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Answer Me
Distraught over the death of his wife, a failed author leaves his life behind him and sets out to lose himself in the heat and barrenness of Mexico. Along the way, he comes across a mother and daughter living in a commune and their strange bond inspires him to write again.

Air Dates:
First Run - March 4, 1977
Repeat - July 6, 1977
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5 Responses to Episode 0611

Elspeth Eric's stories so often deal with feelings of depression, loss, and redemption. I really would have liked to meet her and have lunch. But alas she died in 1993.

A failed author, distraught over the death of his wife, chucks it all and heads for Mexico. On the way, he hooks up with a mother and daugther who live in a commune. They share a strange bond that he finds fascinating.

I find Eric's writing to be melodramatic & heavy handed. this one was creepy - but not in a ghostly way. a strange man stays over night with a woman and her young daughter & behaves inappropriately towards both. maybe this was ok in the 1970s, but I listened to this story the same week that police discovered that a cleveland man held three young women captive for 10 years - the guy in this story just seemed predatory to me.

Another uncanny love triangle between a stranger and a mother and daughter with psychic connection, much like her other RMT story, the Red Frisbee. Strange, eerie, and haunting, I lived this little story of one mans personal redemption

I don't think the guy was predatory at all. He needed a human connection and would have reacted to the slightest warmth. He said he was "dead". This was a rebirth for him. Perhaps he over reacted but under the circumstances I understand him. I like the way the music set the mood too.

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