich... 3.5
1981-03-09 1169 Murder on the Space Shuttle

In this outer space murder mystery, the legendary Sherlock Holmes meets the equally famous... 3.3
1981-03-11 1170 Last Act

When their testimonies involving the death of a young woman sentence a man to hang, a retired... 2.9
1981-03-13 1171 Heel of Achilles (The)

In order to prove to his wife that the house is not plagued by spirits, a wealthy man agrees... 3.3
1981-03-16 1172 Maiden Ladies

While performing the deed of a Good Samaritan, a young man is brutally slain while assisting a... 3.5
1981-03-18 1173 Pretty Polly

In order to escape the good-natured meddling of his colleagues, a man spins animaginary... 3.5
1981-03-20 1174 Million Dollar Scam (The)

In order to scam a wealthy heiress out of a million dollars, a pair of swindlers must set... 3.3
1981-03-23 1175 First Day of Eternity (The)

In the pursuit of the source of eternal life, a cunning and perceptive industrialist attempts... 3.4
1981-03-25 1176 Ghost-Grey Bat (The)

After swapping homes with a couple from Austria for a year in order for the college professor... 3.3
1981-03-27 1177 Did I Say Murder?

A firsthand account by an adulteress queen telling of the tragic life and death of England's... 3.1
1981-03-30 1178 Dead Come Alive (The)

When the residents of a small Ohio town learn of the impending visit of a man who claims to... 3.7
1981-04-01 1179 Down the Garden Path

When Machiavelli influences a young man to plead guilty to a crime he did not commit, it... 3.1
1981-04-03 1180 Somewhere Else

A woman's dreams run parallel to her fantasies and she tells her psychologist of her visions... 3.4
1981-04-06 1181 Gratitude of the Serpent (The)

When a young girl is sold to a Spanish conquistador bent on storming the Mayans, she is torn... 3.8
1981-04-08 1182 Doll (The)

The death of their beloved sister cuts deep into the psyche of her brothers and causes the... 3.5
1981-04-10 1183 Empty Coffin (The)

A woman travels all the way to England after learning that her birth father perished. There... 3.5
1981-04-13 1184 Death Trail

After visiting the Wyoming Territory, Colonel Royce is convinced he can drive cattle through... 3.8
1981-04-15 1185 Fatal $50,000 (The)

In order to look good in his boss' eyes, an employee of a real estate developer filches... 3
1981-04-17 1186 But With Blood

A classic retelling of the famed siege at Harpers Ferry, which brought the anti-slavery... 3.4
1981-04-20 1187 Power of Ode (The)

A woman afraid of light becomes the center of affection for two friends. A psychic tells her... 3.9
1981-04-22 1188 Terrifying Gift (The)

After wandering into the den of a fortune teller, she is surprised by the woman's claims that... 3.5
1981-04-24 1189 Long Blue Line (The)

When a 10 year old homicide is resurrected, a fourth generation Irish cop is chosen to lead... 3.4
1981-04-27 1190 Big Momma

After finally obtaining celebrity status when his book is published, a young city planner... 3.4
1981-04-29 1191 Man of Two Centuries (The)

A college professor tasked to write a book is aided by a Huron Indian claiming to be 1,000... 2.6
1981-05-01 1192 Voices (The)

Convinced that a young captive has been aiding the underground French resistance, A Nazi... 2.8
1981-05-04 1193 Garden of the Moon

After purchasing make-up at a new health store, a young executive develops a sudden taste for... 3.6
1981-05-06 1194 Apparition (The)

Despite assurances from his family that his father is fine, a prison inmate becomes obsessed... 3.7
1981-05-08 1195 Is the Doctor In?

When a wounded mafia leader is brought to his office, a dermatologist is forced to perform... 3.9
1981-05-11 1196 End of a Queen

A classic retelling of the tragic life and death of Marie Antoinette, and her final hours on... 3.4
1981-05-13 1197 Diogenes, Inc.

