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Radio Mystery Theater Episode Guide
Date Episode Title Plot Rating
1975-01-01 0194 Deadly Pearls (The)

A private detective tries to track two radioactive pearls that were used to murder two women.... 3.7
1975-01-02 0195 Reluctant Killer (The)

A professional football player becomes disillusioned with the brutality of the game and... 3.3
1975-01-05 0196 Many Names of Death (The)

A trust officer in a bank hires a sexy secretary. She charms him to take a few rash steps and... 3.2
1975-01-06 0197 Premature Burial (The)

A doctor helps his friend dig up the corpse of his loved one who married a wicked man. They... 3.3
1975-01-07 0198 Murders in the Rue Morgue (The)

In order to solve the case of a vicious attack on a young girl in a locked room, an ambitious... 3.1
1975-01-08 0199 Oblong Box (The)

A man makes a voyage to the US from Europe and meets an old friend carrying a peculiar oblong... 3.6
1975-01-09 0200 Berenice

A young man falls in love with his young sister-in-law while his wife lies on her deathbed.... 3.4
1975-01-10 0201 Masque of the Red Death (The)

This is a modern day adaptation of Poe's classic. Here, an environmental disaster occur which... 3.3
1975-01-11 0202 Tell-Tale Heart (The)

An unlucky family is forced to live with their perverted uncle, where they are forced to face... 3.2
1975-01-12 0203 Cask of Amontillado (The)

A young lady is forced to sleep with her husband's greedy and lecherous backer to avert a... 3.3
1975-01-13 0204 Witness Is Death (The)

A young man witnesses an assassination by a gang and is fatally wounded in the process. Though... 3.2
1975-01-14 0205 Faith and the Faker

A converted swindler turned faith healer learns that he can heal anyone in his island except... 3.1
1975-01-16 0206 Death of Kings (A)

A genius but modest scientist takes in a student. He ends up losing his wife to him, his... 3
1975-01-17 0207 Ghost Talk

A man dies and his wife is devastated by it. He finds out that he can communicate with her and... 3.4
1975-01-20 0208 Precious Killer (The)

A prominent figure in a European faction is charged with sedition and soon comes to realize... 3.3
1975-01-22 0209 Concerto in Death

A celebrated conductor is devastated when his son dies. He can't accept the fact at all and... 3
1975-01-23 0210 Sleepy Village

A college professor and his wife retire to Sleepy Village to find some peace and quiet so he... 3.7
1975-01-24 0211 Flowers of Death (The)

Dionysus, a god in Greek mythology appears in modern times and charms a young lady living in a... 3.3
1975-01-26 0212 Follower (The)

A talent scout in New York is tortured by an invisible being following him everywhere to the... 3.2
1975-01-27 0213 Coffin for the Devil (A)

A man gathers a group of specialists along with the famous E. G. Marshall and reads them a... 3.8
1975-01-28 0214 Windandingo

After accidentally shooting a prize bull, an inexperienced and bungling soldier is sent home.... 3.1
1975-01-30 0215 Night of the Wolf (The)

A very old Indian garment stirs great violence among the patrons of a museum. An investigator... 3.1
1975-01-31 0216 Disembodied Voice (The)

A female psychiatrist begins to get phone calls from a man who claims to be a rapist and a... 3.2
1975-02-03 0217 Death On Skis

Every year, at similar time periods and during a full moon, blonde women are brutally murdered... 3.7
1975-02-04 0218 Death in the Stars

A newspaper editor is maddened when the paper's horoscope informs her that she is going to die... 3.3
1975-02-06 0219 Sire De Maletroit's Door (The)

This is a retelling of a Robert Louis Stevenson tale set in 16th century France. Two friends... 3.2
1975-02-07 0220 Death Is So Trivial

A man dies in a road accident and vows to devote his afterlife to stopping hit and runs. 3.2
1975-02-10 0221 Journey Into Nowhere

An archaeologist discovers an antique which leads him into a confrontation with the goddess of... 3.1
1975-02-13 0222 Small Question of Terror (A)

In a state run by a mysterious being called 'The Protector', a lady, her boyfriend and her... 3.4
1975-02-14 0223 Shadow of the Past (The)

