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Radio Mystery Theater Episode Guide
Date Episode Title Plot Rating
1977-01-03 0576 Whose Little Girl Are You?

A manic-depressive tennis star falls into a pill-induced suicidal stupor. In a daze, she... 3.3
1977-01-04 0577 This Breed Is Doomed

A professional swindler bamboozles the residents of a small town and ends up absconding...
1977-01-06 0578 Man from Ultra (The)

Solo Nakeela, an interstellar traveller who cannot know love, accidentally ruins the mind of... 2.9
1977-01-07 0579 Conquest of Fear

While traveling through Spain, a bandit abducts a world-renowned actress. The beauty...
1977-01-10 0580 Two Renegades

At the turn of the century, a case of mistaken identity lands a professional con man at...
1977-01-11 0581 Passing of Black Eagle (The)

As a drunk, he is an easy going beggar, but when he is not drinking, he is the criminal...
1977-01-12 0582 Tobin's Palm

In order to discover the whereabouts of his absent-minded and missing girlfriend, Tobin...
1977-01-13 0583 Don't Die Without Me

The mysterious case of two suicides in the early 20th century piques the interest of a...
1977-01-14 0584 Departmental Case (A)

A retired gunfighter sheds his insurance clerk persona in order to track down an alleged...
1977-01-15 0585 Cherchez la Femme

With the intention of making an investment, the owner of a French Quarter restaurant...
1977-01-16 0586 Jimmy Valentine's Gamble

A professional thief goes on the straight and narrow after finally tiring of a life on...
1977-01-17 0587 Son of Satan

A man and his wife come across an old friend in a stroke of luck. They soon discover that...
1977-01-19 0588 Woman in Red (The)

An unlikely thief steals a famous painting. The person who made off with the masterpiece...
1977-01-21 0589 Happy Death Day

An overweight woman suffers from recurring nightmares of her death at the hands of a...
1977-01-24 0590 License to Kill

Billy (Chappie) Chapman is a huge 6-foot 260-pound player is cut from the football squad... 3.3
1977-01-26 0591 White Wolf (The)

A family living at the heart of a remote wilderness is haunted and plagued by a stalking...
1977-01-28 0592 My Fair Lady-Killer

A series of deaths involving loose and promiscuous women lead a police detective to...
1977-01-31 0593 Casual Affair (A)

When a traveling salesman becomes entangled with a beautiful and mysterious lady, he...
1977-02-02 0594 Cat Is Dead (The)

Years later, a husband and his wife return to France to attend the funeral of an old...
1977-02-04 0595 Ripple Effect (The)

In an attempt to recover several scandalous love letters from a bitter ex-mistress, a...
1977-02-07 0596 I Pronounce You Dead

A girl's teenage angst leads her to witchcraft. She awakens from a dream believing she has... 3.1
1977-02-08 0597 Aurora Group (The)

A man's problems begin after finding a quarter in his new suit dated nearly ten years...
1977-02-10 0598 Recluse (The)

A young son learns of the fate of his late father as well as the fortune that went...
1977-02-11 0599 Masquerade

The mysterious disappearance of a valuable set of pearls during a masquerade ball lands a... 2.7
1977-02-14 0600 Stamped for Death

A pair of greedy brothers inherits their father's priceless stamp collection upon his death.... 3.3
1977-02-15 0601 Star Killers (The)

The world's top nuclear researcher is either an insane murderess or a gullible innocent. The... 3.2
1977-02-17 0602 If Mischief Follow

Just as she is ready to announce her engagement to another doctor, Marion's first husband,... 3.1
1977-02-18 0603 Heart of Gold (A)

A murderous and evil woman fulfills a vainglorious desire to imprint her portrait on special... 3.2
1977-02-21 0604 Orient Express

An estranged couple chance upon an unlikely reunion aboard the legendary Orient Express en... 3.1
1977-02-22 0605 Jane Eyre

A low-born governess falls in love with the lord of the manor in this classic tale of love and... 3.3
1977-02-24 0606 Last Judgement

A young nurse moves in with her father-in-law to take care of him when he falls ill. Her world... 3.3
1977-02-25 0607 Legend of Phoenix Hill

When an archeologist takes his adopted son on an expedition to China, the expedition is... 3.3
1977-02-28 0608 Light that Failed (The)

