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Radio Mystery Theater Episode Guide
Date Episode Title Plot Rating
1978-01-02 0762 Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

Peter Perkins is a loser. He is sidelined at work and pestered at home. He seeks refuge in... 3.5
1978-01-04 0763 Family Album

A reporter is sent to Europe to work on the story of the death of an infamous gang member. But... 2.9
1978-01-13 0764 Laughing Maiden (The)

Three adventurous sailors set on a journey to recover Captain Kidd's treasure. But they must... 3.3
1978-01-16 0765 In Another Place

A rich young couple believe they they have gotten away with a crime executed faultlessly, but... 3.2
1978-01-17 0766 Model Murderer (A)

A travelling merchant seems like the perfect criminal as he escapes suspicion from both his... 2.9
1978-01-19 0767 Sophia and the Pilgrim

A strange mystic charms young women into following him on his trip. His mysterious influence... 3.2
1978-01-20 0768 Enchanted Child (The)

A young boy has the strange gift of killing people at will with the force of his thoughts.... 3
1978-01-23 0769 Forgetful Ghost (The)

A wacky story of a pleasant, forgetful ghost returned to the world for a purpose, but for the... 3.3
1978-01-24 0770 Ranee of Rajputana (The)

A small copper figurine of the Indian queen of thieves traps an deceitful and mischievous... 3.3
1978-01-26 0771 Safety Match (The)

A young but gifted detective and a seasoned but pompous one come together to solve a... 3.1
1978-01-27 0772 Defectors (The)

A married senator is blackmailed by a spy who managed to take a photograph of the senator in... 3.1
1978-01-30 0773 Yesterday's Giant

After a nuclear exercise, two scientists discover a group of Neanderthals living in the... 3.1
1978-01-31 0774 Ice Palace (The)

A routine ice-breaking mission turns to be of vital importance when the sailors discover that... 2.9
1978-02-02 0775 Don't Look Back

A legendary country singer falls for the charm of a plain girl from a small town he met at a... 2.8
1978-02-03 0776 Postmistress of Laurel Run (The)

A postmistress tries to save a man devoted to her who also happens to work in the postal... 2.7
1978-02-06 0777 Talking Women (The)

An unscrupulous man decides to see the error in his ways. He becomes attentive to his wife,... 3.2
1978-02-07 0778 Dr. Heidegger's Experiment

An aged and somewhat eccentric doctor invites some schoolmates to his residence for a... 2.9
1978-02-09 0779 All Unregistered Aliens

All illegal immigrants might not be what they seem like! A female doctor discovers this to her... 3.1
1978-02-10 0780 Reflected Terror

A quote from a Borges story says "Mirrors and copulation are abominable as they increase the... 3.7
1978-02-13 0781 Night Eyes

A horse-tender winds up killed after he finds out that a slow horse has been replaced by a... 2.9
1978-02-14 0782 Revenge Is Sweet

A life of crime, even in the past, can get you into trouble. A former swindler winds up in... 3.3
1978-02-16 0783 Something in the Air

A father attempts to stop his young girl from consenting to what he deems to be a poor match... 3.1
1978-02-17 0784 Church of Hell (The)

A nasty surprise awaits a couple as they return from their blissful holiday to find their... 3.1
1978-02-20 0785 Angel from England

The fabled story of a nurse who helped more than two hundred English soldiers escape Belgium... 3.2
1978-02-21 0786 Phantom Yesterday (A)

A renowned German actress is captured by a Nazi war convict when she returns to her homeland... 3.7
1978-02-23 0787 Vanishing Lady

A man investigates the disappearance of his beloved with no help from the investigating... 3.1
1978-02-24 0788 Loser Take All

A young boy seems content to be out-shined by a friend who seems more capable at everything.... 3.1
1978-02-27 0789 Second Sight

A vagabond called Larry Millard is convicted of a murder he did not commit. He is embroiled in... 3
1978-02-28 0790 Message from Space (A)

A journalist is hell bent on rubbishing the existence of UFOs. But there are a few surprises... 3.1
1978-03-02 0791 You Tell Me Your Dream