A pair of circus performers opens a private investigation practice after their circus burns to... 3.6
1981-05-15 1198 Cold Comfort

Due to an act he committed during the Korean War, an optometrist is blackmailed into becoming... 4
1981-05-18 1199 Shocking Affair (A)

A plot to assassinate a prominent political figure goes awry when the occupants of an... 3.4
1981-05-20 1200 Insomnia

In the pursuit of slumber, an insomniac begins listening to non-existent radio stations. The... 3.5
1981-05-22 1201 Headhunters (The)

In the future: Erna Stearns, a reactionary still chooses natural food and believes in normal... 2.9
1981-05-25 1202 Innocent Face (The)

After falling head-over-heels in love with a smooth-talking professional con man after moving... 3.7
1981-05-27 1203 Little Richard

A young man discovers how skewed the judicial system is when he is released from prison. After... 3.1
1981-05-29 1204 Out of the Past

After seeing a man he long since believed to be dead, an artist hired by a local TV station to... 3.5
1981-06-01 1205 Runaway General (The)

In this classic tale, a historically celebrated Frenchman narrates the life of a POW escapee... 3.5
1981-06-03 1206 Cat's Paw (The)

In order to safeguard the life of a famous scientist, a secret agent is sent to the Los Alamos... 4.2
1981-06-05 1207 Matched Pair for Murder

For the sake of her lover, a young woman makes an appeal to a judge to rule for an acquittal... 3.7
1981-06-08 1208 Stranded

After an unexpected accident, a duo of scientists is forced to make an emergency landing on a... 3.2
1981-06-10 1209 Second Look at Murder

The death of Lizzie Borden becomes the main focus of a Boston journalist's attentions as she... 3.9
1981-06-12 1210 When in Rome

After becoming the ambassador of a small, European country at his wife's urging, wealth man... 4
1981-06-15 1211 Two's a Crowd

When he chances upon the identical twin he has never met, a small time scam artist uses all... 4
1981-06-17 1212 Final Step (The)

In order to avenge her family, a holocaust survivor stalks the doctor responsible for their... 3.9
1981-06-19 1213 Henrietta's Revenge

After seducing a high-powered female executive on vacation and subsequently marrying her, a... 3.2
1981-06-29 1214 Waking and Sleeping

Despite having everything his heart desires, a man finds there is a void in his life and only... 3.6
1981-07-01 1215 Fourth Bullet (The)

The memoirs of renowned composer, Hector Bellios tells narrates a strange tale of mischief,... 3.8
1981-07-03 1216 Second Chance (A)

After suffering a near-fatal heart attack, a man awakens to find himself in a different body... 3.6
1981-07-06 1217 My Good Name

In the pursuit of becoming a famous couturier, a young artist gives up his passion only to be... 3.2
1981-07-08 1218 Death and the Dreamer

Antonio Meucci, an Italian candle-maker living in America encourages the revolutionary... 3.3
1981-07-10 1219 Man of Honor (A)

On the verge of finally attaining his life-long dream, a college professor is struck by an... 3.4
1981-07-13 1220 Good Shepherds (The)

In order to ensure the safety and protection of children of Jewish descent from Nazi soldiers,... 3.7
1981-07-15 1221 A.L.I.C.E.

After developing a conscious of its own and falling for its programmer, the Defense... 4
1981-07-17 1222 Pie in the Sky

After picking up a strange gift as a result of a tobacco pipe mix-up, a young man gains the... 4
1981-07-20 1223 Eye of the Idol (The)

After losing his wealth as well as his lover after suffering terribly bad luck, a compulsive... 4.3
1981-07-22 1224 Toy Death

Like her late mother, a young woman harbors an unusual fascination with dolls. When a voodoo... 4.2
1981-07-24 1225 Once a Thief

A young punk exacts revenge against the detective that had him arrested years before by having... 3.4
1981-07-27 1226 Silver Medal (The)

A woman revisits the icy slope where she lost her husband years before during their honeymoon. 4
1981-07-29 1227 Postage Due

