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CBSRMT Episode Information
That Magic Touch
Christmas works a miracle for a beautiful divorcee and her cold and standoffish husband in a remote hunting lodge. Their plans to start anew are ruined when past hurts resurface.
Air Dates:
First Run - June 9, 1980
Repeat - September 30, 1980
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1 Response to Episode 1092

I'd like to point out that this CBSRMT episode was actually written by G. Frederick Lewis, not Sam Dann. E.G. Marshall said Lewis' name in the recording, plus Lewis' name is written in the CBSRMT Episode Guide Book. Anyway, this was an interesting Drama-Mystery with Christmas in the mix. You got wily plot points & deep character development in every act. However, the resolution wasn't as good as the climax. There's a surprising ending, but it finished way too quickly. The sound effects of the motor running, cars honking, buzzer, breakfast try, the body falling down the stairs at the 16-minute 54-second mark, birds chirping, film crew talking in the background, howling wind, gun blasting, phone ringing, automobile stuck in the snow drift, and the clicking of the handcuffs were suited for this tale. The music had a compassionate feel to it, along with the feel of resentment, but it would've been great if there were Christmas tunes/jingles in the background since it is a Christmas episode. E.G. Marshall was dead on in his narration. He explains what a self-made man is in his Prologue, he introduces the topics of money, murder, jealousy, and crime in ACT-1, he compares our main characters to Queen Catherine & Henry VIII in ACT-2, he explains how people can take the Law in their own hands in ACT-3, and explains how people are motivated to kill, whether it's for hate or love in his Epilogue. And speaking of love, I was enthralled by the voice of Marian Seldes (as Annalee Samson). The way she portrayed her character with a voice of a "fellow feeling" got me hooked. Kristoffer Tabori (as Ronald Samson) and Ray Owens (as Dr. Eli Shawn & Berdie) played characters that were likable and Michael Tolan (as Ted Samson & Dave Perkins) played the main villain as dreadful as you can imagine. Bravo to our Host and to our cast. This Christmas episode may not be as excellent as Ep. #0402-A CHRISTMAS CAROL, Ep. #0191-A VERY PRIVATE MIRACLE, Ep. #1140-A HOLIDAY VISIT, or Ep. #0688-THE ADVENTURE OF THE BLUE CARBUNCLE, but it is entertaining for the Holiday Season.

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