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Radio Mystery Theater Episode Guide
Date Episode Title Plot Rating
1976-01-01 0406 One of the Missing

On a reconnaissance mission, a Union soldier and his friend were sent to enemy territory. A... 3.1
1976-01-02 0407 Insight Into Murder

Flashbacks to the Sixteenth Century convince a lawyer that he was once witness to a murder.... 3
1976-01-05 0408 Tom Sawyer, Detective

All grown up and a successful lawyer, Tom Sawyer is now faced with his most difficult case. He... 2.9
1976-01-06 0409 Is He Living or Is He Dead?

To increase the worth of their works a trio of artists plan the perfect con-- the catch is,... 3
1976-01-07 0410 Russian Passport (The)

While traveling through Europe a young man meets an eccentric American. Chaos ensues when a... 3.3
1976-01-08 0411 Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (A)

In an attempt to free himself, a Nineteenth Century factory owner exploits his knowledge of... 2.9
1976-01-09 0412 Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg (The)

A small town news man tells the story of how an enigmatic stranger seduced the town's... 3.2
1976-01-10 0413 Stolen White Elephant (The)

The sacred white elephant of Queen Victoria has gone missing and it's up to Inspector Blunt of... 2.7
1976-01-11 0414 Mysterious Stranger (The)

When you meet an angel named Satan who promises to grant your every desire, you learn that... 3.3
1976-01-12 0415 What the Shepherd Saw

After seeing the brutal slaying of his master's beloved wife, a young shepherd must do... 3.1
1976-01-14 0416 Elixer of Death (The)

Seeking refuge from the noise of the city, a doctor moves to the country for a quieter life.... 3.2
1976-01-16 0417 Red Frisbee (The)

While playing Frisbee with his dog on an Antilles beach, Ben comes across a young girl with an... 3.2
1976-01-19 0418 There's No Business Like

In the year 2076, crimes against society are punishable by community service-- in show... 3.3
1976-01-21 0419 Lady of the Mist (The)

It is said that the pool in which the Lady of the Mist waterfall cascades into reviles all who... 2.6
1976-01-23 0420 Slick and the Dead (The)

A talented dancer with skeletons in her closet is killed in a hotel room. In this classic case... 3.1
1976-01-26 0421 Ferret (The)

Time and again the United States' plan to become independent of foreign energy sources falls... 2.7
1976-01-28 0422 Mirror, Mirror

Jessica Chapman and Clare Connor were once roommates at Stapleton Academy. Jessica is shocked... 3.2
1976-01-30 0423 Castle Kerfol

On a tour of a British castle, an American tourist is suddenly attacked by a pack of dogs. She... 2.8
1976-02-02 0424 First Prize -- Death

Despite being co-director of the Sociological Advisory Institute and a celebrated sociologist... 3.3
1976-02-03 0425 Dead Deserve to Rest (The)

Distraught and grieving, a widow falls prey to an unscrupulous occultist who swindles her into... 3.2
1976-02-05 0426 Children of Death (The)

In a time where men and women have been segregated to live alone, a deadly game is born. A... 3.5
1976-02-06 0427 Straight from the Horse's Mouth

Mistakenly thinking it is a race horse, a timid young man purchases a work horse at an... 3.4
1976-02-09 0428 Horror of Dead Lake (The)

Upon hearing of their inheritance, Claude and Polly Baxter are thrilled to be the proud new... 3.2
1976-02-11 0429 You Owe Me a Death

Haunted by dreams and visions of the untimely death of her deceased twin, a woman desires to... 3.4
1976-02-12 0430 Golden Chalices (The)

Mary Roth has stirs the embers of his memory with her stories and gifts. His patient is... 3.5
1976-02-13 0431 Blue Roan Stallion (The)

A proud "half-breed", Dan Bowles unwittingly saves the life of ranch owner Hale Chalmer. In... 3.7
1976-02-16 0432 Angel of Death

Anguished by the death of her son and the seeming loss of her now estranged husband, suicide... 3.3
1976-02-17 0433 Angry God (The)