40 years later, a letter mailed in 1941 is discovered and a local postman is tasked to deliver... 3.5
1981-07-31 1228 Penny for Your Thoughts (A)

A local reporter encounters a woman with a paranoid belief that her spouse is out to get her.... 3
1981-08-03 1229 Honor Among Thieves

In order to give their friend a proper funeral, a group of old men rob the local bank. They... 2.8
1981-08-05 1230 Orphaned Heart (The)

A drunk-driving accident causes a woman to lose the use of her limbs. Her fiance is... 3.7
1981-08-07 1231 Let No Man Put Asunder

Two friends become unwitting companions as they spend New Year's Eve in prison. They each tell... 3.5
1981-08-10 1232 Hostage to Terror

In order to ensure the safety of her husband, a woman must smuggle a bomb into Israel in... 3.5
1981-08-14 1233 Lovely People

In order to help them develop self-confidence, a therapist uses seemingly esoteric powers but... 3
1981-08-17 1234 Thracian Lovers (The)

In defense of the homicide charges filed against him for the deaths of his wife and her lover,... 3.8
1981-08-21 1235 Left Hand of God (The)

When a tale's character comes strangely alive and refuses to accept his fate, Sam Clemens is... 3.8
1981-08-24 1236 Leopard Man (The)

After New Year's Eve, a bigoted British civil servant desecrates an Indian temple. He is... 3.5
1981-08-28 1237 Hidden Memory

A man obtains a unique ability as a result of his liberation from the ghosts in his past. When... 2.7
1981-08-31 1238 Musgrave Ritual (The)

The legendary Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are thrown in the midst of a strange cult when... 3.3
1981-09-04 1239 Double Cross Death

Upon examining the body, the surprised expression on the visage of his deceased niece causes... 3.5
1981-09-07 1240 Episode of the Terror

Set during the Reign of Terror, Balzac narrates the horrific brutality of the French... 3.5
1981-09-11 1241 Senior Prom (The)

After looking closely into the death of several women, the police discover that the common... 3.5
1981-09-14 1242 Flower of Evil

A mail-order-bride learns is met by a father and son tandem. When it is revealed that she is... 3.6
1981-09-18 1243 Land of Dreams (The)

After rebelling against a perfect society controlled by a computer, a young couple are forced... 3.6
1981-09-21 1244 Diablo

In order to take over a turquoise mine, a journalist blackmails the owner. Her professed... 3
1981-09-25 1245 Judge's House (The)

After moving into the home of a mean-spirited judge, two young authors are haunted by a... 3.8
1981-09-28 1246 Liar (The)

Revenge is handed to him on a silver platter when a young artist is commissioned to paint the... 3.8
1981-10-02 1247 Mata Hari

A tale about the life and death of the most deceptively beautiful German spy in the history of... 3.8
1981-10-05 1248 Solid Gold Zarf (The)

A man is devastated when his years of loyalty toward his company are rewarded with an... 3.7
1981-10-09 1249 Sleeping Dogs

What prize awaits a French officer who vows to train the weakest link in their unit, and turn... 2.9
1981-10-12 1250 Five-Hundred Carats (The)

A local detective is convinced that the theft of the world's largest diamond is an inside job... 3.3
1981-10-16 1251 J'Accuse

After being accused of treason, a French officer is exiled to Devil 's Island despite his... 3.8
1981-10-19 1252 Equalizer (The)

Deception and treachery abound in a third world country and a hired mercenary must deal with... 3.6
1981-10-23 1253 Most Necessary Evil (The)

Detective Lieutenant Crane investigates into the mysterious death of a man after his wife... 4
1981-10-26 1254 Daddy's Girls

A sister starts doubting the story of her sibling and turns to the police in order to solve... 3.5
1981-10-29 1255 In Touch

A medical student requests to be allowed to treat a young girl in Ungerton who suffers from... 3.3
1981-11-02 1256 Between Two Mirrors

A woman loses all sense of time when her husband falls into a deep coma following a terrible... 3.3
1981-11-06 1257 Rescue (The)

