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CBSRMT Episode Information
Triptych for a Witch
Masquerading as an elderly and widowed distant relative, a witch moves in with a young couple who recently married together with her strange pets.
Air Dates:
First Run - October 30, 1975
Repeat - April 16, 1976
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10 Responses to Episode 0371

So That's what they were; last time I was out to the coast I came across a nest just like he described. Little ones running all over, yet you couldn't catch them, they bit HARD. Well looks like I'm better off without one.

An editorial comment before this review. As I have stated before, I don't like to say much more in my reviews than whether or not I recommend a program and then to offer a brief review of what the program is about. I don't like to really say more about the program than what you will learn in the first few minutes of listening to it. Sometimes the teasers at the beginning of the program will give away quite a bit of information about what is to happen - sometimes too much I think. This program is different. I put off reviewing it for a couple of days while I tried to determine what to say about it. I'm not really sure whether I can tell you that I like or dislike it after listening to it, or whether or not it belongs in my top 10%. Since the word "witch" is in the title, you know that this story will have something to do with witchcraft. The premise of the story is simple; A young couple in their early 20's (possibly living in North Carolina due to a reference in the beginning of the program) is getting started on their life together. He is a police officer and they are raising their first child - still a baby. Suddenly, they receive word that the woman's 80-something great-grandfather (who lived in Minnesota) had remarried and then shortly afterward perished in a fire. She seems to "have forgotten" that her great-grandfather was still alive. (That's a little strange.) So, since the man is now dead, his widow is homeless and needs somewhere to stay. Although they have never met the woman, they agree to take her into their home. One thing that really confused me when listening to the program is that when the couple first meet the lady at the airport when she arrives, she introduces herself as "your great-grandfather's sister." I went back and listened several times to confirm this. Then, throughout the program, the young lady refers to the older lady as a "great aunt". This was starting to confuse me but they do seem to indicate throughout the program that the older lady is the widow of the younger lady's great-grandfather. I wondered if this confusion was to be part of the story but it never resurfaces so I don't know what to say about it. Not long after the old lady arrives, she accompanies the young family to a beach-front cabin where they are to spend some vacation time. It's there that the husband of the younger woman starts to have serious concerns about who the older lady really is and what her intentions are.

A witch posing as a kindly, widowed, great aunt comes to live with a newlywed couple. She brings with her a couple interesting pets.

interesting structure to this episode of a couple and their dealings with a grandparent’s new wife recently widowed. The wife stands by her deceased grandfather’s bride, her cat and parrot, but her husband, a policeman, is much more suspicious. His senses lead him to investigate and he uncovers some curious details

I *thought* Aunt Hester sounded like the witch from the Wizard of Oz -- no wonder, she was played by Margaret Hamilton! I loved it when she was talking w the cat and the parrot.

Fun script and performances, but so-so audio quality.

I first heard this episode on my birthday, October 30, 1975. I had just been given a Panasonic clock radio that day as a gift from my grandmother. I fell in love with CBSRMT the first time I heard it, and am thrilled to be able to fall asleep once again to those calming(?)words "Pleasant Dreams...."

I am thrilled to find Radio Mystery Theatre once again! I used to listen to these shows in my early teens in my room at bedtime...E.G. Marshall's voice was a familiar companion...and to discover this episode featuring Margaret Hamilton exactly 38 years after it first aired...what fun!

Joan calls Hester "aunt" because she's part of the family but not a blood relation. "Step-Great-Grandma Hester" is a mouthful! This episode takes the "annoying cat voice" trope to the next level by doubling down with an annoying bird ("Captain Jack").

That's a great episode!

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