On a tour of Latin America, a young American woman is befriended by a jewel thief and assists... 3.5
1976-02-19 0434 Goodbye, Benjamin Flack

Up to his eye-balls in debt, a brilliant businessman hatches the perfect scheme- to get rid of... 3.3
1976-02-20 0435 Bloody Legend (The)

Immersed in a study of Beowulf, Dash becomes obsessed with the tale and soon finds himself... 2.7
1976-02-23 0436 Patient Visitor (The)

After being paid a visit by a past love, Judge Justin Travers vows to help Muriel Parks as a... 3.5
1976-02-25 0437 General Laughter

In lieu of a suicide confession, a distressed actress chooses to record her final breath as... 2.9
1976-02-26 0438 Providential Ghost (The)

When a young girl experiences the loss of her grandfather soon after losing her parents in a... 3.5
1976-02-27 0439 Half a Life

What do you get when you mix bar, a handsome stranger, and a lonely middle-aged woman? True... 3.2
1976-03-01 0440 Death Trail (The)

In the late 1860's, Col. Chambers gives $200,000 to his former officer and current president... 2.8
1976-03-02 0441 Afterward

When her husband suddenly goes missing, a woman soon discovers just how much appearances can... 2.9
1976-03-04 0442 Monk and the Hangman's Daughter (The)

Two monks from the order of St. Francis, Friars Ambrosius and Romanus are sent to the... 3.4
1976-03-05 0443 Infernal Triangle (The)

Finally free from her sister's shadow, Ann Fairchild has found happiness in the arms of her... 3.4
1976-03-08 0444 Queen of Spades (The)

Intent on the pursuit of a secret gambling technique from a wealthy countess, he accidentally... 3.4
1976-03-10 0445 I Thought I Saw a Shadow

A scientist working on the development of an invisibility serum believes he has finally found... 3.1
1976-03-11 0446 Pandora

Years into the future, a perfect society is born-- a society without fear, hate and all other... 3.7
1976-03-12 0447 Man Who Preyed on Widows (The)

After being swindled out of her money, the widowed Mrs. Randol refused to take action against... 3.3
1976-03-15 0448 Aliens (The)

Two secret agents from opposing nations are drawn to each other by something called psychic... 2.9
1976-03-16 0449 Crime Casts a Shadow

Desperately in need of cash, Gay Armstrong tries to sell her late mother's pearl necklace and... 3.6
1976-03-18 0450 Other Side of the Coin (The)

In a freak accident, Sgt. John McCaffrey wakes up from an alcohol-induced stupor in the body... 3.2
1976-03-19 0451 Matter of Love and Death (A)

Having grown weary over sharing him with crazed fans, the wife of a legendary football player... 3.9
1976-03-22 0452 Stampede

With her husband murdered by Comanches and their farm razed to the ground, Ellie Tate... 2.9
1976-03-23 0453 Covered Bridge (The)

A new bride crosses an old covered bridge and is transported in time to the 1770's. About to... 3.7
1976-03-24 0454 Brain Drain

Questions are raised when a series of deaths of respected scientists are linked to a beautiful... 3.2
1976-03-25 0455 Transformation of Joebee (The)

Confessing to a last prank is seems to be too good to be true, when a perennial joker... 3.6
1976-03-26 0456 Extortion

The past catches up to her when the wife of a prominent politician is forced to submit to... 3.6
1976-03-29 0457 Saxon Curse (The)

A fortune teller foretells that he will carry out the perfect crime in order to safeguard his... 3.6
1976-03-30 0458 Intruders (The)

Troubled by spirits that haunt her home, a woman becomes strangely attached to her ghostly... 3.4
1976-03-31 0459 Spit and Image (The)

His luck takes a turn for the better when an ex-football player lands an unusual job-- to be... 3.2
1976-04-01 0460 White Ghost (The)

With the accidental demise of his mistress, a successful entrepreneur's world slowly falls... 3.4
1976-04-02 0461 Vanity Dies Hard