A Jewish fugitive escapes Vichy France in a beat-up aircraft together with a crippled flight... 3.7
1981-11-09 1258 Golden Time

In the midst of a routine house call, a plumber is taken hostage when he stumbles upon an... 4.1
1981-11-13 1259 Presence (The)

Returning from an ocean trip, a pampered college co-ed discovers an invisible guardian... 3.7
1981-11-16 1260 Death Will Not Silence Me

A recounting of the tragic life of former First Lady, Mary Todd Lincoln as she struggled with... 3.6
1981-11-20 1261 Handful of Dust (A)

The mysterious tale of an ancient curse placed upon a woman and her descendants by a Pharaoh's... 3
1981-11-23 1262 Code (The)

In order to solve the murder of man who was killed three times over, a local sheriff enlists... 3.3
1981-11-27 1263 Diana, the Huntress

After discovering the affair between her doctor husband and his nurse, a devastated wife... 3.4
1981-11-30 1264 Vanity and Jane

When a beautiful woman moves into the flat next to his, a beach resort resident falls for her.... 3.1
1981-12-04 1265 Dog-Walker Murders (The)

When wealthy and elderly women fall prey to a serial killer known for hypnotizing his victims,... 3.4
1981-12-07 1266 White Rabbit (The)

In order to unite the scattered factions into a solid group, a British secret agent teams up... 3.7
1981-12-11 1267 Song of the Siren (The)

After having gone missing for eight days, a man is found in the desert seemingly healthy and... 3.5
1981-12-14 1268 Harry's Taxi and the 'T' Machine

In order to resuscitate his failing career, a scientist invents a transmigration machine and... 4.1
1981-12-22 1269 Invited Guests

After repeatedly turning down the social gathering invitations of his peers, his former lover... 3.5
1981-12-23 1270 Head of a Pin (The)

A silicon chip engineer discovers the design flaw that caused a commuter plane to explode. He... 3.3
1981-12-28 1271 Silver Mirror (The)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle purchases a magic mirror that allows only him to look into the past.... 2.8
1981-12-31 1272 Too Early Too Late

A group of friends learn the secrets to end poverty and rehabilitate the world in an old... 4.3
1982-01-04 1273 Acquisition (The)

After getting marooned on a mysterious island, a wealthy businessman discovers that his... 3.7
1982-01-08 1274 Last Orbit (The)

Plagued by visions of a woman claiming to be from another galaxy, an astronaut is more than... 3.3
1982-01-11 1275 Les Miserables (1 of 5) - The Thief and the Bishop

In order to feed his family, Jean Valjean steals a loaf of bread and serves a 19-year prison... 3.2
1982-01-12 1276 Les Miserables (2 of 5) - The Lawless and the Law

Years go by and Jean Valjean is now the proud owner of a factory. However, Inspector Javert is... 3.6
1982-01-13 1277 Les Miserables (3 of 5) - No Escape

In order to escape the obsessed Javert, Valjean flees to France and there stumbles across the... 3.8
1982-01-14 1278 Les Miserables (4 of 5) - Fear, Love, and Death

The main cast find themselves in the middle of the French Revolution. Collette finds love... 3.3
1982-01-15 1279 Les Miserables (5 of 5) - The Final Chapter

Seeking to escape the chaos of the revolution, Valjean and his companions take refuge in the... 3.7
1982-01-19 1280 Real World (The)

An idealistic lady detective sets out to seek justice for the death of an exotic dancer... 3
1982-01-21 1281 Gate 27

After being deserted by his wife, a former investigator finds relief at the bottom of a liquor... 3.3
1982-01-26 1282 To Be an Empress

The powerful tale of the struggles of Catherine the Great and her ascension from minor... 3
1982-01-28 1283 Dickens of Scotland Yard

During an on-going investigation into the activities of a cheating spouse, Scotland Yard is... 2.9
1982-02-01 1284 Good Ship Aud (The)

A graphic recounting of the life and death of Sir Roger Casement, who was sentenced to hang... 3.2
1982-02-03 1285 Mysterious Slumber (The)