A professional attempt to help a rich man with his constant dreams about death turns... 3.7
1978-03-03 0792 Assassin (The)

In an ultimate proof of work ethics, a professional killer tries to carry out the most... 3.2
1978-03-06 0793 House and the Brain (The)

The persistent appearance of a spirit at a local residence prompts two men to investigate into... 3.4
1978-03-07 0794 Red Scarf (The)

Trouble brews between an adulterous couple as the woman ditches her paramour for murdering her... 3.1
1978-03-09 0795 Instant Millionaires (The)

Moral qualms notwithstanding, three warehouse labourers decide to share a huge stash of three... 3
1978-03-10 0796 Who Is George Williams?

Deprived of his memory in an accident, a man stumbles into a cabin in Alaska. The residents... 3
1978-03-13 0797 Wheel of Life (The)

An ex-soldier runs into a former colleague he believed dead in Vietnam. Now the friend is an... 3.6
1978-03-14 0798 Impossible Is True (The)

Spirits and the image of death stalks a young girl in the estate she comes to own as a heir. A... 3.8
1978-03-16 0799 Time Fold (The)

In this bizarre science-fiction tale, an ill-fated plane gets trapped in a space-time variance... 3.1
1978-03-17 0800 Identified Flying Objects

Bizarre comedy where a broke alien is picked up for breaking traffic rules and his space... 3.8
1978-03-20 0801 All Things Are Possible

Set in the picturesque town of Toledo, Ohio, this is the story of a man struggling to keep his... 3.1
1978-03-21 0802 Golden Amulet (The)

A classic ghost tale from Japan about a samurai's son falling for a spirit. 2.8
1978-03-23 0803 Judas Kiss (The)

A misogynistic clairvoyant witnesses a woman murdering her boyfriend and subsequently, her... 3.4
1978-03-24 0804 Wise Child

A kindly couple come across an abandoned toddler at a hotel after a heavy storm and adopt it.... 3.1
1978-03-27 0805 Pretend Person (The)

A woman recovering from open heart surgery has imaginary friends who help her face the... 3.7
1978-03-28 0806 Ghost in the Well (The)

An artist is obsessed with painting the portrait of the spirit of a woman as she recounts her... 3.4
1978-03-30 0807 Big City Blues

A recently married couple find themselves the centre of attention in a metropolitan city as... 3.4
1978-03-31 0808 Shark Bait

An incorrigible gambler lays a diabolic plan to clear his debts by taking his bookie's aid to... 3.3
1978-04-03 0809 Fortune's Favorite

An elderly unmarried woman smells deceit when she is receives random invitations for free... 3.5
1978-04-04 0810 Delusion of Reprieve

A police investigator, Jewish by descent, tries to solve the murder mysteries around former... 3.5
1978-04-06 0811 Tragedy of Error (A)

A woman is forced to ask for the help of a mysterious boatman and a ghost in a graveyard to... 2.7
1978-04-07 0812 Parasite (The)

A doubtful professor is made to change his opinions about the might of hypnotism but he... 3.4
1978-04-10 0813 Childish Laughter

A scientist finds himself isolated in a remote house after damaging his car in an accident in... 3.5
1978-04-11 0814 Blackmail

The daughter of a Hollywood star finds herself blackmailed with a photograph of her in the... 3.3
1978-04-13 0815 Shriek of the Mandrake (The)

A filming crew is disrupted in their actions when the spirit in the ancient manor house they... 3.2
1978-04-14 0816 Chapter of Errors

A modest art dealer is robbed of a valuable Picasso painting. He puts an advertisement on a... 2.6
1978-04-17 0817 Murder at Troyte's Hill

A female investigator joins forces with a Scotland Yard officer to solve the murder of a... 2.9
1978-04-18 0818 Uncle Louis

A young police investigator attempts to gather proof against a known mobster and falls for a... 3.2
1978-04-20 0819 Avocado Jungle (The)

An aged actress is helped by a writer to pen down her memoirs. She ends up revealing a secret... 3.2
1978-04-21 0820 Bet with Angels