In order to win the hand of the woman he loves, a painter and war correspondent does... 3
1977-03-01 0609 Hound of the Baskervilles (The)

In this classic tale of mystery and terror, the notorious sleuthing duo of Sherlock Holmes and... 2.8
1977-03-03 0610 Overcoat (The)

In post-revolutionary Russia, a man devotes his entire savings to purchasing a new coat to... 3.5
1977-03-04 0611 Answer Me

Distraught over the death of his wife, a failed author leaves his life behind him and...
1977-03-07 0612 Beyond the Barrier

A young scientist is terribly injured in a car crash. While in the hospital, he has an out of... 3.1
1977-03-08 0613 Sign of Four (The)

This classic tale of theft and betrayal hurtles the legendary Sherlock Holmes into the midst... 3.6
1977-03-10 0614 Pleading Voice (The)

A teenage girl recovering from an illness hears a disembodied voice beg to be let into a... 3
1977-03-11 0615 Till Death Do Us Part

A plain and middle-aged spinster becomes romantically entangled with her married boss.... 3.2
1977-03-14 0616 Look Backward Sometimes

A tennis pro plans to flee to Europe after fighting with her husband. Enroute, the plane... 2.7
1977-03-15 0617 Shining Man (The)

A young couple purchase a haunted house in Scotland where he is to take a new job. The man's... 3.2
1977-03-17 0618 Jobo

A mildly retarded hick from Texas seems to be the heir of the gods of Easter Island. An... 2.7
1977-03-18 0619 Little Green Death

In order to defend the proprietor of a small-town book shop charged with a crime he...
1977-03-21 0620 Eighth Deadly Sin (The)

A famous writer falls in love with a seductive actress with a penchant for walking on the...
1977-03-22 0621 Imposter (The)

A woman, with the ghostly assistance of an actor long gone is inspired to write a...
1977-03-24 0622 Gift of Doom (The)

A snowbound prospector is saved by an Eskimo witch from a fatal accident. He soon...
1977-03-25 0623 Study in Scarlet (A)

A sealed room mystery that launched the careers of the legendary Sherlock Holmes and Dr.... 3
1977-03-28 0624 Warriors from Loanda (The)

Two unscrupulous ivory hunters are unexpectedly stranded in the dense jungles of the Congo and... 3.8
1977-03-29 0625 Coldest Killer (The)

Completely enamored with her husband's business partner, a faithless wife and her lover scheme... 3.2
1977-03-31 0626 Death Is Blue

After discovering that his unattractive sister has managed to snare a handsome man as her... 3.2
1977-04-01 0627 You Bet Your Life

An expectant father with gambling problem swears off his addiction after suffering a... 2.9
1977-04-04 0628 So Shall Ye Reap

In the 1850’s, a small town in New Mexico becomes afflicted with a strange curse that... 2.8
1977-04-05 0629 Sensitive (The)

A cynical and bitter skeptic attends a séance with his wife and his boss. Despite his...
1977-04-07 0630 High Priest (The)

A swindler tries to convince an art appraiser to declare his counterfeit painting to be real... 3.3
1977-04-08 0631 Blood, Thunder, and a Woman in Green

A private detective in the 1940's stumbles into a murder investigation when his tabloid...
1977-04-11 0632 Meteorite (The)

When a meteorite crashes into a farm field, it is immediately claimed by a local college... 3.2
1977-04-12 0633 Man-Sized in Marble

Americans on an extended working holiday find that one of them is a part of local prophecy and... 3.3
1977-04-14 0634 Phantom House (The)

Two young sisters spend the summer with their aunt and uncle in the Virginia countryside at... 3.1
1977-04-15 0635 Borderline Case

A young girl, whose father is the town sheriff, becomes clairvoyant while gazing into a... 3.5
1977-04-18 0636 House Divided (A)

A son returns home four years after joining the army with a plan of revenge for the murder of... 3.6
1977-04-19 0637 Book of Abaca (The)

The captain and the engineer of a doomed oil freighter become the victims of the contents of... 3.5
1977-04-21 0638 Come Away Death

An old lawyer makes a deal with Death to forestall his passing. He takes the job of death, and... 3.5
1977-04-22 0639 Prisoner of Zenda (The)

