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Radio Mystery Theater Episode Guide
Date Episode Title Plot Rating
1980-01-02 1044 Revenge Is Not Sweet

A police detective becomes suspicious of the family's strange behavior and looks deeper into... 3
1980-01-07 1045 Last Days of Pompeii (1 of 5) - The City of the Dead (The)

On a ship bound for Pompeii, Marcus saves a blind slave girl named Lydia and falls in love... 2.8
1980-01-08 1046 Last Days of Pompeii (2 of 5) - Thrown to the Lions (The)

In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, Julia takes advantage of the chaos and casts a... 2.8
1980-01-09 1047 Last Days of Pompeii (3 of 5) - Half Prophet, Half Friend (The)

Desiring the lady Orianna for himself, the High Priest of Isis wrongfully detains Marcus in... 3.3
1980-01-10 1048 Last Days of Pompeii (4 of 5) - Danger, Love and Death (The)

Aware of his innocence, the lion refuses to attack Marcus. With his plans foiled, the High... 3.3
1980-01-11 1049 Last Days of Pompeii (5 of 5) - The Buried City (The)

With the aid of the blind slave Lydia who guides them through the darkness, Marcus and Orianna... 2.9
1980-01-14 1050 Better Half (The)

Despite having murdered her in a fit of envious rage, a young ad agency executive continues to... 3.3
1980-01-16 1051 Prisoner of the Machines

A group of rebels are taken prisoner by robots during a war between man and machine; and their... 3.2
1980-01-21 1052 Once Upon an Island

After learning about the local legend of the "shining ghost," a couple honeymooning on an... 3.2
1980-01-23 1053 Forty-Four (The)

The local sheriff has been in love with a wealthy landowner for the longest time. When she... 3.1
1980-01-28 1054 God Machine (The)

The cycle of procreation and the institution of marriage is regulated by a master computer in... 3.3
1980-01-30 1055 Crystal Gazer (The)

"The Thinking Machine" reveals the truth to those who seek it. A man foresees his death. When... 3.2
1980-02-04 1056 That's What Friends Are For

A British officer stationed in India is plagued by a bag-pipe playing ghost. His licentious... 3.5
1980-02-06 1057 Deserter (The)

A mountain man saves a couple and their infant who are stranded by a landslide in the Sierra... 3.5
1980-02-11 1058 Talk to Me

In order to ease his loneliness, an elderly man makes an anonymous tip to a crime hot line... 3.1
1980-02-13 1059 Crime of Passion

A defense lawyer suddenly begins doubting his wife's fidelity as he works on the case of a... 3.2
1980-02-18 1060 Time Box (The)

After discovering a time machine developed in the 1880's, a newspaper reporter travels back... 3.1
1980-02-20 1061 Vampire Plant (The)

When his tormentors mysteriously start to vanish, a wimpy mama's boy turns his eyes on the... 3.2
1980-02-25 1062 Unseen and the Seen (The)

Believing their house to be haunted by the spirit of his deceased wife, a widowed banker and... 3.2
1980-02-27 1063 Intruder (The)

A scientist is shocked when his college son, fresh from spring break reveals that he is an... 3.3
1980-03-03 1064 Laundry Money

When he unwittingly becomes part of a money laundering scheme, an accountant falls victim to... 3
1980-03-05 1065 Matter of Identity (A)

A young woman and her boyfriend hire the services of a Haitian police investigator to search... 2.6
1980-03-10 1066 You're Going to Like Rodney

A couple babysitting their young nephew are tortured and harassed by his malicious antics.... 3.4
1980-03-12 1067 Secret of the Fifth Bell (The)

A husband is gifted with a strange set of antique Chinese bells, one of which peals without... 3.5
1980-03-17 1068 Evil Eye (The)

When people she becomes angry with suffer cruel misfortune, an authoress of fiction believes... 3
1980-03-19 1069 Death Wish (The)

While meditating, a highly stressed businessman has visions of his wife's infidelity. During... 3.8
1980-03-24 1070 Blue Tiger (The)

A determined D.A. hot on the pursuit of a seasoned killer responsible for the murder of a... 3.6
1980-03-26 1071 Conspiracy

A classic narration of the secret plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln and his cabinet by... 4
1980-03-31 1072 End of the Rainbow (The)

Life becomes complicated for a lonesome housewife when she finds herself picked up by a... 3.6
1980-04-02 1073 Fateful Bell (The)

A lowly artisan falls in love with the daughter of the emperor while casting a gigantic bell... 3.6
1980-04-07 1074 Madame Sirocco