A doctor and his wife escape the clutches of the Nazi death camps and illegitimately migrate... 3.2
1975-02-17 0224 Death Wish (The)

A young man asks his friend's son over to visit with him and his family. But the boy turns out... 3.3
1975-02-18 0225 Love Me And Die

A young woman has recently married, but is plagued by her ex-husband's ghost. He died in an... 3
1975-02-20 0226 Must Hope Perish

A senator who is running for president believes that the country's leading dissident is trying... 3
1975-02-21 0227 Weavers of Death (The)

An investigator looks into the death of an old flame during a robbery at a mini-mart. He soon... 3.2
1975-02-24 0228 Hell Hath No Fury

An actor conspires to kill his rich wife, but her sister, being a modern witch, is keeping... 3.1
1975-02-26 0229 Strange Case of Lucas Lauder (The)

A man sentenced to death informs a prison guard that he was Jack the Ripper in a previous life... 3.6
1975-02-27 0230 Them!

A vigilante lawyer takes the matters into his own hands and locks up murder suspects in his... 3.2
1975-02-28 0231 An Identical Murder

Two identical twin brothers are in love with the same woman, but she cares for just one. One... 3.1
1975-03-03 0232 Wakeful Ghost (The)

A young man visiting his family in Ireland seeks the help of a ghost and a leprechaun to get... 3.1
1975-03-04 0233 Pit and the Pendulum (The)

A young man invents a formula that could destroy the world if it fell into the wrong hands. He... 3.6
1975-03-06 0234 When the Death Bell Tolls

A man meets a life threatening accident and is sent to the operating room. But his family... 3.5
1975-03-07 0235 Eye of Death (The)

A young photographer is convinced that her stepfather killed her mother and tries to prove it.... 3.2
1975-03-10 0236 Stuff Of Dreams (The)

A strange reclusive woman hires a young lady to tell her the tales about her daily life, but... 3
1975-03-12 0237 Dark Closet (The)

A young girl who is a severely claustrophobic insomniac is locked up as the primary suspect in... 3.1
1975-03-13 0238 Death Pays No Dividend

A group of failed Wall Street financiers try to arrange their own deaths at the hands of a... 3.1
1975-03-14 0239 Cezar Curse (The)

A man visits a Spanish aristocratic family and falls in love with a woman whose picture hangs... 3.2
1975-03-17 0240 Every Blossom Dies

A young lady is murdered and the investigator leading the case becomes the main suspect. His... 3.4
1975-03-18 0241 It's Murder, Mr. Lincoln

A tale set in Abraham Lincoln's early years getting a case where the man is charged of murder... 3.5
1975-03-20 0242 Doppelganger (The)

A young lady chooses a gangster boyfriend over her fiance even though her beloved forces her... 3.3
1975-03-21 0243 Man Must Die (The)

The son of a court judge is tremendously angered when his father sentences a convicted killer... 2.6
1975-03-24 0244 Deadly Double (The)

An evil twin escapes from mental asylum to hijack her sane sister's life and switch places... 3.5
1975-03-26 0245 Death Is a Dream

A girl has a dream about her brother being murdered. She starts to wreak revenge on the... 3.1
1975-03-27 0246 Velvet Claws (The)

A man talks to his counsellor and recounts the tale of his escape from a mysterious town full... 3.1
1975-03-28 0247 Key to Murder

A double bill of the classic Poe plot. An investigator probes the case of two murders that... 3.3
1975-03-31 0248 Killer of the Year

A promising CEO meets the new town librarian. He knows her to be a former murder convict he... 3.2
1975-04-01 0249 Killer Inside (The)

The mundane life of a regular citizen is stirred up after she transports a package to Europe... 3.3
1975-04-03 0250 Garrison of the Dead (The)

A hustler is hanged for killing a reporter who wrote about him. After death, he is offered a... 3.3
1975-04-04 0251 Roses Are for Funerals

A fake leopard skin coat becomes the key to a case of assassination and mystery as a British... 3.4
1975-04-07 0252 Benjamin Franklin Murder Case (The)

Ben Franklin is the hero in this case of an assassination in a Philadelphia mansion in 1750. 3.1
1975-04-09 0253 Altar of Blood (The)