Planning out the perfect crime and pinning the blame on his cheating wife is a piece of cake... 3.1
1976-04-05 0462 Time Killer

Playing with a theory on the fluidity of time, a college professor accidentally transports... 3.6
1976-04-06 0463 Boy Wonder (The)

On a quest to find a missing child named Buchanan, his team slowly disappears one after... 3.2
1976-04-07 0464 Paradise Caf (The)

In a desperate bid to exorcise the demons of his past, a mafia boss makes a shocking... 3
1976-04-08 0465 Sleeping Dogs

A widow continues to search for the identity of the man who betrayed her husband to the Nazis... 2.3
1976-04-09 0466 Fool's Gold

Wreck-diving for sunken treasure has always been his greatest obsession. A new adventure... 3.2
1976-04-12 0467 Safe Judge (The)

When the son of the city's most fearsome gangsters pulls strings to get his son of drug... 2.8
1976-04-13 0468 Wishes Can Be Fatal

To get back at her horrible daughter-in-law, a strange and unusual old lady employs the power... 3.5
1976-04-15 0469 Strange Passenger

In a desperate attempt to secure work, a lawyer knowingly goes off with aliens for training as... 2.5
1976-04-19 0470 Murder Most Foul

In this Shakespearean drama of arrogance and blind ambition, a nobleman falls victim to a... 3.7
1976-04-20 0471 Assassination (The)

An adaptation of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar," this classic tale recounts the life and... 2.7
1976-04-21 0472 Love Song of Death (The)

Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. In this tale of bigotry and hatred, two young... 2.8
1976-04-22 0473 Green Eyed Monster (The)

In this tragic tale of jealousy and intrigue, a man commits the ultimate betrayal by murdering... 2.8
1976-04-23 0474 Long Live the King Is Dead

In this modern retelling of the life of an ill-fated prince, sinister plots are uncovered and... 2.8
1976-04-24 0475 Prince of Evil (The)

In this modern take of the life and crimes of Richard III, Shakespeare's classic tale is acted... 2.8
1976-04-25 0476 Serpent of the Nile (The)

A classic rendition of Shakespeare's "Anthony and Cleopatra." It tells of their tempestuous... 2.8
1976-04-26 0477 Three Elders of Lifeboat Landing (The)

Lifeboat Landing seems to be the perfect community, where there is no crime and everything is... 3.3
1976-04-29 0478 Two Plus Two Equals Death

A young architect is pulled into the maddening rush of the 3.5
1976-05-03 0479 Cornstarch Killer (The)

Discovering that she can bring down the wrath of God upon anyone who approaches her with... 3.2
1976-05-06 0480 What a Change in Hilda

For two women, a small fee to obtain their heart's desire seemed a reasonable price to pay.... 3.5
1976-05-10 0481 Ghost of San Juan Hill (The)

Chaos ensues with the resurrection from the dead of the bride's deceased husband who had... 3.4
1976-05-13 0482 Secret Sharer (The)

A modern take on Joseph Conrad's tale of a fugitive and his alter ego-- and the ship captain... 3.7
1976-05-17 0483 Blind Witness

When a blind woman unknowingly experiences the killing of an innocent pharmacist, she begins... 3.4
1976-05-20 0484 Walking Dead (The)

In the future, all androids are mindless robots with one exception-- Rex, who is the most... 3.4
1976-05-24 0485 Mexican Standoff (A)

An upstanding citizen finds himself the recipient of an all-expense-paid trip to Mexico from a... 3.1
1976-05-27 0486 Demon Lover

When a college professor becomes the object of a colleague's obsessive love, he is terrified... 3.6
1976-05-31 0487 Ghost Town

In the journey to find his family, a man carjacks a lonely traveler in Death Valley. Together... 3.3
1976-06-03 0488 Blue Justice

A restless ghost seeks justice from an assistant prosecutor who knowingly convicted him and... 3.4
1976-06-07 0489 Corpse that Would Not Die (The)

To marry his lover, a man kills her husband despite being his best friend. Soon the weight of... 3.9
1976-06-10 0490 Free the Beast

