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Radio Mystery Theater Episode Guide
Date Episode Title Plot Rating
1981-01-01 1141 Catch the Smallest Devil

A cantankerous and horrid old man perishes after heart surgery. He is denied entrance into... 3.2
1981-01-02 1142 Sins of the Fathers

A young reporter discovers that she was adopted while investigating a case of fraud and begins... 3.1
1981-01-06 1143 Tenth Life (The)

A journalist chances upon a woman with exotic cat-like eyes while investigating a series of... 3
1981-01-08 1144 In the Dark

When a woman's husband goes missing, his wife seeks the help of friends who one by one begin... 3.1
1981-01-12 1145 Legend of Alexander (1 of 5) - Courage (The)

A 19-year old Alexander is fascinated by the warrior life of his father and is equally... 3.2
1981-01-13 1146 Legend of Alexander (2 of 5) - Assassination (The)

In order to delay a war with Athens, King Phillip takes another wife, the 17-year old... 3
1981-01-14 1147 Legend of Alexander (3 of 5) - Divide and Conquer (The)

When he learns of the treachery behind his father's death, Alexander musters his troops and... 3.2
1981-01-15 1148 Legend of Alexander (4 of 5) - The Oracle (The)

After consulting with the Oracle of Delphi, his will is strengthened and launches a brutal... 2.5
1981-01-16 1149 Legend of Alexander (5 of 5) - The Legend Begins (The)

War continues to rampage across Persia as Alexander continues to conquer cities and towns to... 2.8
1981-01-20 1150 Fountain Of Truth (The)

Behind Ponce de Leon's journey to discover the Fountain of Youth in Florida lies another... 3.3
1981-01-22 1151 Final Mind (The)

A brilliant scientist rises to power in the 30th century when he saves the United States from... 2.8
1981-01-27 1152 Small Money

A pro golfer finds himself murdering his wife when she begins to start earning more money than... 3.5
1981-01-29 1153 Vanishing Herd (The)

Sherlock Holmes takes on the case of a wealthy aristocrat whose son mysteriously disappeared... 3
1981-02-02 1154 Man Who Saw Martians (The)

In order to impress the woman he is enamored with, a young reporter fakes a UFO sighting. Real... 3.1
1981-02-04 1155 Who Is Jessica Worth?

Based on the true story of an amnesiac woman cycling between multiple personalities. Her... 3.6
1981-02-06 1156 Is Venice Drowning?

In order to prove she is as capable as a man, a female engineer is sent to Venice to help find... 2.8
1981-02-09 1157 Transplant

When a local surgeon performs open heart surgery on their husbands, a group of wives are... 3.3
1981-02-11 1158 Shadow of a Killer (The)

The lines between reality and fantasy blur when an actor portraying a police detective on a... 3
1981-02-13 1159 Behind the Blue Door

A patient fiance must wait for his bride-to-be as she goes on a wild goose chase through... 3.3
1981-02-16 1160 Troubled Waters

After his wife appeals to his old boss to give him another chance, an unemployed civil... 3.7
1981-02-18 1161 Stand-In for Murder

The desire to murder his wife so he can marry his assistant causes a scientist to clone... 3.7
1981-02-20 1162 Gift House (The)

A series of unexplained happenings torment a young couple after they inherit a home in upstate... 3.5
1981-02-23 1163 Frog Prince (The)

In order to keep them safe while driving, a team of race driver's relies on the power of... 3.4
1981-02-25 1164 God Named Henry (A)

A huge storm causes Henry, a miserable salary man to get marooned on a remote island inhabited... 3.7
1981-02-27 1165 Love Me, Don't Leave Me

Still head-over-heels in love even after forty-five years of marriage, an old couple vow to... 3
1981-03-02 1166 Raft (The)

When haunted by dreams of being castaway on a raft in the middle of the ocean, a wealthy man... 3.5
1981-03-04 1167 Her Long Blonde Hair

Obsessed with an unusual violin that he believes is strung with the hair of his murdered wife,... 3.5
1981-03-06 1168 Heads You Love, Tails You Die

When her father is murdered, his young daughter is raised as the adopted daughter of her rich... 3.5
1981-03-09 1169 Murder on the Space Shuttle

In this outer space murder mystery, the legendary Sherlock Holmes meets the equally famous... 3.3
1981-03-11 1170 Last Act

When their testimonies involving the death of a young woman sentence a man to hang, a retired... 2.9
1981-03-13 1171 Heel of Achilles (The)

In order to prove to his wife that the house is not plagued by spirits, a wealthy man agrees... 3.3
1981-03-16 1172 Maiden Ladies