Set in the 18th century, Mary Reynolds awakens from a coma with amnesia and exhibits a total... 3
1982-02-05 1286 Cantankerous Ghost (The)

A pair of spinster sisters is spared from certain bankruptcy when a Hollywood director decides... 3.2
1982-02-08 1287 Change of Heart

Business magnate Roger Skipworth is rushed to the hospital for an open-heart surgery a few... 2.3
1982-02-10 1288 Sand Castle (The)

A childhood trauma causes a young woman to compulsively build sand castles everyday as a... 3
1982-02-12 1289 Bargain (The)

In order to pay off huge gambling debts, the mechanic of a racing team resorts to sabotaging... 2.7
1982-02-15 1290 Point 44 Connection (The)

An aging secretary is laid-off due to her age. Incensed by the discrimination, she challenges... 2.9
1982-02-17 1291 Washington Kidnap (The)

When the Tories attempt to kidnap General George Washington, two convicts use their skills in... 2.9
1982-02-19 1292 Victim (The)

Hotshot lawyer Ferras gets an acquittal for Joe Thompson's manslaughter conviction, as well as... 3.1
1982-02-22 1293 Nickels and Dimes

Undercover cop Ray Vance becomes so immersed living his life as the heir apparent to Big Joe's... 3.2
1982-02-24 1294 Invaders from Atlantis

After finally gaining control of the major cities, the alien invaders send their agent to the... 3.1
1982-02-26 1295 Blood Red Ink (The)

An experienced cop grows bitter when he is overlooked for a promotion in favor of his partner.... 3
1982-03-01 1296 Blue Sedan (The)

A young female cop undertakes to solve the mystery surrounding the death of a sleazy private... 3.3
1982-03-03 1297 Death Star

When she finds herself strangely lapsing into the memory of a 16th century woman, a... 3.2
1982-03-05 1298 Death at a Distance

In order to help a paranoid patient convinced that he will die by the black arts, a missionary... 3.5
1982-03-08 1299 First Impressions

On board a commercial flight to accompany a woman extradited for skipping bail on her... 2.9
1982-03-10 1300 Heart of Boadicea (The)

The sudden death of her husband robs a queen of her throne. She is urged to take up arms and... 3.3
1982-03-12 1301 New Man at the Yard (The)

The freshly established Scotland Yard requests the services of novelist Charles Dickens in... 3.5
1982-03-15 1302 Face of the Waters (The)

Set in Louisiana at the turn of the century, a man develops an unhealthy attraction to his... 2.9
1982-03-17 1303 Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too

When a 60-year old furniture maker proclaims his intention to marry his assistant thirty years... 3
1982-03-19 1304 Magic Stick of Manitu (The)

In order to establish ties with a musical race from another galaxy, the assistant of an... 3.2
1982-03-22 1305 Tool Shed (The)

In order to do a feature on him, a London Time's reporter travels to the countryside home of... 3.1
1982-03-24 1306 Old Country (The)

While en route to sort out a problem in their firm's Russian branch, a strategic planner... 3.9
1982-03-26 1307 In the Cards

A classic recounting of the life of Empress Josephine's obsession with the esoteric, and her... 3.2
1982-03-29 1308 On the Night of the Dead

In a village ravaged by sickness and hunger, a group of women pin their hopes for salvation on... 3.1
1982-03-31 1309 I Am the Killer

The head of obstetrics in a 19th century hospital works to discover the cause of the high... 3.9
1982-04-02 1310 Naval Treaty (The)

The case of a mysterious document serves to reunite the esteemed Sherlock Holmes and Dr.... 3.1
1982-04-05 1311 Widow Wonderland

A professional bounder preys on grief-stricken widows as they visit their husband's graves. He... 2.8
1982-04-07 1312 Only a Woman

The self-proclaimed daughter of the goddess Dagon recounts the tragic fate of several men who... 3.5
1982-04-09 1313 You Tell Me Your Dream

