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The White Wolf
A family living at the heart of a remote wilderness is haunted and plagued by a stalking werewolf. Despite the mystery surrounding the strange creature, the children have their own theories as to the real identity of the werewolf.

Air Dates:
First Run - January 26, 1977
Repeat - May 21, 1977
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14 Responses to Episode 0591

I vividly remember listening to this show when it first aired Jan 26 1977.I was in bed the lights out wearing my headphones it was snowing outside just like in the episode. Listened to it again on Halloween 2011 still gives me the shivers!

A family living in the remote wilderness is haunted and stalked by a werewolf. The children have strong suspicions as to who the werewolf really is.

The synopsis makes it sounds like a Scooby Doo episodes, but its actually a great listen!

A family living in the remote wilderness is haunted and stalked by a werewolf. The children have strong suspicions as to who the werewolf really is.

This is an adaptation of a story by Captain Frederick Marryat who apparently wrote other adventure stories (some for children). This one, however, doesn't have very many winners, but unlike some similar episodes where families are profoundly affected ("The night of the wolf" (a totally different storyline), "Out of focus", "The real printer's devil") I had a certain enjoyment of it...kind of like the feeling one gets trading stories around a nighttime camp fire. Norman Rose plays a kindly man who is a fugitive no longer on the run. He's got three children, an older, devoted son who is sick with a debilitating illness (the episode opens up as he's getting bled by their family doctor), an older daughter and a middle school aged son. The doctor knows Rose's secret...he was a Romanian nobleman's valet who killed his wife in a fit of passion after she was bedding his (Rose's) wealthy employer. Rose has moved the family to a remote cabin in the Hartz Mountains in Bavaria. There are more secrets out there, though...a wolf keeps howling in the distance. The doctor says it will stop when he leaves, as it can smell blood. Later, Rose's character and his oldest son are hunting the wolf, which keeps howling in the distance. The son thinks he sees it, and draws a bead on it with his rifle, but is stopped by his Dad...who says what the son sees is no wolf, but a beautiful woman. This is a fascinating tale.

This story is gothic horror at its best! Very atmospheric. You can almost feel the wet snow faillng on your shivering cheeks. Nothing quite like the howl of a wolf late at night! Norman Rose and Kristoffer Tabori are first--rate. Jada Rowland also contributes nicely. You really feel her growing fear and foreboding. The ending may be one of the bleakest and darkest RMT offered. (Very clever way to kill a werewolf-- though-- If Not Drastic!) No happy ending for any of the characters. I stated once before, that's what makes RMT so compelling-- never knowing how it's going to end-- they always managed to keep you guessing to the very end! Great Choice!!! Until Next Time.........................

One really can't predict who's gonna git it. I've mentioned being a bachelor before, but I swear to Apollo that I used to date this girl. Well anyway, she seemed to draw sustanence from draining my heart's blood, I can tell you that much. I remember talking to her dad once, when she and I were getting kinda serious, and he asked me to swear to the most outlandish things; somehow I had the fortitude to say no and so avoided this kind of inevitable gruesome carnage. I count my stars; do you think it really was the same girl?

The White Wolf is a contender for best RMT ever (I rank it second). The show creates a very creepy atmosphere and the ending is very clever. I wish RMT had tackled the werewolf theme more often. The only other werewolf show I can recall was Night of the Howling Dog. An outstanding selection that would make my Best Of..... list.

Yep, this is a real good one! Finally got through it LOL!

Excellent show. Couple of things: 1. If you read the original ending to the story "The white wolf of the Hartz mountains" which inspired this show as it was written back in the day by Frederick Maryat, the ending is still - dark and bleak but - er, "different". (One hint - instead of a winter temperate climate, the ending appears to take place in a tropical one, with a different type of apex predator. ) 2. Great use of music, as usual. 3. I learned a new word I hadn't heard of before in this episode: "Margrave". 4. The theme of judgment (against Norman Rose's character) was a powerful subtext here. 5. Back to "Hartz Mountains" - too bad they didn't play the commercial for the eponymous pet care product that sometimes ran in the RMT: "And teach a flea...it's no fun to be...a flea anymore."

Just read in the morning paper that Larry Haines died at age 89 on July 17. He played Stu Bergman on "Search for Tomorrow" for almost the show's entire run from 1951 to 1986-- winning 2 Day time emmys for the role. He also had a successful career on Broadway. And, as we all know, he was in numerous RMT's. 

Good Grief! The White Wolf is a dark Fairytale in which all Brother Grimms fears about the young helpless girl comes true and more- no glass slipper here!! I would say a Double feature to this would be the episode "Train Stops", where another young girl slips into the dark, but in circumstances that are not entirely clear and quite vague, in contrast to this episode which is quite clear!!!! Another Dark Duo Double Feature that I had recently suggested were "Island of the Lost" and "Star Sapphire". Can anyone else please suggest some good Double Features, two episodes back to back, similar in mood or atmosphere, that you enjoyed?

In honor of the big snow storm Juno in Boston, I listened to some good CBSRMT storm episodes snuggled in a lounger with a cup of hot chocolate and only a candle eerily burning! The "White Wolf" is superb Radio Mystery Theater- the darkest coldest winter fears and chills! Another excellent one for the storm was "Return to Shadow Lake"- the howling wind and snow matched the amazing sound effects and atmosphere of this episode! Then onto "Silver Medal" for incredible suspense suspended on a freezing snowy mountain! Then onto another type of storm with great effects in the "Devil god"! WOW, thanks to this Website for some great entertainment during this long Blizzard night!

I like the white wolf

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