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CBSRMT Episode Information
Snake in the Grass
After discovering a new kind of clover, a female scientist magnanimously allows her colleague to take credit for the find. When he turns up dead, all evidence point to her. When she is accused of his murder, a smitten detective works to prove her innocence.
Air Dates:
First Run - July 14, 1975
Repeat - November 16, 1975
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8 Responses to Episode 0308

This is a murder mystery. It's a good and creative program. Augusta Sanderson is a female professor of agriculture. She has discovered a way of growing a clover with increased protein. This would have application in eastern countries where goats could produce more milk after eating it - bringing a great increase in health to those living in that area. The problem is the people that she is trying to help - they are throwing up roadblocks for apparently religious reasons. Then, there's a murder. Professor Sanderson stands accused.

A female scientist is accused of the murder of a colleague to whom she had given credit for a miraculous discover (a new breed of clover). All the evidence seems stacked against her. An admiring police detective tries to help her clear her name.

A woman enters a bar asking for whatever will give her courage, or make her forget. When she is awakened on the morning after the night before, it appears she may have found a glass of exactly what she wanted, for she is arrested on suspicion of murder. The death of a rival in agricultural research, who she claims stole an important biological innovation she invented, is being blamed on her. With the help of a sympathetic policeman, they attempt to solve the mystery together.

I liked this story but it is now a bit dated. There are still cultures in the world today that look at women less than equal, but there are definitly less of them today. The story still managed to keep me interested and I secretly rooted for the truth to reveal itself. I can't stand when the the two main characters all of a sudden express how beautiful they find each other. I'll listen to the story without the cheese please. I give this story 4 stars.

No way! Sandy Dennis sounds like she is reading all the way through it (I realize she was). However, she was dull, monotone, and it took away from the story. Not one of my favorites, which is a shame, because I idolize the late Sandy Dennis.

An interesting twist on a detective story - the accused murderer (Professor Sanderson, played by Sandy Dennis) becomes the detective trying to find the real murderer. Set in an unspecified exotic land where sacred goats roam and not-too-bright rulers rule. :) Very entertaining in an OTR way.

I liked the episode but was disappointed in the ending. The female character that started out as a strong, independent "women's libber" ended up being proposed to as ultimate culmination of happiness.

Not too bad of an episode. I did like how at the end the tables were turned on who you thought was smart and who wasn't so smart and how they switched roles.

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