Joan Copeland (Actor)

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(06-01-1922 - ) Age 96

Joan Copelan is the younger sister of playwright Arthur Miller. She worked several Shakespearean plays early in her career and appeared in several soap operas


She appeared in the following 3 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
06/23/1975 0296 The Mills of the Gods An American tourist becomes enamored of a Parisian while traveling through Europe. What she doesn't know is that the Frenchman is a wanted serial killer, and that the whole police task force are determined to capture him before he can strike again.
12/03/1976 0559 Child of Misfortune A pathologist's life is thrown into chaos when his younger brother dies and his sixteen year old niece moves in with him.
05/19/1977 0650 A Matter of Customs Detective novel enthusiast Millie and her husband Sam go on a sea cruise where they repeatedly encounter another couple. One of the couples keeps changing husbands, causing suspicion in the other.

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