Two strangers suffer through a recurring dream at the same time in which they are attacked by... 3.3
1982-04-12 1314 His Fourth Wife

An artist must make the decision of life when he is chosen to pain the fourth potential wife... 3.2
1982-04-14 1315 Visions of Sir Philip Sidney (The)

A Zulu War veteran in 19th century London begins to think he is suffering from delusions when... 3.4
1982-04-16 1316 Something to Live For

To escape his failing business, an immigrant show owner attempts to commit suicide but is... 3.7
1982-04-19 1317 Shelter

The threat of nuclear war forces a group of people to take refuge in the bomb shelter of their... 3.8
1982-04-21 1318 Jataka (The)

After having been given several conflicting reasons by his servants for her mentor's... 2.9
1982-04-23 1319 Whimpering Pond (The)

While visiting old friends at remote country manor, a novelist chances upon a mysterious... 3.5
1982-04-26 1320 Hanging Sheriff (The)

A softhearted sheriff has difficulty imposing the death sentence. When his meddlesome wife... 3.4
1982-04-28 1321 Ghost of Andersonville (The)

After finally being released from the Confederacy's most notorious prison camp, a detainee is... 3.6
1982-04-30 1322 Last Duel (The)

A subordinate caught playing cards while on guard duty is challenged to a duel by his... 4
1982-05-03 1323 Guilty as Charged

A hardware salesman must rely on a polygraph test to prove his innocence when he is pegged as... 3
1982-05-05 1324 Dreamers and Killers

When her former lover becomes involved in several mishaps that nearly result in his untimely... 3.4
1982-05-07 1325 Wedding Present (The)

A duo of professional swindlers enlists the services of a hapless American painter in a plot... 3.7
1982-05-10 1326 Tourist Trap

A couple in the middle of a much-needed vacation encounters a minor accident on the highway.... 3.6
1982-05-12 1327 Wound That Would Not Heal (The)

After being charged with the murder of his mistress, a man adamantly denies his guilt.... 3.8
1982-05-14 1328 Hills of Arias (The)

In order to escape the rising dictatorship, a Central American revolution flees the country... 3
1982-05-17 1329 Imperfect Crime (The)

When asked to complete a report on the death of a rich socialite, a police officer unwittingly... 3.7
1982-05-19 1330 Brooch (The)

A governess finds employment at the hand of a strange and extremely prosperous couple. The... 2.8
1982-05-21 1331 Different People (The)

An anthropologist stumbles across a letter written during the Civil War indicating that a... 3.5
1982-05-24 1332 Your Desires, My Guilt

A middle class couple learns that they have somehow obtained an ability that allows them to... 2.8
1982-05-26 1333 Why Is This Lady Smiling?

In this fictional tale set in the year 1498, Leonardo da Vinci is commissioned to paint the... 3
1982-05-28 1334 Chess Master (The)

An uneventful game of chess with a stranger in the park leads to a world of adventure for an... 3.5
1982-05-31 1335 Lady Macbeth at the Zoo

After unwittingly learning about a murder plot involving a young couple and the man's uncle,... 3.9
1982-06-02 1336 Two Times Dead

Based on a true story of the man who was framed for his own murder as told by a media reporter. 3.7
1982-06-04 1337 My First Rogue

A French detective plays a dangerous game of hide-and-seek with a sophisticated and wily art... 2.7
1982-06-14 1338 Woman Who Wanted to Live (The)

A young blonde witnesses the escape of a convicted felon from a maximum-security prison and... 3.5
1982-06-16 1339 Most Dangerous Animal (A)

In order to marry the man she loves, the wife of the notorious pugilist 'Killer' Vincent asks... 4.2
1982-06-18 1340 Fifth Man (The)

In order to discover moles and communist spies in the aviation industry, a British journalist... 3.7
1982-06-21 1341 Universe Hollow

In order to regain her lost credibility, Patricia Ellicott attempts to discredit the people of... 3.9
1982-06-23 1342 Matching Chairs