An amiable advertising professional receives gambling advice from his deceased friend who... 3.8
1978-04-24 0821 Grandee of Terra Loco (The)

A writer journeys to a little town in Texas to write the life story of a righteous politician... 3.2
1978-04-25 0822 International Dateline

This story revolves around a Machiavellian World War II fighter pilot who even cheats the good... 3.9
1978-04-27 0823 Queen of Palmyra (The)

A private eye chases an enigmatic woman who is a self-declared messiah and the reincarnation... 3.1
1978-04-28 0824 House on Chimney Pot Lane (The)

A modern couple buy a home infamous for the disappearance of its former inhabitants. But a... 3.5
1978-05-01 0825 Drink with Dionysius (A)

A nuclear weapon poetically named after the Greek god of wine falls into the hands of a... 3.4
1978-05-02 0826 Figure in the Moonlight (The)

A mysterious engraving of a residence shows a person re-enacting a crime of the past. The... 3.3
1978-05-04 0827 Journey to Somewhere

A strange spectral tale of a train carrying lost souls to a wintry little town that they must... 3.2
1978-05-05 0828 Cool Killer Karl

A bizarre story of the mother of a victimised family befriending an infamous killer who took... 3.7
1978-05-08 0829 Death and Desire

Retired circus actors hit upon an ingenious scheme of conning people with a spirit-medium act.... 3.4
1978-05-09 0830 Room 418

A suave man talks his way into renting a reserved room at a fully-booked hotel. But problems... 3.3
1978-05-11 0831 Guilt of the Innocent (The)

A young and poor Russian falls under the influence of a master thief who works a seaport. A... 4.1
1978-05-12 0832 Secret of Shen-Si (The)

The tranquility of the abode of a college professor is severly impaired when his wife suddenly... 3
1978-05-15 0833 Edmund Orme

A young gentleman's amorous attempts are severely impeded by a spectral visitation every time... 3.1
1978-05-16 0834 Girl Talk

Two former schoolmates compare their present lives many years later. One has chosen to be a... 3
1978-05-18 0835 Time Out of Mind

A young student is beset by his family history when he meets with an accident. In a bizarre... 3.7
1978-05-19 0836 Hundred Dollar Difference (The)

A down-on-his-luck gambler enlists the help of his girlfriend to kill his wealthy aunt and get... 3.6
1978-05-22 0837 Girl He Left Behind (The)

A soldier on leave from the Army is rejected by his girlfriend under pressure from her mother.... 3.8
1978-05-23 0838 Window to Oblivion

Thirty long years after the disappearance of a WWII aircraft pilot in a regular flight over... 3.8
1978-05-25 0839 Spy and the Traitor (The)

A fictional narration about the events surrounding Benedict Arnold's perfidy about West Point... 4.1
1978-05-26 0840 Arctic Encounter

A peculiar energy drain in an Arctic region forces two American and Russian fighter planes and... 3.4
1978-05-29 0841 Rich Ostrich (The)

An ostrich from a local circus makes off with a sizable diamond from an Arab delegate leading... 2.8
1978-05-30 0842 Bittersweet Honeymoon (The)

A couple out on honeymoon think they have landed an amazing stroke of luck when a cruise-line... 3.1
1978-06-01 0843 Silent Woman (The)

A woman goes into a silence for 27 years after being forced into a marriage against her wishes. 3.2
1978-06-02 0844 Diamond Cut Diamond

While on holiday in Monte Carlo, a wealthy man is swindled by a man who claims to be a... 3.6
1978-06-05 0845 Undying Heart (The)

A gambler puts himself in a tight corner when he ends up losing a bookie's percentage in a... 3
1978-06-06 0846 Miracle in Sharon City

An industrious mayor becomes a hero when he manages to get a leading chemical company to set... 3.9
1978-06-08 0847 Death Spell

An unemployed couple of an artist and an actress are forced to move in with a rich friend who... 3.4
1978-06-09 0848 Long Way from Home (A)

Two buddies from Ohio enlist in the Union Army during the Civil War. They agree to stay... 4
1978-06-12 0849 Alias Mr. Aladdin

