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CBSRMT Episode Information
A God Named Smith
A young child prodigy creates an entire planet of his own, intending it to be a better world than earth. He finds volunteers to populate it, and establishes himself as a god.
Air Dates:
First Run - June 2, 1977
Repeat - October 15, 1977
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4 Responses to Episode 0658

This was a great science fictipn episode, and extremely imaginative ideas. The story form works well, and makes it more believable, learning of the details of God Smith through the interview with Smith's "friend". Wouldnt surprise me if this would be remade as a feature film.

Really fun and imaginative episode.Very well directed and acted.

An adolescent genius succeeds in designing and constructing a small planet, attracting the world's best minds to emigrate there to work for him—but to what end?

Rose's character is in college when he meets a strange, brilliant 12-year old named Smith who's also a student there. He befriends him from people who are teasing the poor kid, yet Smith is strangely sinister. When Rose visits the youngster later, Smith shows him a strange coffin-like device. He throws a switch and says that in minutes there will be a little world in the device. Rose watches as, as promised, a dot appears and grows, glowing white hot inside the device. Only problem is: Smith doesn't have full control over it. The thing blows up (the two collegians get out in time) their building and leaves the ground beneath radioactive for 3 months. Smith gets expelled from the school. Several years later, Rose's character encounters Smith again...he learns Smith, who's become quite rich from his inventions, intends to create a new planet in the solar system, populate it with "superior" humans, and make it an ideal planet. The ending to this wasn't quite what I expected (it reminded me a little of the ending to "Hole in the sky", right down to Russel Horton's performance in both episodes) but it was still an enjoyable episode. Rose was excellent.

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