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CBSRMT Episode Information
Dig Me Deadly
Archaeology students dig out an ancient decomposed corpse of a woman attached to a skeleton and a female detective is recruited to reveal the mystery behind it.
Air Dates:
First Run - February 13, 1974
Repeat - June 6, 1976
Repeat - January 18, 1980
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27 Responses to Episode 0037

37 dl and still gowing strong. These bring back memories, I hope this is a good one.

We used to listen to these on our transistor radios as kids...this is a favorite that we recorded on cassette! Now i listen to OTR app at night...Good story, great characters and vocals. Enjoy!

A thousand year old skeleton with the hands of a murdered woman -- shocking!!!

Decent story with a little twist at the edn

Comedic sci-fi murder mystery, the sort of episode I loved as a kid, although I didn't actually hear this one as a kid. There were some clues that a careful listener could pick up, but the sci-fi element was sort of just inserted. Murder mystery, mild science fiction.

I missed this the first time around, but just discovered it now. It is an uncharaceristically witty script for cbsrmt. Thoroughly enjoyable and fun to listen to.

This was Mystery Theater's venture into humor. It wasn't one of my favorites, but I can tell from the previous comments that this was a better-liked episode from other comments. 2 stars.

This was an enjoyable episode, featuring a hard-boiled, wisecracking female detective. Almost none of the characters in this episode are what they appear to be at first glance.

An interesting archeological tale in which a young woman is found as an artifact. A cleaver female investigator comes to the rescue and uses her wit and some biting quips to solve the case.

This episode cracks me up. Altho the plot has some Scooby-Doo-worthy turns, the dialogue is clever and funny enough to overshadow that. This one makes my MT FAVORITES playlist.

When archeology students uncover a strangely decomposed body in the Arizona desert, A lady detective is called in to solve the mystery.

Superb dialogue and an intriguing mystery make this one Highly Recommended.

Arizona archaeology students uncover an unusually decomposed body and an off-duty California policewoman is called in to help solve the mystery. Archaeology, science, investigations, and death. Superb ingredients for a great mystery. Some brilliant writing and the opening banter between the California policewoman, and the local assistant sherrif is witty, and entertaining.

I like wise-cracking as much as anybody, I just felt the actress playing the detective didn't have that great of a comedic deliver for her lines. Kinda flat delivery. Otherwise, I still enjoyed it.

The notion of an old skeleton with intact hands was potentially unnerving. It had the potential for X-Files type creeps. But every character was a cartoon caricature, which diluted the creepiness with silliness.

4 stars... Pretty good story, humor was hit and miss. Has commercials.

Humor was cheesy cheese, but it gave me the distinct feeling I was watching a tongue-in-cheek Abbott & Costello "mystery" movie. Still, the hands were really a good mystery, and the twist at the end was fitting justice.

I hunted and hunted for these shows! I used to listen to them on my transistor radio with one ear-phone when I went to bed on a school night. My mother would tell me to go right to sleep, but as soon as that door was shut out game my radio! Thank God for Internet!!

Wow, the actor playing Jimmy REALLY sounds like Pete on "Mad Men" (Vincent Kartheiser). Talk about a vocal double!

I liked the female lead in this one because she was so different from the female characters that are typical in these radio dramas. Confident and knowledgable - and not whimpering dramactically about one thing or another! for that reason alone I gave it 5 stars!

I agree with the others that the lead female character is fun to listen to and the sheriff ends up being entertaining as well. It's interesting that it ends on such a dramatic note after all the humor throughout, but still a good listen.

This was the first episode of CBS Radio Mystery Theatre I ever recorded, on an 8-track tape. I kept it for years and would listen to it occasionally. Eventually, the tape deteriorated and wouldn't play anymore. I figured I'd never get to hear it again, until I found it listed here. The wise-cracking female lead in the story always reminded me of Eve Arden.

Plot mistake: Carbon-14 dating doesn't work on stone objects like spear points. It only works on organic material.

I also listened on my snoopy radio out of Chicago. One of my best memories of childhood!

Now living in Pittsburgh, i love the first commercial. I also huat love hearing the commercials when they are kept in the recordings.

Dig Me Deadly is the best one my favorite.

One of my favorite show. love it

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