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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Walking Dead
In the future, all androids are mindless robots with one exception-- Rex, who is the most advanced of his kind. Society is threatened when he acquires a macabre obsession-- murdering women.
Air Dates:
First Run - May 20, 1976
Repeat - September 12, 1976
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8 Responses to Episode 0484

A futuristic tale of a time when humankind has been able to genetically reproduce androids which are then used as slave labor. James Valentine owns Rex, an advanced model android capable of doing almost anything...including murder. This story deals with everything from bigotry to the nature of what it means to be "human." A good listen, particularly for the sci fi fan. Genre: Science Fiction

In a future society, androids are mindless servants. However, Rex -- the most modern and complex of the androids -- develops a passion for killing women.

A Spanish war soldier killed in action at the now-president's side is a local hero. His widow, mourning him for three years is planning now to marry a wealthy man long known to her and her dead husband. In fact, the wealthy man had some influence in the husband's perilous assignment, as did the wife. The conspiracy is uncovered when the dead husband appears just the day before the wedding.

Pretty good show. I want to say it was written to symbolize some social issues - using Science fiction to get the point across - kinda like Rod Serling did in many episodes of TWZ.

Good episode! I have written before about my love for Sci Fi. This is like that. One of the better ones.

I'm usually not one for the SciFi episodes, but I enjoyed this one. I love Jack Grimes'voice especially when he's exuding devilish wiles (ep. 236, The Stuff of Dreams) or boyish charm as he does for a little bit in this one. Substantial build-up in the first two acts and nice action in the 3rd act with a clever ending.

After listening to the very good Sci-fi Episode the "god Machine", i saw the commenter J KID suggested this episode, as the best SciFi Episode of Mystery Theater-"The Walking Dead". Although I am not a devotee of this Genre, and probably have not heard all of them on CBSRMT, I must agree that this is Excellent in every way! Its plotting, pacing, acting, suspense, deep philosophical ideas are all superb. The ending leaves a deep imprint on your mind, you can visualize the scene perfectly as EG Marshall starts saying his final words. Over the years I have heard some good Sci fi episodes, such as Dimension X "There will come soft Rains", but I think that if there was a Hall of Fame for Sci Fi Radio Episodes, this would be right up there.

A good story about what it means to be human. I did like the comment in the story about who owned whom, especially if you look around today at people with their smart phones.

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