The coronation of a new king is disrupted when the king's brother drugs him. A distant... 3.8
1977-04-25 0640 Bound East for Haiti

On a commercial voyage, a sailor attempts to curse his captain with black magic to steal the... 3.2
1977-04-26 0641 Adventure of the Red-Headed League (The)

Sherlock Holmes helps a friend who has been swindled by a group of red-headed men. He uncovers... 2.9
1977-04-28 0642 Second Chance Lady (The)

A door-to-door cosmetics sales lady unwittingly stumbles into the lair of a hold-up guy. She... 3.5
1977-04-29 0643 Wuthering Heights

The prodigal son returns to the family homestead bent on siezing control from the relatives... 3.7
1977-05-02 0644 Much Too Much

In this farce, the King of a tiny kingdom doesn't want to spend the money to purchase a... 3.9
1977-05-03 0645 Luck Sisters (The)

This is the story of twin sister residents of a mining town. One always brings good fortune,... 3.5
1977-05-05 0646 Reunion Fever

Most of the attendees of a class reunion end up sick with many of them dying. One member of... 3
1977-05-06 0647 Bottom of the World

Arctic scientists must escape when threatened by a planetary catastrophe.
1977-05-16 0648 Mayerling Revisited

A young, engaged couple must confront the guy's domineering and wealthy father. As they deal... 3.3
1977-05-17 0649 Child's Cat Paw (The)

A child and a strange cat weave a spell on an old man and a gold digger to put them together.... 2.5
1977-05-19 0650 Matter of Customs (A)

Detective novel enthusiast Millie and her husband Sam go on a sea cruise where they repeatedly... 3.5
1977-05-20 0651 Wine, Women, and Murder

A mild-mannered book seller travels to Germany for a poetry festival and is framed for murder.... 3.6
1977-05-23 0652 Briefcase Blunder (The)

When a briefcase full of money is left in Harry's cab, he finds out honesty will not always... 3.4
1977-05-24 0653 Transmutation, Inc.

A small time hustler is forced into a moral dilemna where he must choose good or evil when he... 3.4
1977-05-26 0654 Countess (The)

A French countess recounts her brief attraction to a Spanish prisoner of war and her marriage... 3.2
1977-05-27 0655 Guilty Secret

A Senator finds himself in the middle of a presidential race with a terrible secret he must... 3.2
1977-05-30 0656 Silent Witness (The)

A Hawaiian banker is haunted by a vision of an open grave in an American cemetary. His new... 3.6
1977-05-31 0657 Boscombe Pool Mystery (The)

Sherlock Holmes solves the murder mystery of a young man who is accused of murdering his... 3
1977-06-02 0658 God Named Smith (A)

A young child prodigy creates an entire planet of his own, intending it to be a better world... 3
1977-06-03 0659 Two-Dollar Murders (The)

A man tries to cover up an affair and murder by killing a cop who writes him a parking ticket.... 3.6
1977-06-06 0660 Blood Red Wine (The)

A man wonders out of a storm into a couple's house and dies of a heart attack. He is carrying... 3.4
1977-06-07 0661 Curse of Conscience (The)

A hustler and loser fall in with an elderly woman who tries to put him on the straight and... 3.4
1977-06-09 0662 Dialogue with Death

A man is reunited with a childhood love and wants to marry her. He has difficulty dealing with... 3.4
1977-06-10 0663 Night We Died (The)

It's 2.8
1977-06-13 0664 First Woman in Space

The first woman in space returns to earth with an alien living within her --- an alien that... 3.3
1977-06-14 0665 Murder One

A wealthy widow is being blackmailed by her maid for killing her husband. So she tries to... 3.4
1977-06-16 0666 Little Lucy's Lethal Libation

Womens Lib runs amok. An advertising executive suspects that women plan to take over the world... 3.5
1977-06-17 0667 Two Motives for Murder

A young broker thinks he's in trouble when $100,000 in bonds entrusted to him comes up... 3.7
1977-06-20 0668 Birthmark (The)

A scientist believes that a hand-shaped birthmark on his wife's cheek is the only thing... 3.4
1977-06-21 0669 Tomorrow, Cloudy and Cold

A scientist conducts experiments on a young drifter to allow him to be able to control the... 3
1977-06-23 0670 Red Circle (The)