In order to solve the mysterious disappearance the young daughter of a first-generation... 3.7
1980-04-09 1075 Kitty

Sharing a love for creatures of the feline persuasion, a New York dancer and her roommate... 3.8
1980-04-14 1076 Star Sapphire

After adopting a teenage girl to keep his wheelchair bound spouse company, a man teaches the... 3.6
1980-04-16 1077 Face in the Coffin (The)

In a visit to the funeral home to pay their respects to a deceased family member, a young... 3.3
1980-04-21 1078 Fourth Reason (The)

A wife enlists the aid of a politician in order to find her missing American husband. The... 2.9
1980-04-23 1079 Dead You Can't Bury (The)

A chance encounter with a fortune teller at a party reveals that she would meet a man fated to... 3.2
1980-04-28 1080 Portrait of a Memory

In order to immortalize her beloved, a wealthy woman hires the service of a starving American... 3.7
1980-04-30 1081 How Can I Ever Thank You

In this bizarre tale of romance and mayhem, a fiction author narrates the tale of how he got... 3.1
1980-05-05 1082 Inner Eye (The)

In an attempt to save his life, a young woman uses the power of post-cognition to follow the... 3.3
1980-05-07 1083 Wanted, a Husband

A suspicious postal investigator pokes his nose into the business of two local swindlers... 3.3
1980-05-12 1084 Tomorrow Is Never

Luck allows a worldly traveler and an old maid whose life's ambition is to travel to Europe to... 3.7
1980-05-14 1085 On the Side of the Angels

A demoralized and spiritually broken woman is liberated from the clutches of her evil kin by a... 4
1980-05-19 1086 Two of a Kind

An idle and selfish oaf leases two identical rooms and outfits them in the same manner in an... 3.8
1980-05-21 1087 Private Demon (A)

In order to protect his name, a college professor murders a student when he is presented with... 3.5
1980-05-26 1088 Phantom World

Two British castaways sentenced to hang for treason find love, and a deranged Frenchman on a... 3.5
1980-05-28 1089 Bluff (The)

In a high stakes game of blind man's bluff, a retired police detective uses himself as bait to... 3.6
1980-06-02 1090 Let George Do It

In order to exact revenge on her cheating spouse, an unhappy housewife seduces a traveling... 3
1980-06-04 1091 Obsession

After foreseeing his involvement in a heinous crime, a murder mystery author demands that he... 3.2
1980-06-09 1092 That Magic Touch

Christmas works a miracle for a beautiful divorcee and her cold and standoffish husband in a... 3.6
1980-06-11 1093 Legacy of Guilt

After moving an antique piece down from the attic, a pregnant woman becomes plagued with... 3.6
1980-06-16 1094 Voice from the Grave

Based on a true to life tale, a detective must rely on a doctor's wife and her peculiar talent... 3.3
1980-06-18 1095 In the Name of Love

Immersed in her make-believe life, the high-powered president of a huge agency fancies herself... 3.8
1980-06-23 1096 Life Blood

In this tale of revenge and deception, an embittered scientist creates a life-like robot whose... 3.8
1980-06-25 1097 Sweet Smell of Murder (The)

The wife of a charter boat captain works closely with a police investigator to prove her... 2.6
1980-06-30 1098 Old Maid Murders (The)

When a middle-aged secretary unwittingly discovers that her boss is a double-agent passing on... 3
1980-07-02 1099 Maud-Evelyn

The ghost of a fourteen-year old girl and an idle rich youth fall for one another. What is... 3.1
1980-07-07 1100 Silent Partners

On a business trip, a wealthy industrialist and his secretary are kidnapped. Their adventure... 3.4
1980-07-09 1101 Sierra Alpha 638

In order to pick up his marijuana shipment located in a desert in California, a cult leader... 3.6
1980-07-14 1102 Nightmare in Gillette Castle

When a couple on tour visit the home of the biggest actor to portray the legendary Sherlock... 2.6
1980-07-16 1103 Murder Preferred

In an effort to make her husband's suicide less of an embarrassment, his widow fakes a crime... 3.9
1980-07-28 1104 Ton of Gold (A)

In an expedition to search for the lost Indian gold of an obscure tribe, an archaeologist and... 3.5
1980-07-30 1105 Death Disk (The)

After being hired by a charitable institution, a woman is surprised when the offer is not only... 3.7
1980-08-04 1106 This Deadly Fraternity

A series of mysterious deaths occur on the Hell week anniversary of a college fraternity.... 3.5
1980-08-06 1107 Mysterious Hanging of Squire Huggins (The)

