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Radio Mystery Theater Episode Guide
Date Episode Title Plot Rating
1982-01-04 1273 Acquisition (The)

After getting marooned on a mysterious island, a wealthy businessman discovers that his... 3.7
1982-01-08 1274 Last Orbit (The)

Plagued by visions of a woman claiming to be from another galaxy, an astronaut is more than... 3.3
1982-01-11 1275 Les Miserables (1 of 5) - The Thief and the Bishop

In order to feed his family, Jean Valjean steals a loaf of bread and serves a 19-year prison... 3.2
1982-01-12 1276 Les Miserables (2 of 5) - The Lawless and the Law

Years go by and Jean Valjean is now the proud owner of a factory. However, Inspector Javert is... 3.6
1982-01-13 1277 Les Miserables (3 of 5) - No Escape

In order to escape the obsessed Javert, Valjean flees to France and there stumbles across the... 3.8
1982-01-14 1278 Les Miserables (4 of 5) - Fear, Love, and Death

The main cast find themselves in the middle of the French Revolution. Collette finds love... 3.3
1982-01-15 1279 Les Miserables (5 of 5) - The Final Chapter

Seeking to escape the chaos of the revolution, Valjean and his companions take refuge in the... 3.7
1982-01-19 1280 Real World (The)

An idealistic lady detective sets out to seek justice for the death of an exotic dancer... 3
1982-01-21 1281 Gate 27

After being deserted by his wife, a former investigator finds relief at the bottom of a liquor... 3.3
1982-01-26 1282 To Be an Empress

The powerful tale of the struggles of Catherine the Great and her ascension from minor... 3
1982-01-28 1283 Dickens of Scotland Yard

During an on-going investigation into the activities of a cheating spouse, Scotland Yard is... 2.9
1982-02-01 1284 Good Ship Aud (The)

A graphic recounting of the life and death of Sir Roger Casement, who was sentenced to hang... 3.2
1982-02-03 1285 Mysterious Slumber (The)

Set in the 18th century, Mary Reynolds awakens from a coma with amnesia and exhibits a total... 3
1982-02-05 1286 Cantankerous Ghost (The)

A pair of spinster sisters is spared from certain bankruptcy when a Hollywood director decides... 3.2
1982-02-08 1287 Change of Heart

Business magnate Roger Skipworth is rushed to the hospital for an open-heart surgery a few... 2.3
1982-02-10 1288 Sand Castle (The)

A childhood trauma causes a young woman to compulsively build sand castles everyday as a... 3
1982-02-12 1289 Bargain (The)

In order to pay off huge gambling debts, the mechanic of a racing team resorts to sabotaging... 2.7
1982-02-15 1290 Point 44 Connection (The)

An aging secretary is laid-off due to her age. Incensed by the discrimination, she challenges... 2.9
1982-02-17 1291 Washington Kidnap (The)

When the Tories attempt to kidnap General George Washington, two convicts use their skills in... 2.9
1982-02-19 1292 Victim (The)

Hotshot lawyer Ferras gets an acquittal for Joe Thompson's manslaughter conviction, as well as... 3
1982-02-22 1293 Nickels and Dimes

Undercover cop Ray Vance becomes so immersed living his life as the heir apparent to Big Joe's... 3.2
1982-02-24 1294 Invaders from Atlantis

After finally gaining control of the major cities, the alien invaders send their agent to the... 3.1
1982-02-26 1295 Blood Red Ink (The)

An experienced cop grows bitter when he is overlooked for a promotion in favor of his partner.... 3
1982-03-01 1296 Blue Sedan (The)

A young female cop undertakes to solve the mystery surrounding the death of a sleazy private... 3.3
1982-03-03 1297 Death Star

When she finds herself strangely lapsing into the memory of a 16th century woman, a... 3.2
1982-03-05 1298 Death at a Distance

In order to help a paranoid patient convinced that he will die by the black arts, a missionary... 3.5
1982-03-08 1299 First Impressions

On board a commercial flight to accompany a woman extradited for skipping bail on her... 2.9
1982-03-10 1300 Heart of Boadicea (The)

The sudden death of her husband robs a queen of her throne. She is urged to take up arms and... 3.3
1982-03-12 1301 New Man at the Yard (The)

The freshly established Scotland Yard requests the services of novelist Charles Dickens in... 3.5
1982-03-15 1302 Face of the Waters (The)

Set in Louisiana at the turn of the century, a man develops an unhealthy attraction to his... 2.9
1982-03-17 1303 Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too