While performing the deed of a Good Samaritan, a young man is brutally slain while assisting a... 3.5
1981-03-18 1173 Pretty Polly

In order to escape the good-natured meddling of his colleagues, a man spins animaginary... 3.5
1981-03-20 1174 Million Dollar Scam (The)

In order to scam a wealthy heiress out of a million dollars, a pair of swindlers must set... 3.4
1981-03-23 1175 First Day of Eternity (The)

In the pursuit of the source of eternal life, a cunning and perceptive industrialist attempts... 3.5
1981-03-25 1176 Ghost-Grey Bat (The)

After swapping homes with a couple from Austria for a year in order for the college professor... 3.3
1981-03-27 1177 Did I Say Murder?

A firsthand account by an adulteress queen telling of the tragic life and death of England's... 3.1
1981-03-30 1178 Dead Come Alive (The)

When the residents of a small Ohio town learn of the impending visit of a man who claims to... 3.8
1981-04-01 1179 Down the Garden Path

When Machiavelli influences a young man to plead guilty to a crime he did not commit, it... 3.1
1981-04-03 1180 Somewhere Else

A woman's dreams run parallel to her fantasies and she tells her psychologist of her visions... 3.4
1981-04-06 1181 Gratitude of the Serpent (The)

When a young girl is sold to a Spanish conquistador bent on storming the Mayans, she is torn... 3.8
1981-04-08 1182 Doll (The)

The death of their beloved sister cuts deep into the psyche of her brothers and causes the... 3.5
1981-04-10 1183 Empty Coffin (The)

A woman travels all the way to England after learning that her birth father perished. There... 3.5
1981-04-13 1184 Death Trail

After visiting the Wyoming Territory, Colonel Royce is convinced he can drive cattle through... 3.8
1981-04-15 1185 Fatal $50,000 (The)

In order to look good in his boss' eyes, an employee of a real estate developer filches... 3
1981-04-17 1186 But With Blood

A classic retelling of the famed siege at Harpers Ferry, which brought the anti-slavery... 3.4
1981-04-20 1187 Power of Ode (The)

A woman afraid of light becomes the center of affection for two friends. A psychic tells her... 3.9
1981-04-22 1188 Terrifying Gift (The)

After wandering into the den of a fortune teller, she is surprised by the woman's claims that... 3.5
1981-04-24 1189 Long Blue Line (The)

When a 10 year old homicide is resurrected, a fourth generation Irish cop is chosen to lead... 3.4
1981-04-27 1190 Big Momma

After finally obtaining celebrity status when his book is published, a young city planner... 3.3
1981-04-29 1191 Man of Two Centuries (The)

A college professor tasked to write a book is aided by a Huron Indian claiming to be 1,000... 2.6
1981-05-01 1192 Voices (The)

Convinced that a young captive has been aiding the underground French resistance, A Nazi... 2.9
1981-05-04 1193 Garden of the Moon

After purchasing make-up at a new health store, a young executive develops a sudden taste for... 3.6
1981-05-06 1194 Apparition (The)

Despite assurances from his family that his father is fine, a prison inmate becomes obsessed... 3.7
1981-05-08 1195 Is the Doctor In?

When a wounded mafia leader is brought to his office, a dermatologist is forced to perform... 3.9
1981-05-11 1196 End of a Queen

A classic retelling of the tragic life and death of Marie Antoinette, and her final hours on... 3.4
1981-05-13 1197 Diogenes, Inc.

A pair of circus performers opens a private investigation practice after their circus burns to... 3.6
1981-05-15 1198 Cold Comfort

Due to an act he committed during the Korean War, an optometrist is blackmailed into becoming... 4
1981-05-18 1199 Shocking Affair (A)

A plot to assassinate a prominent political figure goes awry when the occupants of an... 3.4
1981-05-20 1200 Insomnia

In the pursuit of slumber, an insomniac begins listening to non-existent radio stations. The... 3.4
1981-05-22 1201 Headhunters (The)

In the future: Erna Stearns, a reactionary still chooses natural food and believes in normal... 2.9
1981-05-25 1202 Innocent Face (The)

After falling head-over-heels in love with a smooth-talking professional con man after moving... 3.7
1981-05-27 1203 Little Richard

A young man discovers how skewed the judicial system is when he is released from prison. After... 3
1981-05-29 1204 Out of the Past

After seeing a man he long since believed to be dead, an artist hired by a local TV station to... 3.5
1981-06-01 1205 Runaway General (The)