Furtive conversations take place between an unseen entity and a patient of a sanitarium for... 3.3
1976-06-14 0491 Unthinkable (The)

When his wife lands a job and starts moving up the corporate ladder, an unemployed engineer's... 3.2
1976-06-17 0492 Pension Plan

On the eve of retirement, a purchasing manager discovers he is penniless and that an entire... 3.6
1976-06-21 0493 Checkmate

Implicated in the vicious slaying of a friend and former opponent, a renowned chess player... 3.5
1976-06-24 0494 Child of Fate

Threatened by the entrance of new and real-life companions, a child's imaginary friend... 3.7
1976-06-28 0495 Forty-Five Minutes to Murder

Inconsistencies in the official statement given by a businessman regarding his wife's murder... 2.3
1976-07-01 0496 Loser Takes All

When Jake Alexander, the world's top agent first sets eyes on the beautiful Delphi Carr, he... 3.7
1976-07-12 0497 Blood Red Roses

When his son is brutally murdered by the mafia, a father's beliefs are shaken. He meets the... 2.9
1976-07-15 0498 Last Trip of Charter Boat Sally (The)

An old charter boat captain is set-up as the fall guy for murder of her husband by a scheming... 2.8
1976-07-19 0499 Future Eye

An investigator is sent back in time with a critical mission-- to secure a microchip which has... 3.4
1976-07-22 0500 Men with the Magic Fingers (The)

A turn-of the-century tale of romance and tragedy where a 3.2
1976-07-26 0501 Brain without Mercy (The)

A mad scientist removes the brain from a severely injured hijacker to ascertain where he left... 3.4
1976-07-29 0502 Shotgun Wedding

Charlie, a man of about 30, is invited by his co-worker, Gus, to meet his daughter. Gus feels... 3.2
1976-08-02 0503 Every Dog Has His Day

Two brothers argue over their father's estate with one accusing the other of murder. The real... 3.1
1976-08-05 0504 Lovers and Killers

A young lothario is on trial for killing a woman's husband when he catches them together after... 3.1
1976-08-09 0505 Overnight to Freedom

During WWII an American POW from a German prison camp and with the help of some friendly... 3.5
1976-08-12 0506 Haliday Prediction (The)

It seems that every prediction Cash Haliday makes in his Friday newspaper column comes true.... 3.3
1976-08-16 0507 Your Grade Is A

Molly Butler is found dead of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. The police think that it was either... 3.6
1976-08-19 0508 Golden People (The)

Richard Paradon has it all, looks, brains, charm, talent, and the ability to make money -- or... 2.8
1976-08-23 0509 Train Stops (The)

The train used to stop at the small town of Dandridge. Now the town doctor relates a story... 3
1976-08-26 0510 Man Who Could Work Miracles (The)

As 1899 comes to a close, in the Bowery section of lower Manhattan, George comes to the... 3.1
1976-08-30 0511 Night Shift (The)

Eddie O'Brian hates going to work driving a bus 9 hours a day until he gets a new bus, #2792.... 3.3
1976-09-02 0512 Magic Cay (The)

Tom Reynolds is bored of his life and the rat race. He takes a vacation, without his wife and... 3.5
1976-09-06 0513 Graven Image

Jody Barnes is a talented rock-n-roll/country singer playing the county fair circuit until he... 3.5
1976-09-07 0514 Killer's Helper

Martin Edward (Marty) Caraway, a young up and coming stock broker is recruited by his boss's... 3.4
1976-09-09 0515 Two-Bit Fortune (A)

Mike Wilson, auto mechanic, does automotive work for a bum who philosophizes about wealth and... 3.7
1976-09-10 0516 Magical Place (A)

Elinor and Timothy Elkins, a middle-aged couple, revisit a house they rented as newlyweds to... 3.5
1976-09-13 0517 Tell-Tale Corpse (The)

Ernie and Sid, just out of prison, visit the Aunt of ex prison-mate Ted because she has a key... 3.7
1976-09-14 0518 Journey to Jerusalem

