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Joan Arless (Actor)
(06-09-1931 - 06-28-1992) Age 61
Jean Arless was one of the stage-names used by Joan Marshal. She made several film and Television appearances, and was the inspiration for the 1975 movie Shampoo written by her husband, director Hal Ashby.

Date Episode Title Plot
1975-05-08 0270 Taken for Granite A deranged artist works as a caretaker of a garden filled with statues. Except that he uses live models for his art and...
1975-08-27 0333 Eavesdropper (The) A renowned scientist spends time with his wife in their estate in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. Unknown to them, they are...
1976-04-22 0473 Green Eyed Monster (The) In this tragic tale of jealousy and intrigue, a man commits the ultimate betrayal by murdering his beloved and innocent wife.
1977-03-28 0624 Warriors from Loanda (The) Two unscrupulous ivory hunters are unexpectedly stranded in the dense jungles of the Congo and soon succumb to the heat and...
1978-05-08 0829 Death and Desire Retired circus actors hit upon an ingenious scheme of conning people with a spirit-medium act. But trouble starts when the...
1978-10-09 0903 Triple Crown (The) Convinced that he has discovered the next "Seabiscuit," a poor stable hand purchases a horse with the intention of entering...

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