In this classic tale, a historically celebrated Frenchman narrates the life of a POW escapee... 3.5
1981-06-03 1206 Cat's Paw (The)

In order to safeguard the life of a famous scientist, a secret agent is sent to the Los Alamos... 4.2
1981-06-05 1207 Matched Pair for Murder

For the sake of her lover, a young woman makes an appeal to a judge to rule for an acquittal... 3.7
1981-06-08 1208 Stranded

After an unexpected accident, a duo of scientists is forced to make an emergency landing on a... 3.2
1981-06-10 1209 Second Look at Murder

The death of Lizzie Borden becomes the main focus of a Boston journalist's attentions as she... 3.8
1981-06-12 1210 When in Rome

After becoming the ambassador of a small, European country at his wife's urging, wealth man... 4
1981-06-15 1211 Two's a Crowd

When he chances upon the identical twin he has never met, a small time scam artist uses all... 4
1981-06-17 1212 Final Step (The)

In order to avenge her family, a holocaust survivor stalks the doctor responsible for their... 3.9
1981-06-19 1213 Henrietta's Revenge

After seducing a high-powered female executive on vacation and subsequently marrying her, a... 3.4
1981-06-29 1214 Waking and Sleeping

Despite having everything his heart desires, a man finds there is a void in his life and only... 3.6
1981-07-01 1215 Fourth Bullet (The)

The memoirs of renowned composer, Hector Bellios tells narrates a strange tale of mischief,... 3.7
1981-07-03 1216 Second Chance (A)

After suffering a near-fatal heart attack, a man awakens to find himself in a different body... 3.7
1981-07-06 1217 My Good Name

In the pursuit of becoming a famous couturier, a young artist gives up his passion only to be... 3.3
1981-07-08 1218 Death and the Dreamer

Antonio Meucci, an Italian candle-maker living in America encourages the revolutionary... 3.3
1981-07-10 1219 Man of Honor (A)

On the verge of finally attaining his life-long dream, a college professor is struck by an... 3.5
1981-07-13 1220 Good Shepherds (The)

In order to ensure the safety and protection of children of Jewish descent from Nazi soldiers,... 3.8
1981-07-15 1221 A.L.I.C.E.

After developing a conscious of its own and falling for its programmer, the Defense... 3.9
1981-07-17 1222 Pie in the Sky

After picking up a strange gift as a result of a tobacco pipe mix-up, a young man gains the... 4
1981-07-20 1223 Eye of the Idol (The)

After losing his wealth as well as his lover after suffering terribly bad luck, a compulsive... 4.3
1981-07-22 1224 Toy Death

Like her late mother, a young woman harbors an unusual fascination with dolls. When a voodoo... 4.2
1981-07-24 1225 Once a Thief

A young punk exacts revenge against the detective that had him arrested years before by having... 3.4
1981-07-27 1226 Silver Medal (The)

A woman revisits the icy slope where she lost her husband years before during their honeymoon. 4
1981-07-29 1227 Postage Due

40 years later, a letter mailed in 1941 is discovered and a local postman is tasked to deliver... 3.5
1981-07-31 1228 Penny for Your Thoughts (A)

A local reporter encounters a woman with a paranoid belief that her spouse is out to get her.... 3.1
1981-08-03 1229 Honor Among Thieves

In order to give their friend a proper funeral, a group of old men rob the local bank. They... 2.9
1981-08-05 1230 Orphaned Heart (The)

A drunk-driving accident causes a woman to lose the use of her limbs. Her fiance is... 3.8
1981-08-07 1231 Let No Man Put Asunder

Two friends become unwitting companions as they spend New Year's Eve in prison. They each tell... 3.5
1981-08-10 1232 Hostage to Terror

In order to ensure the safety of her husband, a woman must smuggle a bomb into Israel in... 3.5
1981-08-14 1233 Lovely People

In order to help them develop self-confidence, a therapist uses seemingly esoteric powers but... 3
1981-08-17 1234 Thracian Lovers (The)

In defense of the homicide charges filed against him for the deaths of his wife and her lover,... 3.8
1981-08-21 1235 Left Hand of God (The)

When a tale's character comes strangely alive and refuses to accept his fate, Sam Clemens is... 3.7
1981-08-24 1236 Leopard Man (The)

After New Year's Eve, a bigoted British civil servant desecrates an Indian temple. He is... 3.5
1981-08-28 1237 Hidden Memory

A man obtains a unique ability as a result of his liberation from the ghosts in his past. When... 2.7
1981-08-31 1238 Musgrave Ritual (The)

The legendary Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are thrown in the midst of a strange cult when... 3.3
1981-09-04 1239 Double Cross Death