A man longs to be young again so he can live his life differently. A strange woman says she... 3.4
1976-09-16 0519 Dr. Peterson's Pills

The country doctor in Maine appears to have a pink pill cure-all for every ailment, but his... 3
1976-09-17 0520 To Whom it May Concern

Mysteriously avoiding death from a gunshot wound, a woman discovers that everyone she loves is... 2.9
1976-09-20 0521 Very Dear Ghost Indeed (A)

Traveling through Ireland late in the late 1800's, a man and his daughter are waylaid by a... 3.6
1976-09-21 0522 Rainbow Man (The)

A con-artist snake oil salesman helps a young couple who want expose the corrupt police force... 3.4
1976-09-23 0523 Don't Play with Matches

Fire Chief Delbert Cassarole is the toast of the town because fires are almost non-existent... 3.5
1976-09-24 0524 Queen of the Deadly Night

A young Jewish woman of the Dark Ages seeks a rumored kingdom with the intention of becoming... 3.3
1976-09-27 0525 Ghostly Private Eye (The)

A 19th century ghost buster meets his match in a violent and aggressive poltergeist in an... 3.6
1976-09-28 0526 One Girl in a Million

A celebrity business consultant of the future, who makes his living helping corporations make... 2.9
1976-09-30 0527 Not for Sale

Faye Colfax inherits her uncle Milo's antique shop when he is murdered during an apparent... 2.7
1976-10-01 0528 Clairvoyant (The)

A clairvoyant forsees an unexpected love in the life of a young, British aristocrat on the eve... 3.5
1976-10-04 0529 Midas Touch (The)

A con man swindles a bank president repeatedly in this farce set on the eve of the Great... 3.2
1976-10-05 0530 Private Stock

A police detective argues with the ghost of his dead wife as he is confronted with the fact... 3.2
1976-10-07 0531 Pool of Fear

A spoiled rich, Beth, feels her step-mother is trying to replace her mother. She befriends... 4
1976-10-08 0532 Tortured Twins (The)

Adam Duncan knows he loves Joyce Adams from the first moment he sets eyes on her at the... 3.7
1976-10-11 0533 My Wife Doesn't Understand Me

A research scientist, unhappy with his marriage, finds solace in the arms of his new... 3.7
1976-10-12 0534 God Killer (The)

A typist is accused of murdering the author for whom she works. She insists that the murderer... 3.7
1976-10-14 0535 Living Corpse (The)

Henry Girard Flower Peabody VI, a member of Philadelphia society by birth and breeding, has... 3.2
1976-10-15 0536 Point in Time (A)

Two hikers encounter a strange town in the mountains that is stuck in the 1920s. The... 3.2
1976-10-18 0537 Killer's Appointment

A young woman takes the rap and goes to prison for her boyfriend who rips off his employer.... 3.6
1976-10-19 0538 Mission of Atropos (The)

A detective follows the clues left by a corrupt industrialist using an illegal and deadly... 3.5
1976-10-21 0539 To Hang by the Neck

After the end of the Civil War, Becky Pryor decides to return to the C-Circle-C ranch in Texas... 3.7
1976-10-22 0540 Somebody Help Me!

A cop who is so ugly he can't get a date kills women who turn him down. 3.8
1976-10-27 0541 Deathly White Man (The)

A woman takes a job as caretaker to a rich woman and her husband in their remote castle.... 3.2
1976-10-28 0542 Absolute Zero

A young woman returns to her home town only to miss her mother's funeral by just a few hours.... 3.4
1976-10-29 0543 Unborn (The)

An American encounters a woman several times through his life as he moves between occupations.... 3.2
1976-10-30 0544 Witches' Sabbath

Witches celebrating their holy day, witches conspire to kill a man with murderous... 3.5
1976-10-31 0545 Queen of Cats (The)

Cats are used by an evil witch to stalk children in a small village.  A lawyer and a... 3.3
1976-11-04 0546 City of the Dead

During the late 19th century, two scientists explore the Caybridge Trough in the Carribean to... 3.4
1976-11-05 0547 Secret Chamber (The)

