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CBSRMT Episode Information
Someday I'll Find You
Ann Markle's husband is presumed dead in a cave-in. But just as she recovers from the trauma, she finds a recent painting by him in a flea market in Mexico. She decides to undertake a cross-country hike to get back her amnesiac husband.
Air Dates:
First Run - May 30, 1975
Repeat - September 20, 1975
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8 Responses to Episode 0283

Ann Markle's husband is killed when the cave he is exploring collapses. She is just starting to get over his death when she discovers a painting of him in a Mexican flea market. The painting was done recently. so she starts a cross country trek to find her husband who obviously suffers from amnesia.

An archaeological expedition with a group of students goes terribly wrong when the cave they are exploring falls in. The professor is lost, presumed dead, but his wife is adamant that he is still alive and seeks him out. When she discovers a painting in a market that is identical to her husband and finds it was painted after the date of his disappearance, she steps up the search in this world, and beyond.

A professor of geology takes a group of students to explore a cave in Arizona. The cave collapses and his wife is told he is presumed dead. She refuses to believe them and embarks on a journey leading her to find a portrait of him in a side-street vendor in Mexico painted after his presumed death.

This show was gem which is fun to listen to twice. I thought the husband was actually alive. Apparently he was seen by several people, but at the end of the episode only his wife could see him. A fun episode that has a bittersweet quality to it

I was thinking that he was dead as the episode progressed. It was still a good one.

Good sound quality and good episode. Worth listening to! My thanks to this website for making it available!

The wonder of a true,devout love!!!-Mishka Allport-Fortaleza,Brasil

A good listen. I wasn't sure about all the details that were revealed throughout the episode except that apparently love conquers all.

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