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Himan Brown (Actor)
(07-21-1910 - 06-04-2010) Age 100
Himan Brown acted in CBS Radio Mystery Theater and is credited with creating thousands of radio programs as a producer.  Click here for more information about Himan Brown.

Date Episode Title Plot
1979-08-15 1004 Body and Soul An out of body experience after she slips into a coma reveals the vision of her estranged daughter rushing to her bedside to...
1979-09-19 1014 You're Better Off Guilty When the body of a renowned actress is discovered by a plain and unexceptional stock broker, he finds himself at the center...
1979-11-07 1028 Davey Jerrold's Jacket A local scam artist attempts to swindle a young woman of her legacy. She tries to stake her claim on the entire western...
1979-11-28 1034 Philosopher's Stone (The) A soft-hearted banker gives in and accepts a so-called "philosopher's stone" as collateral when a man hard-up on luck walks...
1980-01-16 1051 Prisoner of the Machines A group of rebels are taken prisoner by robots during a war between man and machine; and their commander plans to liberate...
1980-01-23 1053 Forty-Four (The) The local sheriff has been in love with a wealthy landowner for the longest time. When she confesses to the murder of her...

4 Responses to Himan Brown

Thank you Himan for those many, many nigjhts in my youth when I laid by tje radio enjoying such wonderful show! RIP, God Bless

I've started to keep track of Himan Brown's cameo appearances now that I've gotten familiar with his character voices. Lately I've heard him as a hotel porter (#793) an apartment house super (#787) and in a pivotal role as a pawnbroker (#782).

I once spoke to Mr. Brown on the telephone. It was in '98 during the revival. We spoke for about 5 minutes. He was very kind and told me about the other radio shows that he had produced. I told him that I thought Radio Mystery Theater was the greatest radio show and all history. He really lit up when I said that and became quite animated. You could tell he was so proud of Radio Mystery Theater. Of all the shows that he produced I think it was his baby. A truly great man.

Mr. Brown was also in countless other episodes, although his name was not listed in the credits. Listen for him in The Other Soul, Revenge is Sweet, and many many more. He frequently plays a cop or other smaller roles.

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