A middle-class housewife has an unexpected visitor who is an old friend from whom she has not... 3.2
1977-06-24 0671 Fan Mail

An overly obsessed fan is angry when her favorite soap opera character is killed off,... 3.4
1977-06-27 0672 Come, Fill My Cup

A train conductor recounts how a regular poker game on commuter train 4321 turned into murder... 3.6
1977-06-28 0673 Adventure of the Speckled Band (The)

Sherlock Holmes is hired by a young heiress to find out who killed her sister in a sealed room... 3
1977-06-30 0674 Dead Men Do Tell Tales

A dead man recounts how his life came to an end as he served as the conscience of a group of... 3.5
1977-07-01 0675 Revenge

Set in an 1880's western town, a wealthy man comes to town bent on revenge on three men who... 3.6
1977-07-04 0676 Boomerang

A young witch tries to enlist the aid of Satan in order to deploy spells against the man who... 3.4
1977-07-05 0677 Hexed

A newlywed is sure that her husband's manservant is trying to put a hex on her because he... 3.8
1977-07-07 0678 Stranger Among Us (A)

A tale of UFO encounter, abduction, and subsequent hypnosis to recover the memories. A woman,... 3.5
1977-07-08 0679 Gift (The)

Rita Holland and Walter Powers accomplish a murder they have been planning for some time. They... 3.2
1977-07-11 0680 Scandal in Bohemia (A)

The king of a Bohemian nation employs Sherlock Holmes to retrieve a scandulous photo from an... 3.1
1977-07-12 0681 Colonel Chabert (The)

A French colonel, thought to be dead, returns to his family and tries to recover some of his... 4
1977-07-14 0682 Matter of Conscience (A)

A young Kentuckian joins the Union Army, defying his parents who are loyal to the Confederacy.... 4.1
1977-07-15 0683 Kingdom Below (The)

A wealthy American financier and his wife travel to Europe to help their daughter find a... 3.5
1977-07-18 0684 Bisara of Pooree (The)

A British soldier buys a small, mysterious jewelry box that brings him bad luck. His luck... 3.6
1977-07-19 0685 Mysterious Island (The)

After escaping a prison camp via hot air balloon, two union soldiers and a reporter land on a... 3.7
1977-07-21 0686 Rendezvous with Death

A football player with incurable cancer goes mountain climbing and meets a mysterious woman.... 4.1
1977-07-22 0687 Secret of the Aztecs (The)

A man's car breaks down in the desert and he encounters the ghost of an old man named Quetzal... 3.8
1977-07-25 0688 Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle (The)

The gift of a Christmas goose with a valuable jewel inside and an old hat send Sherlock Holmes... 3.1
1977-07-26 0689 Rocket's Red Glare (The)

A scientist working on a top secret weapons project commits suicide in front of coworkers. A... 3.7
1977-07-28 0690 Secret of Laurels (The)

In this gothic sealed-room murder mystery, a man is convicted of killing his best friend. His... 3.7
1977-07-29 0691 Thousand and First Door (The)

A man is brought into the hospital suffering from an apparent stroke. But as he retells the... 3.6
1977-08-08 0692 Hope Springs Eternal

A woman's fiancee disappears without a trace after walking out the back door of their cabin.... 3.8
1977-08-10 0693 Case Closed

An engineer holds up a bank and takes a teller hostage. His demands are unusual. As the... 3.4
1977-08-12 0694 For Want of a Nail

A woman's plane is forced to land in a North Dakota town that just happens to be the home of... 3.7
1977-08-15 0695 Together Place (The)

A country doctor treats a woman who lives with her daughter on a remote island. The daughter... 3
1977-08-17 0696 In the Fog

A shell-shocked World War I veteran gets lost in the fog and stumbles into a woman who is... 3.5
1977-08-19 0697 Instrument (The)

A writer keeps an incompetent agent because the agent had saved him from drowning years... 3.6
1977-08-22 0698 Return to Pompeii

An American widow tours Italy with her colleague. When their tour bus breaks down, they are... 3.5
1977-08-24 0699 Adventures of Don Quixote (The)

The adventures of the fractured fairy tale of Don Quixote and his misadventures in 15th... 4
1977-08-26 0700 Area Thirteen

