Paul Tripp (Actor)

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(02-20-1911 - 08-29-2002) Age 91

Paul Tripp's first ambition was to act and sing in Grand Opera.

He appeared in various television program including Perry Mason, Twighlight Zone and Dick Van Dyke Show.

He appeared in the following 4 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
08/13/1974 0132 The Frontiers of Fear A defeated man buys an ancient typewriter from a pawn shop. The typewriter reveals itself to be like the Goose that lays golden eggs. But gold might not be the only thing it has to offer. What if it is blood?
01/11/1977 0581 The Passing of Black Eagle
As a drunk, he is an easy going beggar, but when he is not drinking, he is the criminal known as \"Black Eagle\" -- destined to rob a locomotive! 

01/26/1977 0591 The White Wolf
A family living at the heart of a remote wilderness is haunted and plagued by a stalking werewolf. Despite the mystery surrounding the strange creature, the children have their own theories as to the real identity of the werewolf.

05/22/1981 1201 The Headhunters

In the future: Erna Stearns, a reactionary still chooses natural food and believes in normal relationships despite living in a period where people are modified to become model citizens by a computer. When her fiance suddenly calls off their engagement, she asks her father to look into the matter and they soon discover a terrifying government secret.

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Paul Tripp (February 20, 1911 – August 29, 2002) was a children's musician, author, songwriter, and television and film actor. He collaborated with a fellow composer, George Kleinsinger. Tripp was the creator of the 1945 "Tubby the Tuba", a piece of classical music for children that has become his best-known work. Early in his career, he was the host of Mr. I. Magination, which was aired by CBS from 1949 to 1952 featuring him as a train engineer who took children through a tunnel to meet with representatives of different occupations. Paul Tripp hosted two children's TV shows - "It's Magic!" which was seen Saturday nights on CBS TV during the summer of 1955, and he also would serve as the second host and performer of the WOR TV Channel 9 "Looney Tunes Show" weekday evenings. Among his television appearances were Perry Mason, the Twilight Zone and he Dick Van Dyke Show. He authored several books, including Rabbi Santa Claus and Diary of a Leaf.


Children's TV show host, musician, author, songwriter, and actor Paul Tripp scored big when he cowrote the children's classical song Tubby the Tuba, which sold 8 million copies. He successfully hosted a number of children's television programs and authored a number of children's books. He appeared on Broadway and in film and television, including appearances on Perry Mason, the Twilight Zone and the Dick Van Dyke show, among others.


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