A superannuated professor is obsessed with the mysteries of the Aztec civilisation. He decides... 3.2
1975-04-10 0254 Death of Halpin Fraser (The)

A nightmare journey through purgatory is in order for a man who is beset by the voices of his... 3
1975-04-11 0255 Phantom Stop (The)

Alvin Frieburger is taking a trip in an express subway and wants to get down at a stop that... 3.3
1975-04-14 0256 Intermediary (The)

Childhood cruelty unhinges a man named Frank Ellington as he gets possession of the house... 3.7
1975-04-15 0257 My Own Murderer

Joe Vinacelli is obsessed with murdering Joe Vincent. The latter goes into therapy to seek... 3.5
1975-04-17 0258 Through the Looking Glass

A mysterious couple move into a flat next door to Kathy and Doug Sellars. Problems start when... 3.2
1975-04-18 0259 Challenge for the Dead (A)

Police officer Johnny Gordon pursues his namesake criminal for the young priest. But his wife... 3
1975-04-21 0260 Sting of Death

Strong-willed explorer Trevor Constaine is used to getting his way in things and he wants to... 3.6
1975-04-23 0261 Afraid to Live, Afraid to Die

Not a supernatural, but a psychological horror story is revealed as Ellen Muir recounts her... 3.4
1975-04-24 0262 Bullet Proof

Rocky Stark is put in prison for the murder of hoodlum Johnny Mallory.But he is innocent and... 3.3
1975-04-25 0263 Till Death Do Us Join

Set in old Prussia, this is a truly Gothic tale of romance between an art student and his... 3.4
1975-04-28 0264 Phantom of the Opera (The)

Raoul de Chagny falls for the stunning Christine Daae as he he watches her perform in Paris... 4
1975-04-29 0265 Black Widow

The widow of a union worker enlists the help of a witch to get rid of the man who murdered her... 3.9
1975-05-01 0266 Mad Monkton

A Gothic family tradition of insanity can be ended by the last heir Stephen Monkton - if he... 3.5
1975-05-02 0267 Final Witness (The)

An average Joe becomes the accidental witness to the murder of a friend. But his nerves fail... 3.1
1975-05-05 0268 Paradise of the Devil (The)

A night guard is killed and his daughter promises her small inheritance to the person who... 3.1
1975-05-07 0269 Transformation (The)

A young man wastes both his inherited fortune and the love of a beautiful woman. He finally... 3.4
1975-05-08 0270 Taken for Granite

A deranged artist works as a caretaker of a garden filled with statues. Except that he uses... 3.5
1975-05-09 0271 Voices of Death (The)

A radio equipment production unit executive finds an ancient crystal set designed by him at a... 3.2
1975-05-12 0272 For Tomorrow We Die

Harry Taylor gets out after three decades in prison for murdering his wife and goes to find an... 3.4
1975-05-13 0273 Where Angels Fear to Tread

A professor of paranormal psychology, Dr. Ken Anderson, experiments with the astral projection... 2.8
1975-05-15 0274 Deadly Dilemma

A thriller up in the air. Someone among the passengers possess a bomb and the unlikely heroes... 3.1
1975-05-16 0275 Rise and Fall of the Fourth Reich (The)

A Nazi fantasy? In this weird tale, two scientists discover an aged and sickly Adolf Hitler in... 3.4
1975-05-19 0276 Diamond Necklace (The)

Ostentation has tragic consequences for a couple with modest means as they borrow a diamond... 3.7
1975-05-21 0277 Don't Let It Choke You

An aged and widowed antique trader is forced to adopt a teenage girl. As he tries to... 3.7
1975-05-22 0278 Return to Shadow Lake

The Maxwell couple make their way through a blizzard to get to their summer cabin where... 3.4
1975-05-23 0279 Markheim: Man or Monster?