In a future society, genetic engineering is used to manipulate people's personality and skill... 3.4
1977-08-29 0701 To Be a Rose

A psychotic murderer kept incarcerated in a mental asylum recounts the days of him being a... 2.9
1977-08-31 0702 Reunion (The)

An American war veteran meets a fellow soldier in Paris, a decade after the D-day at Utah... 4.5
1977-09-02 0703 Olive Darling and Morton Dear

A stress-relieving journey into nature might prove fatal for a diffident accountant who ends... 3.8
1977-09-05 0704 Waiting Room (The)

A cordial invitation from an elderly couple for a weekend stay at their mansion has sinister... 3.3
1977-09-07 0705 Silent Shock

A female inmate of a mental asylum talks to invisible people and awaits the return of a... 3.5
1977-09-09 0706 Woman in the Green Dress (The)

An apparition of a lady in a green dress haunts a visitor in his friend's residence. Things... 3.2
1977-09-12 0707 First Childhood

An intelligent but whimsical aged lady must prove herself capable in mind as detractors try to... 3.4
1977-09-13 0708 Way to Dusty Death (The)

A strange story of hatred set in the back woods, where a baron would rather let a dead man's... 3.4
1977-09-15 0709 Passport to Freedom

A couple involved in espionage for the U.S. government fly out to a small country kept behind... 2.9
1977-09-16 0710 Death on Project X

A weapons investigator runs into trouble with a routine check at a facility as he meets an... 2.7
1977-09-19 0711 Wind and the Flame (The)

A blackmailer pesters a rich businessman through phone calls. But it is the maid who answers... 3.4
1977-09-20 0712 Tunnel Man (The)

A deranged scientist invents a machine that can cut through elemental rock as easily as a ship... 3.3
1977-09-22 0713 Plan (The)

The whims of a wealthy woman leads to the demise of her favourite maid and she is wracked with... 3.8
1977-09-23 0714 Burning Whirlwind (The)

A trusting aged woman withdraws eight million dollars and keeps it stashed at her home.... 3.6
1977-09-26 0715 Guy de Maupassant Murders (The)

The sensational tale of a serial murderer is followed by a judge and his attendant. The killer... 3.6
1977-09-27 0716 Wintering Place (The)

An aged widower forces himself sexually onto a female scientist and later murders her. Now he... 3.2
1977-09-29 0717 Solitary (The)

The story of an unlikely friendship between a prisoner and the security officer. The prisoner... 4.1
1977-09-30 0718 Trilby

An arrogant hypnotist turns a depressed young woman into a popular singer. But she cannot sing... 4
1977-10-03 0719 Mother Knows Best

A cash strapped former college football idol and an opportunist juvenile delinquent try to... 3.5
1977-10-05 0720 Sea Nymph (The)

A greedy antique collector pays a deep sea diver to find an old figurine from a shipwreck. But... 3.2
1977-10-07 0721 Adventure of the Beryl Coronet (The)

The classic Sherlock Holmes tale of a financier father apparently apprehending his son while... 3.5
1977-10-10 0722 Actress (The)

The quintessential story of an actress slowly losing her own self in the life of the tragic... 2.9
1977-10-12 0723 Case of Chateau-Margaux (The)

A wounded horse is the only witness to the disappearance of a rich man and his nephew is... 3.2
1977-10-14 0724 People of Sissora (The)

A man spots another at a restaurant dinner and pins him down as the ultimate threat to... 3.9
1977-10-17 0725 Return Engagement

An intriguing tale of an aged actor turned small time hoodlum. He steals arbitrarily but can... 3.5
1977-10-19 0726 Island on Silver Tree Lake (The)

A lady is forced to catch a boat ride to an island resort after an accident with her car. The... 3.4
1977-10-21 0727 Sorry to Let You Go

What happens when technology takes on the job of governance? A quirky story about a man in his... 4
1977-10-24 0728 Trial for Murder

Two writers interested in reporting a murder end up sharing resources on the same murder... 3.1
1977-10-25 0729 Just to Keep Busy

A betrothed man strives to win the affection of his friend's secretary. When she finds out his... 3.5
1977-10-27 0730 House by the Seine (The)

A French underground movement member becomes a legendary actress. One day, she receives a... 4.1
1977-10-28 0731 Question of Identity (A)

