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A Portrait of Death
A man suddenly achieves the power to become a great painter. But all his subjects seem to meet their ends quite as suddenly. His step brother starts to worry as the man plans to paint his wife in his next session.
Air Dates:
First Run - April 18, 1974
Repeat - July 10, 1974
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9 Responses to Episode 0077

This is a very interesting variant on the theme in that this guy UNKNOWINGLY sells his soul to the Devil, the result of an off-hand figure of speech. Very enjoyable episode. Demon summoning. This is one of the episodes whose recording include the contemporary news report. I always listen to these to get updates on Watergate, and so forth. This one had a blurb about local athlete Bruce Jenner. Jenner, of course, will become very famous in two years when he wins the gold medal in the Olympic Decathlon.

If I were Otis, I would be really worried about just what I inadvertantly did with my soul. Sheesh!

The art may be draining but the intrigue is sustaining.

A painter sells his soul to become a master and it appears his wish has come true, except that all the people for whom he has painted portraits all die. When his love interest's brother, a policeman, starts looking in to his past, he worries for his sibling.

Great story. A man who can kill those whom he paints. If this were a modern day, Hollywood production, the United States would have kidnapped this painter and forced him to paint portraits of enemies of America. Subsequently, those enemies would die. I am rambling--my point is that radio shows of the seventies were unique in their simplicity. Otis gave up painting for the love of his wife and others. 4 stars. Also, you gotta love the beginning of this episode where the news brief details the Watergate scandal, the Patty Hearst case, Kansas City school teachers' salary disputes and a short about a little known local boy named Bruce Jenner who at one point in time was the world's greatest athlete and not some schlep married to mama-Kardashien.

Good story about a bad painter. As with others, I really enjoyed hearing about the Watergate scandal as it was happening as well as about Bruce Jenner. I found it interesting in this story that the "just the facts" police officer was more open to something supernatural than anyone else - others may have alluded to it but never went there directly (and for that they thought him mad). I also thought it interesting that part of the "curse" (not that it's said as much) is that neither the painter nor the model seems to be aware of the transformation.

Aside from the episode, I enjoyed the Watergate and Patty Hearst news.

I think it's funny that I have to agree with a guy named "Joe Mama"... That's the best you can do? Anyways, the story had a decent concept, but has major holes in it. How can all of the other characters ignore the connection between the finished paintings and their subjects' time of death. His studio would be swarming with homicide investigators until they found something.. The pre-CBSRMT news reports were great.

What is interesting to me is that many episodes with the CBS news broadcast at the beginning include news about Watergate. I was only 10 when Nixon resigned, but was already a junkie and have read nearly every book published on the subject since. Hearing the events as they are happening is just too good to be true.

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