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CBSRMT Episode Information
Child of Misfortune
A pathologist's life is thrown into chaos when his younger brother dies and his sixteen year old niece moves in with him.
Air Dates:
First Run - December 3, 1976
Repeat - March 16, 1977
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6 Responses to Episode 0559

Wow, this is a great episode. It seemed a bit rushed at the end but maybe that is just me. I loved this. The precocious teen is absolutely relentless in getting her way. Excellent.

I can't believe a person would really say their own brother was "burned to a crisp." The main character said it not only once, but twice! That doesn't sound realistic to me.

A pathologist's life is thrown into chaos when his younger brother dies and his sixteen year old niece moves in with him.

No justice for Sam. He saved his wife & son.

Yes, this one was a bit risque for the time. The story definitely contains some elements of Nabikov's Lolita. However, the story was not as strong as it could have been, nor as interesting. I gave it a three.

I recall back when I did a stint as a college teacher, a mentor-like colleague told me very early on, "If the situation arises that you are alone in a classroom with a female student, always make sure the door to the room is open. In fact, it would be wise to stand near the door." His point was that he'd seen in his tenure, too many occasions in which a young teacher's career was either in question or jeopardy because of the promiscuous shenanigans of a student. I never had to worry about something like this happening, but this RMT tale is a vivid reminder of what "could" happen. How one young individual's obscure behavior can certainly affect - even disrupt the life of - someone unsuspecting. While the show itself was definitely a bit of a shocker (especially for the 70's, like you said), it just never seemed to really bowl me over. The male character was too easily swooned by the young girl, which may be due to the time factor of the show. However, it's a theme that often appears in film, literature, and television time and time again. Thanks for the pick! A very good show.

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