A curious twist on the heist tale. A young man who trades jewels for a living wakes up to find... 3.3
1977-10-31 0732 Trial by Fire

A clever deceiver manages to convince a tribal group that he is the appointed messiah from... 4
1977-11-01 0733 Last Train Out

A communist spy story reminiscent of the McCarthy era. An American film crew tries to film the... 3.2
1977-11-03 0734 Land of the Living Dead

In their journey to a distant village tucked away in the interiors of Brazil, two scientists... 4
1977-11-04 0735 Final Judgement (The)

A classic tale from the legendary fables of King Solomon. Three merchants go to Solomon to get... 3.6
1977-11-07 0736 Therapeutic Cat (The)

A desperately lonely aged man adopts a cat to keep him company who proves to be... 3.5
1977-11-08 0737 Haunted Mill (The)

A young voyager takes up a long journey lasting three years. His sweetheart back home falls... 3.7
1977-11-10 0738 Tale of Two Worlds (A)

An actor gets so involved with his character on a soap opera that he is inconsolable when the... 3.9
1977-11-11 0739 We Meet Again

The murderer recently apprehended by her husband turns out to be the wife's old flame. She is... 3.8
1977-11-14 0740 Gloria Scott (The)

The evergreen Sherlock Holmes tale of unravelling a case around a mutiny aboard the ship... 3.8
1977-11-15 0741 Point of Time (A)

Set in the future 2057, North America is controlled by a savage autocrat. A scientist brother... 3.9
1977-11-17 0742 Hunted Down

A man's beloved is killed in order to effect an insurance scam. He vows revenge and sets down... 3
1977-11-18 0743 Grain of Salt (A)

An enchanting Irish folk tale is repeated in America as a young Irish lady asks an Irish cop... 3.8
1977-11-21 0744 She

An explorer and the son of his former co-worker journey to a distant island and find a mythic... 3.3
1977-11-23 0745 Pinkerton Method (The)

The story of the legendary Pinkerton Detective Agency and how they got started with nabbing... 2.8
1977-11-25 0746 Indian Giver

A rich old woman's estate is haunted by an Indian ghost who drives away all her guests and... 3.9
1977-11-28 0747 Man Is Missing (The)

A lady pesters investigators to find her missing husband. One of them decide to help her on... 4
1977-11-30 0748 Teddy Bear (The)

A classic cold war phobia narrative about a reporter investigating the discovery of a weapon... 3.7
1977-12-02 0749 Neatness Counts

An investigator ends up with the unfortunate duty of solving the murder mystery about a man so... 3.7
1977-12-05 0750 Lost Tomorrows (The)

A pair of American adventurers set on a trip to a sacred Yucatan cave to retrieve antique... 3.9
1977-12-07 0751 Fire and Ice

A tiff between a father and daughter on the choice of her suitor leads to an extremely taxing... 3.6
1977-12-09 0752 This Time Around

A man struggles to survive in his career and marriage. But his mind seems ridden with visions... 2.9
1977-12-12 0753 Ten Million Dollar Heist (The)

Set in 1876, this story is about two seasoned burglars and a good-natured young chap... 3.5
1977-12-14 0754 Death Shot (The)

A honeymoon in Greece turns nightmarish as the husband photographs a murder par hasard. The... 3.6
1977-12-16 0755 Ghost with a Knife (The)

Alleged to based on real-life incidents, this is the story of a family threatened by a... 3.6
1977-12-19 0756 Brothers of the Angle

Mrs. Buttwheezer is the rich heroine of this tale of undying love. She believes her deceased... 3.4
1977-12-21 0757 Big Ten-Cent Hustle (The)

An autobiographical sketch narrated by a minty new Mercury dime. 3.4
1977-12-23 0758 Witching Well (The)

A young man goes on a discovery of the past with the death of his father. He heads to an... 3.5
1977-12-26 0759 Ghosts of Yesterday (The)

A socialite past her prime is asked to identify the person responsible for the death of her... 4.1
1977-12-28 0760 Missouri Kid (The)

Based on a real-life incident, this is the true tale of the investigation of the murder of a... 3.1
1977-12-30 0761 Ninth Volume (The)

A geologist accidentally makes the fabulous discovery of a modern residence buried underneath... 3.6
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