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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Secret Doctrine
After suffering a devastating rejection at the hands of her favorite actor, an obsessed fan directs her violent rage against her former idol.
Air Dates:
First Run - June 20, 1974
Repeat - September 6, 1974
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14 Responses to Episode 0108

A crazed fan has to clip the toenails of her love interest to cast a spell on him, so sayth a Basque extra on the movie set.

Most of the stuff is easy to get, except that darned toad! Here, toady, toady. Winter here in Michigan you know. Now google Basque......

Another weird story from the pen of Elspeth Eric, lol. This story was about a woman who is obsessed with a movie star and when he rejects her, she participates in a dark mass, which kills him (like voodoo). In a way, I think Nalini (the strange, witchy woman) was more to blame because she goaded Louise into doing the ritual in the first place. I get the feeling Louise didn\'t really know what was going on and she was too sick and tired to really think clearly. I think she could be pardoned for reasons of insanity and exhaustion, whereas Nalini knew exactly what she was doing. Nalini was the one who should crawl on her knees to the Vatican, lol.

Was it really voodoo or just a con game. There is more evidence to suggest the latter than the former. So why is the "dark mass" a sin so severe that only the Pope can forgive it? Voodoo, questioned supernatural elements.

The story begins with a lady making a confession to her priest. The setting is France; An American movie star is in town to make a film and he turns up dead. It takes a turn or two from the confessional booth to the Vatican.

An obsessed fan has a witch develop a love potion so she can make a famous movie star fall in love with her. Tries to terrify and ends up sounding foolish.

A star struck woman works her way onto the set and into the life of the star with whom she has fallen in love. She seeks the help of another woman who shares her understanding of a kind of witch-craft to force the actor to return her affection. Didn’t find this episode too terribly engaging. I can imagine that if I were a star something like this might be more terrifying, but I’m not, so I didn’t.

Elspeth Eric--a writer who is definitely more in touch with female listeners. Being a man, I was expecting this story--which by the way was very good--to have a larger, more grand ending. Eric ends many of her stories with the challenge of the listener to think, dwell upon the plight of the characters at story's end. Let me be clear though, this was a fantastic story--4 stars. It does make me happy that true repentance does not cost one to traverse oceans, deserts, and mountains to the foot of the pope in Vatican City. Poor Louise, what sore knees...

Another great story from Elspeth Eric. I especially liked how she handled the slow reveal of the 'penance' at the end. 5 stars - this one kept me guessing where it was heading the whole way.

This episode combines the often-weak Elspeth Eric and the often-weak Mercedes McCambridge. Despite those hindrances it only completely falls apart in the third act and a laughable "stunning reveal" in the final minute. It was impossible to take the clearly-old McCambridge seriously as the simple French virgin. A shame, too, because there really are some clever bits in here. It's always fun to hear an actor playing someone who *is* a bad actor, and the hammy bits where the movie star gnaws his way through his lines were very amusing. The notion of the neighborhood fallen priest, who lives with a young girl, was also a nice touch. But... too much McCambridge.

I'm with you, jpc. I am not an Elspeth Eric fan, and I can take Mercedes McCambridge only in small doses. She always sounds like a shaky woman on the verge of a complete meltdown, as does Eric when she's at the microphone (at least to me). I also agree about the hamola actor. But it's a ludicrous reveal and story in general.

A silly story. So, if this Nalini is such a good magician (or whatever), why did her "love spell" not work? Yet when she helps the fallen priest with his ritual it works just fine? I guess Elspeth was working on more of a redemption story that we didn't realize until the end. I also wonder why she kissed the toad skin bag after she took it off.

In my opinion, this was one of Mercedes McCambridge's better performances. I kind of like her because she has such a distinctive, unusual voice. In this episode, her acting was better because she didn't overact as much. I agree with Alec that it is strange that Nalini's love spell didn't work, but the death spell did. In fact, maybe she made the love spell fail on purpose so that Louise would get angry and she could use Louise as a tool to get her own revenge. It makes one wonder if Nalini might have had some personal, sinister motive for manipulating Louise in order to murder him herself. Just some food for thought.

McCambridge's diction and distinctive delivery is captivating to me. Yes, it seemed old but then it all makes sense as the story progresses. I grew up around some staunch "old school" Catholics and this wasn't such a leap to follow. Throw in some gypsy influence and, although I found the gypsy portrayal a little heavy-handed as the story progressed - it just colored the story a bit more for my imagination. Thanks. I enjoyed it.

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