Cursed chairs haunt a pair of brothers. Their sibling rivalry comes to a head when one... 3.8
1982-06-25 1343 Don't Kill Me

In order to marry her husband's wealthy compatriot, a woman allows her elderly husband to die... 3.9
1982-06-28 1344 Escape to Prison

Believing that her friends are part of a huge conspiracy, an executive turns to a local... 3.7
1982-06-30 1345 Killer Crab

A mysterious sabotage causes the shuttle of Joe Harkness to crash. A robotic weapon called the... 3.5
1982-07-02 1346 Bring Back My Body

A psychologist attempts to balance out a woman with split personalities in order to save her... 3.6
1982-07-05 1347 Romance of Mary Oates (The)

After finally finding the man of her dreams, a 40-year old spinster discovers that she has... 3.7
1982-07-07 1348 Code Word, Caprice

In order to infiltrate a hijacking operation, the police enlist the aid of a conscientious and... 3.9
1982-07-09 1349 Come Back Next Week

In order to discover the man who ordered her husband's death, a woman makes a weekly visit to... 3.6
1982-07-12 1350 Hand of Amnesia (The)

Despite his marriage to a wealthy widow, a young short-order cook refuses to break up with his... 3.7
1982-07-14 1351 Innocent Murderer (The)

In order to escape prosecution and trial for the attempted assassination of Lincoln, John... 3.9
1982-07-16 1352 Great Catherine (The)

In order to solidify Russia's place among the world's super powers, a Czarina of German... 3
1982-07-20 1353 Formula Z -- The Protector

The new wonder paint, Formula Z is the main ingredient in manufacturing the ink used in... 3.7
1982-07-22 1354 Yearbook

Convinced that she has witnessed a felony, a reclusive widow revisits her high school yearbook... 3.3
1982-07-27 1355 Adolph and Eva

The beautiful Eva Braun recounts the last days in her life with the feared and hated Adolf... 3.9
1982-07-29 1356 Mind Over Mind

A young bank teller is adamant about her innocence when asked about her part in a bank... 3.6
1982-08-03 1357 Redhead

In order to assuage his guilt over the death of an innocent woman whom he dropped off at the... 3.6
1982-08-05 1358 Murder By Decree

A tragic tale about the life and death of the most infamous of Henry VIII's queens, the... 3
1982-08-10 1359 Pair of Green Eyes (A)

Murder, mayhem and a lost jewel become the main clues to uncover the truth behind an... 4
1982-08-12 1360 Man with the X-Ray Eyes (The)

A county sheriff is taken aback when the prosecutor assigned to the case brings in a psychic... 3.4
1982-08-17 1361 Famous Last Words

A young woman loses all credibility when she reports the discovery of a dead person outside a... 3.2
1982-08-19 1362 Eleanora

An actress playing the part of Shakespeare's Julie recounts her tragic love affair with a... 3.9
1982-08-24 1363 Funeral Without a Corpse

An ambitious D.A. succumbs to blackmail in order to safeguard his political aspirations when... 3.1
1982-08-26 1364 Barn Burner

Chaos ensues when a pair of racehorse owner's substitutes ringers for their steeds in order to... 3.5
1982-08-31 1365 How Do You Like Those Apples?

A chance encounter with a psychic allows a cheating spouse to learn about his death. At the... 3.4
1982-09-02 1366 Rim of Eternity (The)

In an attempt to regain his former stature in the media, a hard up reporter works to solve the... 3.6
1982-09-07 1367 Scenes from a Murder

In order to remedy his monetary problems, a hard-up music teacher resorts to murder. 3.2
1982-09-09 1368 Riddle (The)

At an estate sale, a married couple purchases an old camera and a bunch of yellowed missives.... 4.1
1982-09-14 1369 Forbidden House (The)

After purchasing a new home, the young owners encounter an unexpected visitor in the form of... 3.2
1982-09-16 1370 Two Sisters

In order to gain an edge against her more popular sister and win the affections of the doctor... 3.9
1982-09-20 1371 Way Station (The)

