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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Coffin with the Golden Nails
Determined to start anew, the secret police chief of a Third World country undergoes cosmetic surgery to alter his visage. When he unwittingly falls for a woman he previously tortured, the peaceful life he built for himself is threatened.
Air Dates:
First Run - September 18, 1975
Repeat - February 18, 1976
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6 Responses to Episode 0346

The head of the secret police in a Central American country is a brutal and ruthless man who places no value on human life - other than his own. One day he is visited by a man who tells him that the government is about to be overthrown. The man tells him that his only hope for survival is to take advantage of an expensive offer whereby he enters a program that his organization has developed. They can change everything about him. Not just his looks but his speech and personality also. He agrees to take part. Meanwhile, those victimized by the former government are looking for their ex-leaders in order to exact revenge. This is a good program.

A Third World secret police chief and torurer enters a program to remake his face and psyche in order to disguise himself in a new life. Problems arise when he falls in love with one of his former victims.

The chief of police for a military dictatorship has abused his power and his people. When his government is about to be overthrown, he is approached by a man claiming that he can be transformed into another person and live out his life in peaceful anonymity. I suspected this was going to be a 'clockwork orange’ story. Similar, but different.

Where does the "picnic" take place in Act Three? A haunted house on the edge of a cliff? Windy location!

I thought the episode should have been titled "Metamorphosis, Inc.," after the organization which transformed Zoria into Stanley Parker. Or "The Caterpillar and the Butterfly," the last line of the drama. In his closing remarks, E.G. Marshall refers to a chrysalis as "the coffin with the golden nails, where the magical changes take place."

That sales guy was good if he swooped in and got several of the government's high people to sign up for his product. You'd think he'd think of a way for a complete change so they could escape detection that way as well (although I know of none for the one way they got caught). Da Silva's statement at the end about the life of a butterfly was a pretty good ending to the story as well for me.

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