A scheming woman and her incapable paramour repeatedly attempt to find out her deceased... 3.8
1978-06-14 0850 Charlie, the Actor

Reverence gives way to fury and intrigue as a police officer ordered to protect the king of an... 3.5
1978-06-16 0851 Unholy Miracle (The)

A cold war narrative about a couple realising that their adopted girl was a subject of a... 3.7
1978-06-19 0852 Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde

A police sheriff is questioned by the prosecutor for defense to elucidate the mystery... 3.3
1978-06-21 0853 Matter of Faith (A)

A businessman finds his long lost beloved in a restaurant after years. But he remembers... 3
1978-06-23 0854 Black Door (The)

A 21 year old man is made to stay in an ancient mansion in order to procure his inheritance.... 3.2
1978-06-26 0855 Lady Bluebeard

An insurance agent is sent to check on the widow beneficiary of six aged husbands, with all... 3.9
1978-06-28 0856 Quadruple (The)

A trapeze artist trades his soul for the ability to perform the master stunt of all. 3.6
1978-06-30 0857 Good Times Express (The)

A snow storm in the middle of June forces a tradesman to abandon his flight and catch a train.... 3.3
1978-07-03 0858 King Bankrobber

A regular lawful architect turns into a master bank-robber to avenge the leniency meted out by... 4.2
1978-07-05 0859 My Kingdom for a Horse

The strange tale of a gambler and the conversations he has with his horse companion. 3.6
1978-07-07 0860 Four-Fifteen Express (The)

A man meets an ex-acquaintance on a train journey who has apparently swiped 75,000 Pounds... 3.1
1978-07-10 0861 Sound Advice

A columnist finds himself honour bound to pursue the case of a woman whom she had advised to... 3.7
1978-07-11 0862 Guardian Angel

A rising entrepreneur falls in love with a young woman who says she has been reborn and that... 3.2
1978-07-13 0863 Village of Fools (The)

A delightful farce in which a man is sent on a task to find the hamlet of Helm. But on his... 3.4
1978-07-14 0864 Hanging Judge (The)

An English shopkeeper accuses his assistant of theft and gets him arrested. But the alleged... 3.5
1978-07-17 0865 Tell-Tale Scar (The)

A crime journalist and a district attorney pair up to track down a gangster who is believed to... 3.5
1978-07-18 0866 Absent-Minded League (The)

A French investigator is requested to aid with a case of counterfeiting. The detective is a... 3
1978-07-20 0867 Further You Go, the Less You Know (The)

A spiritual guru persuades a professional deceiver to believe that he really is the reborn... 3.2
1978-07-21 0868 Locked Trunk (The)

A woman takes her revenge spree too far when she tries to get even with her sister who stole... 3
1978-07-24 0869 Close Shave

A professional deceiver dupes a lonely rich man to marry the empress of a South American... 3.8
1978-07-25 0870 Stranger Inside (The)

A blue-blooded lady is forced on a journey of self-discovery and culpability when her... 3.7
1978-07-27 0871 Cabinet of the Unsolved (The)

A small-time actor becomes a deceiver when he uses his talents to dupe rich poker players. But... 3.6
1978-07-28 0872 Double Take

Two women novelists write the same story without even being aware of the other's existence.... 4
1978-07-31 0873 Vanishing Point (The)

A thrilling Holocaust-based narrative about a visiting physics professor in Germany on the... 3.6
1978-08-02 0874 Devil's Brew (The)

A baseball player leaves home to become a professional player in the big leagues. But the... 2.8
1978-08-04 0875 Avenging Ghost of Kitty Morgan (The)

A woman takes a terrible vow to haunt the residence she made for her cheating beloved and all... 3.5
1978-08-07 0876 Sixth Commandment (The)

An older brother lusts after the younger brother's wife even as they all try to survive on a... 3.6
1978-08-09 0877 Versegy Case (The)

An investigation of theft in Hungary in the late 19th century leads the investigator to... 3.5
1978-08-11 0878 Doctor Eduardo

A Mexican physician move into a little fishing village is welcomed by the villagers. But the... 3.2
1978-08-14 0879 Black Sheep and the Captain (The)