Karl Markheim is the ultimate anti-hero as he manipulates and swindles everyone around him to... 3.1
1975-05-26 0280 Witches' Almanac (The)

An amusing tale of a married witch couple trying to make a potion tat will grant them eternal... 3.8
1975-05-27 0281 Executioner (The)

An American couple land themselves in far greater danger when they seek shelter in a an... 3.2
1975-05-29 0282 Just One More Day

On his last day on the beat, an old cop has premonitions of his own death in a shoot-out. On... 3.5
1975-05-30 0283 Someday I'll Find You

Ann Markle's husband is presumed dead in a cave-in. But just as she recovers from the trauma,... 3
1975-06-02 0284 River of Hades

A dancer seeking refuge in New York City from a communist regime is stalked continually by... 3.1
1975-06-04 0285 Devil's Leap (The)

A famous film star tries to unite a father and son after the strange death of the woman of the... 3.4
1975-06-05 0286 Plastic Man (The)

A reprobate philanderer gets entangled with a married woman. He is unfortunately ignorant... 3.8
1975-06-06 0287 Transformer (The)

After making a careless remark to an old war buddy, a salesman's immediate supervisor turns up... 3.7
1975-06-09 0288 Fallen Angel

A manic-depressive artist is blessed with an angelic muse that inspires him to greatness.... 3.1
1975-06-10 0289 Queen of Darkness (The)

A washed out actress is hired to masquerade as the queen of a remote country. She wonders if... 3.6
1975-06-12 0290 Case of Negligence (A)

A greedy son sues the hospital and the attending M.D. when his father expires while undergoing... 3.3
1975-06-13 0291 Stairway to Oblivion

In order to visit a distant relative, Julia Stephens travels to his remote mountain top estate... 3.3
1975-06-16 0292 Smile of Deceit (The)

A woman finds herself living with a strange tribe after marrying a rich and eccentric college... 3
1975-06-18 0293 Frame-Up

In order to seize her wealth, a woman falls prey to a set-up masterminded by her two-timing... 3.8
1975-06-19 0294 Climbing Boy (The)

The aggrieved ghost of a young chimney sweep clamors for vengeance against the Lord that... 3.1
1975-06-20 0295 Can You Trust Your Husband?

In an attempt to disprove the drug trafficking charges against her husband, a wife... 3.3
1975-06-23 0296 Mills of the Gods (The)

An American tourist becomes enamored of a Parisian while traveling through Europe. What she... 3.2
1975-06-24 0297 Mask of Tupac Amaru (The)

A mysterious Incan artifa is cursed to bring death and destruction to those who come into... 3.4
1975-06-26 0298 That Hamlet Was a Good Boy

When the proprietor of a factory is murdered, his grieving son vows vengeance and sets out to... 3.6
1975-06-27 0299 Rape of the Maia (The)

A notorious gambler turns up dead and all evidence point towards a famous couturier. In order... 3.4
1975-06-30 0300 Golden Cauldron (The)

Three friends, a haunted manor and a ghastly crime is the perfect recipe for a murder mystery... 3.3
1975-07-02 0301 Come Back with Me

A hard up businessman goes back in time to his favorite hangout to relive his glory days. He... 3.3
1975-07-03 0302 Murder Will Out

In order to exact revenge on the man who murdered his father, a police officer from New York... 4.1
1975-07-04 0303 Slave (The)

When two friends agree to be the other's slave for a year in the event that they lose the bet... 3.3
1975-07-07 0304 Guilty

After being charged with the physical assault of a colleague, a college professor agrees to... 3.3
1975-07-08 0305 Triangle (The)

Five days after a commercial airline vanished into the Bermuda Triangle, a sole survivor is... 3.4
1975-07-10 0306 Ghostly Rival (The)

In order to win the hand of his beloved, a man must first gain her father's approval. After he... 3.2
1975-07-11 0307 Widow's Auxiliary (The)

When his boss invites him to join the local men's association, a young engineer is extremely... 3.6
1975-07-14 0308 Snake in the Grass

After discovering a new kind of clover, a female scientist magnanimously allows her colleague... 3.4
1975-07-16 0309 Goodbye, Karl Erich

After taking in a shell-shocked casualty of war, a German doctor teaches the young orphan to... 3.8
1975-07-17 0310 Nightmare's Nest

In order to pursue his interests in peace, a reclusive scientist purchases a remote country... 3.6
1975-07-18 0311 Spots of the Leopard (The)

After exposing a ring of organized crime within the company he was employed with, a dock... 3.4
1975-07-21 0312 Fateful Reunion

After successfully developing a highly advanced 3.7
1975-07-22 0313 Poisoned Pen (The)

When a group of people suddenly perish under after getting a strange missive, the thing that... 3.5
1975-07-24 0314 Appointment in Uganda

