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The Passing of Black Eagle
('O. Henry classic')
As a drunk, he is an easy going beggar, but when he is not drinking, he is the criminal known as "Black Eagle" -- destined to rob a locomotive! 

Air Dates:
First Run - January 11, 1977
Repeat - August 2, 1977
Repeat - September 29, 1979
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2 Responses to Episode 0581

CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER, “The Passing of Black Eagle,”starring Robert Dryden and Larry Haines with E.G. Marshall, host. O. Henry’s short story about how a New York City hobo who, through a series of unbelievable circumstances, becomes the most feared outlaw in all of Taxes. New York City’s foremost panhandler whom everyone calls Chicken, because he looks like one, is a meek fellow when drunk, but when sober has delusions of grandeur. Forced to sober up while wintering in the sunny southwest, Chicken is mistaken by people in Texas for the legendary outlaw, Black Eagle, and is feared by everyone -- until the leader of a band of outlaws decides to challenge him. CAST: O. Henry.......................ROBERT DRYDEN Barkeeper..........................Earl Hammond Chicken..........................LARRY HAINES Faith-Hope Alabaster............Evie Juster

When he's drunk, he's a mild mannered panhandler. When he's sober, he's a desperado named Black Eagle. The two meet when Black Eagle robs a train.

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