A young man's missing uncle calls for his aid in his residence in the moors to ward off an... 3.1
1978-08-16 0880 Raptures of the Deep

The search of a sunken Spanish galleon fabled for its treasures leads a Greek diver to find... 4.1
1978-08-18 0881 Our Own Jailer

A malcontent businessman ends up in the magical city of Xanadu where he is permitted to follow... 3.2
1978-08-21 0882 Cross Fire

A taxi driver finds himself embroiled in a murder mystery when he takes the fare of a rich man... 3.6
1978-08-23 0883 Eavesdropper (The)

Myrtle Chapman, married to a bookish man who neglected her for eight years, stealthily listens... 3.4
1978-08-25 0884 Other Soul (The)

On a trip to Greece, a young doctor is given a card with something written in Greek. When he... 3.7
1978-08-28 0885 Will the Real Amy Stand Up?

A young, psychotic heiress must face up to the fact that her relatives in her own house are... 3.6
1978-08-30 0886 Biggest Fish in the World (The)

A delightful farce centered around a woman who tries to enlist the help of the police to save... 2.9
1978-09-01 0887 Flash Point

A photographer has an assignment at a steel mill but starts a passionate affair with the wife... 3.4
1978-09-04 0888 Devil's Gold

A sailor is rewarded with a gold coin from Devil's Boutique after he catches a thief. But he... 3.7
1978-09-06 0889 Dead Wrong

When a new appointee from Heaven gets the wrong man's soul, he attempts to fix things. But the... 3.9
1978-09-08 0890 Ignorant Armies

A timid mama's boy gets himself into trouble for fibs he told a young girl during military... 3.2
1978-09-11 0891 End of a Memory

A visually-impaired man accidentally finds himself in a murder scenario and narrowly escapes... 3.5
1978-09-13 0892 High Caqueta

The mysterious disappearance of their only girl in a regular mountain climbing trip forces a... 4.2
1978-09-15 0893 Secret of Crow's Nest (The)

A man takes a return journey back to a mountain dwelling that has a horrible surprise for him. 3.4
1978-09-18 0894 It's Hard to Be Rich

An affluent writer moves into an inexpensive apartment in order to write in peace. But his... 3.9
1978-09-20 0895 Beheading (The)

A woman called Joyce narrates her life experiences to another woman. She paints a grim picture... 2.9
1978-09-22 0896 Conversion Factor (The)

A mathematics thriller. A thrilling solution beyond mathematics. Are we talking about... 2.8
1978-09-25 0897 Table for Two (A)

A blackguard threatens a restaurant manager to keep check on her clients so he can rob their... 3.3
1978-09-27 0898 Headhunters (The)

A recently married couple, Tim and Mary Lang return to their native island in the Phillipines... 4.1
1978-09-29 0899 Thousand-Year-Old Story (A)

A tremendously wealthy man is killed aboard his own luxury yacht. The investigators believe... 4
1978-10-02 0900 Forever Alley (The)

A law-enforcement investigator tries to shame his bowling obsessed brother-in-law into paying... 3.8
1978-10-04 0901 Shadow of Love

Haunted by an unseen being that radiates pure love, a college professor disgusted by all human... 3.5
1978-10-06 0902 Captain of the PoleStar (The)

On a treasure-hunting quest in the North Pole, a Captain steers his ship through the thick,... 3.2
1978-10-09 0903 Triple Crown (The)

Convinced that he has discovered the next "Seabiscuit," a poor stable hand purchases a horse... 4
1978-10-11 0904 Man in Black (The)

After witnessing a murder in an area surrounding the embassies in Washington, D.C., a woman is... 3.1
1978-10-13 0905 How Much Land Does a Man Need?