When a 60-year old furniture maker proclaims his intention to marry his assistant thirty years... 3
1982-03-19 1304 Magic Stick of Manitu (The)

In order to establish ties with a musical race from another galaxy, the assistant of an... 3.2
1982-03-22 1305 Tool Shed (The)

In order to do a feature on him, a London Time's reporter travels to the countryside home of... 3.1
1982-03-24 1306 Old Country (The)

While en route to sort out a problem in their firm's Russian branch, a strategic planner... 3.8
1982-03-26 1307 In the Cards

A classic recounting of the life of Empress Josephine's obsession with the esoteric, and her... 3.2
1982-03-29 1308 On the Night of the Dead

In a village ravaged by sickness and hunger, a group of women pin their hopes for salvation on... 3.1
1982-03-31 1309 I Am the Killer

The head of obstetrics in a 19th century hospital works to discover the cause of the high... 3.9
1982-04-02 1310 Naval Treaty (The)

The case of a mysterious document serves to reunite the esteemed Sherlock Holmes and Dr.... 3.1
1982-04-05 1311 Widow Wonderland

A professional bounder preys on grief-stricken widows as they visit their husband's graves. He... 2.8
1982-04-07 1312 Only a Woman

The self-proclaimed daughter of the goddess Dagon recounts the tragic fate of several men who... 3.5
1982-04-09 1313 You Tell Me Your Dream

Two strangers suffer through a recurring dream at the same time in which they are attacked by... 3.3
1982-04-12 1314 His Fourth Wife

An artist must make the decision of life when he is chosen to pain the fourth potential wife... 3.2
1982-04-14 1315 Visions of Sir Philip Sidney (The)

A Zulu War veteran in 19th century London begins to think he is suffering from delusions when... 3.4
1982-04-16 1316 Something to Live For

To escape his failing business, an immigrant show owner attempts to commit suicide but is... 3.7
1982-04-19 1317 Shelter

The threat of nuclear war forces a group of people to take refuge in the bomb shelter of their... 3.8
1982-04-21 1318 Jataka (The)

After having been given several conflicting reasons by his servants for her mentor's... 2.9
1982-04-23 1319 Whimpering Pond (The)

While visiting old friends at remote country manor, a novelist chances upon a mysterious... 3.5
1982-04-26 1320 Hanging Sheriff (The)

A softhearted sheriff has difficulty imposing the death sentence. When his meddlesome wife... 3.4
1982-04-28 1321 Ghost of Andersonville (The)

After finally being released from the Confederacy's most notorious prison camp, a detainee is... 3.6
1982-04-30 1322 Last Duel (The)

A subordinate caught playing cards while on guard duty is challenged to a duel by his... 4
1982-05-03 1323 Guilty as Charged

A hardware salesman must rely on a polygraph test to prove his innocence when he is pegged as... 3
1982-05-05 1324 Dreamers and Killers

When her former lover becomes involved in several mishaps that nearly result in his untimely... 3.4
1982-05-07 1325 Wedding Present (The)

A duo of professional swindlers enlists the services of a hapless American painter in a plot... 3.7
1982-05-10 1326 Tourist Trap

A couple in the middle of a much-needed vacation encounters a minor accident on the highway.... 3.6
1982-05-12 1327 Wound That Would Not Heal (The)

After being charged with the murder of his mistress, a man adamantly denies his guilt.... 3.8
1982-05-14 1328 Hills of Arias (The)

In order to escape the rising dictatorship, a Central American revolution flees the country... 3
1982-05-17 1329 Imperfect Crime (The)

When asked to complete a report on the death of a rich socialite, a police officer unwittingly... 3.7
1982-05-19 1330 Brooch (The)

A governess finds employment at the hand of a strange and extremely prosperous couple. The... 2.8
1982-05-21 1331 Different People (The)

An anthropologist stumbles across a letter written during the Civil War indicating that a... 3.5
1982-05-24 1332 Your Desires, My Guilt

A middle class couple learns that they have somehow obtained an ability that allows them to... 2.8
1982-05-26 1333 Why Is This Lady Smiling?

