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CBSRMT Episode Information
The Waiting Room
A cordial invitation from an elderly couple for a weekend stay at their mansion has sinister repercussions for a young couple. They have been baited for a deadly occult ritual dedicated to evil.
Air Dates:
First Run - September 5, 1977
Repeat - January 21, 1978
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24 Responses to Episode 0704

This is one of my favorites in particular about a couple who get invited to stay the weekend with some "nice" people, who have a large aviary. As it turns out, the birds are all hosts for souls of history's most evil players - until new bodies can be found for them.

i loved it! one of the better ones in my humble opinion.

it was pretty hoky in several places. Nevertheless an enjoyable episode.

Quote: Thought it was interesting. Nice plot twists. Thought the cop at the end knowing the name of the deceased (Burt) was kind of hokey. Most likely wouldn't have had that info. If he did he most likely wouldn't have given it to the people at the house. But then again, it was the 70s. CBS Radio Mystery Theater is one of the very few series from a progressively modera era (the 1970s and early 1980s) which I'm sure we've all noticed sometimes resembles a radio or TV show from the 1950s & early 1960s due to corny dialog, stereotypical character portrayals, and the same music heard on countless CBS series from that era.

Above average. I liked the show, why would the "evil" birds have an issue with Hitler? Still an enjoyable episode.

Now it's exactly 1 month later from when this topic was started, so I'm up to September 1977 and this morning I heard "The Waiting Room". This was one of the dumber plots, but I've heard worse from this series. The demonic birds were obviously not real birds but demons in bird form. Marian Seldes and Russell Horton using the young couple and Burt Thomas to complete their satanic ritual to bring back Adolph Hitler in itself was recycling an idea better executed in an earlier Mystery Theater episode in which Hitler is revived by a group of German scientists plotting to start a Fourth Reich in modern times. He spoke English too, so we really can't fault the writers for typically going that route. I almost commented on this in my "Executive Decision" topic, until I remembered this thread.

I thought this was a fun episode. Sort of silly, though. Methinks Hitler's soul has been in the company of Lucifer for the past 62 years. But none-the-less, I guess I will nix the idea of buying a parrot anytime soon.

This episode reminded me of the story in which a couple is lured to spend a weekend with a couple that fatten them up in order to eat them. I like the idea of characters being placed in a mysterious situation in which the purposes of the villains are not immediately clear. Yes the introduction of Hitler was a crazy plot twist and I am still wondering why he didn't speak German (maybe they have English lessons in Hell?) but I enjoyed this episode. It threw me that the "spriit birds", even though their possessing souls were evil, apparently thought resurrecting Hitler was too much.

Thought it was interesting. Nice plot twists. Thought the cop at the end knowing the name of the deceased (Burt) was kind of hokey. Most likely wouldn't have had that info. If he did he most likely wouldn't have given it to the people at the house. But then again, it was the 70s.

For some reason,"Bill" appears to have cribbed the opening of "Drew's" post. I'm also getting tired of "After all it was the 70s" and "50s & 60s corny dialogue" being a blanket complaint for material deemed less sophisticated than today's amazing,mature entertainment.Nine times out of ten,when someone disparages anything from the 50s,60s and 70s it's because they were born in the 80s or 90s. Fifty years from now,people will be laughing at whatever you think is credible now because in the future no one will speak or think or write. Hell,they barely do now. As for the actual episode,we are in "They Saved Hitler's Brain" territory again and the idea has always been silly. This episode is silly. But I don't really care. EC Comics were silly too but they were great fun. I grew up on CBSRMT and enjoy revisiting it. Signed Dale "Grumpy" Haskell

Ha! Found it - "The Waiting Room"

there are several indexes and listening logs online to assist in identifying a particular episode. glad you found yours.

oh yes! That's an excellent episode!

The Waiting Room is my favorite.

Loved this show!

Love it!


That is awesome

Greatest show on radio!

Love it!!

My all time favorite radio show

still listen...loved listening under the covers as a kid!


INT. HIMAN BROWN'S OFFICE, EVENING. THE ODOR OF WHISKEY PERMEATES THE STALE AIR. "You wanted to see me, Mr. Brown?" "Yeah, kid. I've got an idea for a script I want you to get cracking on." "Yes sir?" "'The Birds' meets 'The Boys from Brazil.'" "Uh..." "Well, why are you still standing there? Get to work!" -- And to everyone's credit, this is actually a pretty good episode!

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