After obsessively preparing himself for the afterlife, a man is declared clinically dead for a... 3.3
1975-07-25 0315 Woman from Hell

The suicide of a renowned actress raises several questions and a private investigator is hired... 3.5
1975-07-28 0316 Lady Is a Jinx (The)

After falling for a woman with an unusual past, a police detective learns of the strange... 3.2
1975-07-30 0317 He Moves in Mysterious Ways

In order to provide emotional support to a depressed dancer and help prepare her for surgery,... 3.1
1975-07-31 0318 Carmilla

In 20th century Austria, a young woman and her widower father are charged with the welfare of... 3.6
1975-08-01 0319 Onyx Eye (The)

After purchasing a strange curio at an antique store, a man and his wife are immediately... 3.5
1975-08-04 0320 Devil's Boutique (The)

After chancing upon a charming boutique in a quaint resort city in the Caribbean, an arrogant... 3.3
1975-08-05 0321 Hung Jury

A mediocre accountant leading a double life is romantically entangled with a prostitute and... 3.4
1975-08-07 0322 To Die Is Forever

In order to save his dying wife from terminal cancer, a wealthy eccentric gives orders to have... 3
1975-08-08 0323 Grey Ghost (The)

Overcome by grief at the death of her race car driver father, a woman abandons her husband and... 3.2
1975-08-11 0324 Age Cannot Wither Her

An elderly man returns to shore alone after taking his young wife on a sailing trip. He spins... 3.3
1975-08-13 0325 Master Computer (The)

In a fully automated world, a couple come home from vacation to find that their existence has... 3.5
1975-08-14 0326 Root of All Evil (The)

After discovering $80,000 in his trash bin, a middle-aged copywriter believes he has found the... 3.3
1975-08-15 0327 Unbearable Reflection (The)

In order to claim her soul, the Devil, masquerading as her husband's campaign manager tricks... 3.6
1975-08-18 0328 Help Somebody

The desires of a nomadic writer seem to materialize all at the same time. His novel is a smash... 3.7
1975-08-19 0329 Welcome for a Dead Man

After serving a 21-year prison sentence, a criminal convicted for the murder of a payroll... 3.9
1975-08-21 0330 Circle of Evil

Two adults with special needs isolated from the rest of the world have been placed under the... 3.7
1975-08-22 0331 Terror in the Air

When the whole flight crew of a commercial airline falls ill due to food poisoning, a doctor... 3.9
1975-08-25 0332 Person to Be Notified

After landing a position at the remote island home of an eccentric author, a woman begins to... 3.7
1975-08-27 0333 Eavesdropper (The)

A renowned scientist spends time with his wife in their estate in the Poconos of Pennsylvania.... 3.2
1975-08-28 0334 Night of the Howling Dog

While on a camping trip on a deserted island with a minister and his daughter, a group of... 3.2
1975-08-29 0335 Murder by Proxy

Finally released from prison, Tim Cohain is out for revenge against the jury foreman that put... 3.3
1975-09-01 0336 Smile of Death (The)

In order to get his rightful inheritance from his overbearing father, the illegitimate son of... 2.9
1975-09-02 0337 Portrait of Death

A woman fell in love with a rare painting while studying art in Venice years before. Now on... 3.1
1975-09-04 0338 Special Undertaking (The)

In order to discover the identity of their new home's invisible resident, a country doctor and... 3.4
1975-09-05 0339 Sleepwalker

Desperate to end her husband's miserable life, a woman starts to plot his demise in her... 3.2
1975-09-08 0340 Other Life (The)

A neglected housewife finds herself deep in debt when she turns to racehorse gambling to stave... 3.5
1975-09-10 0341 Ideas Of March (The)

A wife desperately attempts to get her husband to cancel his business trip when she foresees... 3.5
1975-09-11 0342 Voice of Death (The)

His fate takes a turn for the better when a down on his luck ventriloquist comes across an... 3.4
1975-09-12 0343 Ghost Plane (The)

A pair of strangers awaken aboard a strange plane with absolutely no recollection of who they... 3.5
1975-09-15 0344 Little Old Lady Killer (The)

