William Johnstone (Actor)

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(02-07-1908 - 11-01-1996) Age 88

William Johnstone worked in broadcasting for 16 years after leaving the Army. He became a full time writer in 1980.

He appeared in the following 3 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
04/25/1974 0081 Sunset to Sunrise A daughter remembers how her mother turned into a vampire.
06/20/1974 0108 The Secret Doctrine After suffering a devastating rejection at the hands of her favorite actor, an obsessed fan directs her violent rage against her former idol.
08/28/1974 0140 The Fatal Marksman A regular clerk leaves his vocation to become a hunter - in order to impress the girl he loves. But this breaks a vow he made to his deceased mother. Her vengeful spirit puts a curse on him for doing so and his gun misses every single target. However, another friendly spirit gives him charmed bullets - that come at a price.

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