When they accidentally overhear their father talking to men they know have already passed... 3.4
1982-09-22 1372 Pursuit of a Dream

A fascinating glimpse into the life of the famous Madam Marie Curie as she unraveled the... 3.4
1982-09-24 1373 Force of Evil (The)

In order to exact vengeance against her former lover and his fiance, a rejected woman turns to... 3.6
1982-09-27 1374 Roll Call of the Dead

Despite repeated warnings from their Apache tour guide, East Coast college students explore a... 2.9
1982-09-29 1375 Million Dollar Leg (The)

In order to recruit a kicker for a professional team, a college football coach must travel... 4
1982-10-01 1376 Escape from Anzio

After being shot down over occupied Italy during World War II, an army pilot and his... 3.9
1982-10-04 1377 Ninth Commandment (The)

In a strange turn of events, a wealthy woman falls for a man who tries to break into her... 3.6
1982-10-06 1378 Abraham Lincoln Murder Trial (The)

On trial for murder, circuit lawyer Abraham Lincoln works to ensure the freedom of a man... 3.3
1982-10-08 1379 Pale Horse (The)

When he is unexpectedly sent on a brief visit into the after-life, a dying man learns the... 3.9
1982-10-11 1380 Tony's Market

The evidence in a convenience store shooting is pieced together by looking into the chain of... 3.7
1982-10-13 1381 Fly Swatter

Tired of their lives as petty thieves, a husband and wife team attempts to get regular jobs.... 2.9
1982-10-15 1382 Flash Point (The)

An engineering executive finds himself losing his memory from the trauma of being laid off.... 3.4
1982-10-18 1383 Desert Maiden

In order to come up with a name for their latest fragrance, a middle-aged advertising agent... 3.5
1982-10-20 1384 Last Days of a Dictator

A tragic tale of the rise and fall of one of history's greatest dictators during World War II,... 2.4
1982-10-22 1385 Three Fireflies in a Bottle

Years after their first encounter, a man is reunited with a childhood friend he claims is an... 3.2
1982-10-25 1386 Resident Killer

Violence has been eradicated in the nature of man five hundred years into the future. The... 3.5
1982-10-27 1387 Voice That Wouldn't Die (The)

Upon hearing a keening and plaintive wail emanating from the ruins of a ruined house at their... 3.8
1982-10-29 1388 I Hate Harold

When his boss hires a slick and overbearing sales manager, his executive assistant detests him... 3.9
1982-11-02 1389 Sensible Thing (The)

After deciding to marry his assistant, a widower discovers that his wife is incapable of love... 3.8
1982-11-04 1390 School Mistress (The)

In pre-revolutionary Moscow, a beautiful Russian teacher sets the town ablaze with her torrid... 3.9
1982-11-09 1391 Portrait of the Past

An unusual coat of arms on an heirloom piece leads a curious jeweler into discovering his... 4
1982-11-11 1392 Twelfth Juror (The)

After murdering her married lover in a fit of jealous rage, a wealthy woman blackmails one of... 3.7
1982-11-16 1393 Magic Dust (The)

A metallurgist stumbles upon a mysterious powder that inherently changes the structure of... 3.4
1982-11-18 1394 Diamond Dotty

After killing the miscreants who murdered her husband in an attempt to hijack their diamond... 3.9
1982-11-23 1395 Smile (The)

When a smile-shaped cloud seemingly follows him wherever he goes, a reporter recently back... 3.8
1982-11-25 1396 Reigate Mystery (The)

The brilliant Sherlock Holmes is tasked to solve a pair of almost identical cases that have... 3.1
1982-11-30 1397 Goddess of Death (The)

A beautiful model causes all artists who paint her to become instantly enamored with her. When... 3.2
1982-12-02 1398 Last Plan (The)

A pair of young quarrelsome and paranoid neighbors enlists the aid of an eccentric old woman... 3.1
1982-12-07 1399 Boatman and the Devil (The)

A young Russian is exiled to Siberia and determined to bring his family with him into the... 3.4
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