A female cop must work hard to convince her male partners that the vigilante wanted for the... 3.6
1975-09-16 0345 Prison of Glass (The)

In order to escape the emotional baggage in her life, a talented but troubled actress dreams... 3.3
1975-09-18 0346 Coffin with the Golden Nails (The)

Determined to start anew, the secret police chief of a Third World country undergoes cosmetic... 3.3
1975-09-19 0347 Third Person (The)

A pair of spinster cousins become the proud new owners of their ancestral manor. What they... 3.3
1975-09-22 0348 Solid Gold Soldiers

During the civil unrest, two double agents working against the Confederacy engage in a battle... 3.1
1975-09-23 0349 Headless Hessian (The)

On the eve of their battle at Trenton, George Washington's troops are spooked and later... 3.9
1975-09-24 0350 Angels of Devil's Mountain (The)

Due to severe chest pains, a traveling sales agent is forced to make a stopover at a remote... 3.5
1975-09-25 0351 Black Whale (The)

After learning how to read, a bondsman in Antebellum Texas dreams of being free. However,... 3.7
1975-09-26 0352 Assassination in Time

A time traveling pair are tormented by their decision to save Abraham Lincoln from certain... 3.6
1975-09-27 0353 Thomas Jefferson Defense (The)

In order to exonerate him being indicted for murder, Thomas Jefferson must defend an Indian... 2.6
1975-09-28 0354 Other Self (The)

A factory with an exemplary track record catches the attention of a psychologist. After... 3.4
1975-09-29 0355 You're Only Young Twice

A serum that reverses the aging process is successfully created by a brilliant scientist. He... 3.1
1975-10-01 0356 Primrose Path

A modern take on the infamous abduction of Patty Hearst. The heir of a multi-media news... 3.6
1975-10-02 0357 Man Who Ran Away (The)

Devastated by the discovery of his wife's infidelity, a man seeks refuge in a nearby town. He... 3.8
1975-10-06 0358 Five Ghostly Indians

While walking along the Atlantic shoreline, a professor and an inn keeper from Maine come... 2.9
1975-10-07 0359 Who Made Me?

Years into the future, every person is evaluated and given a rank in society according to... 3.4
1975-10-09 0360 They Shall Stone Them with Stones

A husband and wife team are hired to do a Vaudeville act. Trouble finds them when the woman... 3
1975-10-13 0361 Last Lesson (The)

In order to pay off his huge debts, a compulsive gambler shackles himself to a plain but... 3.1
1975-10-15 0362 Kiss of Death (The)

In spite of the warnings of his advisers, an ambitious young doctor pursues the daughter of... 3.1
1975-10-16 0363 Stay Out of Dutchman's Woods

While picnicking in the woods of Maine, a young couple on vacation are separated and become... 3.3
1975-10-20 0364 Never in This World

After passing through a run-down cemetery, a man becomes possessed by the evil ghost haunting... 3.6
1975-10-21 0365 Million Dollar Murder

A struggling businessman discovers his true nature and that of the people close to him when a... 3.6
1975-10-23 0366 Sealed Room Murder (The)

When the town's most disagreeable resident becomes victim of a sealed room homicide, the local... 3.2
1975-10-24 0367 Summer People (The)

In search of a quiet place to work and improve on their respective crafts over the summer, an... 3.7
1975-10-27 0368 Living Corpse (A)

In an attempt to thwart the grim reaper, a professional hypnotist convinces a young man into... 3.2
1975-10-28 0369 Storm Breeder (The)

After being cursed to wander New England forever in search of their home, a lost soul and his... 3.7
1975-10-29 0370 Ghost Powder

Upon finding that their home in France is haunted, John and Abigail Adams attempt to discover... 2.5
1975-10-30 0371 Triptych for a Witch

Masquerading as an elderly and widowed distant relative, a witch moves in with a young couple... 3.5
1975-10-31 0372 It's Hell to Pay the Piper

When his landlord suddenly drops dead in the middle of paying his rent, a man must convince... 3.1
1975-11-03 0373 Mortgage (The)

When he is featured in the local broadsheet and lauded as a good Samaritan, a sleeper agent is... 3.1
1975-11-05 0374 Edge of the Scalpel (The)

A surgeon is faced with a moral dilemma when he is forced to perform a complicated operation... 3.3
1975-11-07 0375 Killing Valley