Thomas Tatum Tattersaul, a realtor, tells the story of Felicity Hargrave who, after losing her... 3.7
1976-11-08 0548 Graveyard (The)

A man mourns for his lost love who died after riding out into a rain storm to buy a new dress.... 3.9
1976-11-09 0549 Colony (The)

Michael and Mary just want to spend some quiet time away with nature. After spotting a UFO,... 3.1
1976-11-11 0550 Strike Force

Dr. Orville Sanderson Jr. was brought up by his step-father Bob Watson. His mother, Andrea,... 3
1976-11-12 0551 Question of Identity (A)

Hillary Cummings, on her way to work as a court stenographer, is kidnapped and taken to a... 3.7
1976-11-22 0552 Meeting by Chance

Waiting out the passing storm a man and woman spend the afternoon in a odd house where they... 3.5
1976-11-23 0553 Awakening (The)

A police detective investigates the murder of a psychiatrist. His only clue is a tape of the... 3.4
1976-11-25 0554 M-U-R-D-E-R

A couple spending an evening together decide to play with a Ouija board. When the planchette... 3.5
1976-11-26 0555 Blood Will Tell

His mother who is keeping a terrible secret from him; a 40-year old man discovers the truth on... 3.1
1976-11-29 0556 Man Who Couldn't Get Arrested (The)

Problems begin when two parallel realities collide: One in which the stock broker murdered his... 3.7
1976-11-30 0557 Now You See Them, Now You Don't

The President wants to know the details of time travelers:  During World War 5, soldiers... 3
1976-12-02 0558 How to Kill Rudy

A man discovers that his favorite detective novels predict true crimes. Then he finds a book... 3.5
1976-12-03 0559 Child of Misfortune

A pathologist's life is thrown into chaos when his younger brother dies and his sixteen year... 3.7
1976-12-06 0560 Child of the Sea

While swimming in the ocean, a man encounters a woman who lives in an undersea kingdom and... 3.1
1976-12-07 0561 Enough Rope

A scam artist is about to be hanged by a group of men he has swindled in a land deal when his... 3.5
1976-12-09 0562 Nobody Dies

A young woman with a small child takes a job as a maid to a pregnant widow. Their children... 4
1976-12-10 0563 Identity Crisis

If a brain transplant isn't enough, add two wifes and two men out to kill the patient. A state... 3.9
1976-12-13 0564 Hit Me Again

A financial planner quits his job to pursue a career as a professional gambler who applies an... 3
1976-12-14 0565 Smoking Pistol (The)

When a cop's son is murdered and a suspect is found holding a smoking gun, he figures it's an... 3.1
1976-12-16 0566 Doctor's Evidence (The)

A shallow man who is having an affair with his secretary catches a lucky break when his wife... 3.1
1976-12-17 0567 Quiet Evening at Home (A)

A woman goes to a train station to meet her lover so they can leave their spouses. But when... 3.3
1976-12-20 0568 Date of Death

A hypocondriac's fear is heightened when his doctor tells him he has an aortic aneurism. His... 3.7
1976-12-21 0569 Lone Survivor (The)

The lone survivor of a plane crash at sea cannot remember who he is. A police detective, an... 3.6
1976-12-23 0570 Double Zero

A private investigator working an adultery case stumbles on a murder. Five $20 bills with two... 3.6
1976-12-25 0571 Magus (The)

A young servant girl falls under the charms of a magus. She becomes entranced in his presence,... 3.1
1976-12-27 0572 Mark of Cain (The)

A rancher hires a gunslinger to enforce his will. The rancher's daughter falls in love with... 3.2
1976-12-28 0573 Artist (The)

A wealthy industrialist falls for a married knife throwing performer. He worries that her... 3.5
1976-12-30 0574 Your Move, Mr. Ellers

Chess seems the perfect foil for a sophisticated jewel thief. An insurance investigator looks... 3.7
1976-12-31 0575 Tomorrow's Murder

A stressed sales manager gets more stressed when he finds his tombstone in the cemetary with a... 3.5
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