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Sydney Walker (Actor)
(05-05-1921 - 09-30-1994) Age 73
Sydney Walker was primarily a stage actor but appeared as a character actor in movies. He also appeared in Guiding Light.

Date Episode Title Plot
1974-01-10 0005 No Hiding Place The would-be CEO of his father-in-law's corporation is threatened with the revelation of a dark deed in his past.
1974-01-18 0013 Ring of Roses (A) A trip to the country to visit a friend turns nightmarish as a couple comes across a small girl being whipped by a man. It's...
1974-02-21 0043 Walls of Jericho (The) A modest attender at a men's club discovers his extraordinary gift of bringing characters to life from his imagination -...
1974-03-02 0048 Out of Sight A superstitious astronaut believes their space flight to be cursed due to her very presence. What's more, they are being...
1974-03-21 0061 Ordeal by Fire A millionaire and his daughter are subjected to third degree burns when they refuse to pay a million dollars to a man with a...

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Do not forget the bus driver on Mrs. Doubtfire. He liked his women "natural".

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