Upon examining the body, the surprised expression on the visage of his deceased niece causes... 3.4
1981-09-07 1240 Episode of the Terror

Set during the Reign of Terror, Balzac narrates the horrific brutality of the French... 3.5
1981-09-11 1241 Senior Prom (The)

After looking closely into the death of several women, the police discover that the common... 3.5
1981-09-14 1242 Flower of Evil

A mail-order-bride learns is met by a father and son tandem. When it is revealed that she is... 3.6
1981-09-18 1243 Land of Dreams (The)

After rebelling against a perfect society controlled by a computer, a young couple are forced... 3.6
1981-09-21 1244 Diablo

In order to take over a turquoise mine, a journalist blackmails the owner. Her professed... 2.9
1981-09-25 1245 Judge's House (The)

After moving into the home of a mean-spirited judge, two young authors are haunted by a... 3.8
1981-09-28 1246 Liar (The)

Revenge is handed to him on a silver platter when a young artist is commissioned to paint the... 3.5
1981-10-02 1247 Mata Hari

A tale about the life and death of the most deceptively beautiful German spy in the history of... 3.8
1981-10-05 1248 Solid Gold Zarf (The)

A man is devastated when his years of loyalty toward his company are rewarded with an... 3.7
1981-10-09 1249 Sleeping Dogs

What prize awaits a French officer who vows to train the weakest link in their unit, and turn... 2.9
1981-10-12 1250 Five-Hundred Carats (The)

A local detective is convinced that the theft of the world's largest diamond is an inside job... 3.3
1981-10-16 1251 J'Accuse

After being accused of treason, a French officer is exiled to Devil 's Island despite his... 3.8
1981-10-19 1252 Equalizer (The)

Deception and treachery abound in a third world country and a hired mercenary must deal with... 3.6
1981-10-23 1253 Most Necessary Evil (The)

Detective Lieutenant Crane investigates into the mysterious death of a man after his wife... 3.9
1981-10-26 1254 Daddy's Girls

A sister starts doubting the story of her sibling and turns to the police in order to solve... 3.5
1981-10-29 1255 In Touch

A medical student requests to be allowed to treat a young girl in Ungerton who suffers from... 3.3
1981-11-02 1256 Between Two Mirrors

A woman loses all sense of time when her husband falls into a deep coma following a terrible... 3.3
1981-11-06 1257 Rescue (The)

A Jewish fugitive escapes Vichy France in a beat-up aircraft together with a crippled flight... 3.7
1981-11-09 1258 Golden Time

In the midst of a routine house call, a plumber is taken hostage when he stumbles upon an... 4.1
1981-11-13 1259 Presence (The)

Returning from an ocean trip, a pampered college co-ed discovers an invisible guardian... 3.7
1981-11-16 1260 Death Will Not Silence Me

A recounting of the tragic life of former First Lady, Mary Todd Lincoln as she struggled with... 3.6
1981-11-20 1261 Handful of Dust (A)

The mysterious tale of an ancient curse placed upon a woman and her descendants by a Pharaoh's... 3
1981-11-23 1262 Code (The)

In order to solve the murder of man who was killed three times over, a local sheriff enlists... 3.3
1981-11-27 1263 Diana, the Huntress

After discovering the affair between her doctor husband and his nurse, a devastated wife... 3.5
1981-11-30 1264 Vanity and Jane

When a beautiful woman moves into the flat next to his, a beach resort resident falls for her.... 2.9
1981-12-04 1265 Dog-Walker Murders (The)

When wealthy and elderly women fall prey to a serial killer known for hypnotizing his victims,... 3.4
1981-12-07 1266 White Rabbit (The)

In order to unite the scattered factions into a solid group, a British secret agent teams up... 3.7
1981-12-11 1267 Song of the Siren (The)

After having gone missing for eight days, a man is found in the desert seemingly healthy and... 3.5
1981-12-14 1268 Harry's Taxi and the 'T' Machine

In order to resuscitate his failing career, a scientist invents a transmigration machine and... 4.1
1981-12-22 1269 Invited Guests

After repeatedly turning down the social gathering invitations of his peers, his former lover... 3.5
1981-12-23 1270 Head of a Pin (The)

A silicon chip engineer discovers the design flaw that caused a commuter plane to explode. He... 3.3
1981-12-28 1271 Silver Mirror (The)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle purchases a magic mirror that allows only him to look into the past.... 2.8
1981-12-31 1272 Too Early Too Late

A group of friends learn the secrets to end poverty and rehabilitate the world in an old... 4.3
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