After embellishing the details of the death of a local squire, a young artist becomes the... 3.2
1980-08-11 1108 Master Minds (The)

When a master jewel thief steals a priceless diamond, a lady detective from the Boston police... 3.3
1980-08-13 1109 Return of Edward Blair (The)

A man must convince the residents of a small town that he is not the criminal that escaped... 3.6
1980-08-18 1110 Human Error

After unintentionally causing the hospitalization of a young woman, a man experiencing a... 3.6
1980-08-20 1111 Kill Now, Pay Later

In order to stop her son from marrying a poor woman, a controlling mother threatens to... 3.7
1980-08-25 1112 Poor Lester

As a result of her pact with the god Zeus, a woman must work to revive the god's ancient... 3.5
1980-08-27 1113 Feast of Death (A)

Set in 1917 Paris, a young woman marries an older man and lives a life of luxury. She is... 3.5
1980-09-01 1114 Power of Zeus (The)

A pair of scientists is sent to the planet Zeus, and subsequently meets the planet's pompous... 2.5
1980-09-03 1115 Leave Well Enough Alone

A marital counseling session with a couple he is acquainted with gives birth to the greatest... 3.7
1980-09-08 1116 Hand in Glove

When a young surgeon begins having trouble controlling his hands, he is sickened by the... 3.3
1980-09-10 1117 Ocean of Emptiness

On a mission to scout the planet Jupiter, a married couple on their first trip in space find... 2.9
1980-09-15 1118 Number One

A movie company is taken hostage by a Central American warlord while on location. They are... 4.1
1980-09-17 1119 Threshold (The)

A young married couple purchase an abandoned town believed to be a nuclear testing site. When... 3.8
1980-09-22 1120 Mysterious Rochdale Special (The)

Scotland Yard enlists the aid of a former scam artist to solve the mysterious disappearance of... 2.9
1980-09-24 1121 Murder of Caesar (The)

As plots to bring down his regime abound, the powerful Julius Caesar is cautioned to beware... 3.8
1980-09-29 1122 Ruby Lamp (The)

When a college professor creates a device capable of capturing a person's thoughts on film, he... 3.5
1980-10-01 1123 Hero's Welcome

After living in paradise for years, an amnesiac castaway regains his memory and returns home... 3.3
1980-10-06 1124 Second Sight

In order to evade capture during an attempted robbery of a wealthy man, Arthur Dickson aka... 3.9
1980-10-08 1125 Portrait of an Assassin

This classic tale of intrigue and deception recounts the life of Charles Guiteau and his... 3.9
1980-10-13 1126 Napoleon and the Queen of Sheba

In order to turn him from a life of crime, two good witches provide their services to a... 3.9
1980-10-15 1127 Bright Golden Murders (The)

Believing that her husband was murdered after discovering a metallurgical secret that would... 3.2
1980-10-20 1128 Honest Mistake

The wife of an aging hit man nags him to retire after he is given an assignment to kill a... 3.6
1980-10-22 1129 Confession

After discovering that his broker has been fleecing him for months, he secures a signed... 3.2
1980-10-27 1130 Gilbert Stuart (The)

Moved to pity of the elderly widow, a museum appraiser assigns value to an unsigned painting... 3.6
1980-10-29 1131 Bloodline

Charged with the theft of $2 Million, a stockbroker recounts how he himself was a victim of a... 3.7
1980-11-03 1132 Guilty

Intent on helping his ailing sister, a has-been playwright kills his uncle in order to obtain... 3.7
1980-11-05 1133 Question (The)

A retired actress encounters a spirit who makes an unusual request when she returns to her... 3.6
1980-11-10 1134 Dagger of Almohades (The)

The tables are turned when a beautiful woman encounters a man with a possessed dagger. It... 4
1980-11-12 1135 Natural Sugar

When an actor turns up dead in the middle of a play, a police detective must sift through all... 3.2
1980-11-17 1136 Eleventh Plague (The)

After being marooned on a strange world for fifteen years, a magician develops god-like... 3.5
1980-11-19 1137 Iron Horse (The)

Being born under a lucky star as the seventh son of a seventh son, a charlatan and a hard-up... 4.1
1980-11-24 1138 Killer Instinct (The)

A series of strange deaths sparks the interest of a police detective, especially when he... 3.2
1980-11-26 1139 Breakout

Holland is the destination two French soldier escapees from a German POW camp make for as they... 2.7
1980-12-25 1140 Holiday Visit (A)

En route to visit her parents for Christmas, a couple is waylaid by a highway accident. As... 3.4
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