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CBSRMT Episode Information
Night of the Howling Dog
('Algernon Blackwood story')
While on a camping trip on a deserted island with a minister and his daughter, a group of friends are horrified to learn that a werewolf is among them.
Air Dates:
First Run - August 28, 1975
Repeat - January 24, 1976
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8 Responses to Episode 0334

This is not necessarily my type of program but some people will love it. It's without a doubt cut right down the middle of what CBSRMT is all about. It's actually a classic story and the acting is very good. In fact, so good, that I felt I was there when listening. We are told at the beginning of the program that this is a story about a werewolf. This somewhat complex tale is told from the perspective of something that happened long in the past and is told by Ernie Simpson, who was in the employ of "famed psychologist of the occult, Dwayne Carter". In July 1912, Carter and Simpson part company in London as Simpson is to accompany a Reverend Manning and his wife, their daughter Joan, the Reverend's understudy - a young Canadian named Peter Sangree, and a small party, to a small Baltic Sea Island for what is described as a vacation. They are all going to live in primitive conditions on the island. Events that occur soon after their arrival cause Simpson to summon Dwayne Carter to join them as soon as possible. Carter will have to try to keep them all alive, and to determine what is happening around them.

A minister, his daughter, his student, and his friend, go camping on a desterted island. Turns out, one of them is a werewolf.

This is supposed to be based on a story by Algernon Blackwood. I haven't read much of his work and I'm guessing it might be one of the John Silence stories... There's one titled "The Camp and the Dog". Dwayne Carter the, psychiatrist, is described as having an "uncanny sixth sense" so maybe the name has been changed... I have got to get a copy of the Dover collection of John Silence stories. A camping expedition to a small, wooded island in the Baltic is threatened by a werewolf among them. The whole business is not scary but it is interesting... A different take on werewolves.

A group of people camping on a remote island in the Baltic are tormented by a strange wolf-beast that seems to somehow be tied in with one camper's frustrated love for another.

Norman Rose and a werewolf; you can't ask for more in an RMT episode. Rose is my favorite RMT actor and this is one of his best roles. I like Rose as the take charge guy who knows what to do and why. It would have been entertaining to have heard Dr. Carter, psychic detective, involved in other episodes of RTM. I would have liked to heard Dr. Carter take on vampires or ghosts. I cannot blame the father for wanting to shoot the werewolf. If a werewolf was approaching your daughter, what would you do? I am only aware of one other RMT that dealt with a werewolf; in the other episode, a man marries a woman who turns out to be a werewolf. Is anyone aware of any other RMT werewolf plots?

I haven't heard "The White Wolf" (also featuring Norman Rose) or any other CBSRMT werewolf story, but this is a tale of both lycanthropy and of astral projection—à la "Adam's Astral Self."

An interesting story that was enjoyable to listen to. Like others said, it's a different take on the werewolf story.

Night of the Howling Dog is my favorite.

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