In order to exact revenge against the people that ruined her father's life, a famous writer... 3.2
1975-11-10 0376 Public Avenger (The)

An executive assistant harbors a sneaking suspicion that her mild-mannered colleague is... 3.1
1975-11-11 0377 Party Girl

An aggressive young public servant aiming to become the state's next governor must cover up... 3.8
1975-11-13 0378 Home Is Where the Ghost Is

In the midst of aiding a colleague in his desire to abandon his post, a scientist is haunted... 3.9
1975-11-14 0379 Money Makers (The)

When a couple of counterfeiters set up their operation in an abandoned house, they are unaware... 3.8
1975-11-17 0380 Moonlighter (The)

When a friend tells him of an opportunity to double his income, a man with an extremely... 3.6
1975-11-19 0381 Fear

A loyal employee of a bank is accused of robbing another branch and is presented with a photo... 3.3
1975-11-20 0382 Lamps of the Devil (The)

After coming home from doing service during the Civil War, a group of whalers discover that... 2.8
1975-11-21 0383 Hanging Judgement (The)

A husband and wife exchange gunfire after a heated altercation. When the woman ends up dead... 3.5
1975-11-24 0384 Serpent's Tooth (The)

An art dealer tries to help out a talented but half crazy artist. He later finds out he did... 3
1975-11-25 0385 Lap of the Gods (The)

After an accident lands a modern man in the hospital, his spirit travels back in time into the... 3.1
1975-11-27 0386 Dead, Dead Ringer (The)

An ex-cop finds work as a messenger for local mobster. When he delivers the message, he is... 2.8
1975-11-28 0387 Frammis (The)

A magical piece of glass that possesses a power to affect people travels through a fictional... 3.1
1975-12-01 0388 With Malice Aforethought

A victim of the prejudice of the times, an African American cop is tried for the murder of an... 3.5
1975-12-03 0389 Promise to Kill

After learning that the killer's sentence was reduced to life imprisonment instead of the... 3.5
1975-12-04 0390 Portrait of a Killer

After staring in quiet fascination into an ambiguous painting, a man is surprised to find that... 3.8
1975-12-05 0391 Pharaoh's Daughter

After murdering a taxi cab driver, a cruel woman and her lover use a hapless drunkard as the... 3.4
1975-12-08 0392 How Quiet the Night

After learning that his former flame is pregnant with his child, a man resorts to violence in... 3.4
1975-12-09 0393 Stitch in Time

Despite being estranged for over nine years, a billionaire welcomes his 19-year old niece into... 3.7
1975-12-11 0394 You Can Change Your Life

A former game show contestant obsessively stalks the three women who served as judges during... 3.6
1975-12-12 0395 Marry for Murder

Despite having different agendas, a pair of sisters engage the services of the same private... 3.4
1975-12-15 0396 Burn, Witch, Burn

A woman is sentenced to death for practicing witchcraft. However, Judge Cotton Mather, a... 3.3
1975-12-17 0397 Eleventh Hour (The)

After reading an interesting personal ad in the local paper, a businessman tries to connect... 3.5
1975-12-18 0398 Fireball

When strange things start happening around the newly hired blacksmith, a military contractor's... 3.6
1975-12-19 0399 Corpse Wrote Shorthand (The)

After serving a 5-year sentence for fraud, a bank accountant begins his own investigation to... 3.5
1975-12-22 0400 Image (The)

A self-absorbed author forces his will upon his wife and compatriots in an attempt to bolster... 3.5
1975-12-23 0401 Murder Market (The)

Being engaged to a penny-pinching fiancee is tiresome and dull. The young lady is eager to... 3.6
1975-12-24 0402 Christmas Carol (A)

E.G. Marshall spotlights as Scrooge in this dramatic retelling of Charles Dickens' classic 3.2
1975-12-26 0403 License to Kill

With the successful liberation of her husband from a sanitarium for the criminally insane, a... 3.1
1975-12-29 0404 Memory Killers (The)

In order for the company to survive, an advertising executive works hard to land a major... 3.7
1975-12-31 0405 Sagamore Cottage

A young couple find themselves hiding inside the walls of a witch's house when they stumble... 3.4
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