In this fictional tale set in the year 1498, Leonardo da Vinci is commissioned to paint the... 3
1982-05-28 1334 Chess Master (The)

An uneventful game of chess with a stranger in the park leads to a world of adventure for an... 3.5
1982-05-31 1335 Lady Macbeth at the Zoo

After unwittingly learning about a murder plot involving a young couple and the man's uncle,... 3.9
1982-06-02 1336 Two Times Dead

Based on a true story of the man who was framed for his own murder as told by a media reporter. 3.7
1982-06-04 1337 My First Rogue

A French detective plays a dangerous game of hide-and-seek with a sophisticated and wily art... 2.7
1982-06-14 1338 Woman Who Wanted to Live (The)

A young blonde witnesses the escape of a convicted felon from a maximum-security prison and... 3.5
1982-06-16 1339 Most Dangerous Animal (A)

In order to marry the man she loves, the wife of the notorious pugilist 'Killer' Vincent asks... 4.2
1982-06-18 1340 Fifth Man (The)

In order to discover moles and communist spies in the aviation industry, a British journalist... 3.7
1982-06-21 1341 Universe Hollow

In order to regain her lost credibility, Patricia Ellicott attempts to discredit the people of... 3.9
1982-06-23 1342 Matching Chairs

Cursed chairs haunt a pair of brothers. Their sibling rivalry comes to a head when one... 3.8
1982-06-25 1343 Don't Kill Me

In order to marry her husband's wealthy compatriot, a woman allows her elderly husband to die... 3.9
1982-06-28 1344 Escape to Prison

Believing that her friends are part of a huge conspiracy, an executive turns to a local... 3.7
1982-06-30 1345 Killer Crab

A mysterious sabotage causes the shuttle of Joe Harkness to crash. A robotic weapon called the... 3.5
1982-07-02 1346 Bring Back My Body

A psychologist attempts to balance out a woman with split personalities in order to save her... 3.6
1982-07-05 1347 Romance of Mary Oates (The)

After finally finding the man of her dreams, a 40-year old spinster discovers that she has... 3.7
1982-07-07 1348 Code Word, Caprice

In order to infiltrate a hijacking operation, the police enlist the aid of a conscientious and... 3.9
1982-07-09 1349 Come Back Next Week

In order to discover the man who ordered her husband's death, a woman makes a weekly visit to... 3.6
1982-07-12 1350 Hand of Amnesia (The)

Despite his marriage to a wealthy widow, a young short-order cook refuses to break up with his... 3.7
1982-07-14 1351 Innocent Murderer (The)

In order to escape prosecution and trial for the attempted assassination of Lincoln, John... 3.9
1982-07-16 1352 Great Catherine (The)

In order to solidify Russia's place among the world's super powers, a Czarina of German... 3
1982-07-20 1353 Formula Z -- The Protector

The new wonder paint, Formula Z is the main ingredient in manufacturing the ink used in... 3.7
1982-07-22 1354 Yearbook

Convinced that she has witnessed a felony, a reclusive widow revisits her high school yearbook... 3.3
1982-07-27 1355 Adolph and Eva

The beautiful Eva Braun recounts the last days in her life with the feared and hated Adolf... 3.9
1982-07-29 1356 Mind Over Mind

A young bank teller is adamant about her innocence when asked about her part in a bank... 3.6
1982-08-03 1357 Redhead

In order to assuage his guilt over the death of an innocent woman whom he dropped off at the... 3.6
1982-08-05 1358 Murder By Decree

A tragic tale about the life and death of the most infamous of Henry VIII's queens, the... 3
1982-08-10 1359 Pair of Green Eyes (A)

Murder, mayhem and a lost jewel become the main clues to uncover the truth behind an... 4
1982-08-12 1360 Man with the X-Ray Eyes (The)

A county sheriff is taken aback when the prosecutor assigned to the case brings in a psychic... 3.4
1982-08-17 1361 Famous Last Words

A young woman loses all credibility when she reports the discovery of a dead person outside a... 3.2
1982-08-19 1362 Eleanora

An actress playing the part of Shakespeare's Julie recounts her tragic love affair with a... 3.9
1982-08-24 1363 Funeral Without a Corpse

An ambitious D.A. succumbs to blackmail in order to safeguard his political aspirations when... 3.1
1982-08-26 1364 Barn Burner

Chaos ensues when a pair of racehorse owner's substitutes ringers for their steeds in order to... 3.6
1982-08-31 1365 How Do You Like Those Apples?