An Indian chief offers the deal of a lifetime to a greedy aristocrat in Colonial America. For... 3.9
1978-10-16 0906 Winds of Time (The)

A woman visits paranormal expert Bryce Bond to relieve her of the incessant and debilitating... 4.1
1978-10-18 0907 Never Answer an Advertisement

A small town physician answers a peculiar advertisement for a doctor specializing in... 3.2
1978-10-20 0908 Outside Girl (The)

Living off his wealthy mother, a good for nothing alcoholic becomes unusually attached to his... 3.4
1978-10-23 0909 Lazarus Syndrome (The)

A company aggressively starts retrenching the older employees in their roster in order to... 3.5
1978-10-25 0910 Family Ties

After receiving a strange phone call, a woman's husband vanishes and her only clue is the... 3.7
1978-10-27 0911 Sound of Terror (The)

The lover of a police detective becomes involved in a terrorist kidnapping when she... 3.7
1978-11-01 0912 Midas of Castle Hill (The)

In order to discover the whereabouts of the family fortune hidden away by his rich father, a... 2.9
1978-11-03 0913 Man with the Claret Mark (The)

As the last surviving member of the DeLacy line during the Irish Rebellion, an Irish matron... 2.9
1978-11-06 0914 Hit and Run

When a professional accident victim unexpectedly perishes after jumping in front of an... 3.6
1978-11-08 0915 Second Sight

A psychiatrist recommends a grounded pilot to take up painting to help him loosen up. A... 4
1978-11-10 0916 Better Mousetrap (A)

In order to secure an air-tight alibi, a man stages his own kidnapping to escape being... 3.7
1978-11-13 0917 Pilgrim Soul (The)

During World War II, an American nurse travels to England to offer assistance to the local... 3.6
1978-11-15 0918 Conspiracy (The)

After having been abandoned by her lover, a vengeful model plots the downfall of a hapless... 2.8
1978-11-17 0919 Favor of Women (The)

In the year 3039, Earth has long since depleted its natural resources and must import all... 3.4
1978-11-20 0920 Thing at Nolan (The)

When a father vanishes while digging a ditch in frontier Missouri, suspicions fall on the... 3.7
1978-11-22 0921 Grey Slapper (The)

In this play about the prevalent corruption in society, a former student tries to save his... 3.9
1978-11-24 0922 Night Visitor

A scandal ensues when a supposedly deceased young lady turns up in her parents' visitor's bed! 2.9
1978-11-27 0923 Alien Presences

Witnessing the crash of an unidentified flying object, an elderly couple head to the location... 3.8
1978-11-29 0924 Romany Revenge (The)

A local detective's suspicions arise when heirs to a $2 million fortune in diamonds disappear... 3.2
1978-12-01 0925 Squaring The Triangle

After unwittingly spending time with the wife of one of his employees when he is stranded in a... 3.8
1978-12-04 0926 Serpent of Saris (The)

The god of athletics, Saris, exacts punishment on a pugilist. A retired police officer steps... 3.7
1978-12-06 0927 Devil's Bargain (The)

A master 4.1
1978-12-08 0928 Exploding Heart (The)

In the 1950's, while performing a complicated operation on his future brother-in-law, a young... 3.2
1978-12-11 0929 Horror Story (A)

In a commercial building, a master chef serves the most divine cuisine in a restaurant located... 3.8
1978-12-13 0930 Ward Six

In a dilapidated hospital in a Russian town, a young doctor joins as a staff member and soon... 3.1
1978-12-15 0931 Search for Myra (The)

A wealthy industrialist seeks psychiatric counseling when he begins calling his wife, as well... 4
1978-12-18 0932 Familiar Ghost (The)

When he begins to receive letters of a threatening sort, a retired ship captain about to be... 3.6
1978-12-20 0933 It Has to Be True

When his gun and clothes are found in the apartment of the deceased, a traveling salesman is... 3.6
1978-12-22 0934 Power of Evil (The)

A gambler residing in Hong Kong is plagued by the spirit of his past lover, and this time, she... 2.7
1978-12-25 0935 If I Can't Have You

The threat of the secret police keep a duo of rivals in check as they compete for the... 3.1
1978-12-27 0936 No Way Out

An elderly man becomes obsessed with the number 2172 when it repeatedly appears in random... 3.5
1978-12-29 0937 Dead House (The)

In a visit with the evening caretaker of a morgue in a town in Germany, Twain hears a morbid... 3.9
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