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CBSRMT Episode Information
When the Death Bell Tolls
A man meets a life threatening accident and is sent to the operating room. But his family doesn't want the life-saving operation to happen as he was completely wicked and evil.
Air Dates:
First Run - March 6, 1975
Repeat - May 28, 1975
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7 Responses to Episode 0234

I wonder if Russell Horton is related to Edward Everet Horton, of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame. There is a resemblance there.

Great episope

A terrible accident leaves the driver in critical condition and his female passenger dead. When the next of kin are contacted the man’s mother-in-law, the closest relative that is of the age of consent, refuses to give permission for surgery claiming that he is a horrible man who deserves to die, and that her daughter, the woman killed in the crash, was a victim in many more ways than one. What unfolds is the story of his evil nature, and the lives he affected.

Nice episode. Since they used the locations (names) of Paoli and Philly, Pa., I'm assuming the Stanton family represented the Duponts. They are peppered throughout the PA/DE corridor. The family also has some rather colorful members.It's funny how they chose Paoli. So close to West Chester. Hmm....

A good episode that has moral questions for everyone involved. Most know what they must do, but there is one that has reservations. I would definitely recommend this one.

This is fantastic. I remember running my AM earphone (mono) under the pillow from along the side the mattress so I could hear CBSRMT that was on way past my bedtime. My local AM station in Woodbury ran it at 11pm, then 10pm on weekends. I wonder how many 9-volt batteries I had to use over the years? Thanks for making this available.

I like this new dark and light featureoption for night time reading on the mobile phone

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