A chance encounter with a psychic allows a cheating spouse to learn about his death. At the... 3.5
1982-09-02 1366 Rim of Eternity (The)

In an attempt to regain his former stature in the media, a hard up reporter works to solve the... 3.6
1982-09-07 1367 Scenes from a Murder

In order to remedy his monetary problems, a hard-up music teacher resorts to murder. 3.3
1982-09-09 1368 Riddle (The)

At an estate sale, a married couple purchases an old camera and a bunch of yellowed missives.... 4.1
1982-09-14 1369 Forbidden House (The)

After purchasing a new home, the young owners encounter an unexpected visitor in the form of... 3.2
1982-09-16 1370 Two Sisters

In order to gain an edge against her more popular sister and win the affections of the doctor... 3.9
1982-09-20 1371 Way Station (The)

When they accidentally overhear their father talking to men they know have already passed... 3.3
1982-09-22 1372 Pursuit of a Dream

A fascinating glimpse into the life of the famous Madam Marie Curie as she unraveled the... 3.4
1982-09-24 1373 Force of Evil (The)

In order to exact vengeance against her former lover and his fiance, a rejected woman turns to... 3.6
1982-09-27 1374 Roll Call of the Dead

Despite repeated warnings from their Apache tour guide, East Coast college students explore a... 2.9
1982-09-29 1375 Million Dollar Leg (The)

In order to recruit a kicker for a professional team, a college football coach must travel... 4
1982-10-01 1376 Escape from Anzio

After being shot down over occupied Italy during World War II, an army pilot and his... 3.9
1982-10-04 1377 Ninth Commandment (The)

In a strange turn of events, a wealthy woman falls for a man who tries to break into her... 3.6
1982-10-06 1378 Abraham Lincoln Murder Trial (The)

On trial for murder, circuit lawyer Abraham Lincoln works to ensure the freedom of a man... 3.3
1982-10-08 1379 Pale Horse (The)

When he is unexpectedly sent on a brief visit into the after-life, a dying man learns the... 3.9
1982-10-11 1380 Tony's Market

The evidence in a convenience store shooting is pieced together by looking into the chain of... 3.7
1982-10-13 1381 Fly Swatter

Tired of their lives as petty thieves, a husband and wife team attempts to get regular jobs.... 2.9
1982-10-15 1382 Flash Point (The)

An engineering executive finds himself losing his memory from the trauma of being laid off.... 3.4
1982-10-18 1383 Desert Maiden

In order to come up with a name for their latest fragrance, a middle-aged advertising agent... 3.5
1982-10-20 1384 Last Days of a Dictator

A tragic tale of the rise and fall of one of history's greatest dictators during World War II,... 2.4
1982-10-22 1385 Three Fireflies in a Bottle

Years after their first encounter, a man is reunited with a childhood friend he claims is an... 3.2
1982-10-25 1386 Resident Killer

Violence has been eradicated in the nature of man five hundred years into the future. The... 3.5
1982-10-27 1387 Voice That Wouldn't Die (The)

Upon hearing a keening and plaintive wail emanating from the ruins of a ruined house at their... 3.8
1982-10-29 1388 I Hate Harold

When his boss hires a slick and overbearing sales manager, his executive assistant detests him... 3.9
1982-11-02 1389 Sensible Thing (The)

After deciding to marry his assistant, a widower discovers that his wife is incapable of love... 3.8
1982-11-04 1390 School Mistress (The)

In pre-revolutionary Moscow, a beautiful Russian teacher sets the town ablaze with her torrid... 3.9
1982-11-09 1391 Portrait of the Past

An unusual coat of arms on an heirloom piece leads a curious jeweler into discovering his... 4
1982-11-11 1392 Twelfth Juror (The)

After murdering her married lover in a fit of jealous rage, a wealthy woman blackmails one of... 3.7
1982-11-16 1393 Magic Dust (The)

A metallurgist stumbles upon a mysterious powder that inherently changes the structure of... 3.4
1982-11-18 1394 Diamond Dotty

After killing the miscreants who murdered her husband in an attempt to hijack their diamond... 3.9
1982-11-23 1395 Smile (The)

When a smile-shaped cloud seemingly follows him wherever he goes, a reporter recently back... 3.8
1982-11-25 1396 Reigate Mystery (The)

The brilliant Sherlock Holmes is tasked to solve a pair of almost identical cases that have... 3.1
1982-11-30 1397 Goddess of Death (The)

A beautiful model causes all artists who paint her to become instantly enamored with her. When... 3.2
1982-12-02 1398 Last Plan (The)

A pair of young quarrelsome and paranoid neighbors enlists the aid of an eccentric old woman... 3.1
1982-12-07 1399 Boatman and the Devil (The)

A young Russian is exiled to Siberia and determined to bring his family with him into the... 3.4
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